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  • Saturday August 15, 2020, 6:01 am
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my god, the number of software out there....

i mean, they are all so cool though.
neuron is a future-proof command-line app for managing your plain-text Zettelkasten notes:
this is looks like a Pico type thing where it can make a website from your notes, and the author's site is quite nice!!

The 660 SHOULD be able to drive all 4 I believe, but I've never tried it.
The real annoyance with drying to drive all 4 from 1 display is that each card has a mixture of ports (dvi, hdmi, displayport), and I've had issues with monitors waking up weirdly when connected to some ports.. The current arrangement seems to work.
i just couldn't get 4 to work.  I also felt it was capable.  But it would require one to get disable to use the other, etc so even if there were 4 plugged in only 3 could be used.  But really, yes, not enough plugs way or the other.

your setup kicks ass...i'm getting lots of ideas.

I have 2 nvidia display adapters, a GTX 1070 and a GTX 660.

The 660 is actually driving three of my displays, and the 1070 one.
ah that makes sense.
two nights ago, i was trying to get the 4th to work, and i was like I think i need a second card.  no amount of converters/adapters work after a while.

The software I'm using currently is the commercial tool XSplit Broadcaster but I will also be trying out the open source alternative OBS (Open Broadcaster Software).
They both let you create "scenes" with different cameras and overlays and combine them into one virtual camera that another tool (such as Zoom) sees.
I use OBS, I like OBS better.  I also use an elgato streamdeck for physical buttons that can do whatever you want, makes life a lot easier.
OBS probably has a more active community, and more features if you dig into it.

I want to do green screen stuff also.  I'll get around to it.  I have been working on my setup in these times as well.

How do you have 4 monitors connected?  what kind of gpu?  I tried to do 4 but i only had 3 slots, and after that the adapters dont work well. 

There's just a lot of random interspersion about new software- not that I mind, but all of it has sort of littered the thread. 
I don't see any random posts or any littering. It's a conversation,  people write what feels relevant to them at the time.
It might be good to separate out the software into a different thread.
I'd certainly not want anything split out, because that would lose the to and fro of the conversation.

There's nothing to stop someone starting a thread about note-taking software or about zettelkasten.

There are interjections of just software postings in a lot of places from people that don't really take part in the other parts of the conversation.  It's very easy to note them, so I'd be surprised if you missed them.

So how do you guys deal with images?
Do you place them in the same folder as the txt notes?  or in a subfolder?

I stayed away from images, but have started using them with that paste image extension that I've added to VS Code.  I put them in a subfolder whereever the note is rather than a central location.
thanks everyone for the image suggestions.  I don't know what I'll do yet, I'm just going to do anything right now, no standards.

regarding the the ADD discussion here loll.....
I love this forum.  It is so chill.  And without much moderation or even hardly any issues ever.  You never know what topic takes off and I feel it's all done very nicely and organically.  Also makes for good reading TBH.  You know waaaay back in the day, my original notetaking thread ended up being the biggest thread here, who would have known?  It's cool.

I'm still trying to adopt some form of atomic or zettel approach to my notes.  I have 2 book ideas to work on and I want to try it out on them.  I feel just trying this method, without success, has been helpful in understanding the way I organize etc.  It's almost made me too aware of how disorganized my thoughts are, and even my notes, and how maybe they are not even helping me.

So how do you guys deal with images?
Do you place them in the same folder as the txt notes?  or in a subfolder?

Dendron is a local-first, markdown based, hierarchical note-taking application built on top of VSCode and friends:

Not using it wholesale, but there were some really good extensions that I'd not seen.  I've found that the major advantage of using VS code- the fact that I can mix and match functionality.

From this one, I am using:

Paste Image - https://marketplace....n.vscode-paste-image
- lets you directly paste an image into the document, and it will create the image file and insert the link.
Markdown Shortcuts - https://marketplace....n.markdown-shortcuts
- adds a lot of shortcuts for commonly used commands to the command line.  Also does some pretty interesting formatting of pre-existing text.
Man, I have to say I am VERY impressed by the slick interfaces these people are coming up with.  It's like you want all the good bits of each in one.

Pico generates the files on the fly.  I upload Markdown, and it stays as Markdown.  It's just rendered in the browser.
PICO FOR THE WIN!!  awesome...i swear i searched for hours sheesh

What’s Wrong with Markdown?

I enjoyed reading this, but it stopped so quickly.
I think he could make it a weekly blog for a few years and then bundle it up into a book.
yes indeed lol.

I find Markdown attractive for writing on the computer.  The guy has good points. 
Part of the attraction is that developers have been trying to use markdown to create nice gui's for writing, like zettlr.  It's very satisfying to see all the colors and headings change by putting the pound or asterisk symbol, etc.

It's nice that a lot of people have latched on to the format, and we all feel we can use these text files to get around in life.  I think part of this guy's comments doesn't appreciate the aesthetics of the writing community.

But again, on a technical level, he has points...and I have struggled very much with the conversion of documents.

