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I just whipped up a spreadsheet to calculate PPI, dimensions, and size of a screen.

I uploaded it to my dropbox here, if you would like to use it:

Purpose is to figure out and compare the pixel densities of different monitors, notebooks, mobile phones etc and also to compare their sizes through the area and side calculations.

So now you can easily calculate how much more viewing area you have when you upgrade your mobile f.e. from a 4 inch to a 5 inch screen.

I would also like to calculate the aspect ratios, but I don't know how I can calculate the aspect ratio from the resolution.

F.e. resolution is 1920 x 1200 or 800 x 600 and how can I calculate the aspect ratio from that (obviously 4:3 on the 800 x 600 screen).

Help would be appreciated.

Thanks and enjoy!

I had that thought also, but I don't think so.

They probably want to sell it to you cheap now, so that they can entice some users to upgrade to 2015.

Anyway, it's a fantastic deal on its own.

I just bought it.

Also I purchased it, because I am using their so generously made free Android version, which is fantastic and can make spreadsheets work that their competitors cannot, and this way I can give something back to this developer.


since Softmaker has a very special UPGRADE offer, you can get its Office software with a 90%+ discount legally TODAY only by following these steps even if right now you do not own their software (because they allow upgrades from their FreeOffice product):

1.) Go to and click on Download and then you get a registration window, in which you should put in the information you will later purchase the upgrade with. Install the software.

2.) Go to and click on "Shop".

3.) In the "Redeem Discount Coupon" field enter "dfro".

Voila - you will see the following discounted prices for the upgrade versions (for which you are now eligible since you have FreeOffice - see step one):

Office Standard: $6.99 (Full Product $79.95 = 90%+ discount)
Office Professional $19.99 (includes more dictionaries and an Outlook clone, full product $99.95)
Office for Linux 2012 $10.99 (like windows standard, full product $79.95)

They also have like 50% discounts on some of their font packs (scroll down more).


For wireless I found the easiest least hassle app to be SuperBeam. They also have a PC version at

damn.  no perfect keyboard.

Yeah I know, I bought a lot of them and always came back to SwiftKey in the end. :)

Also you need to remember that at first any self learning keyboard that you have been working with for a while will always have an advantage in accuracy, because it already had a chance to learn your writing style.

I also would strongly advise everybody to check out the already mentioned

My Phone Explorer (a.k.a. MPE):

It is truly an amazing piece of software! Play around with it to find out all its possibilities.

Try this:
Settings>Developer Options> Check "Allow Mock Locations" and "USB debugging"

Did Mass Storage appear?


Really!? - my experience is the total opposite of yours and I own both Swiftkey and Swype. I found SwiftKey *much* more accurate and this compensates for the limited suggestions. SwiftKey has made KISS an art.

The trick about swyping is: Only swype relatively well known words, if you swype rarely used words or names typing is much faster.


Vault 3

on Google Play.

Should fulfill all the requirements (window program also).

I second Swiftkey as the best keyboard on Android.

More on SwiftKey at DO:

@ewemoa et. al.:

There is a well hidden setting in most phones/tablets that let's you switch from MTP to Mass Storage:
Settings>Storage>Menu Button (the one with the three dots top right corner)>USB Computer Connection

There are three general pieces of advice I would like to give to people with driver/connection problems:

1.) Settings>Developer Options> Check "Allow Mock Locations" and "USB debugging" if you cannot connect thru ADB
2.) Use USBDeview from to clean up unused or not working USB driver device entries (may help with BSODs etc.)
3.) Use Moborobo from (could possibly be borderline spyware - so watch out for yourself) which brings it's own drivers and see if you can connect (will also do the file transfer thing - just beware of my warning re. possible spyware)

I use two pretty comfortable ways of file transfer:

My Phone Explorer (a.k.a. MPE):

and Total Commander with the ADB plugin:

MPE is a really useful free tool for all windows and android users, I can heartily recommend it!

