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Living Room / Re: digitising slides
« on: July 15, 2013, 10:51 AM »
@target please read my post above regarding infrared dust cleaning, this cannot be done with a digital camera

This 2000$ scanner (if it was a Nikon) actually may go for more than 2000$ today, since they were excellent, are not being produced any more, and are still in high demand.

General Software Discussion / Re: Best (free?) Sandbox?
« on: July 13, 2013, 04:10 PM »
Thanks for all your comments.

General Software Discussion / Re: Best (free?) Sandbox?
« on: July 12, 2013, 05:34 AM »
Yes, it is clear from the replies that one can have more security when giving up comfort and when one has more horse power.

But I don't want to do either! :)

I have a relatively old ThinkPad with  a dual core T4500 @2,3GHZ and 4GB Ram 32bit Win7 system. It serves me fine and I have no plans to upgrade in the near future. Ironically I also have several Android devices, and my main ones all have quad cores :). More and more I work with Android and that's also why I am not really willing to invest too much into the Intel platform and have to think hard to even buy Sandboxie, since prices for Windows software are 10 times+ what they are for Android.

And I also like comfort and don't want to do this reboot thing all the time or have a system bogged down by VMs, drumming my fingertips until it starts and finally runs. My system has just enough speed for me as it is, less just will not work (you must know my notebook is a 14in. because I travel a lot I have weight restrictions).

It is also harder for me to analyze software in VMs, it is easier to do in a sandbox.

General Software Discussion / Re: Best (free?) Sandbox?
« on: July 11, 2013, 08:27 PM »
Thanks majoMO for your suggestions. Secubrowser seems interesting.

@mouser: I think VMs are invaluable for incompatible programs. For other purposes, I find Sandboxie-like software easier to handle and faster.

General Software Discussion / Best (free?) Sandbox?
« on: July 11, 2013, 08:30 AM »
Hi everybody,

I have used the portable Sandboxie now for a number of years and have been thinking to generally Sandbox my surfing and buy the full version (any discounts known?).

Before I do that, I wanted to ask my knowledgeable compatriotes at DC, if there may be another Sandbox which is just as good or better than Sandboxie, and may even be free.

Here is f.e. a list of them: http://malwaretips.c...tualization-Software

I use Sandboxie for the following purposes:
Trying out programs
Analyzing programs (where do they write files, how deep do they manipulate my system, exporting their registry entries - so that I can install them manually without bloat if I desire to keep them - I use Sandboxie Diff and/or Total Commander for most of that process).

What are your comments/recommendations?

General Software Discussion / Tapatalk Forum Reader
« on: July 11, 2013, 08:14 AM »
For a while now I have been using Tapatalk Community Reader and am very pleased with being able to read my favorite forums on my Android tablet and smartphone.

One very favorite forum of mine is missing, though. Could you guess which one it is??? :)

It seems Tapatalk can be installed very easily and in a very short time on Simple machines Forums. These are the instructions:


    Download the zip package to your computer.
    Login to your forum Admin area
    Go to "Package Manager" and choose "Download Packages"
    Scroll to the bottom "Upload a Package" section
    Upload the zip package
    Choose "Install MOD"
    Choose "Install Now"
    Make sure the "mobiquo" folder AND all files inside has the proper permission (we recommend "755" (chmod -R 755)).

I have purchased the Tapatalk community reader for around $3 at Google Play, but after my purchase, I found it for free at the Amazon App Store. Tapatalk 4 is currently also free at Play, though it may become pay after it comes out of beta.

For me this was money well spent. I can now follow my threads and posts and react quickly to replies. Wish I could do this here too.

The world is changing fast: Let`s embrace the good and discard the bad and we will all grow and evolve! :)

Living Room / Re: digitising slides
« on: July 10, 2013, 07:45 PM »
Yo! Brahman here! Looks like this is a topic I can contribute something to!

1.) IMHO: Forget photographing! OK - it *is* the fastest method, BUT you will also photograph all the scratches, dust, faded color etc. and have no really good way of removing it.

2.) You need a scanner than has a separate INFRARED lens, that can do a separate infrared scan to catch the dust and scratches. Why? Because a slide is tiny. You don`t look at it in this tiny form, though, you blow it up! And when you do this, like in "Honey I Blew Up the Kid" any dust spec will grow to monster spec.

The infrared scan will detect the specs and scratches, and tell the software where to fix the scratch. Therefore, they will get fixed only at the spot where they occur. You can do this manually, but believe me, you only want to do this if you work for Vogue.

I have attached two videos showing this method (using an older version of Vuescan, the more recent ones have even improved the dust removal process). The video with the long title you may want to watch several times to really see the big problem specs that are removed, because the slide is very busy.

Yes, there is some software that will try to do post processing and try to detect the specs and scratches without infrared, but it is
a.) unreliable (no infrared markers to use)
b.) will overdo the fixing and over soften (like in washed out detail soften) the entire image.

