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UrlSnooper / REQ: Ability to see more of the RAW packet data
« on: January 06, 2013, 07:38 PM »
URL snooper is great as it is and can find most media URL's. However, URL snooper has a problem with some sites which offer media in different qualities, as only the default quality URL appears in US. This may well be an issue with the site rather than US, but it would often be possible to work out what the correct URL is for the quality you want if you could see more of the raw packet data (ie. the folder and filename part are past the end of the raw packet data).

Does US already show the entire raw packet data for a URL ?

If I view the packet files, the following packet file does not seem to follow on from the previous packet file, as if something is missing. Should the packet files contain all data from every packet sniffed ?

If US doesn't show the entire packet, it would be very useful if it was possible to configure how many bytes either side of the found URL was shown as then in most cases I could determine the actual media URL for the quality I'm after.

I am running the latest SSC 2.93.01 on Win7x64SP1 (Aero enabled), with default settings apart from changing "Auto-remove area outside border with alpha less than (default 200):" to 0 (BTW, I think this should be default setting, as I couldn't understand why it wasn't capturing the shadow at first). See screenshot below for what gets captured:


Jibz's Tools / Dina font in size 7, 6.5 or 6 ?
« on: February 12, 2008, 03:37 PM »
I absolutely love the Dina font for programming - very clear. However, I find the minimum size of 8 to be a bit too large. It would be great if the Dina font could be made in size 7, 6.5 or even 6.

I've recently been trying VC++ 2008 Express and am loving the new /MP option which spawns multiple processes to compile. It has cut my compilation times by two-thirds on a quad core :)

However, I want to use it to produce native 32-bit and 64-bit apps. From what I've read you supposedly have to install the Windows SDK, but after doing this I still can't get it to target x64.

Does anyone know if this is possible with VC++ 2008 Express and, if so, are there any step-by-step instructions on how to set it up (including URL's of the files/SDK's that need downloading) ?

PS. I'm developing on XP Pro x64 SP2.

I'm considering switching from Mozilla Thunderbird to The Bat! for my e-mail client. I have several accounts for my e-mail, with several folders and sub-folders in each account. The Bat supports importing single folders, but does not allow me to select the base folder and then automatically recreate the folder /account structure along with importing all the e-mails.

Are there any tools which would easily allow me to migrate my e-mails from Thunderbird into The Bat!, including recreating the folder structure(s) ?

The DC review did not include Compare It!, even though it includes the in-line editing feature, which is a big plus IMO.

BC will be getting this in the next version 3 due out within the next 3 months or so.

A new version 4 of CI is also in alpha/beta testing ATM, and include binary comparison+editing, and will include a new plugin system like BC's.

So, for text file comparison (not folder) which one do people think is better and why ?

I currently use Mozilla Thundervbird as my e-mail client and while I'm pretty happy with it, a lot of reviews seem to indicate The Bat! is the best. With the discount on offer for DC members, I'm thinking of purchasing TB!, but would like to hear from TB! users as to why they use it over another e-mail client like Thunderbird ?

What are the pros and cons of TB! ?

What are the new features planned for TB! version 4 ?

I have never really used these types of apps before but have heard some good things about how they can save me a lot of time when writing e-mails, coding etc. I've found a few apps which look OK and wanted to get people's opinions on which one is best and why.

The apps I've found are

As-U-Type 3.2 - US$39.95 one-time fee. DC member zridling posted a couple of times at betanews about this and said it was his faviourite utility of it's type, but then the author upped the price to from US$29.95 including all updates to US$50 with only 12 months of updates. Because of all the complaints, the price has now dropped to US$39.95 with all updates included.

IntelliComplete 3.3 - US$49.97.

AutoHotkey - free

AutoIt Beta - free

Direct Access 1.1 - US$39.95 with minor updates. Large discount (probably 50%) on major upgrades.

If there are any others I have not mentioned, please let me know.


Safe'n'Sec Personal $25 $17.25

Safe'n'Sec Personal + Antivirus $35 $24.15

Safe'n'Sec Personal + Anti-Spyware $35 $24.15

Found Deals and Discounts / PCTools Spyware Doctor - 35% off
« on: July 12, 2006, 08:13 AM »
Check out the following link for a 35% discount on Spyware Doctor. I don't personally use SD as I've heard it has very high resource usage, but it's supposed to have one of the highest detection rates.

I was checking out the Member specials and came across very good discounts on Resource Tuner and Resource Builder. I know these apps can rip/replace/edit resources from EXE's, DLL's, etc., but are these apps really necessary when Visual Studio already includes a resource editor ?

Also, which of these apps is better and why ?

From what I can see, Resource Builder comes with an icon editor and support Unicode, whereas you need to purchase a separate icon editor (ie. AWIcons Pro) with Resource Tuner and I'm not sure it supports Unicode. Is this correct, and is there a discount available for AWIcons Pro ?

FYI, I'm a software developer who develops in C/C++.

Is it worth me purchasing either of these apps ?


Not sure if this is by design, but unchecking AutoFit does not cause a redraw of the image area at 100%. I think it should.

Screenshot Captor / Capture of scrolling object/window
« on: October 07, 2005, 10:07 PM »
Do you plan on adding support for capturing a scrolling object/window, so you can click on a listview/textbox and the entire contents will be captured, instead of only what is visible (ie. it should scroll during the capture).

SnagIt has this functionality and it is very useful.

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