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Our own 2-person board game convention

We had a 2-person board game convention this week :)

About a year ago I made a new friend in my town (Champaign, IL) who has similar tastes and appetite as me in cooperative board games, and most importantly a compatible disposition, and we have been playing a lot of cooperative board games together.

After about a year we decided to host our own 2-person "convention" this week.  3 days of gaming at our local game shop.

All of our friends and the people at the board game store were confused, startled, and then got a chuckle out of our badges and shirts, when they realized it was just the 2 of us "attending" the convention ;)
And we got inquiries from people who want to be part of it next year :)

I highly recommend the idea for anyone who wants to create a fun little event for their friends or family.



We play 15 hours the first day, 9 hours the next, and then 14 hours on the last day.  How's that for commitment ? :)

We played some old favorites, but spent most of our time on a new game that we'd both been looking forward to playing for a year.

Games played: Pandemic Fall of Rome (not our favorite pandemic but interesting), Cahoots (small coop filler), Orleans w/ Invasion co-op expansion (super cool Euro deck builder), Chronicles of Crime (app-driven detective game I have written about in this thread before, one of our favorites).

The game we played the most of (18 hours?) was 7th Continent, a massive, amazing adventure/exploration game.

It's a co-op/solo board game, heavy on exploration, with lots of story, very long duration scenarios that you are meant to play over the course of 6+ hours, split into different sessions.  It was a kickstarter exclusive but they are going to release a version to retail soon that is much more affordable.  It feels like an open world and is the most thematic adventuring/exploring games I've ever played.  It's difficult, and has some real gaminess/strategy to it, so I would only really recommend it to serious players who can commit the time to it, but wow is it good.

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