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General Software Discussion / Re:
« on: August 04, 2012, 08:05 AM »
AdBlock Plus works well with

Do you mean because there are no ads adverts yet, or have you seen some that it is blocking?

General Software Discussion / Re:
« on: August 04, 2012, 06:50 AM »
Found a couple of things out the hard way. If you sign up for this using a Windows Live account that uses a non-Microsoft email address, you don't get a new Microsoft email address you can send from, you'll have to send from your non-Microsoft email address within (I wouldn't recommend it, when I sent from my gmail address TO my gmail address from, it gets flagged as a possibly not from me when I logged into Gmail to check it out.) You can create email aliases which are, but you can't send from them (at least in the above scenario). And the really important part, once you create an alias, you can't use that email address for a new account even if you delete the alias later.

One feature I just glanced at that hasn't gotten any hype yet to my knowledge is that you can have sub-accounts for kids.

Living Room / Re: New version of Chrome can WATCH and LISTEN
« on: August 01, 2012, 12:31 PM »
So basically you can now embed webcam and microphone support without Adobe Flash. Well at least the Register had a misleading article to match the misleading headline. That's worth something.

I'm not so sure about that:


This tutorial introduces a new API, navigator.getUserMedia(), which allows web apps to access a user's camera and microphone.

Looks about right. If the application can access it, well, that's game, set, match.

But it's nothing new, it's just the same thing sites like Forvo do already with a Flash plugin. You are actively pressing record for the purpose of uploading it to the site. Haven't you seen the little Flash dialog where you can tell it to enable the microphone or webcam?

Living Room / Re: New version of Chrome can WATCH and LISTEN
« on: August 01, 2012, 12:08 PM »
So basically you can now embed webcam and microphone support without Adobe Flash. Well at least the Register had a misleading article to match the misleading headline. That's worth something.

I would to scan my hard disk (or disks) for a file with certain conditions

What tool do you currently use to search for files on your system, are you using the Windows default or a third party tool such as Locate32 or Everything. If Windows, what version of Windows?

Are the "certain conditions" fairly constant or do you want to full search power of your chosen tool?

Copy the command line utility of winrar (rar.exe) into somewhere in the path (i.e. windows folder)

Put this in a batch file (*.cmd or *.bat) and run this in the relevant folder.
for %%1 in (*.txt) do rar m -x*.rar -m5 "%%1.rar" "%%1"

I know this does not scan the whole disk for subfolders, but only the current folder, but you can develop the batch file a bit.

MilesAhead's proposed solution may be easier though.

I have a batch file that can run another batch file in the current directory and all subdirectories. Nothing special but I wanted to recreate something I had from the DOS days because I had a need at the time. I call it sweep.cmd

Code: Text [Select]
  1. @echo off
  2. setlocal
  3. set oldcd=%cd%
  4. for /R %%D in (.) do (
  5.  cd "%%D"
  6.  %*
  7. )
  8. cd /d %oldcd%
  9. endlocal

Maybe it would be of some use.

Edit: corrected a bug I just now saw, lol

Just now I did this (I have Locate32 and HAOzip installed, I think any archiver would probably do)

  • Brought up Locate32 (I can bring it up using Win-F on my system)
  • Did a search for .py (Python) files
  • Selected a dozen files from the search results.
  • Right clicked on the selected results
  • Clicked HaoZip > Add to archive (Note: the Windows Explorer right click menu is replicated in Locate32)
  • Clicked Browse and browsed to the Desktop
  • Gave the filename and hit OK.
  • Opened the file from the desktop and there were all the files I selected.

Is that something like what you need? (Re-reading the original post, I guess you are needing something more automated. It is a little more GUI, though. ;) )

You can also sort of override the default application using the "dosearch +alias" and a regex.

For example, if I want to launch a python file in Notepad2 instead of run it in Python,  I can just add 2 slashes to the end of it (aliases in FARR alias export format below):

Code: Text [Select]
  1. 1000>>>notepad2>->Notepad2 - $$1 | C:\Program Files\Notepad2\Notepad2.exe "$$1"
  2. 1000>>>notepad2_dosearch>->dosearch +notepad2 $$1>+>^(.*)//$

The problem is the display template part before the vertical bar "Notepad2 - $$1 " seems to be ignored, so I'm launching blindly. I'd like to see Notepad2 - in the results so I am 100% sure of what's going to happen.  (I've also tried putting "Notepad2 - $$1 |" in the notepad2_dosearch line.)

