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Maybe it is just me with my forty-something eyeballs,

CORRECTION: I only have two eyeballs.

If you're worried about archiving data for more than 20 years, I'd be as concerned about how available reader devices might be.  For example, even  if your old Iomega Zip disks still contain their data, it has probably already become a bit of a problem finding a working Zip drive. I wouldn't be surprised if it would be easier to find something to read an old 8 inch floppy.

Of course, DVD readers will probably be around for a much longer time than Zip drives, but it's still something to consider if you 're serious about long, long term archiving.

Yeah, this is what is going to end up pushing us all grudgingly to the cloud, I'm afraid.

The M-Disc shares the same size, shape and 4.7GB capacity of a DVD, and indeed can be read by any standard DVD drive, yet Millenniata says this special disc “cannot be overwritten, erased, or corrupted by natural processes”.

For that, you need kids. As the first comment says:

All very well and good but I get the impression they can still be surface damaged with scratches etc or shattered like normal DVDs if not handled correctly, so they are still not child or clumsy adult proof. So please can you try this with your labs sample and report back

Still, it is definite progress which is good to see.

Having the All Programs menu spread out over a larger area is really quite handy for those times where one needs to find/launch a program that they (don't use frequently, and...) can't remember the name of.

Why should the UI be optimized for those less frequent cases? Would it not make more sense to optimize for the more frequent cases?

So you can't see the desktop while searching with a single screen. Okay... Are you really looking at it while searching for program X when using the Start Panel now?? No.

Maybe it is just me with my forty-something eyeballs, but I seem to have a low tolerance for extraneous eye movement when I am at my desktop computer. I don't want to have to scan to entire screen on those occasions where I don't remember the name of the program. It reminds me of the Alt-Tab thumbnails introduced in Vista, do I really need the pictures or do I just need the name and icon of the program. I used to switch this back to "Windows XP style" Alt-Tab but nowadays I just rely more on the taskbar for this reason.

This graphic says it all:

If Windows were a hammer

Find And Run Robot / Re: What's wrong with this FARR picture?
« on: July 18, 2012, 08:23 PM »
I'm a little surprised this works as well as it does:

Code: Text [Select]
  1. Restart FARR | "%FARRDIR%FindAndRunRobot.exe" -exit ;;; sleep 1000 ;;; "%FARRDIR%FindAndRunRobot.exe"

Find And Run Robot / Re: What's wrong with this FARR picture?
« on: July 18, 2012, 06:18 PM »
(see attachment in previous post)

it's overly helpful?
(I only get 6 results)

Exactly! I got tired of seeing READ-ONLY and moved ALL the core aliases and icons to the MyCustom folder. Not being able to edit those seemed like having a web browser preloaded with 200 bookmarks that I couldn't modify, and I didn't want to work around it anymore.

 For the Listfarr and Helpfarr ones, I hesitated, because those really do seem "core." But I didn't hesitate much. ;)

Find And Run Robot / What's wrong with this FARR picture?
« on: July 18, 2012, 05:03 PM »

Screenshot - 7_18_2012 , 5_57_06 PM.png

While the Windows H8 Metro vs. Ye old Start Button debacle has raged on I haven't really seen/heard much in the way of a why any of is was done/needed. Its really just been a lot of screw Vista Metro noise. But I ran across an article over at Neowin that actually made sense to me. Which was rather handy, as the only reason I'd gone to Neowin (which I generally never visit) was to try to make some semblance of sense out of all the waa waa waa I want my start button back screw Metro noise. So... What do you guys think of this article: Why the Start Menu needed to go

I rather liked it.

He seems to be a bit obsessed with using the All Programs menu instead of the Start menu search box. The whole point of the Vista/Windows 7 Start menu is that is fixes having to go through the All Programs menu and having to find your programs, a problem of previous versions of Windows. Clicking on All Programs in Windows 7 should be a rare occurrence.

Also, he doesn't disagree with the #1 complaint of Metro: it is optimized for tablets and kicks desktop computers to the curb. But to him, that's a good thing.

Down the bottom right of GMail, clicking Details will show the last 10 or so IPs that accessed your account, (this includes email clients):
 (see attachment in previous post)
I believe you can have it notify you if a login occurs from somewhere radically different, (eg. it alerted me when I went via a Russian VPN), you can also set it to tell you if more than one login is current.

