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Find And Run Robot / Re: Feature Request v2 - text replacement
« on: July 15, 2005, 03:04 PM »
Not convinced that this is a necessary feature of Find & Run.  To my mind F&R should stick to its original design... To be the fastest most capable application launcher in existance.  If we are considering the addition of text replacement, and a dictionary, then why not an on screen ruler? Or a colour picker? Or a fully fledged HTML WYSIWYG editor? How about a hidden first person shooter as a bonus when you press a secret key combination?

OK so I am being facetious (which BTW is one of only 2 words in the English language for contain the 5 vowels only once, and in alphabetical order) but the point is: lets keep F&R from becoming just another of those 'tries to cover all bases' bits of free / shareware that current flood the web.


Find And Run Robot / Re: Anti-Naffness Request?
« on: July 09, 2005, 06:02 PM »
About Box is still "super happy".

Hopefully this major issue will soon be fixed ;)

Here is a thread over at AquaSoft that relates to Swiu's app iBlend that achieved the same effect as WinFocus (see above) some time ago.  Perhaps handles new windows and exclusions better than WinFocus does atm.  Still might be helpful for reference.

2ndly I have to agree with Scott that I personally do not like the opacity effect, but would perhaps like to see the brightness effect.  The dark translucent layer with only the current window above it seems like the way to go?



OK so now I want to repair the damage so that you guys don't think I am shouting at you... what choice have I got but to retype the entire line of text?  Well how about if I could simply select the offending characters, hit my Caps Lock key and not only would it turn off CAPS so that I'd not be producing further garbage, but it would also reverse the case of the selection fixing my original problem in a single stroke.

Now I know that some software (eg Word) has a switch case funtion, but why not have this facility system wide?

No more reversed case issues in Messenger or IRC or on forums etc etc...

Just a thought.


PS - Yes I know that I should touch type better and avoid ever making mistakes in the first place, but the fact is that a lot of us do screw up in this manner from time to time.

PPS - I also once tried, but failed, to configure a HotKey program (I think it was HoeKey) so make a small sound when I hit Caps Lock as a warning... perhaps this too could be a feature of this tiny tool?

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