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Indeed. I was just being lazy by not posting them in the first place  ;D

I need clarification on #2 -- can you elaborate?
Here are three screengrabs showing what I see on Prompt dialog, clipboard image pasted into Paint, and saved and opened in SC:

Screenshot Captor / 3.25.01 beta
« on: March 11, 2013, 07:26 PM »
Couple of comments:

1) I've mentioned it before, but I think the default for "Window Capturing 1->Auto-remove area outside border with alpha less than..." should be 0 rather than 200, so it will capture the shadow when the shadow is present. Otherwise the default is to capture it in a way that is different f4rom what the user can see which seems odd IMO.

2) The thumbnail of the window capture on Prompt after capture, and the image copied to the clipboard (with above setting set to 0) has a black border, whereas the image shown from Save image and show has white border with shadow (which is what's expected)

UrlSnooper / REQ: Ability to see more of the RAW packet data
« on: January 06, 2013, 07:38 PM »
URL snooper is great as it is and can find most media URL's. However, URL snooper has a problem with some sites which offer media in different qualities, as only the default quality URL appears in US. This may well be an issue with the site rather than US, but it would often be possible to work out what the correct URL is for the quality you want if you could see more of the raw packet data (ie. the folder and filename part are past the end of the raw packet data).

Does US already show the entire raw packet data for a URL ?

If I view the packet files, the following packet file does not seem to follow on from the previous packet file, as if something is missing. Should the packet files contain all data from every packet sniffed ?

If US doesn't show the entire packet, it would be very useful if it was possible to configure how many bytes either side of the found URL was shown as then in most cases I could determine the actual media URL for the quality I'm after.

The latest version now correctly captures the shadow, but does not clear the background. Is it possible to automatically clear the background (ie. the bit around the window), as WindowClippings manages this ?

Also, a slightly odd issue is that on Win 7 with default Aero Glass theme, the window border of a captured window in the SSC preview is a lighter shade of blue compared to when I view the same image in Window Picture Viewer or any other image viewer. Is there an option causing this to happen, or is it a problem ?

Thanks for taking the time to look into this. I'll let you know if it works.

FYI, WindowClippings 3 has no problems capturing this window and shadow, even when in front of the main parent window, so it must be possible. It does this without moving the window away.

- SSC updates the thumbnail view when files are created/deleted/renamed in the capture folder, but it doesn't update the thumbnail view if a file is overwritten (eg. save an image to the capture folder and use the name of an existing file to overwrite it).

SC is designed to auto pickup when a file changes.. but perhaps something about the way you are saving it is making it miss the change.  I actually just changed something that might improve this -- can you try with the latest version of Screenshot Captor and let me know if you still see this behavior?
I restored my computer today and just tried with the previous version, and it's now picking up the change. Must've been some issue with my system.

Sorry for delayed response, I wonder if we should split this into a few sections.
Feel free to snip/move away.

Let's deal with SpyShelter issue first -- I'm guessing the problem is related to a child window on top of the main window.  If you move the child window off the main window so that its background is the desktop, can you tell me if that fixes the problem?
No, it's exactly the same.

Also, if you disable the Window Capturing 1 option to try to capture Aero Glass, what kind of result do you get then?

Screenshot - 08_06_2011 , 01_03_22.png

Two other things (been using SSC a bit recently, and these are the things I noticed/wanted)...

- SSC updates the thumbnail view when files are created/deleted/renamed in the capture folder, but it doesn't update the thumbnail view if a file is overwritten (eg. save an image to the capture folder and use the name of an existing file to overwrite it).

- Feature to count number of unique colours - can be handy when deciding which format to save in.

It captures the main SpyShelter window fine, but has the same trouble with all the child dialogs. However, while the title bar and border of the Check for update dialog is the default Win 7 blue, the  title bar and border colour of the Black/White lists->Component Details dialog is a whiteish colour, rather than blue. There is a free trial of SpyShelter, so you should be able to test it out and reproduce the problem.

Notepad captures fine, including the shadow. However, the Replace dialog captures without the shadow, and the colour of the title bar and border is more white rather than blue (the default Win 7 theme). The bit it does capture is the entire window though, rather than just inside the border, as was the case with the SpyShelter Check for update dialog.

No change when the window/dialog is moved over the desktop background.

Couple of other things:

- The small Zoom doesn't display the right-most pixel, so you can't see the black border on the right of a window. The top, left and bottom all show the black border in the Zoom. It looks like an off-by-one error.