 (see attachment in previous post)

My last ten IP addresses were the same IP...hmmm. I guess it shows the last 10 sign-ons. Also it is set to show alerts and I didn't get one, so that's seems to be a pretty good sign (unless they switched it off, sent the emails, and switched it back on to fool me).

Also, if you have a smart phone you can install Authenticator and use it to verify when you log in.  You need to activate GMail's two-step verification process, when you run Authenticator it generates a new 6 number pin every 30 seconds or so, you have to enter it when you log into GMail.

That's another strike against non-removable batteries. Thanks, I will look into it when I get an Android phone (which may be a while).

You know what's really freaky? Gmail itself  is marking these as important. If I mouse over the important icon, it says "Marked important mainly because of the people in the conversation."
Do you consistently mark them down (using the little yellow thingy in Gmail) as "not important"? I thought Gmail had a default rule that something is important, but you can teach it otherwise this way. It works for me, anyway.

Consider yourself either lucky or well-informed  ;).  Gmail pays no attention to whether I mark missives as important or unimportant.  It (the software) marks things as important that it has not seen me open for years, and ignores things that I mark as important - unless I set important in a filter, anyway.

Screenshot - 7_17_2012 , 6_35_41 AM.png

Until I started getting this spam, I never saw a message marked important if it was from an email address I never sent an email to, and each spam seems to be from a unique email address. Now every single one of these new spams are marked important "mainly because of the people in the conversation" (as opposed to marked important because of words in the message). This now leads me to believe someone is logged into my account somewhere, spamming the same email addresses my email seems to be coming from, causing the importance ranking to get bumped up, and then quickly deleting the sent emails before I can find them.  

[EDITED] Nevermind, I figured it out, now I see <WindowName> is a required field for obvious reasons.

Thanks for making this, somehow I missed this tool in 2011, I predict I will find some nice uses for it!

DcUpdater / Re: dcUpdater - setup file corrupt
« on: July 11, 2012, 01:27 PM »
I downloaded dcUpdater v1.30.01 from the web link:

When I start the download, the filesize is listed as 1.48 Mb.  On saving, the filesize is 206 Kb.  When I try to run it, the message is displayed:

"The setup files are corrupted.  Please obtain a new copy of the program."

Did this twice.  I'm using IE8 regular downloader and have not previously had a problem with downloading.

Do you have any insight as to what might be happening here?

Thank you.

I've seen something like that on other downloads (not here). I think clearing the browser cache should help.

Anyway, back to the OP - if you're running Firefox:

  • Menu->Options->Content
  • Check Load images automatically
  • Click Exceptions and add

Missed this the first time. I didn't realize you could block images per domain.

Since I have the Stylish add-on installed, this bit seemed to do the trick as far as hiding the attachment previews:

@namespace url(;

@-moz-document domain("") {

.hv {display:none}


I don't know if the .hv class is used only for attachments or what. Haven't found any bad side effects yet, so it looks like a keeper.

You know what's really freaky? Gmail itself  is marking these as important. If I mouse over the important icon, it says "marked important mainly because of the people in this message."

About half of these spams have "Creston, OH" or "amateurmatch" in them. The filtered ones I will also mark them as Spam for Gmail too before I delete them.

Developer's Corner / Re: Online Python Tutor
« on: July 10, 2012, 11:31 AM »
I missed this until I saw it in the newsletter..clever.

Probable quickest solution: If you just ensure that you flag each new spam item as spam, Gmail "learns" what is spam, and will pick things up from there and you should progressively find that these spam emails no longer appear in your inbox.
Try it and see.

Yeah, I have been doing that, but it seems each email is slightly different, so it might be hard even for Google to find a common pattern. Most of them seem to say something like "saw your profile" though, so maybe if I create a filter, that will help.

Not completely golden, but you don't see too many attempts to explain mobile screen technologies to the layperson (or at least smartphone illiterate person) such as myself. The user comments on the article will be useful, too.