My dream is that something like markdown text files can be used to create live websites, similar to what andy matsuchack has going on in his blog that he won't share with anyone.

from the website perspective...i can't stand how big of a beast wordpress is when 90% of what i want to do is covered by markdown files.  I just want to sync markdown files to a server and have a website created around that, i think it would be great and so would a lot of others.  I just don't think the formatting issues this guy mentions is that big a deal.  So you write a conversion thing using css to customize the markdown styles.  so what?  That's easy and people would LOVE that.

html and wysiwig html editors are similar too, but they never took off like this.  rtf was sort of supposed to be like markdown.

but the idea of self contained, formatted plain text documents is VERY attractive.  Html or markdown, but markdown is frankly more smooth.

i would ask everyone who is obsessed with this like me to think back on the evolution of all this (from a note taking perspective, not programming)....
we've seen (even right here on these discussion forums) how evernote took off and evolved.  This idea of not being able to move notes easily in and out of software is a huge pain, and like the OP here, we want to avoid this forever.  I loved evernote, but hated this particular aspect of it.  And they are all like that. 

plain text files --> good looking website
whoever does this nicely will be king.

So, one thing I found out about using VS code for editing- the editor isn't actually plain text.  I was writing up some e-mails in response to a couple of action items that I had in a note, planning to transfer it to gmail to send.  When I copied and pasted the text, it came in formatted like it is in VS Code.  Just thought it was a jarring thing that some might find interesting.  In no way a deal breaker, but just something to be aware of.
that's super weird.  Kind of cool, if it could be a feature you can manually control.

The file name will also need at least one letter. Number only gives problems too.
Ideally, the user can define how the filename should be.  You can name it "ID" or "" or whatever.   We just need a way to rename files using the ID number.  It's perfect for Zettlr because it is already tracking the ID in the text continuously.  Zettlr can even use the yaml header to detect ID or title changes instantly, which is just sync it with the filename also.

If Zettlr does that, I say it becomes king of the hill.  But Obsidian might be winning currently.

I like how Zettlr has the preview sort of built into the main editor
I notice that many zettlr users have problems transitioning to other programs because filename isn't the same as the note name
i just made a feature request for this.  TO have a feature in the program to rename files based on ID (what i wrote in an earlier post here).  The developer likes the idea and seems willing to implement it, and others also have said they like the idea.  Hopefully it will happen!


This website design is so incredible.  I want this.  How can I do this?

It's very similar to gingko, so you could use that for the same.  I keep a lot of my notes in that.  It just doesn't have the reference links nor the mouseovers.
I just saw right on his front page....he says he doesn't make the system available to others.  He's still testing it out and doesn't want to scale it yet.

Oh, I know that.  I was suggesting Gingko as an alternative.
Ideally, for this sort of thing I'd like to get some website where all i have to do is sync my markdown files to the site, and it displays properly (lilke a regular markdown preview).  THe closest thing I've come across is that jekyll program which github uses, and i also tried installing on a ubuntu machine myself.  But it still requires quite a bit of tweaking. 

I think you are right, these techs are really blowing up right now, I'm sure many cool options are coming our way.

I tried using the standard foam-github sync, and that works well enough I suppose.  But the internal linking is something to be desired.

the PERFECT website would be like:
you just sync your markdown files
the website also has a graph-like network navigation
the website also has something keeping track of tags and links

You know, I love these plugins implemented in VS COde and SUblime....

But, the problem I am having is when you set all those panes up with the various things (the graph map, links, preview) do you keep them locked there?  It's too easy for files to open up in one of the side panes.  It happens all the time, and is annoying I always have to click in the one I want active and then open.  I just realized i spent most of the time trying to open things in the right pane.  I must be doing something wrong, or else this is almost a deal breaker.


This website design is so incredible.  I want this.  How can I do this?

It's very similar to gingko, so you could use that for the same.  I keep a lot of my notes in that.  It just doesn't have the reference links nor the mouseovers.
I just saw right on his front page....he says he doesn't make the system available to others.  He's still testing it out and doesn't want to scale it yet.


This website design is so incredible.  I want this.  How can I do this?

OK I think I have VS Code running foam pretty well now.
This is an excellent option, I hope it continues.

It has nice side-by-side preview options, which is great.  For a smoother experience, I like how Zettlr has the preview sort of built into the main editor....vs two panes of editor+preview.  I like both, and I might even lean towards the two pane.

The killer feature is the graph pane, that shows the note links.  So now this takes the place of Obsidian in a sense.  Or they are competing features.

VS Code is a very nice program.

What I'm doing right now is a combination of things.  I took the extensions from foam but used the format of obsidian- I write in obsidian or in vs code.  Really liking it so far.
man i am not understanding how to even install foam.  it's an extension of vs code, which is an editor?  these programs are so complicated loll....ill get it sheesh.

1. Go to
2. Click use thiis template
3. Fill out the name of the repo that you want to use for Foam, and make it private or public as you wish
4. Open VS code.
5. Go to the source control tab and click clone
6. Clone it to your local drive wherever you want your Zettel stored
7. Authenticate to GitHub
8. After it is cloned, it will ask you to install recommended extensions.  Do that (it will change your theme- booo... but you can change it back)
9. There is no 9.  You're there.
I followed this, thanks.
I installed foam just fine, but I can't get all the features to work in VS code.  I'm getting workspace errors, the minimap is disappearing even though its one etc, so many GUI issues.  It's going to take a while to get this setup.

