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Oh sorry,

just saw that the original question was from Februar and then the thread got revived. Oh well ...  :-\

Maybe it will help some other people with similar problems!



If you are serious about your data, here is what you need to do:

1.) Never let Chkdsk do anything to a damaged hard drive, it will only make things worst and unrecoverable.  :down:

2.) Attach the drive to a second IDE channel, since HD utilities cannot reliably read all drive data from a USB drive. Especially when you are trying to rebuild the MFT and recover partitions this is absolutely essential, since USB drives give wrong physical information to the OS.

3.) Don't do anything to the harddrive until you have mirrored the drive to another drive with special software (NOT with backup mirror software like Ghost or Acronis TI) that is used for HD recovery (pcinspector clonemaxx, Raw Copy by Roadkil is the only free util that does reverse copy, which is easier on a failing drive, driveimage xml clones from windows, http://copyr.tetroni...ownload/  copyr is the best free clone  util for inaccessible drives - though there are much better commercial ones).

4.) Start the actual recovery process:

Handy recovery has a very capable freeware solution after you have cloned the drive. Commercial: Restorer 2000, Handy Recovery later not free versions. All around HD solution: Testdisk is also very good but only if you really know the program (and not via USB!).

5.) Suggested further informations:

Here is an exhaustive freeware link collection for hard drive related troubles:


Hope that helps. If you are careful and don't mess up too much, you should get all your data back, though it may take some time.  :Thmbsup:



Hi Mouser,

thank you so much for adding the tooltips so quickly.

Works beautiful! Helps a lot to keep the window small yet see the whole thing.

Great!  :Thmbsup:



Find And Run Robot / Missing Tooltips
« on: July 08, 2007, 05:06 AM »

great work, Mouser! :Thmbsup:

One thing I am missing (I believe it was in previous releases) is the tooltip when f.e. the full name of the file does not fit in the column.

It is important, because I work with very long names for my Start Menu shortcuts, which explain in detail what the many sw do best.

Thanks. :)


General Software Discussion / Re: [free] dictionary -lingoes
« on: June 22, 2007, 09:02 AM »
Very good program!

The Longman Dictionary is particularly nice.

If you are a heavy German word user, I recommend LingoPad at

which has a better German dictionary. It is also freeware.

Get the Beta 2.61 which is vista ready here:




Mini-Reviews by Members / InfoSelect 2007
« on: June 21, 2007, 10:53 AM »
After having tried many info dump programs, my favorite is InfoSelect 2007.

They also have again (after a many years hiatus) a 30 day trial version.

Pricey but in my opinion the best!



Regcool and Vilma are both free alternatives:

RegCool and the developers other programs are always in beta ...  ;)



I have been highly satisfied with the SynchronizeIt! / CompareIt! combo from Grigsoft.  :up:

In combination with Total Commander (which has an excellent synch tool itself, though the ability to do multiple batches is missing) SynchronizeIt! works superbly and I prefer it much over BeyondCompare, because it is simpler and much more intuitive to use, while in combination with Total Commander SI has at least the same functionality at a lower price.

Also speed is excellent, and it supports rar, zip and 7zip (in latest beta). Synchronize It! and CompareIt! integrate very well also: When you want to see exactly where the files differ, simply double click on the file pair and CompareIt! will do its magic, even comparing ini files if the sections are in different places within the file (if set up properly with the ini plugin). Then you can do a merge operation if you want line by line or change by change. In the new beta even binary comparisons are possible.

If you use them via Total Commander, you make a button on the button bar and then when you click on the button, both dirs are synched or files even within the same folder compared.

Some more info on TC integration is here:

SynchronizeIt! synchs folders, archives and FTP sites; it also has very powerful compare and synchronize files on non-connected PCs functions, logs and is very very fast. Preferences are stored in an ini file, thank god.

You can setup really complicated synch and backup jobs, exclude and include to your hearts content.

The interface is uncluttered and nicely designed. Download the current versions and then install the current (stable) betas/alphas over them, because the betas are bare bone programs only and this way you maintain help functionality.

SynchronizeIt! only costs about $14,50 or the combo with CompareIt! $29,50 and has a full function trial (the amounts are the 25% discounted prices by using coupon ICANSAVE).  :Thmbsup:

The developer is very responsive and genuinely interested in helping his users even with complicated situations. Forum answers are prompt.

I have tested many synching programs starting with the Laplink for DOS almost twenty years ago, and I have found this software to be the best in the market.

Kind Regards,

Brahman  :)

Please be so kind and send me a DL link. :Thmbsup:



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