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A Win-Win Situation
I heard about your web site after searching out URLSniffer [URL Snooper], seemed like a great bit of software and I wanted to reward the developer by paying for it. Not only did he get rewarded but so did I in getting all the other great software that you guys have produced, a win win situation I guess.
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Statistical Data Mining Tutorials

For those of you so inclined, here's a wonderful opportunity to get exposure to statistical techniques different than the Analysis of Variance models commonly described in scientific investigations.....

The following links point to a set of tutorials on many aspects of statistical data mining, including the foundations of probability, the foundations of statistical data analysis, and most of the classic machine learning and data mining algorithms.

TweakMPE: Helper Utility for Maya Paint Effects screensaver

A member on our forum has posted a very slick utility he wrote called TweakMPE, for Maya Paint Effects screensaver.

It solves a problem several people have brought up with let's the free Maya Paint Effects screensaver, by letting you flexibly configure multiple random settings.

Click here to download the Official Maya Paint Effects ScreenSaver
Click here to download TweakMPE

(requires .net 2.0 framework)

A while ago someone posted on our forum about this very cool Maya screensaver with one glaring flaw - there was no way to have it randomly cycle through different effects.  Months later we have this beautiful solution..  The Coding Snacks section is really on fire lately!

Continue reading the rest of the entry and discuss..

Is Jeff Atwood Wrong?? Recent Blog Debate About Donating to Open Source Projects

blog clipart
I absolutely love jeff atwood's Coding Horror blog, but found myself in rare disagreement with him this morning..

He posted some reflections on another blog entry by Scott Hanselman on the death of the open source project NDoc.

Open source software is at its best when you aren't obligated to do anything at all other than use it.
You definitely shouldn't have to pay for it.
If contributing money is foolish and contributing code is an extravagance, what's a poor user to do? Nothing. Nothing at all, that is, other than use the software.
-Jeff Atwood

I'm not quite sure where Jeff is coming from with his conclusion that "contribuing money is foolish".

i wrote about some of these issues in my article on donationware, "When Do Users Donate?": https://www.donation...icles/One/index.html

Read more about this debate and add your opinion..

The Hive: New Long Article on Wikipedia

mycaps Screenshot - 001 , 02_58_AM , Aug 02 2006_thumb.png
Can thousands of Wikipedians be wrong? How an attempt to build an online encyclopedia touched off history’s biggest experiment in collaborative knowledge
by Marshall Poe


Psychology of Cyberspace - Article Index

Screenshot - 8_1_2006 , 1_45_36 PM_thumb.png
Listed below is a list of links to all the articles and pages in the hypertext book (web site) The Psychology of Cyberspace.The articles are arranged chronologically, with the most recently written or revised ones appearing near the top. The most recent date of the article, its version number, and its approximate size are indicated....


Pio-Pio: A brilliant example of thinking outside the box in flash game design

Screenshot - 8_1_2006 , 2_00_31 PM_thumb.png
Use your mouse to collect the fruit, but don't hit the rockets. And try not to let the animals distract you!


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