What I'm doing right now is a combination of things.  I took the extensions from foam but used the format of obsidian- I write in obsidian or in vs code.  Really liking it so far.
man i am not understanding how to even install foam.  it's an extension of vs code, which is an editor?  these programs are so complicated loll....ill get it sheesh.

foam could be a winner.

How to never lose another memory again:
I use the Journal (software) for this precisely.
the right side of the interface is just a data/calendar picker.  SO you click on any date and go to your notes for that day.  The notes have no structure to it.  This has been my "inbox" for a while now.  This is where i go from here to my notetaker's "inbox".  And from there, my new method using this topic in the thread with zettels, is to take these inbox items and formalize them into a atomized archive.  That last step is something i never did until learning about this zettel stuff.  That's the part I want to practice to make my productivity better.

There is something very valuable about going back and chronologically reading through your original thoughts.  I've always noticed it being valuable for me, but did not know how to make use of it.  And the answer I think will be this process of atomizing ideas and perhaps adding a standard header to note files.

I am a huge fan of outlining and outliners.  Anything to make outlining easier and prettier, I'm a big fan of.  What I don't like about all this zettel stuff is how its so much in the programmer's world of things.  Meaning all these code formatting features.  But I'm looking at it from a non programmer perspective.  I'd prefer to have outlining features over code formatting features.  I'm sure it (markdown) can be resolved somehow.  Maybe distinguish the <tab> character vs spaces. 

brainstorm: plaintext note content hierarchy via indentation

I more and more like the idea of hierarchical notes via pythonic indentation
  with 2 spaces instead of 4, for compactness
  minimal yet very readable in code editor set to show whitespace and fixed width font
  problem: markdown and asciidoc use space/tab indentation for other things
    markdown treats 4 indentation spaces as a code block
    markdown collapses e.g. 3 or 14 spaces to no indentation

Any ideas/workarounds on using such compact pythonic indentation effectively in markdown based notes apps/systems?

Comparison examples

1. pythonic indentation (2 spaces)
Note: markdown collapses these indents and shows all on one line if not two suffix spaces.


2. Markdown nested list

- Sun
    - big
    - hot
    - bright
        - https://en.wikipedia...rg/wiki/Sun#Sunlight

3. Markdown nested list alternating bullet characters (more compact, but still extra characters)

- Sun
  + big
  + hot
  + bright
    - https://en.wikipedia...rg/wiki/Sun#Sunlight

Examples screenshot from VS Code with raw and preview tabs
[ Invalid Attachment ]

Wishes unlikely to come true
I wish markdown by default rendered indentation as indentation! For code blocks there is already the three fence ``` prefix/suffix.

I even wish that minus - and plus + at line start (with/without indentation) defaulted to not be interpreted as bullet point list formatting. They should function as list formatting characters only when preceded by a line prefixed with some other character that would start a list. For example a dot . character.
I didnt realize until now that markdown couldn't do indentation.  That would be nice if it were implemented.  It's not even in any of the other markdown flavors?

OK what do you guys think of this idea:

A tool that can be run where you load in all your folders and files, and it renames the files based on the ID-title tag in the yaml header.

You can control and even preview the new names before executing.
You can tweak the paramenters to fit your header.
You can tweak how the new name format should be. or ID - etc etc

This tool is great and would be independent of your notetaking software.

So I have a smallish ssd as my boot drive, so I use a larger HDD to install all my apps to. Well that drive is about to crap its pants (about to die), so I have a new drive that should be arriving today. I was going to put two partitions on said new drive, and wanted to move all of my installed apps to one of the new partitions. I then was going to remove the old drive, and change the drive letter of the new partition to that of the old drive that is about to die. So my question is, what would be the easiest method to achieve this, preferably without having to uninstall all the apps from the old drive, and reinstall them on the new drive? The old drive is a 2TB drive and the new drive is a 6TB (being split into two 3TB partitions) if that info is needed.
I do this all the time.
There is no foolproof way to just transfer the contents and have it work flawlessly.  But you can get close, or good enough where you wouldn't even notice for a while.  I'd copy all the files over exactly as they are.  I wouldn't do all that partition stuff.  I'd copy from one disk to the other, swap them, and continue as if nothing happened.  After I saw that was working, then I'd consider some additional modifications to partitions etc.

But what I'd really do is install the hard drive and reinstall everything from scratch.  Not that bad, but will take some time.

Windows also has their own WIndows Easy Transfer or something.  Should be ok.  I've used it, it was ok, i can't remember any issues.

Bare minimum, you want to save all your custom data somewhere first before you try all this.  I usually save program files, programdata, all that user local roaming stuff, documents....frankly i'll just save the entire drive before something like this. 

ugh...more software issues.

Is it a problem if I DON'T put my tags in the yaml header?
The reason why is because Zettlr's nifty tag features don't work if the tag is in the yaml.  It works fine if it's outside the yaml.

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