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Living Room / CPU/Motherboard/Memory Combo I am thinking to buy
« on: May 31, 2014, 10:00 PM »
I want to upgrade what is now a computer I share with my wife. I want to replace the motherboard, CPU, and I want it to have 8 GB memory, keeping the rest of my
existing hardware
(Edited data generated by SiSoft Sandra Lite - I tried to cross out what I would not be using anymore after the upgrade)
Mainboard : ASUS M2N-VM DVI
BIOS : AMI (OEM) 0905 12/19/2008
Total Memory : 3.88GB DIMM DDR2

Processor : AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5600+ (2C 2.9GHz, 2.9GHz IMC, 2x 512kB L2)
Socket/Slot : AM2/ASB1

Memory Controller : Ralink Tech RT2800 802.11n PCI 200MHz, 4GB DIMM DDR2 800MHz

Memory Module(s)
Memory Module : OCZ OCZ2P8002G 2GB DIMM DDR2 PC2-6400U DDR2-800 (5-6-6-18 3-24-6-3)
Memory Module : OCZ OCZ2P8002G 2GB DIMM DDR2 PC2-6400U DDR2-800 (5-6-6-18 3-24-6-3)

Video System
Monitor/Panel : Dell Computer DELL E198WFP
 (1600x1200, 19.1")
Video Adapter : NVIDIA GeForce 7050 PV / NVIDIA nForce 630a  (PS3.0, VS3.0 425MHz, 128MB 800MHz/1.6GHz, Integrated Graphics)

Storage Devices
Seagate ST3750528AS (750.2GB, SATA300, 3.5", 7200rpm) : 699GB (C:)

DVDRW IDE1008 (1.5MB, ATAPI, DVD+-RW, CD-RW, 2MB Cache) : 1MB (D:)

Windows Experience Index
Current System : 2.9  :o


The PC Part Picker site does a pretty good job and alerting me to incompatibilities, but I would like some human feedback as well. So do any of you see any possible red flags or glaring flaws in this 3 item combo at this price point? I see the motherboard supports DDR3-2400 memory but I thought I would save a bit there and go for DDR3-1600.

AMD A6-6400K 3.9GHz Dual-Core Processor    $62.99    -$5.00 rebate               
Asus A55BM-K Micro ATX FM2+ Motherboard    $53.99             
Kingston Black 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory    $69.99
cpu-mobo-8gb memory.JPG

Maybe something with manipulating text files to get them into .csv format so they can use them in Excel or mail merge.

Cool to see you, Al. When I was trying to do some hobbyist type programming, I became a fan of your work.

I think Python is a perfect "midlife crisis" programming language for me since it reminds me of being in college and typing things into BASICA / GW-BASIC around the DOS 2/3.x era. Your port of GORILLA.BAS to Python confirmed it for me:

When you say "flexible Cloud-based and Client-based PIM"  -- it looks like it is all cloud-based because it requires a login from the Windows client. Was hoping something else, but that's OK, it still may be good.

Nice find! I'll be giving this a shot. Noted that there is a mobile version, that's something obvious that is missing from some note-taker programs.

wraith, I knew it was spoofing and that I can't prevent that but I'd been able to get people to blacklist my old address, at least those people wouldn't be seeing that particular spam anymore. Unless the spammer followed me to the new email address, which didn't seem to happen.

Living Room / Re: Facebook D.O.A.
« on: January 01, 2014, 11:48 AM »
It's probably always been dead to 16-18 year olds because the rest of us are there  -- and 16-18 years is a tiny demographic.

I am one of those people who hate Facebook but still use it because people are on it, and it seems to be the default way to keep in touch with friends and family members, when you don't really have anything to say.

Adults used to write letters (kids still do), and sometimes put pictures in those envelopes. I haven't done that in decades, it's just easier to type one sentence instead of write a whole page, and post the picture there, and it is 1:Many communication, so there is a chance someone will care.

I tried Whatsapp and wasn't impressed. You can only use it with people who know your phone number anyway, and if you travel outside your home country and have to put in a new SIM card for a different phone number, you're offlne.

...I didn't appreciate how complicated it was to migrate a Gmail account to another Gmail account until I had to change my email address ...
I'm curious - why did you "have to" change your email address?    :tellme:
(I don't see why one would ever have to abandon an email address, unless it wasn't your personal one in the first place - e.g., under a corporate email domain name.)

Because my old email address was sending out spam, even though I could log into the account fine.

And yes, I realize the From: header is easily forged, but I wanted people to blacklist the old email address.

Sorry for the late response!

Popping my head in...