Non-Windows Software / Re: Android: Multilingual Input Options
« on: April 21, 2014, 11:06 AM »
BTW the review of Multiling beta only covers about a third of the features of this keyboard, and I am not talking modding capabilities but useability features.
Check this plug-in out f.e. (easily missed):

General Software Discussion / Re: Skype and Webcam: HD or not?
« on: April 20, 2014, 10:42 AM »
Yeah, I agree, it definitely helped me to get a better understanding. The cowboy has invested a fortune in Webcams! His whole property must be plastered with them. I wouldn't be surprised if he also has a separate website for self triggering shooting devices - LOL.

The C525/B525 by Logitech he kind of lists as 2nd best, but the price is soooo much lower!

And I have killed a few webcams by packing/unpacking them, coz the stands are a bit touchy and fragile, so I was very happy to see the B525 with the nice and practical fold up design and 15% cheaper than the C525. So I think that will be the one for me.

Hopefully I won't have to wear the ugly headsets any more coz the mic will be good...

Hehehehe, I notice how my android typing style is starting to color my forum writing: On these touch screen keyboards one uses much more "coz" and "z" and "n" and "r" and "u" and "4" and "2", when chatting with friends.

Non-Windows Software / Re: Android: Multilingual Input Options
« on: April 20, 2014, 10:32 AM »
Yup, this is the one.

Nice review, BTW.

It is clear to me that all the "minor" keyboards lack the precise word prediction and swyping capabilities of the superior Swiftkey (by far the most accurate) and the contender Swype.

The reason is that these two features cost a lot of money to implement correctly: Swiftkey was co-founded by Dr Ben Medlock from Cambridge University with a doctorate in language-based artificial intelligence and now employs 100 people.

If you perceive how amazingly accurate Swiftkey sometimes predicts the following words, you know that a lot of work has been and still is being put into this prediction algorithm. On top of that Swiftkey by design only shows you a selection of three words to choose from. And don't forget: For every new language you pretty much have to start from scratch again.

I have bought Swiftkey, Swype, Minuum, and Thumb keyboards and tried numerous free ones but I always come back to Swiftkey. Though I also really like Minuum for small devices (tip: use the ABC layout in Minuum).

General Software Discussion / Re: Skype and Webcam: HD or not?
« on: April 20, 2014, 10:15 AM »
Thanks for your advice.

I think I will go for the Logitech B525, an HD cam which can be securely folded so it will survive my many travels. The B (for business) series are hardware identical to the C (for consumer) series, except that some of the fun/bloat software is missing.

However the software can be downloaded for free from Logitech's website later.

Non-Windows Software / Re: Android: Multilingual Input Options
« on: April 18, 2014, 02:47 PM »
While I personally also find Swiftkey to be the best for pay keyboard on Android, I recently found a very good free one:

"Multiling Keyboard (new beta)" which is totally amazing, 320KB in size plus language packs so it comes in around 1MB vs. Swiftkey 16MB, no network permissions (language packs are on the Play Store), and probably the most customizable keyboard with a big number of tricks up it's sleeves (custom auto-completion of text blocks, swipe, custom keys, adjustable keyboard position, etc.)

I think this one is best for people who are concerned about privacy, since it has no network permissons.

General Software Discussion / Re: Skype and Webcam: HD or not?
« on: April 18, 2014, 01:09 PM »
Hmm, to kind of answer myself: I overlooked the point that one needs a good piece of hardware to encode and deencode the 720p HD stream.

Therefore it may make sense to get just the C170 cam.

General Software Discussion / Re: Skype and Webcam: HD or not?
« on: April 18, 2014, 12:57 PM »
I know MS makes some good cams, but I think there may be compatibility problems with other OSs, that's why I am shying away from MS webcams.

Could anybody that is knowledgeable mainly about my point re. resolution in a challenging bandwidth environment answer?