Even if your screen has high pixel density and great color reproduction, a highly reflective screen can mess up your view. Instead of reading your article, movie, or e-mail clearly, you may be dodging overhead lights, sun rays, and your own reflection to strain to see what's on the screen.

As I mentioned above, the quality of the physical display materials can play a role in "reflectance." But manufacturers can also do something about it. In the Lumia 900, Nokia applies its ClearBlack filter above the touch layer on its (non-PenTile) AMOLED screen, but below the cover glass. ClearBlack works on LCDs, too

Screenshot - 7_9_2012 , 7_40_42 AM.png

from CNET

In the past week, I've started getting a lot of spam that doesn't get sent to my Spam box, and it comes with photo attachments that I don't want to see. Gmail filters out images automatically if they are inline HTML img tags but since these are attachments, it always shows them. I can't find a setting within Gmail (web version) to have it not show the previews. Maybe there is a user script or add-on for this?

Addendum: For a list of 25 free audio mixing apps look here. I've personally used Audacity, Ardour, Jokosher, and Wavosaur.

-wow; I've never even heard of Ardour or Jokosher. Will go and test! (Linux / Mac, not Win)

Thanks also for the directions on cross-fading.  :up:

Jokosher does seem to have a Windows version, in case you missed it.

Is pace the same as tempo?

Do you mean to change the tempo of the second part to match the tempo of the first part, without changing the pitch?

I don
Tried audacity?

Seconded. I don't think it's going to get any easier than Audacity. Just select the middle part, hit Delete, then go to File > Export.  Or have I misunderstood what you want?

Found Deals and Discounts / Re: InfoRecall - $5.99?!?!
« on: July 06, 2012, 05:08 PM »
RightNote now allows Evernote sync of notes that you set to the "Evernote" type.

I haven't tested it yet to see how well it works, but it is there.

You can see it in the last two entries on their revision history http://www.bauerapps...ightNoteHistory.html

As an Evernote user who has also registered RightNote, I saw that, and I did test the new Evernote type very briefly, so take this as the kneejerk reaction it is.

I haven't figured out what value there is in using RightNote as a middleman, especially since you can only tag one note at a time in RightNote.  However it could indicate bigger plans ahead. Bear in mind that I use Evernote for a few different things, but I do a lot of web clipping probably more than anything else, something that RightNote does as well (Presumably you would not use the new Evernote feature for that case, since those notes are not Evernote notes.)

If you use Evernote, do you need RightNote? And vice versa?

It's easy enough to get notes into Evernote from the various Evernote add-ins and bookmarklets, with better formatting than I saw doing it from RightNote, and you can also use Simplify formatting in the Evernote software to clean up the format as well. Evernote has also realized you can use it as a Read it Later replacement, so now they have the Clearly add-on as another way to get notes into Evernote, except you have the option of selecting part of the page instead of having Read it Later tell you it can't save it because it is not an article. (Read it Later is now something else so I am not sure if this is still the case.) Evernote doesn't have a tree structure, but then again you can create a tree of tags in the Evernote client.

In RightNote, unless they've changed something, you have to find the branch of the tree and click on it before saving a note for the note to land in the right place: if clipping a note, it neither prompts for tags or for where in the tree it should go.

It would be cool if instead of a new Evernote type in RightNote, you could for example make a source code formatted note sync to Evernote.

Again this was my quick kneejerk reaction with limited testing (which means I probably shouldn't say anything. but oh well).

UPDATE (7/8): (sorry for steering the thread off topic)
For balance, a note from the author of RightNote about the new Evernote note type
Dear RightNote user,

I am writing this letter, to let you know about the latest release of RightNote, the new feature that it includes, and the Evernote Devcup.

As an introduction, let me tell you a little bit about Evernote. If you haven't heard of Evernote, well then it's about time that you did!

At it's core, Evernote is a note taking application similar to RightNote. You store notes in notebooks and can group them together with tags. What is unique and very attractive about Evernote is that you can access your notes from nearly any device or browser. Yes, that's right. Evernote work on Windows. It works on Mac. It works on iPhone and works on Android. It also works in any browser. Moreover your notes are stored in "the cloud", so you don't need to worry about backing up your notes. Evernote also has a very advanced search engine that allows you to search for text in any images in your notes. And then lastly, Evernote comes in a free version that gives you all of these features. (There is a premium version with additional features aswell.)