Slightly off topic, but I didn't appreciate how complicated it was to migrate a Gmail account to another Gmail account until I had to change my email address. Found out that Google Takeout and IMAP didn't really work as well as I expected. Google really ought to make a Gmail-to-Gmail migration tool to make it beneficial to stay with Gmail when changing addresses. Worse, all the neat little Google services like Google Drive/Finance/Play/Maps/Google+ have their own little quirks and where a move-to-new-account tool was provided, it was always incomplete. I really wanted to keep my existing Google account and just change my email address, although in retrospect that was naïveté on my part. I would have even paid for an all-in-one tool to do that, that's what I did with Evernote I became a premium user for a month, it was something like $5, and then I had enough bandwidth to import my .enex file representing all my data into new account.

N.A.N.Y. 2012 / Re: NANY 2012 Pledge & Release: Image Grid
« on: May 26, 2013, 07:49 AM »
By the way, I recently had the opportunity to run Image Grid on Wine (on Linux), and it worked perfectly!

Living Room / Re: Merry Xmas to all DonationCoder folks
« on: December 26, 2012, 06:24 AM »
Merry Christmas, all!

Living Room / Re: Help me pick a midrange Android phone?
« on: November 15, 2012, 05:46 PM »
After a certain point, I had a different thought every day, which would make this thread look like a twitter feed, and I decided not to post to this thread until I made a decision. So for the sake of closure, I will tell you that a couple weeks ago, I saw a mint Galaxy S Blaze for $208, at least $42 cheaper than I could find previously for a non-mint one with an unscratched display, and jumped on it. It doesn't meet all of my original requirements, but it meets a lot of them. I couldn't really find a S II in decent shape for much less than $300$250. I had no resistance to putting ICS on it via Samsung Kies program, and there were no issues. I am not using it as a phone yet, I am waiting until I can get it in a decent protective case, but I am installing apps like crazy as well as an offline version of Wikipedia (via Aard Dictionary).

I plan on using it on T-Mobile for at least a couple months (it can take advantage of HSPA+ 42, which in my hometown is faster than Verizon LTE) and probably longer. After two months, my understanding is that T-Mobile will unlock it for me, and then I will still probably stay with T-Mobile, but it will be international 2G and 3G (2100Mhz) ready if I need it (not that there is any urgency to that). There are a few T-Mobile MVNOs emerging that look interesting, including a prepaid data one. I'll probably go with $30 unlimited data + 100 minutes talk plan + Google Voice or something similar. That's all I really need.

Battery life is so-so, but at least it is removable. If I go somewhere, I may get a charging case for it. The Super AMOLED display is very clear, but visibility in direct sunlight is nothing special, about the same as my iPod Touch. What I was looking for as far as visibility in direct sunlight may not be possible, at least not in my price range. But I think everything else meets my revised specs in the original post.

Living Room / Re: Remote Android Control Solution?
« on: November 05, 2012, 07:15 AM »
I used to use MyMobiler for Windows Mobile to "remote" into my Dell Axim, and it was awesome and I registered it (it was freeware then with a paid version). I see there is an Android version of it now. Does it look like it might meet your needs?

The Android version of MyMobiler does not seem to be quite ready for prime time. It does not autodetect the display of my Galaxy S Blaze properly, forcing me to try different combinations of color and display settings. The MyMobiler keyboard crashed twice a couple times in brief testing, which also crashed the app.

I try to stick with S/E because I can then use the nice unbloated MyPhoneExplorer :-*

I use that with my Android phone just fine, so that opens a load more phone choices for you in future.

Since this thread is a year and a half old, I am reopening it to ask if either of you have installed MyPhoneExplorer (the desktop client) lately. It is the subject of my first ever Google Play review

Malware alert: avoid like a sharp stick.

To use this app, you will need to install the desktop client. It also installs at least two unwanted programs: and InfoAtoms. After having spent the day cleaning this up, I re-downloaded the Windows client to run the setup again twice to make sure there was not a custom install option where I might have avoided it. There definitely is not a custom install option, but when the Terms of Service comes up, you are actually seeing the InfoAtoms TOS. I believe most users will expect MyPhoneExplorer's own TOS to come up at that point, and just click Agree. If you click Cancel, you will get another TOS prompt for TranslateGenius. If you cancel that one, the install continues. So possibly you might be able to install MyPhoneExplorer for Windows without installing "potentially unwanted programs," but this was enough to keep me from trusting the software.

InfoAtoms puts ads everywhere, even Wikipedia and YouTube. If I had not been giving AdBlock Plus, a break, I might not have seen it. hijacks the browser's home page and default search. TranslateGenius, to my knowledge, did not get installed, and I have no opinion of it.

In fact, InfoAtoms put 3 ads inside of f0dder's post on this forum, and I'm still not sure it didn't insert the words "nice unbloated" and the  :-* in f0dder's post.

And yes, I am admitting to not reading Terms of Service (I guess End User License Agreement is a better phrase -- I'll probably change that in the review) when installing software.

Well, Fences itself has been spun off for Windows 7.

IIRC, the free version's main limitation is that it can't sort new icons automatically, and there is a paid version that remedies that.

