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PageDown sounds good to me - is quick, doesn't mean entering anything in the search box, and perhaps could be prompted in the status bar ("Press Page Down to see more results…")

+1 for Justice's idea!

Anybody got any comments about the auto-completion of keywords suggestion?

Have been learning a lot from the 30 more days of screencasts and had a thought or two...

1. the +sall keyword is actually quite long! (5 whole extra characters) Maybe there is a shorter alternative?
++ came to mind as it is short, simply uses the same key twice, and has nice incremental associations. But the + key is slightly off the beaten track for those of us whose touch typing is a little erratic. Tab is handily placed but probably breaks alsorts of GUI traditions, so is probably not the solution.

2. user defined keywords also tend to be long (so that they are memorable) so perhaps they could auto-complete?
I hit the + key and then start by typing "m" and FARR scans the list of keywords, finds "+music" so suggests it. I can then hit tab or enter to accept it - what ever the usual method of acceptance is with such things!


General Software Discussion / Re: Opera 10
« on: September 01, 2009, 06:32 PM »
facebook looks awful in Opera (I don't know why, but it doesn't use the same fonts firefox uses).
Thus.. I'm back to firefox! :)

Took screenshots in Opera 10.0 and FireFox 3.5 and overlaid them to toggle between the two and looks identical to me! (Disclaimer: it is not pixel perfect but at least 98%)

Fonts are the same - same type face, same weight, same spacing, same size... the same!

General Software Discussion / Re: Opera 10
« on: September 01, 2009, 05:44 PM »
I've been running 10 in parallel wit 9.xx for months now, and had no hesitation in upgrading and moving across to 10 full time now that it has gone 'final'.

So far so good.

As an aside: Today I discovered how to use custom user CSS files to filter objectionable content out of websites - it is not a feature new to Opera 10, but I am thrilled by the control that it gives me to reshape pages as I like.  :up:

A stupendous effort Mouser - I have learned many intricacies of both SC and FARR that I'd never have discovered on my own.

I look forward to the next batch!!

I have limited my short view to 9 results specifically because I launch from the numeric keypad. If I am using +sall then I resort to the mouse - however other people may feel differently about this.

I also feel that more than 9 items is too many to take in at a glance - indeed when designing GUIs or menu systems one is often told that the mind can only handle 7 or 8 choices visible at once.

Hooray! I too can confirm that everything is working as required - thanks.

OK in 2.77.02 the numeric keypad does launch applications, and works in the memo view correctly...

BUT now the cursor keys are acting up - eg. pressing the down arrow launches the first search result!

Hope there is an easy fix :)

Thank you for the effort - it is appreciated.

Yes! Otherwise I wouldn't get the number 1 in the search entry field  :P

My setup is shown here...

FARR Numeric Keypad Setup.png

But as you can see when I hit 1 on the numeric keypad FARR starts searching for "1", rather than launch the first history item.

In the memo state (FARR Calc for example) the numeric keypad does produce digits as it should.

The numeric keypad certainly works in the calculators now, but has stopped working to launch apps altogether!

Can anyone confirm this?

Just installed and delighted to see the numeric keypad issue fixed! Thank you :)

Eek - but you broke standard launching with the numeric keypad!!

I do have an idea that would fit this theme very nicely but it is way too large to consider for the competition.

However it may be possible to scale it down…

I'll think on it.

Have been running this for the past week. Not attempted to do any thorough testing or analysis so far - just installed the software and got on with life. My purpose is to get an accurate picture at the end of a few weeks of the proportion of time I spend actually working Vs time procrastinating, or being distracted by posts like this one!

So far the program seems impressive - it is unobtrusive, easy to use, and free!

A few comments…

  • The installer will not let you choose an install location, but defaults to the standard C:\Program Files\...
    I left a comment to this effect on the author's site, and he was (impressively) swift to reply, suggesting that I could simply move the install directory, but acknowledged that the installer is overdue for an update.
  • I'd like to see more control for filtering / grouping results.
    The only way to automatically group browsing time at present is to select domains in a check list - this is pretty slow if you have hundreds or thousands of domains to pick from. I would rather search page titles and domains by entering a list of keywords such as "shareware; open source; review"

Find And Run Robot / Re: Small feature requests
« on: August 20, 2009, 02:46 PM »
Sorry to dig up an old thread, but I figured it was better than starting a new one with the same complaint.

Not being able to use the numeric keypad to launch apps and enter numerals in the calculators (both fc and gcal) is a real nusance.

