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there exists a plugin for Total Commander which supports Everything as well as Locate32:



I have used it myself, but my personal preference is to use Everything & Locate32 with customized buttons, for which I have made a drop-down button bar called

menu1=&Find Files Everywhere (Evrythg)
param2=-search lh:
menu2=&Last Hour Files No Temps
param3=-filename %N
menu3=Find &Selected Filename
param4=-filename %O
menu4=Find Selected Filename w/o &Ext
param5=-filename %P%N
menu5=Find Selected F&older
button6=c:\Apps\Agent Ransack\AgentRansack.exe
cmd6=c:\Apps\Agent Ransack\AgentRansack.exe
menu6=&Agent Ransack
cmd7=""%COMMANDER_PATH%\Wfx\FSE\FSE Ethg Plugin.bat""
menu7=FSE Locate32(DB)/Evrythng (strtd) &TCPlugin
menu8=Visual Tfind
param12=%P%N "%O.md5"
menu12=&Write MD5 Checksum (Selected File)
menu13=MD5 Recursive ThisFolder (f.e. &DVD)
menu14=&Recuva File Recovery
menu15=&DiskDigger File Recovery
menu16=&ZAR File Recovery
menu17=&MultiStage File Recovery
menu18=R-Studio File Recover&y
button19=%COMMANDER_PATH%\Msc\Dependency Walker\depends.exe
cmd19=""%COMMANDER_PATH%\Msc\Dependency Walker\depends.exe""
menu19=Dependency Walker Scans Slctd f.Problems
path19=%COMMANDER_PATH%\Msc\Dependency Walker\
menu20=Back to ButtonBar
param13=%P /t:r /r
menu9=Locate&32(DB) Find Files

the copious destructions I supply with each tool

Do the tools self-destruct or are you blowing up the user? 

Which is why I will always prefer a boot CD as opposed to other backup/restoration mechanisms

There are times when this is not practical. My Toshiba tablet computer cannot boot from CD. Also there are certain special cases if one uses encrypted partitions. That is why everyone needs to make a profile what are necessary requirements and then select the appropriate software.

Acronis, Shadow Protect, Drive Snapshot, Terabyte (just looked at v2, speed/size seem better, but folders/files cannot be excluded), O&O ... are all solid choice IMHO. It is just a matter of what is my killer feature.

Comodo TM became infamous because of innumerous bugs. Don't know if this changed with the new version. Any reports from you guys?

All disk imaging programs do some kind of tricky things to keep the disk & file system in a consistent state while backing up - so you can imagine that there is some contention among them.

I put all Acronis services on manual and use the following batch file to start Acronis (I do not use the scheduler ever) - the processes get killed automatically when I close Acronis using this process killer utility:

::Batch file to start Acronis while services set to manual are not run at startup to save RAM
start "schedhelp.exe" "%CommonProgramFiles%\Acronis\Schedule2\schedhlp.exe"
start "TimounterMonitor" "%ProgramFiles%\Acronis\TrueImageHome\TimounterMonitor.exe"
process -k schedhlp.exe
process -k schedul2.exe
process -k TimounterMonitor.exe
process -k TrueImageTryStartService.exe

For me the K.O. criteria of O&O DiskImage 4 and 5 was that it cannot restore the system partition without a separate boot CD.

ShadowProtect I heard good things about and for $90.- you should get a great product.

I alternate images between Acronis (make sure you don't upgrade Acronis right away when a new version comes out -- wait a good bit until the bugs are worked out) and Drive Snapshot and I always image with verify backup enabled.

I must say both have never let me down! But especially with Acronis I stay away from the "fancy" features like recovery zone or time capsule (whatever they name it) and just do the basic imaging. I wish they would have an Acronis light product with emphasis on the essentials because those 100MB installation packages take a lot of disk space.

Terabyte has always made excellent software. I trialed their imaging product but wished it would be faster and make smaller files. That may have changed by now, though.

I have a good deal of experience with recovery situations.

For those situations I have found Macrium not to be reliable, because it does not handle bad sectors very well. This is important: You want to have your imaging software also available for minor problems and make a quick image on a slightly faulty or even dying HD (especially as a private person with no data recovery budget). Macrium would not handle these situations.

In my tests Acronis and Drive Snapshot came through very nicely.

I have found Drive Snapshot to be one of the secret software gems on the web. It has a GUI as well as command line - DOS and Windows use - and the entire program is under 300k! Just have a look at this page (begin reading at section "Mount a disk Image as virtual drive") to find out some of its more hidden capabilities.


There used to be sthg like .NET runtime binaries? F.e. old winlite versions had this. Is it still around?

General Software Discussion / Re: Pdf tools-Getting Better
« on: May 27, 2010, 12:00 PM »
PDF Xchange viewer really rocks  :Thmbsup:. I have been using it for years. They have a portable version too.

