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glad to see this thread still going strong.

some updates on my usage and software opinions:
I actually use multiple desktop applications in a non-dedicated way, meaning I'm not committed to either, and just open and edit files for no particular reason.  Sometimes, just to open one project in one, and another in something else.  I use obsidian, tangent, vscode mostly.  this is all primarily markdown stuff.  For catch all archival purposes, I put everything in trilium because it is very full featured and has selfhosting option.  Now recently, trilium developer said he will only to minor maintenance releases, no more adding major features, but still plans to maintain it indefinitely.

For work purposes when i need to collaborate with less techy people, i've started using Notion.

For static generated sites, I first started using emanote, but then moved to Docusaurus.  I think Docusaurus is beautiful.

I haven't gotten good at atomicity type writing yet, but do plan on going more in that direction as it will help in putting together longer form writings more easily.

I do not think we need to stick so strictly to the original paper based zettel method with the numbers and stuff because the software and yaml covers that pretty well now, and I found it more of a hindrance at this point.  So i've loosened up on that a lot.

Other Software / Re: My OBS Plugins
« on: March 30, 2023, 01:14 PM »
It would be exceedingly easy to make a plugin that turned on or off a tally light like a usb blink(1) based on status of recording/streaming, and set the light color based on different status etc.
As long as you have an api to turn the lights on or off, it's very easy to react to OBS signals that are send when broadcasting/recording starts and stops.
So says you the master programmer!  I'll give it a shot.  There are a couple of us complaining about it.  There's a github I'll find later that uses MQTT or something, but when I tried it it crashed my OBS.

Other Software / Re: My OBS Plugins
« on: March 27, 2023, 07:06 PM »
OH I love it!!  So glad you are doing cool things with OBS. 

Have you done anything with tally lights (lights that show if you are on air or not)?  I'm trying to do some automation with philips Hue lights and i want the light to automatically turn on and be red if the virtual camera is on, or if it is streaming live, etc.  But the closest I can get is to set a toggle that turns it on or off, but it's not tied to the status, its manual.

Found Deals and Discounts / Re: GS-Calc 18.7 50%off for 24h
« on: March 27, 2023, 01:56 PM »
oh damn, nice software!  Better than Excel!!

Drag&Drop Robot / Re: Feature Request: Add option to repeat playlist
« on: January 26, 2023, 08:29 PM »
Gentle nudge...pretty please!!

Drag&Drop Robot / Re: Feature Request: Add option to repeat playlist
« on: November 15, 2022, 03:19 PM »
Yeah that would be very easy.. I'll add it.
sweet!!!! never noticed this.  Thank you kind sir.

Oh whoops, sorry....please do it thank you! 

I like it and would switch from Obsidian if not for the image extension thing.  I just like how it looks better, and the cards and some of the navigation options I like better.  I'm not as particular as you about everything, I literally use it to quickly edit files that i use on a static site generator.

I asked him to add the adding of extensions to images when they are inserted.  It's preventing me from committing to it.  He asked me how I knew about it, and showed him this thread lolll.  He's like ohhhhhh Dormouse strikes once again!! LOLLLLLL

N.A.N.Y. 2023 / Re: NANY 2023 Pledge: More small OBS plugins and mods
« on: October 16, 2022, 05:13 PM »

i love the cubes!!
 I'm going to try this for my work zooms.  dont know for what tho, but something lolll.

Developer's Corner / Re: PowerShell Pickle with Registry Updates
« on: September 16, 2022, 02:09 PM »
LOL loving the attitude.  This is how I am normally LOLLL.

General Software Discussion / Re: Split a video in n equal parts.
« on: September 14, 2022, 12:05 PM »
this is the one, free and awesome...

After having considered to just use text files for over a decade, I finally migrated my OneNote notes (not really more than project ideas and blog drafts, but they can be quite long these days) to plain text; Markdown, not org-mode, because Markdown just has better support, despite the inferior syntax.

I currently use a combination of Nextcloud (which I don't like much, but I use too many of its features already) for storage, Nextcloud Notes for managing my notes in a web browser, QOwnNotes for using these notes on Windows and, well, a selection of text editors for everything else. I gave Notable a spin before I settled with QOwnNotes, but Notable seems to expect me to store a note's "categories" right in the Markdown file which is annoying when editing them outside Notable.

QOwnNotes seems to be able to do much more than I need, but it plays well with Nextcloud and it won't clash with other tools, which is nice.
It'll take weeks before I finally am happy with my configuration. Ah, so many new knobs... :)
very nice, i commend you for taking action. 
A while back, i had nextcloud running (this is yet another discursion sorry).  But it was a PIA installation and kept breaking during updates.  ALso, it's integration with windows file system and windows in general was weak.  I tried lots of things out over several months, and I ended up splitting all the nextcloud functions into separate tools.  For file syncing now, I use straight sftp.  And now I sync anything markdown with sftp and it is great.  sftp setup was a bit of a pain to get working with windows and everything also.  But less of a pain overal.

I was checking out the details of the breaks in the Bartender plugin since the Obsidian update to 0.15 (now 0.15.1)
Editing the json works, but mouse doesn't work when moving folders.

It then occurred to me that I was wasting my time. I shouldn't be using this plugin (which allows a custom sort order for files/folders) anyway! Reason being that it's an Obsidian only solution to a problem that exists for all programs. XYplorer has this function, but again it only works in that program.

