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I am looking for an application for (win or lin) that can record file modification times for a given folder recursively? I just want to be able to see when the files have changed within given period of time.

It can be a console app, gui app etc it does not matter as long as it can efficiently watch and record mod times per file.


Clipboard Help+Spell / Utf support?
« on: October 10, 2013, 07:02 PM »

Is it possible to get utf working with this app? It seems like it is not able to grab utf text properly, rather converts to ascii.


General Software Discussion / Help me ZIMBRA!
« on: September 18, 2011, 01:45 AM »

Long time no see, but hey I know I can get some help here.

Basically I would like to try Zimbra as an Exchange alternative for individual use. I do not think I will be running it as email server, rather I am interested in other exchange features(calendar, contacts etc). And this is an area where I have zero experience. So I am looking for a donationcoderer that can put a vanilla Zimbra(FOSS version) on  a virtual machine(Virtualbox linux  is fine, debian maybe) that can handle requests from the Lan. Not sure if it is possible or not. And I would like to send some donationcoder credits for such lovely task.

Btw this is for home use, no business stuff. I just want to be able to access this from outside via ip or dns services. I wont run email server on it since I am just on a residential plan, and I bet my isp will block and smtp stuff.


Living Room / Do it yourself dropbox
« on: March 08, 2011, 11:19 PM »
Hey people

I have managed to create a rig that lets me share my files(via local or distant connections). It is not a simple setup but I think it works well. When I have time I will write a a short tutorial about it. Basically I am using SSH(on Cygwin) and HFS( I send myfiles to Ssh server and share them with Hfs while I am creating the url for the file on the fly with simple bash console scripts(generated when the file is sent). I endup giving away a url that is similar to any web based sharing tools. I can send files within my network or from outside world.

Does anyone else created a do it yourself dropbox?

I personally like to make life harder for myself so that I can enjoy all the freedoms that comes with custom workflows and methods and I am always interested in what others have to offer as far as custom stuff goes. I do not like to put my data on someone else`s server so I rigged up my own ;)

What is cool is that I can send folders, zip them before sending, pipe other stuff, and even resume files (will use rsync) etc. And I have no MB limit ;)


I am, having a weird issue here and I thought that someone with proper skills might help me out.

Everytime I save, create files or folders it is created with "administrators" owner. Now my user name is part of administrators group, but the name is not "administrators". This issue makes file access complicated, second I do not think that it should say "administrators" in the owner tab or security properties.  I feel like something is messed up in this scheme.

What would be the right way to fix this issue? I would like my files and folders to be created with the right user name, distinguishable user name

I am on Windows7 64bit


General Software Discussion / Online publishing(pdf etc) platform?
« on: February 20, 2011, 04:06 PM »

I am looking for a way to publish my pdf books on my home server for personal use, like accessing from outside. I am looking for something like the way Scripd or Google books works. So far I cannot seem to locate anything. So I thought I would ask for help from DC users. I am thinking to publish pdf, chm, html etc

I am using Apache - Mysql as my server backend


General Software Discussion / Web Media Server ?
« on: February 06, 2011, 11:17 PM »

I am looking for a media server app that I can install on my apache server. I have tried Jinzora and Ampache they did not seem like anything I am interested in plus they do not seem to be active. I want to be able to stream and serve music and video. Hopefully the server is not picky about the formats of the source media files as well since I have mix bag of media files and formats.

Also my server runs on Xampp for Windows so the file-folder paths so the server should have no problem with windows paths.


General Software Discussion / Traying windowing tool?
« on: February 04, 2011, 05:19 PM »

I am looking for a tray iconizer tool. What I am looking for is a very small memory print. I have tried couple tools, and some either were flakey or felt like they were using more memory than they should.

I am looking for an iconizer but I would be happy to have couple extra features like, roll up, stay on top etc

Any decent suggestions(free or commercial)?



I am using the tray menu mode(without dock), it would be very nice to be able to get right click explorer menu support for those cascading folders. Right now it works very nice as a file folder lister and opener though.

The funny thing is that when I click on the tray icon the cpu use goes from %12(on 8 hyperthread-4 actual cores) to %0. I am not sure what is going on but my setup is super simple.

