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  • Thursday January 27, 2022, 9:06 pm
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Coding Snacks / Re: RTMP Playlist Manager
« on: January 24, 2022, 02:15 PM »
First screenshot.

Coding Snacks / RTMP Playlist Manager
« on: January 24, 2022, 02:14 PM »
I am fulfilling my own request!
(See the request)

So this will be my first formal attempt to create a piece of software.  Thanks to the master skwire for teaching me!

RTMP Playlist Manager

I have been wanting a GUI for managing RTMP playlists for a while now.  Nothing exists that is simple and easy, and GUI for Windows.  Everything is a beast of an install, and a beast to configure and use.  This would be very powerful as it would allow anyone to create a broadcast stream with a push of a button.  The closest GUI-ish solution I found was a combo of OBS and VLC.  However, while it worked ok, features were lacking and I don't think I'd be able to get OBS or VLC to accept any suggestions in any kind of timely fashion.

OK I'm attempting to do this on my own using AHK.  First time, wish me luck.  I've made progress:


N.A.N.Y. 2009 / Re: NANY 2009 Release: Trout (audio player)
« on: January 20, 2022, 04:25 PM »
skwire, would it be possible to use the TROUT source to create this RTMP streaming playlist manager (for Windows)?  See my original request here, but trout would be perfect as it is.

Too kludgy to try and make Trout do this.  Can this be done with VLC, which I know handles RTSP streams and has a basic playlist editor/window?

I'll give it a shot.  I don't think rtsp will work, but that's a good start if it can play the files and output to a stream.  I know it can receive the stream and play it back, but the other way around is hard to find.  Thanks for the response!

nice!!  I once searched for days for something like this, and the only place i found it was a "mirroring" feature in Actual Tools.

N.A.N.Y. 2009 / Re: NANY 2009 Release: Trout (audio player)
« on: January 19, 2022, 05:42 PM »
skwire, would it be possible to use the TROUT source to create this RTMP streaming playlist manager (for Windows)?  See my original request here, but trout would be perfect as it is.

Here is an image where I wireframed the mods needed:

More on Zim:
what a great all in one solution!  I'm going to create a mini-book using it.  Fine piece of FREE ass.

I made a request yesterday for something that this program might be able to do....

Can this be tweaked to be able to:
1) choose a folder (working directory field probably fine)
2) execute a command on a random file anywhere in the folder or subfolders
3) when choosing the random file, allow the ability to filter on file types (*.mkv,*.mp4)

Zim can produce sites that are very similar to what emanote does (if I got it right). I'm seriously considering having a public facing website (and internal docs) in zim.

The one thing I don't think it solves well is collaboration/molecular permissions.
zim is a very nice all in one solution.  It does make webpages too!  i could see myself replacing onenote with zim.  but the website thing, i feel emanote has better features under the hood.  and more to come!

Oh another update....
you guys know I love that Emanote software.  I worked with the guy to create a way to easily install it on Windows with proper live file syncing and website updating.  Instructions found here:

I made a wireframe sketch based on skwire's Trout, which is nearly perfect for this.


While I agree there are better formats than markdown, I don't even care anymore lol.  For me, I have achieved the dream of writing text files any way I wish (as long as it's markdown format loll), in terms of I can do it in a text editor, obsidian, zettlr, who cares.  Beautiful!  Next, I can have webpages created instantly as I modify.  To me, this setup is basically future-proof, and now I'm just creating content.

Also, I am pleased to say I am maturing in my use of the whole zettelkestan method.  THe last couple of years, I've been trying to "follow the rules" and so forth while I learn and adopt it.  But now I see it doesn't matter what the rules are, but the ideas are good.  I got into a habit of making fairly long notes, as once I start writing I just go.  But now I see the value of having short, concise rules as going back to read or use the notes is not very productive when they are long.  So now I'm in the phase of shortening the longer notes and linking them etc.

I don't do any of the unique numbering thing.  I label everything in plain english, I don't care.  I let the software keep track of the links.  I use yaml headers to manage slugs and titles properly. 

I am now (for certain subjects I have started) at a point where I can write a fairly long essay or chapter of a book by just opening notes up and reading while writing stuff (almost without thinking) because all the details I've already analyzed are right there.

At one point, I thought the value was going to be to write all these notes, then I can simply stitch them together.  SO i was very picky about what i wrote and how they are organized.  BUt now I'm not picky about either of those.  Because its faster just to rewrite as needed.  The benefit is having the key analytical stuff right there, no time wasted re-analyzing or figuring out the flow or logic.  THat's where the productivity has come in for me.

SO that's my update!!

It's been a while since I've made a request! (ever since my inglourious award)....

Anyhoo, here is the request.  It is intended very specifically for WINDOWS OS.  I am requesting some ffmpeg automation with GUI.  It needs to be able to run as a service, meaning restarted if accidentally stopped or errored. etc.  Here are the specs:

specify a root folder, then pick a random video file from that folder, and it must search through the subfolders also.  No consistent folder structure.  So, essentially, it needs to make a random playlist from a folder with a chaotic bunch of video files in it.  Video files can be of any format.