You can found out more about Evernote here: <>

Ok.. so as a RightNote user, why am I telling you about all of this? Well, firstly because the latest version of RightNote now includes an Evernote note type and integration with Evernote. This means you can now create "Evernote" notes (i.e. notes of the "Evernote" note type) and then sync them up with your Evernote account (pro version) - and you can then access them from anywhere. (Not done yet, but on the to-do list is the ability to import notes from your Evernote account into a RightNote notebook. We also hope to add the ability to search for text in images of Evernote notes.)

One of the down sides of Evernote is that you are limited as to how much structure you can give to your notes. You are limited to group your notes by tag and notebook, and as you add new notes, your notes keep on moving around. As a RightNote user, I'm sure you'll appreciate the value and importance of being able to structure your notes in a logical and well organised tree structure (among the other features included in RightNote).

So with the new Evernote integration, you can have the best of both worlds: Access (selected) notes from anywhere via Evernote, and at the same time keep Evernote notes in a well organised tree structure.

Ok, but there is more to this. You see Evernote is not just a note taking application. It is actually a platform. What "platform" means, is that Evernote invites other developers to add Evernote capabilites to their own applications - just like RightNote has done. So by using Evernote, you are not only availing yourself to the features offered by Evernote itself, but to a whole host of other applications that integrate with Evernote aswell (some of them free, some of them with a free version, and some paid).

In fact, right now Evernote is running a competition (called Devcup) for developers the world over to add Evernote integration to their apps. In this way they will be able to offer added functionality to all of their users, with all the different application integrations.

You can find out more about the Evernote Devcup here: <>

I encourage you to take a look at some of the applications. There is quite a broad range of different applications available. Some of them you may find to be useful for your own purposes aswell.

So lastly, we have entered RightNote into this competition as well. During the period of the competition (until the 23rd July) people can vote for their favorite submission. (At the end of the competition, the entry with the most votes will win the "People's Choice Prize".) In fact, every day during this period you have a chance to vote. Every day you can place another vote, and you can vote for more than one submission on the same day. (The only thing you can't do, is vote for the same submission more than once on the same day).

You can be sure, that if RightNote would be fortunate enough to win a prize, part of that would be invested into improving and further developing RightNote.

So I'm hoping you will take a look at this competition, see the great array of applications available, and also give RightNote your support. This will be very much appreciated indeed.

The RightNote submission can be found at:

Thank you for reading this long letter, and thank you for your support.

Best Regards
Rael Bauer

Found Deals and Discounts / Re: InfoRecall - $5.99?!?!
« on: July 06, 2012, 06:29 AM »
I think all these PIM type applications that are not handling syncing with mobile devices well, are probably dying a slow death.

I agree. If you have a mobile device, then electronic notes are a replacement for paper notes. No point in not being able to take them with you.

When I agreed with Jibz's comment, I was about to say something to the effect that the demise of those applications can't happen soon enough, but I was afraid that sounded too harsh to the developers who have worked hard on these things. So this is more of a wish that more developers would consider this.

Well, then which PIM/Outliner is compatible with Windows and iOS/Android (or maybe Windows Phone if that's your flavor?) I have OneNote 2010 - had to put it in SkyDrive in order to sync with the Android OneNote app, which is OK but doesn’t sync all the time as it should; I have to manually sync it most of the time. And OneNote on the iPad/iPhone is terrible. I have an iPad and gave up on it for now. And I also have Evernote on all devices. But both OneNote and Evernote are great for notes, not so great as PIMs or outliners. Not like Ultra Recall was or InfoSelect. I don’t know of any serious PIMs that work across all those devices.

Thank you.


Nothing all that satisfactory.

For note-takers, I just know of the ones you mentioned: OneNote and EverNote.

A note-taker to me is one-fourth of a PIM. The 4 Pillars of PIM are notes, tasks, contacts, and calendar. I was trying to get all four in one program and sync to mobile. But then all you have is Outlook, and that was probably an unrealistic expectation anyway. And I need multiple types of notes. My next device will be an Android, but I don't expect things to be any better than it was on my iPod Touch.

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