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I currently use Mozilla Thundervbird as my e-mail client and while I'm pretty happy with it, a lot of reviews seem to indicate The Bat! is the best. With the discount on offer for DC members, I'm thinking of purchasing TB!, but would like to hear from TB! users as to why they use it over another e-mail client like Thunderbird ?

What are the pros and cons of TB! ?

What are the new features planned for TB! version 4 ?

I am gradually using more and more e-mail accounts for various purposes. I'm still using Thunderbird at the moment, which handles them without any problems, but it doesn't seem to allow the accounts to be moved up/down in the treeview on the left (ie. they are always shown in the order that the accounts were added).

Does TheBat! allow the accounts to be moved up/down in the treeview on the left ?

Alternatively, does anybody know how to achieve this in Thunderbird ?

I'll see what I can do :)

It's the Properties dialog of Process Explorer (http://www.sysintern...ProcessExplorer.html)

The problem lies with Moby. It makes a local connection to listen on any ports, and when this is denied it causes Moby to crash.

Just tried it with KIS 6 build 406 Anti-Hacker and I get no alert or crash when starting Moby, so I guess LnS has a problem with .NET apps. I'll report the problem to the LnS author.

I'm using Look 'n' Stop 2.05p3 with Phantom's rule-set (although using the supplied Enhanced rule set should be equivalent) which you can get from http://wilderssecuri...owthread.php?t=98973.
-Defenestration (October 25, 2006, 11:17 AM)

I couldn't get Look 'n' Stop installed. It seems that the installer tried to install a unsigned device driver and the "Continue Anyway" window kept flashing, which made it impossible to proceed, then I had to kill the installer through task manager.  :(
Because the driver is unsigned, it automatically selects "Continue" for these pop-ups (2 or 3), but should continue installing and request a reboot at the end.. I'm running XP Home SP2.

Did you uninstall ZoneAlarm and reboot before installing LnS ?

LnS has always alerted me before when blocking anything that didn't already have a rule.

I will try a couple of other firewalls in a bit and see if they alert and also cause Moby to crash.

I wonder if anyone else can reproduce this crash ?

Maybe it's something caused by .NET.

I'm using Look 'n' Stop 2.05p3 with Phantom's rule-set (although using the supplied Enhanced rule set should be equivalent) which you can get from http://wilderssecuri...owthread.php?t=98973.

So if you remove the rule in your firewall that allows Moby to connect, do you get an alert when Moby starts ?

If you then deny that connection, what happens ?

I had literally just installed it and then double-clicked on it's Desktop shorcut to start it. Before any window was displayed, my firewall alerted me that it wanted to connect to the Internet and I clicked Deny. I then got an error sayinjg that it had "encountered a problem and needs to close" (ie. it crashed :) ).

Just installed Mobysaurus (1.0.36) for the first time and it crashed after I denied it access to the web. :(

Thanks for all the great feedback everyone.

I've tried DirectAccess but am not keen because it uses the behemoth .NET runtime. I hate .NET apps :)

Intellitype looks good, but as someone else mentioned it hasn't been updated in a long while.

The same seems true of As-U-Type, which might be related to the author having to go back to lifetime licences.

May I ask why to use AutoHotKey over AutoIt ?

I have never really used these types of apps before but have heard some good things about how they can save me a lot of time when writing e-mails, coding etc. I've found a few apps which look OK and wanted to get people's opinions on which one is best and why.

The apps I've found are

As-U-Type 3.2 - US$39.95 one-time fee. DC member zridling posted a couple of times at betanews about this and said it was his faviourite utility of it's type, but then the author upped the price to from US$29.95 including all updates to US$50 with only 12 months of updates. Because of all the complaints, the price has now dropped to US$39.95 with all updates included.

IntelliComplete 3.3 - US$49.97.

AutoHotkey - free

AutoIt Beta - free

Direct Access 1.1 - US$39.95 with minor updates. Large discount (probably 50%) on major upgrades.

If there are any others I have not mentioned, please let me know.

I used to use Outlook Express which came with XP, but have since switched to Thunderbird which I have been using for about a year or so. When I initially switched to Thunderbird I imported my OE mailboxes and mostb but not all the messages/message folders were imported (presumably due to a problem with the TB importer). I'm now considering switching to another e-mail client and was wondering if any of them would allow me to import mailboxes from both OE (I still have the old ones) and Thunderbird, but automatically filter out any duplicate messages (ie. so I would end up with all the messages/folders from OE along with all new messages from TB) ?

Failing that, would it be possible to just import both mailbox formats, and then use some filtering feature to select/delete any duplicate messages ?

BTW, I quite liked TheBat when I tried it a while ago but the UI did not allow you to double-click on the right side of column separators to automatically resize the width of the column to the left, to the widest item in that column. Do the newer versions have this feature ?

Thanks for the prize. Been after it for a while :)

Thanks for the new version Malcolm.  :Thmbsup:

OK, thanks.

Great tool this. The ability to configure it means it can be used for generic cleaning. I have a couple of suggestions if you're still working on it:

1) The ability to select multiple entries using SHIFT and CTRL click on the search results and then new right-click context menu items to check/un-check the selected entries. It should be possible to do this from both the upper (ie. treeview) and lower (ie. list) panes.

2) The ability to "Open Containing Folder" from the lower pane.

Ah, OK. I thought it had been available for a few years. My mistake.

BTW, great program Rheinhard! :Thmbsup:

I don't want to cause any trouble for Rheinhard, but I'm wondering how SMIRF qualifies for entry. I ask because the rules state (I've added emphasis for the bit in question):

You may submit programs you have worked on prior to the contest start date, but you may not submit software that has been previously made publicly available. You are free to collaborate with others and enter as a team. Users are free to submit multiple programs/components.

Does this mean that apps which have previously been released to the public CAN be submitted ?

Where did you find out that Murray is working on a workaround ?

In all my correspondence with Jeffrey, he said they would not be doing anything to solve this problem.

PS. It's great news if that is indeed the case though! :)

Unfortunately, AM does not currently work with FF 2.0 :(

Check out the following link for more info



Safe'n'Sec Personal $25 $17.25

Safe'n'Sec Personal + Antivirus $35 $24.15

Safe'n'Sec Personal + Anti-Spyware $35 $24.15

Found Deals and Discounts / PCTools Spyware Doctor - 35% off
« on: July 12, 2006, 08:13 AM »
Check out the following link for a 35% discount on Spyware Doctor. I don't personally use SD as I've heard it has very high resource usage, but it's supposed to have one of the highest detection rates.

And it *does* optimize the scanning - until the system is rebooted. The database of scanned files is only kept in memory, not stored on disk.
I started a thread about this over at the official NOD32 forum at Wilder's....


When determining memory usage of a process, you should be looking at both the "Mem Usage" and the "VM Size" columns in Task Manager.
The most important thing to look at is "private bytes" (use Process Explorer), as this is the real and exclusive memory usage for the process.
You need to look at both to get a true indication of memory usage. While "Private Bytes" tells you the amount of virtual address space allocated for the process, the amount actually committed to RAM (indicated by "Working Set"/"Mem Usage") is sometimes higher (and so this column gives you the true indication of memory used by a process).

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