Once picked, then run an ffmpeg CLI command (which I have already figured out and can post).

Run as a service.  Although, I guess this is not essential since I can use other software to turn it into a service.

That's it!

ON the GUI side, well I guess the GUI isn't needed, but might help.  I was hoping for a place to select the folder.  And maybe another part just letting you know the file that is playing or that the service is Live or not.  Maybe just a top line showing the selected folder, and then a window showing the output from ffmpeg, that would be nice too.

oh yea, the other thing that bugged me about zettlr....something about when the dropdown appears for selecting other notes, it shows just the serial number, not the note title.  something like that.  So obsidian has better options for dealing with that.  Just a little more flexible.

map web pane
That thing I never use
I don't use it that much either.  But I like having it.
The other thing I like using, although super minor, is the preview pane.  So I have edit mode in one pane, and then view mode right next to it side by side.

That's it.  For the most part, Zettlr did everything I wanted, no complaints.
Obsidian is also becoming more common overall with users like us, so that might be another reason to stick to it.  I know the neuron guy specifically makes sure his features like link formats and stuff work in Obsidian.

Zettlr did not have that map web pane.

Guys, update on all this:
I'm still using that web portal neuron for reading my is now called emanote, and even better.
For writing and editing, I use Obsidian.

emanote is awesome.

That looks amazingly clean and simple. Also loads up pages lightning fast. Any idea when it will come out of beta? Would love to try it out on some projects.
I have no idea about the timeline.  But I'm using it anyway.  There is zero risk of anything happening since it uses plain md files and folder structure.  The developer is very dedicated to not having anything become obsolete.  He may eventually offer some kind of web hosted app, but not sure about that. 

Not only is it very fast to load, but I can make changes in a text file in obsidian, and the change will be implemented instantly, if you have a file syncing service like me set up.

Guys, update on all this:
I'm still using that web portal neuron for reading my is now called emanote, and even better.
For writing and editing, I use Obsidian.

emanote is awesome.

sorry mousey....i have to say ive done a lot of naughty things with your apps.  they are just too powerful!!!

General Software Discussion / Re: WinPatrol appears dead
« on: August 30, 2021, 10:30 PM »
I wasn't trying to be prophetic since WinPatrol was a valuable utility for me for years, but it is officially gone, website and all. Users report that it still works, but the learn function no longer does, which means it no longer "learns" whether a startup is allowed or not. I haven't found a suitable alternative :(
no alternative?!  so crazy.

General Software Discussion / Re: Windows 11 Announced
« on: July 09, 2021, 12:10 AM »
At the same time, Linux has become notably shittier when the majority of distributions introduced systemd, a svchost.exe clone with a bizarre understanding of how Linux was supposed to work.

They even killed text log files.
tell me more about this.  i just learned how to do something with systemd.  i thought it was "better" than whatever was before?

Just an update to the programs I'm using.

Files remain central, but I now do no format conversion without explicit reason. This means that if a file starts as an .rtf or .docx it may stay like that and I will work with a program that can use that format. My own writing is usually in .txt.

Most of my files are in Obsidian vaults, with heavy nesting (especially for projects) even when Obsidian cannot read those files. I use wikilinks extensively even when the program I am using cannot interpret them - they are nearly always written with a mind on future use anyway. I use #tags, preferably written in the file but otherwise done using the file explorer; these systems aren't consistent some use metadata, some a database in the folder, but the tags are; not ideal, but I decided in the end that tagspaces was too slow for me. I use search programs, and imagine that I might end up learning regex, but I'll go no further in that direction than I have to.

[ Invalid Attachment ]
Hey!  What did you use to make that diagram?

Nice thanks....ok quick update....

I was previously using Display Fusion for years, but I stopped now because I noticed it was significantly affecting the performance of my system which is powerful.  THey would never admit to it, but that is my experience.

Prior to that, I used Actual Tools, and I moved to Display Fusion for the exact same reason, slow performance.

But now, I am back to Actual Tools.  I have disabled everything except for the multi-monitor taskbar features.  This is fine for now.

However, I would like JUST a taskbar tool, not the whole bulky suite.  These suites slow everything down because they want to add their extra features to all your windows and desktop management stuff.

Another good one was Ultramon, nice and lightweight.  But it doesn't have enough of the taskbar features, so it's out.

Tools for this exist in things like Display Fusion and Actual Monitor Manager.  However, I have used both of those (for years), and they are extremely bulky, bloated programs that significantly slow down your computer.  All I am asking for is a simple tool that allows you to control whether auto-hide is enable per monitor.  Windows multiple monitor taskbar features seems to handle everything else, except that.

Something very lightweight.

Ha!!  OK, I will give this a shot.

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