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Sensual Massager for Women that comes with Programmable Software(!)

mycaps Screenshot - 001 , 12_09_PM , Jul 14 2006_thumb.png
Je Joue Sensual Massager

Je Joue is a brand new concept in pleasure that promises to have you all aquiver.

The first intimate massager to be inspired by the techniques of foreplay - Je Joue is more creative than the most talented lover!

It quivers, glides and swirls over your most delicately sensitive areas in patterns of infinite variation for a truly thrilling experience.

We've called these patterns Grooves, and your handset comes with 10 of our finest.

The beauty of Je Joue is that it lets you create your own Grooves or customise the ones we've created for you.

Once you discover the moves that really do it for you, you can save them to create a treasure chest of your own personal favourites. Then combine them to create uniquely personal Grooves that really hit the spot.

For the adventurous software connoisseur woman in your life (which could be yourself), this might be the perfect gift..


For the adventurous software connoisseur woman in your life (which could be yourself), this might be the perfect gift..

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discovered on wired news article
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