Here some small hidden PDF Xchange tricks:

Open a pdf, then go to File>Export and you can export the pdf to image files with a whole slew of different options and formats.

Open a pdf, go to File>Document Properties > Security and you can encrypt your PDF even to Adobe 9 format with 256bit AES.

Otherwise my favorite PDF tools are:
PDF Analyzer
PDF Creator

Hi everybody,

I really don't like .NET and therefore have it not installed on some of my computers. My reasons are my reasons - meaning I do not really want to discuss them here ;).

Yet some programs upgrades (f.e. latest beta of text crawler) now require .NET.

Now I heard about Mono being a .NET replacement, so I thought I install Mono and then I can run those .NET programs w/o .NET.

Doesn't seem to work with Mono compact installation though.

Is my reasoning faulty?

Please enlighten me - is there a way of running .NET programs w/o installing .NET?

Thanks for your input.

I just went to HPs site and there are three drivers available: Basic, IT Professionals, and full.

Does anybody know the exact differences? (The HP descriptions don't seem very helpful)

I think I would want to go with the IT pro stuff.

OTOH I am not the admin of this machine, and I read the machine has a built in webserver. I have never used a network printer, but would it be possible to do the full install on one machine (the poor administrator's :() and then print/fax/scan by way of webserver without installing anything at all from all the other computers in the network?

The entire printer business has always been a complete mistery to me...  :-[



we have received this morning our brand spanking new HP Officejet 8500 Pro AIO.

Now I have read on different occasions that all of HP AIOs *require* the installation of the entire program suite on CD (incl. OCR etc.).

Does anybody know of a *tested* workaround for only installing the necessary driver components for network use, since I really dislike littering my HD with all this stuff?

Though I use a PC we also have a number of Mac users.

For any other hints and tips for using/installing/calibrating the unit I would also be grateful.

Try Virtual Box Portable.

Linux Mint and Mepis get my vote.

Antix Mepis for old PCs.

General Software Discussion / Re: Great utility FTPSync
« on: March 09, 2010, 11:03 AM »
WinSCP has a really nice sync function in its GUI. Also available from Portable Apps. Has been the best FTP sync for me so far (most of the others I did not like at all).

Some of you might remember me asking in this thread for forum software.

The result of my research was either SMF or MyBB.

I went for SMF v2RC2 and have no regrets according to the performance, looks, ease of use and administrative abilities.
I followed the SMF community quite closely due to this decision and quickly learned of the internal difficulties they are having.

At first it concerned me very much. However, the more I thought about it and the more I studied SMF itself and the people behind it, the more my fears calmed. Now, please mind you - this is not easy to admit, since I have a birthday coming up - I am probably older than most of you and have worked in responsible roles in NGOs for 35+ years. Therefore I have seen a lot of organizations in upheaval, sometimes one might even think that most NGOs are in a constant state of upheaval ;).

Definitely there will come some change to the current organisational structure of SMF - but that is not so bad, organisations need to reinvent themselves from time to time if they have been in a period of stagnation.

Agreed, SMF has been slow with upgrades, but that is also a good point. RC2 is just a release candidate, though has been performing flawlessly for me, no matter what I threw at it. So do you want to go through buggy releases or get good code? Good code takes time to test and write and retest.

So I did think of switching (to MyBB in case you want to know), but when I saw how vibrant the SMF community still is (much bigger than the MyBB community), and how much involved they are (if I have a problem I quickly get answers on their forum, and even if I do not mark my topic as solved, somebody will get back to me and ask if the matter really has been settled to my satisfaction), and how friendly and cooperative, I don't think this software will die a quick death. And even if it does eventually die, I have the strong belief that the community will pull together and develop a successor which you can install either over SMF or for which there will be better conversion software than presently (update: a project named Phoenix is already in the very early formative stages - competition is good and will bring out the best in everyone).

However, after my original thread and also after reading about the upheaval, I became very careful about installing mods. I think it is the mods that can/will give trouble when converting/upgrading as mouser pointed out in the thread referenced above.

The nice thing about SMF 2 is you hardly need any mods, because it is quite feature complete. But I think five times about installing a mod and really assess how many users would really NEED it for a quality forum experience.

Furthermore - to update you on the SMF situation - all people that were banned from the SMF community forum for their criticism have been reinstated and the different parties are again talking to each other via designated speakers and mediators. So progress is there (albeit slow) and I think what will come out will be for the good of the entire SMF community. And just reading some of the most recent posts there people are happy about the new RC3 - and everybody should update reasonably soon (when the mods have been updated to RC3, which is trivial in most instances) from RC2 to RC3, because some security issues (only affecting administrative access accounts - therefore they may not be regarded as serious) have been addressed.

BTW you can tell that SMF is there because the German Government is running a heavily moded SMF site on creating petitions for their federal assembly.