So I have a more modest (I think) request to make the display templates work even with dosearch. I'm sure it's more complicated than it sounds, but that would be handy.

(Note: I got the idea of this technique from the first part of this post )

EDIT: There may be a way to do the same using ++ in the alias action - haven't figured out how yet.

EDIT 2: I'm only getting started with the advanced stuff, but I wonder if there is a way to use restartsearch to make a menu prepending different appllications to the file in search results.

I wonder if maybe ONE of the icons is corrupted and it's breaking farr's icon rendering.
Can you look for any possible icon file that you may have changed that is broken?

I was thinking this too, and I was only working on the one .ico file, so I would think it would be that one if that's the case. Now that I seem to have arrived at a way to fix it, I am going to try to re-create the "icon of death." No luck so far.

Uninstalling and reinstalling FARR fixed the problem.

I had renamed:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\FindAndRunRobot"

I had renamed those folders previously but reinstalled without an uninstall and that didn't work.

But after uninstall and reinstall the problem is fixed and I was able to put back my existing "Documents\DonationCoder\FindAndRunRobot" and "C:\Program Files (x86)\FindAndRunRobot" and it remains fixed. Weird.

The icons look fine in Windows Explorer.

But..I just noticed I am getting generic looking icons in Firefox downloads as well! I don't think that was the case before.

And speaking of downloads, that thing I downloaded from the free-icon-editor .com domain with 4 giant ad banners every time it launched, that I immediately deleted, was probably malware and I bet it screwed up something with my .ico association.

I did try deleting IconCache.db and rebooting.
The icons look fine in Windows Explorer.

I was trying to improve on the duckduckgo icon (the original one being the favicon from the site, I was trying to make a new one using Screenshot captor.)
I was using and an addon for .ico.. and I was experimenting with multiple sizes in the source file (including an odd suggestion of 121x121 which was the same size as the original image). Then I decided I only needed 64x64 or 32x32 and tried those. At some point FARR seemed to decide to display a generic icon for every alias, whether it was Core or MyCustom. I double checked the aliases to make sure I didn't do something besides creating a new image, like screw up the icon path. I restarted FARR, deleted the Windows icon cache, restored an older copy of FindAndRunRobot.ini from 4 hours ago, deleted the duckduckgo.ico file, and rebooted, so I am not sure what else to try to get FARR to display alias icons again.

Same can be said for Google Voice or any google service. Almost every such service is monitored by Big B here in my country.

This made me imagine conversations are being monitored by Amitabh Bachchan (also known as Big B) for movie ideas. ;)

General Software Discussion / Re: WinDim
« on: July 25, 2012, 06:20 PM »
I wonder when WinDim may be useful.

I find there are a lot of programs here at DC (especially in Coding Snacks where a lot of them are written for one person) that I may not see an immediate use for, and then years later I need it for some reason!

So, this works perfectly, I can search for files and add // to open them in Notepad2, but I notice the "Notepad2 - $$1 |" part doesn't seem to do what I expect.

Code: Text [Select]
  1. 1000>>>notepad2>->Notepad2 - $$1 | C:\Program Files\Notepad2\Notepad2.exe "$$1"
  2. 1000>>>notepad2_dosearch>->dosearch +notepad2 $$1>+>^(.*)//$

Is there a way to have the word Notepad2  appear in the search results? For Notepad2, it doesn't matter so much, but I am trying to set up a similar alias to delete files, and it would be nice to see Delete in front of each search result.

I have a few related small suggestions that may help ease new FARR users into taking advantage of some of the advanced customization techniques. I have numbered them 1 to 4 below.

What do you think about having a "Duplicate this alias file" button or feature (1) in the program, similar to the existing "Make a duplicate copy of this entry" under Aliases/Groups? If it is a read-only alias file, maybe it gives the option of disabling the existing alias file (2), and automatically create the new alias file in the MyCustom folder.