General Software Discussion / Skype and Webcam: HD or not?
« on: April 18, 2014, 11:56 AM »

I am shopping for a new webcam to be used mainly with Skype, possibly also Google Talk or Ovoo.

My research narrowed it down to Logitech's C170 (640 x 480) or C270 (1280x720) models.

Since I am often in locations where bandwidth is limited or videochat with friends that are in countries where bandwidth and connectivity is soso, the question arises:

Will the C270 or the Skype software automatically lower resolution when the bandwidth is not enough, or would it be better in those cases to buy the C170 which already has a lower resolution and therefore needs less bandwidth to begin with?

Another argument for these two Logitech's is that I want to do away with my ugly headset and supposedly the sound quality of the built in mics is supposed to be rather good.

Thirdly, I can imagine using them in the future with an Android tablet or TV stick, and again I have heard that these cameras seem to be most compatible with Android, if one is bold enough to make a claim of compatibility with Android for webcams.  8)

I would love to hear the opinions of our members.

Living Room / Re: digitising slides
« on: July 17, 2013, 01:11 PM »
When you handle slides and negatives there are two things to watch out for:

1.) Removing rough dust (necessary even if you use infrared capable scanners)
2.) Not adding any more blemishes in handling

Nr. 1 is best achieved with canned air or an air bulb and possibly a very, very soft brush - though I would recommend touchless and only use a soft brush on foreign matter like hair that clings electrostaticly or otherwise to the surface.

Nr. 2 is avoided by using cotton gloves and a pair of *plastic* tweezers at all times when handling slides and negatives.

As I said, today infrared scanning does not mean expensive any more for consumer quality scans. I bought my Canon flatbed scanner with this capability for $20.- at ebay. Is'nt that cheap enough for a throw-away piece (though why throwaway? - you will still have a great flatbed document scanner even after the project)?

I would NOT advice to use a microfibre cloth on slides, especially not on old slides, which tend to have a surface flaking problem anyway.

Some high end scanners allow wet scanning with special add-on equipment, but it doesn't sound (from what you have posted so far), that this would be for you. Therefore, I will refrain from posting any more about it, since this is a whole new and extensive topic by itself - though definitely not for casual home users.

Living Room / Re: digitising slides
« on: July 15, 2013, 10:51 AM »
@target please read my post above regarding infrared dust cleaning, this cannot be done with a digital camera

This 2000$ scanner (if it was a Nikon) actually may go for more than 2000$ today, since they were excellent, are not being produced any more, and are still in high demand.

General Software Discussion / Re: Best (free?) Sandbox?
« on: July 13, 2013, 04:10 PM »
Thanks for all your comments.

General Software Discussion / Re: Best (free?) Sandbox?
« on: July 12, 2013, 05:34 AM »
Yes, it is clear from the replies that one can have more security when giving up comfort and when one has more horse power.

But I don't want to do either! :)

I have a relatively old ThinkPad with  a dual core T4500 @2,3GHZ and 4GB Ram 32bit Win7 system. It serves me fine and I have no plans to upgrade in the near future. Ironically I also have several Android devices, and my main ones all have quad cores :). More and more I work with Android and that's also why I am not really willing to invest too much into the Intel platform and have to think hard to even buy Sandboxie, since prices for Windows software are 10 times+ what they are for Android.

And I also like comfort and don't want to do this reboot thing all the time or have a system bogged down by VMs, drumming my fingertips until it starts and finally runs. My system has just enough speed for me as it is, less just will not work (you must know my notebook is a 14in. because I travel a lot I have weight restrictions).

It is also harder for me to analyze software in VMs, it is easier to do in a sandbox.

General Software Discussion / Re: Best (free?) Sandbox?
« on: July 11, 2013, 08:27 PM »
Thanks majoMO for your suggestions. Secubrowser seems interesting.

@mouser: I think VMs are invaluable for incompatible programs. For other purposes, I find Sandboxie-like software easier to handle and faster.

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