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Hmmm... indeed.

I will investigate further and see if I can unearth anything untoward.

FYI, I am using SC 2.18.03

It's not possible to capture the status or chat windows from mIRC. It appears to scroll, but only the first page is captured.

Also, is it normal for it to appear to capture a window about 8 times for a single capture, or is that just the way it works ?

EDIT: The mIRC problem may be related to the fact that mIRC automatically copies text to the clipboard when it is highlighted.

Not that I've seen... Sure, it doesn't re-scan files that aren't changed while you keep your computer running, but the "scanned files database" is in-memory and doesn't survive a reboot.

New KAV version sounds interesting, perhaps I should give it a go.
You may already know this (in which case please excuse me for stating the obvious :) ), but do you have the AMON  setting "Optimize scanning" enabled ?

This feature causes AMON to rescan a particular file after it's been changed, the virus signature database has been updated, if AMON's settings have been changed or an application has attempted to access the file in write mode.

You should definitely give the new KAV 6 a try.

Hmmm.... I'm running SpySweeper right now and it's only using 15MB in the system tray (i.e. it's monitoring but not sweeping). A full sweep bumps that to 18MB and 1-3% CPU (I've just confirmed this on a first generation Centrino notebook  with 1024MB RAM).
When determining memory usage of a process, you should be looking at both the "Mem Usage" and the "VM Size" columns in Task Manager.

I have just been told by the author of Resource Tuner that sole developers of shareware do not need a business licence (apparently this only applies to the big-boys :)). The same goes for AWIcons Pro.

Therefore, the price has suddenly come down to $19.98 + $29.95 for AWIcons Standard. I am in the process of trying to get a 50% discount for AWIcons Standard and Pro ;)

Kaspersky is nice as well, but has become a bit bloated, and the way it uses NTFS streams and rootkit-like method for hiding those streams is a bit icky :( (see sysinternals' rootkit revealer forums).
The new KAV/KIS version 6 does not use NTFS streams anymore (and so no rootkit method for hiding them). Has low memory usage and various options to optimize the scan (eg. only scan new and changed files), as well as an option to concede resources (ie. CPU)  to other apps during a scan which keeps the system running smoothly. It is truly modular, in that you only have to install the modules you actually want.

NOD32 uses more memory but is lighter on CPU.

Big problem with NOD32: it doesn't cache file status, so every time you boot your system, files have to be re-scanned, which makes first-launch of apps pretty slow (AMD64x2 4400+ here, and it *is* noticable >_<). Also, I haven't found a way to disable the background/instant file scanning that persists through reboots.
I'm sure there is an option to only scan new and changed files in NOD.

XMinus1 - It seems odd that you mention bloatware with regard to AV's, but yet use SpySweeper. From my experience, SpySweeper used massive amounts of memory (upwards of 40MB-50MB).


General Software Discussion / Re: true launch bar 4 is out today
« on: July 06, 2006, 07:28 AM »
One of the minor changes made after the last release candidate is a fix for a delay with TLB startup. At least I am no longer getting a delay. :)

That would be an interesting read.

Good point. I actually found that AWIcons has it's own site (, which has a lighter version of AWIcons available (ie. Standard version) for $29.95, although this still probably offers more functionality than the built-in icon editor of Resource Builder. I suppose it depends on how much icon work you think you'll do.

Resource Builder seems to have some support for delphi/c++builder resources,
Resource Tuner also supports Delphi/C++ Builder resources, according to the website.

From a basic look at both websites, here are some differences:

Resource Builder includes an icon editor and support Unicode. With the 64% DC member discount, it costs $17.82 for a single user licence which can be used for commercial purposes.

Resource Tuner does not support Unicode and requires the purchase of a separate icon editor (eg. AWIcons Pro, which they also sell). With the 50% DC member discount on Resource Tuner, it costs $34.98 for a business licence (which allows commercial use), coupled with $60 for an AWIcons Pro business licence. Therefore, it costs $94.98 for a similar solution to Resource Builder.

Neither solution seems to support 64-bit exe/resource files.

So, on the surface Resource builder seems the better solution as it supports Unicode and costs a whopping $77.16 less.

I was checking out the Member specials and came across very good discounts on Resource Tuner and Resource Builder. I know these apps can rip/replace/edit resources from EXE's, DLL's, etc., but are these apps really necessary when Visual Studio already includes a resource editor ?

Also, which of these apps is better and why ?

From what I can see, Resource Builder comes with an icon editor and support Unicode, whereas you need to purchase a separate icon editor (ie. AWIcons Pro) with Resource Tuner and I'm not sure it supports Unicode. Is this correct, and is there a discount available for AWIcons Pro ?

FYI, I'm a software developer who develops in C/C++.

Is it worth me purchasing either of these apps ?


Screenshot Captor / Re: suggestion: reselect a text for re-editing
« on: March 03, 2006, 08:20 PM »
I would also like to be able to re-edit text boxes once created.

Not sure if this is by design, but unchecking AutoFit does not cause a redraw of the image area at 100%. I think it should.

Just tried SSC 2.09.10 beta to do scrolling capture of the file list of a Directory Opus lister window and, while it captured it successfully, the gap between some files is slightly too big. This appears to be at set intervals down the file listing so I assume the grab is done so many lines each time which are then appended together to give the complete listing. It's where they are appended together that the gap is slightly bigger.

I can post a screengrab if you don't understand what I'm talkling about :)

Screenshot Captor / Capture of scrolling object/window
« on: October 07, 2005, 10:07 PM »
Do you plan on adding support for capturing a scrolling object/window, so you can click on a listview/textbox and the entire contents will be captured, instead of only what is visible (ie. it should scroll during the capture).

SnagIt has this functionality and it is very useful.

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