- I was trying to change the text for one of the controls on a window grab, and was hoping to just create a text box, type in the text and place it over the old text, but I could get the fonts tomatch up at all, and the sizes seemed different (eg. default UI font is Segoe UI 9 and MS Serif 8 or 9 in older Windows, but the same size in ScreenshotCaptor seemed much smaller and font didn't match exactly).

- Related to above, I also tried selecting some existing text, and was then hoping to hold the Ctrl key down while dragging to make a copy of selected area, which I could then place over the other text. Is this possible, as I couldn't seem to find how to do it ? If not, can you add this capability.

At the moment, I have to use other utilities for some screengrabs, but would like to just use SSC.

Let me know if you want me to test any possible fixes.

The windows object capture captures the same, and shows the red border around the attached image, rather than the entire dialog (plus extra for the shadow).

I am running the latest SSC 2.93.01 on Win7x64SP1 (Aero enabled), with default settings apart from changing "Auto-remove area outside border with alpha less than (default 200):" to 0 (BTW, I think this should be default setting, as I couldn't understand why it wasn't capturing the shadow at first). See screenshot below for what gets captured:


Jibz's Tools / Re: Dina font in size 7, 6.5 or 6 ?
« on: February 13, 2008, 06:29 AM »
Thanks for the link jgpaiva. I did find ProFont and Sheldon yesterday, which look promising, but couldn't download them. Managed to download them now so I'll test them out.

Jibz's Tools / Re: Dina font in size 7, 6.5 or 6 ?
« on: February 13, 2008, 04:59 AM »
I'm running a 24" monitor with 1920x1200 resolution. However, my laptop (which I've had for 6 years) is only 15" but has a resolution of 1600x1200, so I'm used to small text. The Dina font at 8 is very clear, but is a bit big. I have the Bitstream Vera Sans Mono at size 7 which is clear, but I prefer the look of the Dina font.

Do you know of any decent free bitmap font editors so I could maybe try to convert it to 7 point myself (and possibly less, if feasible) ?

Jibz's Tools / Dina font in size 7, 6.5 or 6 ?
« on: February 12, 2008, 03:37 PM »
I absolutely love the Dina font for programming - very clear. However, I find the minimum size of 8 to be a bit too large. It would be great if the Dina font could be made in size 7, 6.5 or even 6.

Out of curiosity what happens if you install Express on a 64-bit platform? Does it still compile to 32-bit or does it work out that you are using 64-bit and default to that?
I installed to XP Pro x64 SP2 and it defaults to Win32.

Hmm...  this page (which is for VC++ 2005 so it may not apply to 2008) says that you can enable x64 targets in Express by installing the .NET Framework SDK:


I also read that page, and have read another which says you need to install Windows SDK. However, I have tried both methods and still had no luck producing a nativwe x64 app.

Hmmmm, /MP? I see that it's for cl.exe, how does it work? If you specify only a single .c or .cpp file on the commandline, can it still effectively use multiple processes (I bet not)? I've been using multi-instance compiling with SCons build scripts, and supposedly VS2005 supports it in the IDE (I never got it to kick in though, it always only shows 1> in the output log, never 2>). Interesting to see it in the compiler, though.
I don't use the command-line, but the /MP switch will spawn separate compiler processes for different source files (eg. if your project consists of source1.cpp and source2.cpp, then VS2008 can compile them simultaneously. However, if your project only consists of a single source file, then the /MP switch will not have any effect). I have a quad core, and the /MP switch results in five compiler processes being spawned (ie. number of cores + 1). You can also specify exactly how many processes should be spawned by using /MP[number of processes - 1].

VS2005 supported building multiple projects simultaneously, but not multiple source files within a single project.

Interestingly I don't see an option for compiling to 64bit code on the compiler, I would have expected it there, neither for vs2008 express nor vs2005 full.[/b]
I have successfully managed to compile a native x64 app with VC++ 2005 Standard (I did a full install of VS2005 + SP1 + Intellisense hotfix), although this doesn't work with all my apps. To do this, do the following:

1) Load the project
2) Go to Build...->Configuration Manager
3) Select "New..." from the Active Solution platform drop-down
4) If all is well, "x64" should be selected in the "Type or select the new platform" combo.
5) Compile with the target set to x64.

Anyway, iirc you get the x64 compiler with the PlatformSDK, or perhaps it's the DDK, but I dunno if it's as fully featured as the compiler from VS Pro.
The compilers in the Express editions are supposed to be the same. The only difference being added tools like resource editor, unit test, more options can be specified through prefs dialog etc. I'm wondering whether the 64-bit compilers in Windows Server 2008 Platform SDK also support the /MP switch though.