You can either buy a dedicated slide scanner (for dedicated I would recommend the later Plustek models) or any Epson and Canon flatbed scanner which has this dedicated infrared lens. The more recent ones have an LED lamp and need no warm up time.

If you buy a dedicated one you will usually get better picture quality, but I (as opposed to many other people) do not favor buying a used dedicated slide scanner, because they have more sensitive mechanical parts than flatbed scanner and you cannot know what condition these mechanical parts are in and when the scanner will fail.

I have just recently sold my recent Canon 9000F flatbed for really good money and bought an old 5200F flatbed for very, very little money (~20$) and am still very happy with its speed and slide quality. Very sufficient for holiday snapshots, but of course not for high quality arthouse photos.

3.) The better the software, the better the end result and the less time you will need. At you can buy Vuescan Professional, which lets you save RAW scans.

Certainly, this is the best way to start out: Make 64bit RGBI (=Red, Green, Blue, Infrared) RAW scans, which INCLUDE the infrared channel (saving it in the file, so there is no actual dust removal *processing* while you scan). Just feed the slides into the scanner and make assembly line scans while watching TV etc.

This is the fastest way to scan since almost no processing is happening (which slows down the scan due to additional CPU time) and one can do all the processing later (every single slide, or all of them as a batch).

When I started my slides, I did not do RAW scans with the result, that I needed to rescan ALL my slides again after I learned how to process them well (this can be a steep learning curve). BTW Vuescan will also freshen up the faded colors so that you will think the 40 year old photo was shot just recently.

My Canon 5200F has 2400x4800 resolution and I scan with 2400 for slides. My Canon 9000F had 9600x9600 resolution and I scanned with 4800 for color slides. Believe me, the results were not very different. The explanation for this is very technical and would definitely be outside the scope of this post. Any good Epson or Canon flatbed with infrared will probably do, though I would stay away from the really old ones, since scan technology has improved a lot in this millennium.

Another tip: *Sort* the slides beforehand in a quick visual process using an old projector or viewer. Most of them are probably not worth keeping. Select the good ones in a fast selection process, and only scan those.

Also, consider using a scan service, they will usually do a decent job (if they use Vuescan - most do - you could ask them for RAW scan files including the infrared channel, so that you can process them yourself with Vuescan per your gusto later). But find out if they ship to India or China or really scan them locally, just so that you can assess the risk of losing the slides in the mail.

That is my 2 cent worth of advice in a very compressed form.

Good luck! :)

This is an interesting thread.

I have also been very concerned about performance of AVs. That's why I have used Clam Sentinel for years, which is an open source way of running the free AV ClamWin resident.

ClamWin is usually used mainly on servers but with Clam Sentinel, it is usable on individual PCs.

Its idle memory usage is better than the winner. When scanning it is about middle of the pack. Easy to disable if you just move files around on your computers and want to do it as fast as possible.

An AV that gives you a lot of control.

As a second opinion for downloads I use Emsisoft Emergency Kit's terminal scanner (formerly called A2Squared) triggered by Firesoft after a download has finished. I use the following batch file for that:

@echo off
::After 3 sec default to n (No)
choice /T 3 /D n /M "Do you want A2 to do a RAM memory scan too?  Press"
:: pressed N
if errorlevel 2 goto NOMEM
::Check for wrong keypress and assume no
if not errorlevel 1 goto NOMEM
:: pressed y (Yes)
c:\Apps\tc7\Msc\A2SquaredPort\a2cmd.exe /m /h /a /n /f=%1
goto NEXT
c:\Apps\tc7\Msc\A2SquaredPort\a2cmd.exe /h /a /n /f=%1
@echo off
if not errorlevel 1 goto END
::Foreground yellow, type in red for better signal visibility
color EC
echo VIRUS ALERT: %1
echo End of batch program

12 people can video conference with for free

Found another one that may fit the bill:

Anyone ever used this service?

I have been doing some research of my own now, and it seems that could do what I want and they have a free 14 day trial too.

Does anyone have experience with Banckle (in particular for video streaming from my webcam)?


I have decided to help this wonderful project of a school for poor girls in Thailand at indiegogo.

One of the things I would like to organise is a live fund raising event streamed over the internet for potential donors.

So: How do I live stream a video fundraising event over the internet to 100+ people for free?

I would really appreciate your help.

General Software Discussion / Re: Easy remote access to my home pc?
« on: November 01, 2012, 08:44 AM »
You have been answering to a 4 year old thread!

Dyndns is afaik no longer free. Teamviewer rules.

Today I stumbled upon this offer:

Kingsoft Office Suite Standard for free today at

Now I added this to my arsenal of office suites consisting of Open Office and Softmaker.

While reading up on KS I also noticed that they have a very highly rated completely free and full featured (not crippled like the other ones) android office suite in google market with a 4.5 out of 10115 votes rating - not bad I guess!

