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Living Room / Re: Remote Android Control Solution?
« on: November 05, 2012, 07:15 AM »
I used to use MyMobiler for Windows Mobile to "remote" into my Dell Axim, and it was awesome and I registered it (it was freeware then with a paid version). I see there is an Android version of it now. Does it look like it might meet your needs?

The Android version of MyMobiler does not seem to be quite ready for prime time. It does not autodetect the display of my Galaxy S Blaze properly, forcing me to try different combinations of color and display settings. The MyMobiler keyboard crashed twice a couple times in brief testing, which also crashed the app.

I try to stick with S/E because I can then use the nice unbloated MyPhoneExplorer :-*

I use that with my Android phone just fine, so that opens a load more phone choices for you in future.

Since this thread is a year and a half old, I am reopening it to ask if either of you have installed MyPhoneExplorer (the desktop client) lately. It is the subject of my first ever Google Play review

Malware alert: avoid like a sharp stick.

To use this app, you will need to install the desktop client. It also installs at least two unwanted programs: and InfoAtoms. After having spent the day cleaning this up, I re-downloaded the Windows client to run the setup again twice to make sure there was not a custom install option where I might have avoided it. There definitely is not a custom install option, but when the Terms of Service comes up, you are actually seeing the InfoAtoms TOS. I believe most users will expect MyPhoneExplorer's own TOS to come up at that point, and just click Agree. If you click Cancel, you will get another TOS prompt for TranslateGenius. If you cancel that one, the install continues. So possibly you might be able to install MyPhoneExplorer for Windows without installing "potentially unwanted programs," but this was enough to keep me from trusting the software.

InfoAtoms puts ads everywhere, even Wikipedia and YouTube. If I had not been giving AdBlock Plus, a break, I might not have seen it. hijacks the browser's home page and default search. TranslateGenius, to my knowledge, did not get installed, and I have no opinion of it.

In fact, InfoAtoms put 3 ads inside of f0dder's post on this forum, and I'm still not sure it didn't insert the words "nice unbloated" and the  :-* in f0dder's post.

And yes, I am admitting to not reading Terms of Service (I guess End User License Agreement is a better phrase -- I'll probably change that in the review) when installing software.

Well, Fences itself has been spun off for Windows 7.

IIRC, the free version's main limitation is that it can't sort new icons automatically, and there is a paid version that remedies that.

Living Room / Re: Kids E-Book Ideas?
« on: October 13, 2012, 07:11 PM »
Thanks for all the suggestions, I will use all of them! I am currently leaning toward a Nook SimpleTouch since it supports both ePub and PDF (Barnes and Noble is selling the $99 one on ebay for $60)

And found this (and assuming most of these are free or cheap on Nook as well):

General Software Discussion / Re: Firefox 15 less of a memory hog
« on: October 06, 2012, 02:00 PM »
I made an uneducated guess about which add-on was slowing down Firefox for me these days, to the extent that I often have to wait minutes for a response from clicking on the tab or scroll bar. I have disabled that addin, and after a few hours of not having any problems, I re-enabled the other add-ins I had disabled. So far so good. I will give it a week and if I still don't have any problems, the add-in gets booted and I will tell you the name of the add-in. I don't want to jump to conclusions prematurely.

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