For this to show the proper icons (without having to copy them), I would further suggest a common icon path (3) that can be used by all aliases (with /ICON) regardless of the alias location.

This is nothing can't be done already using the file system, but makes a little easier I believe. The helpfile seems to be out of date (4) as well:
Code: Text [Select]
  1. These .alias files are located in the AliasGroups\ subdirectory of FARR, and are further broken up into AliasGroups\Installed and AliasGroups\MyCustom

Since I didn't see that folder, I initially created it and when that didn't work, I looked in the %appdata% folder. After doing a search of my system, I found the MyCustom folder in My Documents.

Not to take away from the personal and noble sacrifices made by Jon Blunk, Matt McQuinn and Alex Teves...but I'd prefer to think we could use less people like James Holmes

This confused me for a minute. James Holmes being the crazy shooter, of course we need fewer of those. So no contradiction at all, the world needs more people like the three heroes, and fewer crazy shooting people. So I guess that is the same as what you are saying. I think the use of the word "preference" confused me, as if it were either/or.

Find And Run Robot / Re: Numerical keypad
« on: July 24, 2012, 07:07 AM »
Those settings are in the Settings under Keyboard Interface (the second checkbox in particular):

Screenshot - 7_24_2012 , 8_04_15 AM.png

Thanks for sharing this. Very clever.  :Thmbsup:

Find And Run Robot / Re: search alias (Core-Search.alias)
« on: July 21, 2012, 06:53 PM »
I'd like to request some help preparing new aliases.. if someone was willing to edit the core aliases to bring them up to date (and add any new items or new alias files), I'd love to have the help and would updated the core files.

Seems like this could be done one alias at a time on threads such as this one, then if there is some agreement, someone can compile them.

Find And Run Robot / Re: search alias (Core-Search.alias)
« on: July 21, 2012, 06:51 PM »
For some time, my default search in Firefox has been a Google search limited to results from the past year. It's amazing how much outdated junk this filters out when doing technology searches. Wonder if other search engines (such as DuckDuckGo) have something similar.

Code: Text [Select]
  1. Google Past Year - $$1 |$$1 /ICON=icons\google.ico

Find And Run Robot / search alias (Core-Search.alias)
« on: July 20, 2012, 12:40 PM »
Just looking at the search alias in Core-Search.alias, it looks like it hasn't been updated in a while:

Google - $$1 |$$1 /ICON=icons\google.ico
Yahoo - $$1 |$$1 /ICON=icons\yahoo.ico
MSN - $$1 |$$1 /ICON=icons\msn.ico  is now Bing but it works anyway
AltaVista - $$1 |$$1 /ICON=icons\altavista.ico is now Yahoo
Ask - $$1 |$$1 /ICON=icons\ask.ico :o srsly?
AllTheWeb - $$1 | http://www.alltheweb...arch?cs=utf-8&q=$$1 /ICON=icons\alltheweb.ico is also now Yahoo
GoogleGroups - $$1 |$$1&sa=N&tab=wg /ICON=icons\google.ico
Omgili Forum - $$1 |$$1 /ICON=icons\omgili.ico

omgli I had never heard of (or forgot about it) until I saw it in FARR. It's a nice forum search, though, I like it.

I would suggest cleaning up a little and adding DuckDuckGo (can't think of any others that would be good)
There is a lot of interest in secure searches these days, so maybe some of these should be made into https:// versions.
On the other hand, I guess a lot of people just do plugins or alias packs and these don't really need to be changed, I don't know.

Find And Run Robot / Re: What's wrong with this FARR picture?
« on: July 20, 2012, 12:36 PM »
The only thing you have to worry about is that the readonly built-in aliases are overwritten when the program updates.  So just remember that if you replace the built-in aliases, make sure you dont rely on having to modify the built in alias files -- instead disable the files that you want to replace.

I've now renamed all my Core*.* files to More*.* and then reinstalled to to get the originals back, and then disabled them as you said, so that should be a more stable configuration.

Maybe it is just me with my forty-something eyeballs,

CORRECTION: I only have two eyeballs.

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