I am under Win764

Here is a screenshot of what I have. I do not use the dock panel mode only the systray

I have not enabled the "show newer files" option, I suspect that that option is somehow not working properly, maybe it is constantly watching folders?


I am looking for a program(hopefully cross program) that does operate on images and graphics files that does merge-diff comparison. Basically i want to be able to load up and compare images manually in sync. Obviously I can do this in Gimp or Photoshop myself, just looking for automation and faster start-ups. I will drag 2 or more images into it or run via command line etc to load the images and it will have sync browser where I can zoom in and both mages at the same time.

Eventually I will use this app in conjunction with Revision Control system.



Over the years I have become more of a command line-console tools user. In many occasions I tend to prefer console apps over Gui apps. I think that console apps have some sort of minimalistic beauty embedded in them.

Generally I use Cygwin - Linux console apps.

Here are my favorites. Please list yours as well

Elinks (browser)
Newsbeuter(Rss reader)
Task (Task-warrior, Task-todo manager)
Cal (Calender app)
Vim (text editor)
Scp(copy utility)
Unison(Sync utility)
Ipython(Python shell)
Necromancer Dos navigator(file browser)
Midnight Commander(file browser)

General Software Discussion / Media players
« on: July 26, 2010, 09:02 PM »

I have been looking for a good media player for Linux. I generally use Foobar, Vlc and Mediamonkey on Windows.

I have tested some apps under Linux and I think I have closed down to these apps.

Jajuk (jukebox)
This is a really nice jukebox.

Banshee (media player, organizer. It can also index movies)

RhythmBox (jukebox)
I use this one when Banshee fails with usb player

General purpose media players
Smplayer (Smplayer can play formats that Vlc fails to play sometimes)

If you want to share others please do expand my humble list.

It looks like I am missing cmd.exe in my sytem32 folder (under Windows Xp 64). Is there anyone out there who is nice enough to zip this and send me a link? I know this is not the best solution but I need to try something else before running windows recovery


Find And Run Robot / latest update messed up my toolbar?
« on: May 12, 2010, 06:27 PM »

I just updated to the latest version and my toolbar is totally jammed, it is showing toolbar entries from last year. it looks like it reverted back some settings? I have deleted some of the toolbar entries last year, they just popped up again after the update

I am going to change my email address and I was wondering what would be the best method or tool to notify my friends and interested parties to notify? This is a personal paid hosted email account so I am not using web based stuff. I am also using thunderbird.

I do not want to send one mass email to everyone I know, I want to subdivide them in groups then send seperate emails.

Definetely I can do copy paste, group people from contact list etc. I am just wondering if there are more elegant methods out there, in case I change some of my other email adresses as well



Due to my daily work I need to deal with Vpn files and folder a lot and Vpns can be very slow. The server side settings is not something I can change, it is the company set the rules and the servers. To work as fast and efficient as possible  I always try to find the best way to deal with Vpn.

So far the ones I have tried that are slow or can not deal with the Vpn as good as I anticipate.

Slow managers

(with Supercopier, Fastcopy, standard windows file copy)
Total commander
Xyplorer (which is my main file manager)
Cubic explorer

The one I prefer

Q-dir (free) + Fastcopy is the best way to deal with Vpns. Not the best solution but in my tests these two gave me less headaches and wait times compared to other options

Most of the time my main complaint is file folder refreshes, or speed of simple file related operations. For example once I open a Vpn folder sometimes clicking a file to select can be slow in one of those in slow managers category. The right  clickcs gets even worse. Although Q-dir`s right click is not any faster than those in the slow lane, but overall Q-dir has provided better experience with Vpns.

It seems like there is nothing out there that is specifically optimized for Vpns or Ssh based file browsing

I thought that it might be  good idea to open a topic to share tips and tricks regarding working wirt Vpns

Total Information Awareness: The More You Use Google, the More Google Knows About You

April 9, 2010  | 
In June 2007, Privacy International, a U.K.-based privacy rights watch- dog, cited Google as the worst privacy offender among 23 online companies, ranking the “Don’t Be Evil” people below Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, eBay, LinkedIn, Facebook and AOL. According to the report, no other company was “coming close to achieving [Google’s] status as an endemic threat to privacy.” What most disturbed the authors was Google’s “increasing ability to deep-drill into the minutiae of a user’s life and lifestyle choices.” The result: “the most onerous privacy environment on the Internet.”