I have never used Kingsoft yet. I know they are very popular in China. BTW Softmaker also has an android office app in public beta on their site, but it won't be free.

It seems that the PC companies have an experience advantage adapting their software to android over the purely mobile competition and apparently can render spreadsheets and docs without dropping and losing PC side features from the file.

What are your experiences with today's Kingsoft offer?

Living Room / Re: Scroogle R.I.P.
« on: April 03, 2012, 02:09 PM »
I switched from Scroogle to to my greatest satisfaction. Startpage is also getting better.

I wanted to report how I solved the problem.

After much effort it was quite simple:

In Partition Wizard Hoem Edition I used the feature "Rebuild MBR" and voila the partition was sticky from now on.

On some other machine this feature also solved a problem where Win7 did not want to hibernate with Diskcryptor installed on the system partition.

I can HIGHLY recommend this software.



some friends of mine would like to be taught English. Are there any good downloadable web resources for this task?

I am looking for special recordings in slowly spoken English and also (same text) normal spoken English to effortlessly accustom them to the different language melody and structure. It would be great if those recordings would already be structured in a step by step lesson-like context.

Also I am looking for a good downloadable grammar as a reference work.

Money is tight for them and not everyone has an internet connection at home, so it would be important that it is free and possibly available for download, i.e. not entirely web based.

I would also be interested in some fun written lessons and exercises.

Do we have any language teaching experts? I would surely appreciate your input.

Thanks for your answer:
I installed XP first in the first partition, then a fresh install of Win7 trial with a reformat of the first partition, then (on a different lappy) mirrored an install of XP.

The problem here also is that the lappy is a tablet Toshiba Portege M205 with the special XP pro version for tablets and it did not come with recovery disks.

Furthermore on this computer it is extremely difficult to reinstall the OS, and I would not really want to do it anyway, since I will have to reinstall all my software.

So I am looking for a kind of live realignment solution, if possible.

Would anybody know about how to do it?

Hi Stephen,

please don't get me wrong, but I would prefer to hear a solution from somebody who actually has had experience with this kind of problem or is very knowledgeable about this topic instead of a long shot solution.

But thank you very much for your try at helping me out.

Hi everybody,

a while ago I installed the trial version of Win7 on my lappy.

Then I took the hard drive out, put it in another lappy and mirrored XP to the HD with Drive Snapshot.

Now XP starts fine, but my second partition is laways hiding. I can unhide it with any partition tool and it will show up for that session, but after a reboot it is gone into hiding again.

I think it has to do with the way Win7 aligns partitions.

I can find plenty of tutorials on the web to align a drive to the new Win7 partitoning scheme, but have not been lucky to find one that can reverse it.

Can anybody help?


British accents so interesting, the English sound track had to have English subtitles:


Unfortunately a lot of violence but off-beat funny.

Not only British speak, but also Irish, British/Irish-Gypsy, Jiddish-English, Italo-American, Jive, Pig-Speak and a few I probably forgot.

Best watched using VLC with which you can easily jump back and slow down :).

Living Room / Re: Easiest laptop (brand) to take apart ?
« on: May 16, 2011, 10:46 AM »
On a final note, the most difficult laptop I've ever taken apart was called a medion. Dont think they're in business anymore (thankfully)

They sure are still in business - bigger than ever - and last I checked their lappies are rebranded or special versions of bare bones MSIs.

General Software Discussion / Re: Total Commander and Win7
« on: December 06, 2010, 03:04 PM »
Maybe you can deinstall and then reinstall.

AFAIR when you install, TC will ask you where you want the ini setting file to be.


because the release of VueScan9 will most likely be accompanied by a price increase, I just wanted to quickly give you a heads up that Ed Hamrick is in the final stages of beta testing the new version 9 of VueScan.

VueScan 9 is now compiled with Microsoft C and is a major rewrite.

New features:
  • Faster and more responsive user interface,
  • Twain support (i.e. you can use VueScan to directly import into f.e. MS Word, IrfanView, FastStoneImage Viewer, your favorite OCR etc.),
  • Native 64 bit binaries for Windows, MacOS, and Linux, so that now the full scanner feature sets are supported under 64 bit OS
  • Works better with scans over 3GB
  • PhotoShop Import filters (32 and 64 bit) for PS and PSE together with better memory management
  • Universal Binary on MacOSX

The final version is expected to be out beginning of the coming week and Ed dropped hints that it will probably also become more expensive at that time.

So if you were thinking of buying or gifting VueScan, you may want to grab it now before the expected increase. Ed never gives discounts, so there is no need to wait for a "deal".

The standard version is good for document scans and the occasional color scan, but for serious color work, the professional version is probably best, which also comes with unlimited upgrades (vs. 1 yr for standard).

Here is a more in depth review of VueScan:


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