Finally let me give you one quote from a friend of SMF - Christian Land - who actually made the following comment in a thread that deals about switching forum software:
If you ask me, SMF's future looks better than ever before. Either the whole issues around it are solved or some kind of "fork" (or new project) will happen. In both cases "staying with SMF" is the best option.

My thanks go to SMF for this great free forum software they created and I wish them well and think they have proved that they deserve our loyalty.

General Software Discussion / Re: FinePrint vs. priPrinter
« on: January 29, 2010, 11:19 AM »
Here is another varation of this type of utility:

Screenshot Captor / Can we have all the Blur Tools in the Sidebar too?
« on: December 31, 2009, 08:16 AM »
Hi Mouser,

thanks for SC, it's really great.

For the workflow it would be really great if we could have all the blur, dim and secure black tools in the sidebar too like for arrows or clipart, so that they can be picked out by mouse w/o going through the specialfx menus.

F.e. if I want to send a screenshot to my financial software provider I need to take out many informations like acct names and numbers. For that this would be very helpful.

Alternatively or additionally maybe you could make that right sidebar customizable, so that the user can add his own special button.

These would be a great addition to an already great program.



Found an even more comprehensive testing program for USB Flash Drives: Check Flash

For simplicity I use h2testw but for more comprehensive stuff I use Check Flash now.



P.S.: Same link as above is another nice proggie: Video Stress Test to check your graphic card's memory.

General Software Discussion / Re: Need Advice on Forum Software
« on: December 18, 2009, 06:55 PM »
Thank you all for your help.

I installed SMF 2.0RC2 and it is working fine.

Elgg also seemded nice, but I felt in the end that a forum is more inviting to just jump ahead and work instead of building up your own identity in a more social network related place.

MyBB was also in the running, but I couldn't get a successful install the first time around, so I simply favored SMF.

SMF's administration panel could be more logical organized, sometimes options are difficult to find.

If MyBB would have been OK on first install, I have the feeling that I would have favored it.

Be well,


General Software Discussion / Re: Need Advice on Forum Software
« on: December 11, 2009, 09:03 AM »
Thank you for your comment - Oshyan, I think you hit the nail on its head.

Point b.) Preferably it should be able to handle HTTPS, be strong on privacy/security features (no search robots access, invitational password to sign up, if possible for a certain board only), and have fine permission granularity (childboards and even subchildboards with different permissions). F.e. one group of researchers working on a particular project has access to a certain childboard, but not to another one which deals with another topic.

... is definitely the most important for me.

Jbridge to integrate Joomla later is a nice idea. I checked into it and it would also work with other boards.

After Mousers comments I looked into more modern boards with hooks instead of code changes for mods and found MyBB. The default skin is awful, but the underlying board seems very nice. See discussions:

I will try to install it and see how it works out.
I will change themes to:

SMF I installed but I am not very at home with the administration part. Hope MyBB has more options, though the best (option wise) is supposed to be phpBB, but some say it doesn`t perform well and is a hog on resources, but then again other people rebutt that claim.

Now I have uploaded MyBB to a folder on the host which I called "MyBB" and I am trying to connect with ./MyBB/install/ (where the file index.php is located - verified by FTP) but nothing is happening (404 Error) :-[ so I will see if things change (in the root folder I have SMF installed - should work this way - shouldn't it?).



General Software Discussion / Re: Need Advice on Forum Software
« on: December 10, 2009, 01:34 PM »
Just checked out Ning: Seems toooo social for me. More work and collaboration oriented would be better.

Any comments on Liveray yet? What does it take to install?

General Software Discussion / Re: Need Advice on Forum Software
« on: December 10, 2009, 01:10 PM »
Hmm... thanks for the comment.

MyBB seems to work with hooks. Should I check into that instead? (see http://www.mybboard....atures/plugin-system)

Has anybody had any experience with Liferay or Ning? Can Ning give me what I want security wise?



General Software Discussion / Re: Need Advice on Forum Software
« on: December 10, 2009, 12:31 PM »
Thank you Mouser for your input.

Can I not handle d.) Multimedia by incorporating AEVA mod?

So you would choose SMF again, if you would start from scratch and start a forum forgetting about your familiarity with administering SMF?

General Software Discussion / Re: Need Advice on Forum Software
« on: December 10, 2009, 12:19 PM »
Thank you for your advice, Sri and 40hz. :)

I agree: Time is of the essence. There needs to be something up for the weekend. Right now I did an SMF install on x10hosting. Can't get the email notification system to work though. SMF just does not want to send emails. >:(

But I just found something very interesting that sounds like it would exactly fit the bill:

Though I am not sure if I won't be in over my head with liferay. :huh:

Anybody has experiences with it? Can I install on a free x10hosting account?

About Ning: Looks interesting - can I migrate users to another system if I decide to change the platform?



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