I tend to think that it was possible to play video on the second monitor when I played video , which was set unde Nvidia panel. So whenever a video was played on the main monitor the video would show up on the second one. I am using the extend method.

For some reason I cannot find a way to do that under Windows7 Nvidia panel. Does anyone know what happened to that feature? any other solution out there?

Also it looks like Nvidia removed Nview from WIndows7 drivers :(

Living Room / Need a new sound card (non Creative)
« on: March 26, 2010, 12:10 PM »

I have been having massive issues with Creative Audigy under windows7 64. And it is time to move on to another product line. I always thought that Creative hardware is good but their software sucked to death, always, no matter what product line you use. I have used their jukeboxes, soundcards, mp3 players etc. The software or the driver was always an issue. So I am fed up enough about Creative`s software side issues.

I also hate massive driver downloads Creative, same with Logitech. All I need a stupid mouse driver, and these companies force you to install something like 60+mb(setup size) drivers-apps.

So I am looking for a new soundcard that might be in the range of 30-60$. I do not need a highend card, something decent. Naturally I am looking for something that also runs flawless under 64bit Windows7


Does anyone know a way or an app that would give me right click explorer menu? Bear in mind that I am not looking for a right mouse click emulator, that is just piece of cake in AHK. I just need a little app that can bring explorer menu without clicking in white space, folders etc. I know right click menu is based on the context.

General Software Discussion / Online IDE
« on: March 19, 2010, 12:58 AM »
Not sure if anyone has seen this, it is a nice nifty programming toy :) I wonder if mouser would embed into our forums :)


TIDE is a Tiny IDE for JavaScript. Its purpose is to write, analyze or debug small JavaScript programs. The current version 2.0 is still beta and has some bugs, but it is already better than the previous version. Please note that it might not run all JavaScript programs correctly, but the provided examples should all work.


You know your email client most likely can alert you when new email arrives into your mailbox. My problem is that I do not want to be alerted about every little thing especially when Im working on a project I just need be alerted about the emails from my project team people.

I am not interested in changing my email client at the moment, so I am just looking for a tray app. If I cannot find one I will attemp to program one in python.

I have been using Python for a while but never delved into functional programming( http://docs.python.o...owto/functional.html ). Here is my first try.  I am using a recursive function to slice the array into 2 pieces, smaller and bigger than average in given pass until the lenght achieves 1. In the past for practice I used loops for this stuff but functional+recursive makes more sense to me now.

This will find the smallest item in the array

Code: Python [Select]
  1. import random, time
  2. print random.seed(time.time())
  3. myarray=[random.randrange(1,100) for a in range(0,10)]  #this creates a random list array
  6. print myarray
  8. def findSmallest(array):
  10.     if len(array)<2: return
  12.     array_sum=reduce(lambda x,y:x+y,array) #Calculate the sum of all the elements inside the array by using the "reduce" function
  13.     array_avg=array_sum/len(array)
  15.     smallers=filter(lambda x:x<array_avg,array) #This line filters the array items based on their size compared to the average of the array
  17. #----------------------------------------->Debug  
  18.     #print " sum: ",array_sum,
  19.     #print " average: ",array_avg
  20.     #print "\n"
  21.     print smallers
  22. #----------------------------------------->Debug  
  24.     findSmallest(smallers)
  27. if __name__=="__main__":
  28. #    pass
  29.     findSmallest(myarray)

General Software Discussion / Free Pascal - Lazarus?
« on: February 20, 2010, 09:25 PM »
I am thinking to start GUI programming and I am thinking that maybe Free pascal + Lazarus
might be a decent choice since both are free and open source.
I normall use Python for my needs but gui stuff is tedius with Python. Since I am a hobbiest I do not want to invest great
deal of time to do some decent looking GUIs. I am not comparing both languages at all , I just have different needs sometimes.
I use TKinter here and there for small needs and seems to be ok for my little needs.

What are your suggstions, ideas about Pascal in general and about GI programming?

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