cnpaperplay v3.3
May 11, 2010



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I just recently learned about Process Tamer & started using it. I do have a question though: why is it that (mme.exe) tries to connect to the internet every so often? [ed. note: nothing to do with our apps, which never connect over the net].
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Codenames play on paper (cnpaperplay) is an open-source utility for creating play-on-paper clones of the popular boardgames Codenames and Codenames Duet.

From this page you can download premade pdf game books to play on an airplane or in a car, etc., or use the tool to make your own game books.

Basic rules of Codenames Duet:

  • Codenames Duet is a two-player cooperative game.
  • A random grid of words is laid out for both players to see.
  • Each player receives a secret "key" telling them which of these words they want the other player to guess or avoid.
  • Players take turns giving a clue to the other player in the form of a single word and a number, and guessing words from the list based on clues.
  • Players win as a team if they guess all the correct cards in the allowed number of turns. If they accidentally guess a black card the game ends immediately.

Basic rules of Codenames:

  • Codenames is a team-based game that works best with large groups (4+).
  • Each team has a leader who gets a secret "key" telling them which of these words they want their team mates to guess or avoid.
  • Team leaders take turns giving a clue to their team mates. There is no turn limit as their is in Duet, but the first team to discover all of their words wins.

This utility creates random pdf books of puzzles, where each page is a separate game/puzzle. Each player gets a printed booklet and a pen, and that's all you need to play.

The code can generate games identical to the originals, but it's also flexible enough to allow you to experiment with alternative configurations and card counts. You can also customize the word lists, and it's easy to translate the pages to different langauges.

From this page you can download premade pdf booklets, or get the python code that let's you make your own.

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