Fixed that, and fSekrit builds okay for x64. And heck, it even (seems to ;P) work, bloats exe size by 40k though.
People running an x64 OS aren't bothered by the slight bloat if it means they get to run a native x64 app ;)  ;D

I've recently been trying VC++ 2008 Express and am loving the new /MP option which spawns multiple processes to compile. It has cut my compilation times by two-thirds on a quad core :)

However, I want to use it to produce native 32-bit and 64-bit apps. From what I've read you supposedly have to install the Windows SDK, but after doing this I still can't get it to target x64.

Does anyone know if this is possible with VC++ 2008 Express and, if so, are there any step-by-step instructions on how to set it up (including URL's of the files/SDK's that need downloading) ?

PS. I'm developing on XP Pro x64 SP2.

I'm considering switching from Mozilla Thunderbird to The Bat! for my e-mail client. I have several accounts for my e-mail, with several folders and sub-folders in each account. The Bat supports importing single folders, but does not allow me to select the base folder and then automatically recreate the folder /account structure along with importing all the e-mails.

Are there any tools which would easily allow me to migrate my e-mails from Thunderbird into The Bat!, including recreating the folder structure(s) ?

The DC review did not include Compare It!, even though it includes the in-line editing feature, which is a big plus IMO.

BC will be getting this in the next version 3 due out within the next 3 months or so.

A new version 4 of CI is also in alpha/beta testing ATM, and include binary comparison+editing, and will include a new plugin system like BC's.

So, for text file comparison (not folder) which one do people think is better and why ?

Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: Kaspersky Internet Security 7
« on: September 24, 2007, 04:23 PM »
The needs improvement section

  • Horrible "stuck pig squeal" sound in alerts - I immediately turned off the audible alerts.
Some of us early adopters campaigned for Kaspersky to re-introduce this after it was removed (or was being considered for removal - I foget now) between versions 5 and 6.   Thankfully, they saw sense and listened to us :D . You can always change it with a different sound by replacing the file Infected.wav in C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0\Skin\sounds, although why you'd want to is beyond me.

The needs improvement section

  • Updates sometimes need reboot - In 10 days of usage, the automatic updates have twice asked that I reboot my system. This is in contrast with Norton, from which I recall this only once in 1 year of usage.
This only happens when a low-level driver has been updated, and there is no way around it. You don't have to reboot immediately as it will just continue using the previous driver(s). Norton either didn't notify that a driver had been updated, or they didn't update their drivers that often.

The needs improvement section

  • To build a rescue disc (which you should do!), you must first download and install BartPE; KIS isn't capable of building a boot disc on its own. This method works fine for a power user, and was even fairly quick, but I can't imagine my mom going through the process.
They could licence WinPE from Microsoft, but then that would push up the price of KAV/KIS. Kaspersky would also have to pay MS a royalty for every trial version of KAV/KIS downloaded that included WinPE, which is not realistic unless they disabled this feature in the trial.

The other option, which they took, was to use Bart's PE although they don't own it and so cannot distribute it.

So, the path Kaspersky have taken is to simplify the creation of the Bart PE through a wizard.

Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: Kaspersky Internet Security 7
« on: September 24, 2007, 04:06 PM »
Well, I don't know about v7, but I've had problems with Kaspersky v....6.5 I think : way too often (and every time KIS started) computer (dell laptop) would freeze for 1-3min. I tried many many things, searched the forum, etc. But was never able to get rid of that problem. So I decided that I wouldn't buy it (it happened 2-3 times that KIS froze my computer when I URGENTLY needed it... didn't like that at all).
Did you tick the option "Concede resources to other applications" in Settings->Protection ?

I haven't used it myself, but have heard good things about VideoRedoPlus (

BTW, any chance of us DC members getting a discount on Tivoli ?  :)

Thanks John! Very interesting piece of software, IBM's Tivoli, and one that I had heard nothing about until now.  :Thmbsup:

I am about to buy a second internal drive so I can run in RAID 1 but this software may change all that (if it works as good as it sounds), with the added benefit of the new drive still being available for other/extra storage :)

On the surface, it appears to be the ideal solution to the data backup problem:

1) It only backs up the files you specify (and not all data).
2) Multiple targets can be chosen for the backup.
3) Uniquely (I think), it backs up immediately after a copy operation is completed (instead of only on a scheduled basis).

Are there any other products like Tivoli on the market ?

PS. Just about to give this Tivoli a trial run.

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