Living Room / Re: Kids E-Book Ideas?
« on: October 13, 2012, 07:11 PM »
Thanks for all the suggestions, I will use all of them! I am currently leaning toward a Nook SimpleTouch since it supports both ePub and PDF (Barnes and Noble is selling the $99 one on ebay for $60)

And found this (and assuming most of these are free or cheap on Nook as well):

General Software Discussion / Re: Firefox 15 less of a memory hog
« on: October 06, 2012, 02:00 PM »
I made an uneducated guess about which add-on was slowing down Firefox for me these days, to the extent that I often have to wait minutes for a response from clicking on the tab or scroll bar. I have disabled that addin, and after a few hours of not having any problems, I re-enabled the other add-ins I had disabled. So far so good. I will give it a week and if I still don't have any problems, the add-in gets booted and I will tell you the name of the add-in. I don't want to jump to conclusions prematurely.

Not sure what you mean. I am using Firefox 15.0 and it says Firefox is up to date. Did this start happening with 15.0.1?

If I type in, it redirects to

Further, if I do a google search for
Code: Text [Select]
  1. inurl:forum
and open several results in tabs, I see no issue with those pages, I don't get any security warning.

off topic
800th post Screenshot - 10_5_2012 , 5_44_06 PM.png

Living Room / Re: Google announces micropayments via Google Wallet
« on: October 05, 2012, 04:44 AM »
My second kneejerk reaction is this.

Consolidate a library of articles into kind of an article app store on one site (Google Play?), to faciltiate impulse purchases of 35 cent articles, similar to the way mobile app stores facilitate impulse purchases of 99 cent apps.

Maybe the only important thing about the refund policy is that there is one. The sales pitch should use words like a "eight article refund limit per week" instead of "abuse," and requesting a refund of the ninth article will just be blocked, and has zero chance of disabling your Google account (speculating here).

In current form (controlled by the site owner vs app store), I could see the Wall Street Journal or somebody else with articles already behind a paywall doing something like this.

Living Room / Re: Google announces micropayments via Google Wallet
« on: October 04, 2012, 04:41 PM »
The service gives users the ability to sample the content (e.g. text or image) before they buy, which can be done with a single click. Those who are not satisfied can get their money back within 30 minutes. Of course, Google has safeguards in place to prevent users from abusing the refunds to get free content.

So if you don't like to read kneejerk reactions, stop reading, because here is mine.

I see an article that may or may not be worth a dollar, read it, decide it is crap, and get my money back. The content provider thinks I am abusing the system, they tell Google, and they disable my Google account..

Do you actually use the phone part of your phone? ;D BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA~!
 (see attachment in previous post)

That reminds of the MVNO Ting device page:

Screenshot - 10_1_2012 , 11_47_03 AM.png

Living Room / Re: Remote Android Control Solution?
« on: September 29, 2012, 09:15 PM »
I used to use MyMobiler for Windows Mobile to "remote" into my Dell Axim, and it was awesome and I registered it (it was freeware then with a paid version). I see there is an Android version of it now. Does it look like it might meet your needs?

Well, now I'll show my noob qualities again :D

No-one told me I had to type in cmd as well as the 'dir etc etc' in the run dialogue

It's really kind of an age test, I just remember because I often had to put in a 5.25" diskette in the drive to get back to the command line because it had on it. The other executables were on the other diskette. That was back in the DOS 2.0 days.  ;)

Just hit Win+R and type the one line command in the box, and click OK.
Sidenote: Disadvantage of that, is that the output isn't visible anymore after the command completes, might you need that.

Another sidenote: to run an internal command* like "dir" from Win-R, precede it with cmd /k.

The /k takes care of leaving the cmd window open so you can see if it worked or not, otherwise you can use /c instead.


* "internal" meaning it is inside cmd.exe vs a separate executable

I was just downloading a video from YouTube with the YTD Downloader, and for some reason, thought of a feature in it that I've also put in software, but is really very, very rare.

In the Main UI, you can simply wave your cursor over a text box, and it copies URLs from the clipboard.
 (see attachment in previous post)
It saves a bit of time, but it's really just very cool. I can wave my mouse over the URL input as I move my mouse cursor to the "DOWNLOAD" button. Couldn't be easier.

However, these kinds of things are VERY rare, and really very difficult to implement properly. I don't mean technically difficult, but they're so easy to do, that you could do them everywhere, which is idiotic and makes for crappy software. You have to be very careful where you use these kinds of things.


Just kind of wondering what people generally feel about that sort of thing, and can you name any other "convenience"-type cool features? (I mean those small, tiny, little polish things.)

SunriseXP (program for Windows, used to collect content for Plucker, the classic offline reader app for Palm OS) did that, except, no mouse waving required. If the last thing copied to the clipboard was a URL, it was there waiting for you in the URL field. Very convenient.

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