I'd like to see the issue added to the bugs list / features request, whichever is deemed more appropriate.

Mouser: Is there any good way to fix this conflict?



Phew! Glad to hear you didn't have to go through too much stress.

Living Room / Re: Looking for flash game...
« on: August 16, 2009, 02:26 PM »
The search is over! The game is Banja - I posted a similar message on AskMeFi and ClarissaWAM came up trumps.

Thanks to the 70 people who looked at this thread to try and help :)

Living Room / Looking for flash game...
« on: August 15, 2009, 11:35 AM »
About 7 or 8 years ago I remember playing a flash game, developed by a French team, that I would love to rediscover if it still exists...

Here is what I recall:

  • The name may have started with a B, and it had a Y (or "ai" sound) in it.
  • It was available in various European languages
  • The game was set on an island, and was divided into episodes.
  • Each episode was online for a couple of weeks, and once the story was complete, it looped back to episode 1.
  • There island had many locations, most of which had a game or activity attached to them.
  • Although it was a single player experience, some activities had a leader board, or required a certain total number of points to be scored by all players, before progress could be made.
  • In the cinema you could watch short animations, also by the same Flash team.
  • On the beach you could enter a kite flying contest.
  • The was a market, and someone shouting "Fish! Come and buy my fish!"
  • You started in you own house, where you had a record player - and could collect records and play them here.
  • There was a cooking game in the kitchen - combining ingredients.
  • You could fish off the pier.
  • There was a tiny elephant?!?! A pig who was the butcher and loads of seagulls everywhere.
  • There was an old fisherman and a mysterious mayor who might have been called Patchouli

The same team started work on another game - something to do with totem poles or Aztecs or Tiki heads.

They also had a longer animation where a guy with a skull for a head and another with his hair permanently on fire shared an apartment, which was stormed by special forces!

Does anyone have a clue what I'm on about?!?

Excellent photos - are we collating these into a holiday album somewhere?

when he was visiting me, he refused to walk let alone fly.
It is all the fresh air up there, brings out the best in people... and birds.

I think BC is going to pop down to the South East to visit me in the near future - I hope I can live up to his expectations after the experience of time spent with Carol!

General Software Discussion / Re: MonsterCart
« on: August 12, 2009, 05:31 AM »
Thanks for the reply - doing accounts today, so will digest your input tomorrow!

Adventures of Baby Cody / Re: United Kingdom
« on: August 11, 2009, 05:59 PM »
My girlfriend would never forgive me if we passed up the chance to host Baby Cody.

Can we be next?

Hooray! Baby Cody has arrived in rain drenched Hemel Hempstead.

No adventuring today, he was too tired after the journey, but expect some news soon :)

General Software Discussion / Re: MonsterCart
« on: August 11, 2009, 06:16 AM »
Have uncovered a few more details about the mysterious MonsterCart…

The product is written by EvolutionInternet, a company based in Kent, UK. It is their proprietary e-commerce solution, and a quick Google for the phrase "powered by MonsterCart" finds (only) 3 other sites that they have built using this system.

I have managed to get my hands on the User Manual, which contains the basics of "push this button, enter that text" but is poorly written, incomplete, and has no explanation of what each field of information means or is used for, and certainly no advice on best practice.

A bit more research shows that all the competitors of my client have followed similar routes (with mixed results) - small web-design firms offering their own proprietary shopping cart solution, often with a very limited up take.

Which leaves me with questions…

  • Why would anyone choose a closed system, written by a small web-design company over an open source project, since this choice essentially ties you to a single developer for the life of the site!
  • Why would a small web-design company reinvent the wheel and build their own e-commerce engine rather than use (or extend) an existing open source project?
  • And while we are at it - why would anyone choose to use ASP.NET which ties you to Microsoft products from OS and web-server , through database and programming language - all of which means expense!

General Software Discussion / Timeline Software
« on: August 09, 2009, 02:21 PM »
I'd like to make the timeline of my entire life which would show me all the important blocks of time that make up my life thus far... eg Primary School, University, each and every job I've held, rehearsal periods for the plays I've directed etc.

I had a quick Google for suitable applications, and came up with many - almost all of which were online apps. They all look pretty similar to be honest, and, in common with many web-apps, most seem to be beta products, with closed source, and inaccessible data locked in proprietary file formats. None of which appeals!

Can anyone recommend a product?

Trying your method out this week.

Instead of feeling down because of a big pile of washing up, I now feel down because my chore card is nagging me to do the big pile of washing up!

Seriously: I think it might be helping :)

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