I mulled a number of solutions, which all appeared to be based on links and concluded that the simplest solution would be the best - ie adding numbers and letters before the file name. Oh so Luhmann! That give a consistent sort sequence (assuming alphabetical sort) for all programs and all OSs. It's pretty flexible too, but just doesn't allow sorting by mouse which is my preferred system when I'm changing the sequence.
i use yaml and slugs to solve this issue.

The question for me is: what do I need to see to believe that taking notes (and elaborate on them) is beneficial?
We have one outlier, Luhman, and ... well the entirety 'productivity' web (is this a hipster thing?) who are into it. But are they productive?
How much effort is it to keep notes?

Who is measuring this?

I can only speak for myself. At the beginning of my doctorate I decided that I want to read any paper or book only once. I take copious notes of key arguments, my thoughts, feelings, etc. All of these are compiled in a master note for that reading piece. All notes are tagged. Every few months I'll be looking at new connections, sometimes writing a new note summarising my new insight. The biggest value is in making those connections. Is it worth it? For me it is, since I use my notes when writing papers. For example, I wrote a high-quality academic paper of 10 000 words in two days. I could write fast because I knew I already have good sources for my claims and arguments.
If you do it as you have described with your discipline, it is totally worth it!  I agree.  The ability to churn out a coherent and detailed document is the best value IMO.

The more I use Tangent, the more I realize what Taylor Hadden is building is truly revolutionary. It really is a bike for the brain. He has a knack for investing on the right things, and for designing an UX that produces clearer thinking

Whoa nice rec there!  Tangent is VERY nice, indeed.  Damn.

there is no good solution, sorry.  This is one of those things I find a lot of people to have unreasonable expectations about.  All those people that have super clean wiring inside their pc cases, and also no wires showing on their desk....these are impractical if you are going to be moving things around often.  It's also impractical considering a lot of these people just literally don't use wires so they achieve the clean look.  The point is, I think there is no good solution to your situation and you just have to deal with manual wire management.

In my case, since I am not OCD about the wires...I have basically a wire puddle in a convenient discrete location.  Usually the corners of my room. 

Logseg publish exist too, and it's free. I haven't tried it.
The question for me is: what do I need to see to believe that taking notes (and elaborate on them) is beneficial?
We have one outlier, Luhman, and ... well the entirety 'productivity' web (is this a hipster thing?) who are into it. But are they productive?
How much effort is it to keep notes?

Who is measuring this?
40 was questioning this a few pages back, loll.  RE the productivity.
Being beneficial?  You can look at it in different ways.  I have been notetaking rather heavily since the late 90s.  I can tell you a lot of it is just dealing with my own anxiety/stresses and it is therapeutic in that sense.  I argue with myself in my writings until I come to a conclusion.  Reading it later is not the greatest thing, it is mostly rambling.

But then I have curated notes, more along the lines of Luhman and zettel.  And those definitely are productive, as they lead to tangible results.  Like writing a finished book.  Or using the ideas to put together some other deliverable....a project, a script, etc.  I write all the steps out.

I don't think overall all the notetaking is very productive.  There is an element of OCD going on here.  A lot of paralysis by analysis.  So I am aware of that, and am always trying to be more reasonable with my approach so I'm not just doing OCD things.

Overall, I find great value to the practice of notetaking.  But only if it leads to a finished result, or towards a stated goal that can be accomplished in the short term.  Other than that, I feel like I'm in OCD territory.

Very interesting observations and links everyone!!

update on my end.  All this zettel and markdown efforts has led me ultimately to a place where I use it specifically to make static generated sites out of it with just my curated set of notes and ideas.  It's the best way to make a good looking website, so easy.  And you just open up obsidian, make changes, and website is instantly updated. 

Living Room / Re: Recommend some music videos to me!
« on: May 08, 2022, 07:48 PM »
Snarky Puppy with guest Lucy Woodward.

Put an electric bass guitar plus two baritone guitars in the same song along with a smoky alto and it doesn’t get much darker sounding than this.

these are always good.  aren't they the same band that did the lalah hathaway project?  good stuff.  shout out to FODY!  loll

Ah yes!  But is there a way to make it loop endlessly (without interaction)?  just go forever through the same list.

Drag&Drop Robot / Feature Request: Add option to repeat playlist
« on: April 28, 2022, 05:23 PM »
Mouser, I just found a great use for this software (it solves the problem of my streaming playlist request in the other thread).  But could I ask for one option? In the playlist, it will remove the files as it processes them.  Can you add an option for it to loop through the list endlessly like a music playlist?


Dormouse, what are you trying to accomplish?  I can't tell.

Are you trying to figure out which software to use to write/edit your notes?  How do you read the end result of your notes?  For example, I don't really care much which program i use to write my files.  Zettlr, Obsidian, vs code....basically all the same to me.  What i care more deeply about is how i read them.  And I read them using the Emanote software i have mentioned, which converts my markdown files into a static website.  If not for that, I think I'd care more about the other tools, as I'd have to read them through those tools.  And if that is the case, the main thing would be the "preview" panes they all have.

Totally agree about Scrivener 100%!! LOLLL

THere is one worse however, if you remember Liquid Story Binder. LOLLLLL

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