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  • October 16, 2019, 07:04 AM
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yes, if the program is already installed, SB will bring the .ini files or registry entries of the installed program back into the sandbox.

If you don't want SB to do that, you can turn it off.

See here how to do block the path to the .ini file or registry settings:

Hope this helps. :)

Sandboxie is a great program and very light on resources. I love it and I really hope that going open source will be successful for Sandboxie.

Nod5 -
It may not be exactly what you were looking for, but I usually scan to pdf, and I keep the original page as a graphic layer, and the OCR as an invisible layer below the grapic.

Then I can highlight the original text, but when I copy (Ctrl-C) get the underlying OCRed text.

This workflow also cuts down on searching for OCR mistakes, since they become less important, since I ever usually need only a very small portion of the text of the whole document. It just makes the whole thing much quicker.


ABBYY Finereader version 15 has just been released.

See enclosed pdf for ABBYY Finereader 14 and 15 feature comparison.

@VideoProc Support

Why did you quote Deozaan's post without adding any comment?

Did something got lost?

Hahaha this is how great Donationcoder is! You get help from all sides!

Thanks for posting your experience.

For DVD ripping I always use the WinX DVD Ripper Platinum software from the same publisher.

Do you have a copy of that and does it have the same bug? Maybe the DVD is partly copy protected, because I don't think VideoProc is really made for copy protected ripping.

I amended my first post to make ThunderDrive's difference in plans between storage space and bandwidth more clear.

I think physical storage space has been coming down in price, so it seems only logical that cloud spaces which of course somewhere also use physical storage space, should be getting cheaper too.

I remember Microsoft also using a similar strategy: They offered unlimited storage space in the beginning for their subscription, and now where they have become established players in that field, there terms are quite different.

So from that point of view, ThunderDrive's offering makes sense.

It does include mouse clicks (shown as a circle) and the keystrokes are shown too, f.e. if I do Alt+Enter the window menu opens and in the upper left corner the screen shows Alt+Enter in slightly transparent big letters to the viewer. You can even set it to give the mouse clicks in letters or just show the mouse clicks with a blue circle. I made a short screen capture and enclosed it for you so that you can see.

It is a really great piece of software, kept very simple and user-friendly, yet it has many well thought out features.

When you start it for the first time, it tests your graphic card to see what codecs it supports (note HEVC is H265) for encoding, decoding, what version of the codec and at what resolution. Then it shows that to you in a really nice way.

The download section supports more than 1000 video sharing sites to download your favorite music or video to your PC.

You can crop and edit and convert videos with it - remember it will work with 4K Videos too. You can also convert and reencode.

If you do the screen recording you can at the same time record your webcam so that the viewer can see you in the corner. Everything is adjustable - f.e. size and position of the webcam window, even take out your background etc.

I am totally amazed by it. It's such a big surprise to see the capabilities, because the GUI is so simple, and you think it is a very basic program, but it isn't it has stupendous capabilities, which I have never seen put into one piece of software like this.

It also can denoise or anti-shake a video, which is great for action cams. In fact an example on their website is using a GoPro ActionCam.

You can also convert 3D videos into 2D, burn subtitles, correct perspective, save everything to Matroska containers or many other formats and codecs.

They claim it is "The Only Full GPU Accelerated Video Processing Software" which can process full hardware acceleration and if you have a good video card can be up to 47x faster than real time processing. They have a chart: Up to 6x real-time processing with CPU only, up to 24x real-time processing when incorporating the GPU, and up to 47x with their unique full hardware acceleration which can peak Level-3 Hardware Acceleration. <they support Intel, AMD and NVIDIA video cards.

BTW it's quite a new product only being sold for leass than a year. It has 4k and I think even 8k capabilities, if your video card supports it (mine does not) :(.

They started a new website for it: which is really nicely made.

I think it's the next generation of their products, since less and less people are using DVDs.

Here is a well explained manual which very nicely shows most of the capabilities of the app:


They have an excellent deal, where you can buy a LIFETIME license - a lifetime full of upgrades - for just $29.95. Because this special Giveaway version is not upgradeable. Their normal price is $78.90 and they currently discount it 49% to the public on their website for $42.95. So in this special non-public deal you get another almost 30% off the discounted price.

Here you can buy the $29.95 lifetime deal:

Have a look at the enclosed short video, to see how the keystrokes are shown in the recording.

Found Deals and Discounts / Re: VueScan Discount
« on: August 16, 2019, 06:39 PM »
Just tried Belgium on my VPN and it shows it too!

Digiarty - publishers of the venerable WinX DVD Software line - is having a Givewaway of
VideoProc for a short time:

 Watch VideoProc Guide on YouTube

Main Features:

Convert, edit, compress 4K/HD videos; download online contents, record desktop/iOS screen in 3 modes; convert & backup DVD. Uniquely adopting full GPU acceleration to boost processing speed with highest possible output quality.
● Convert video/audio/DVD to all popular formats: MP4 HEVC, etc
● Edit: trim, merge, crop, rotate, subtitle, effect, video to GIF
● Stabilize, de-noise, adjust speed/volume, compress file size, etc
● Batch download video, music, playlist from 1000+ sites
● Record full or part of screen on PC/Mac/iPhone (with webcam)

You can get the free version with full perpetual license for a short time here:

General Software Discussion / Re: Syncovery - OneDrive - Encryption
« on: August 16, 2019, 01:38 PM »
Thanks for all your sweet words.

2 TB or 4 TB storage (depending on plan you chose - discussed in 1st post) and unlimited bandwidth, f.e. if you add to the drive 1.5 TB today, after 1 week you delete that 1.5 TB and add 1.5 TB again, and do the same a few days later, you would have used up 3 x 1.5TB = 4.5 TB bandwidth and that is permissible under the unlimited bandwidth policy if you buy directly from or and NOT from a reseller.

Found Deals and Discounts / Re: VueScan Discount
« on: August 16, 2019, 01:29 PM »

Were you actually able to buy at these deals or did it just show like that?

Which country are you connecting from?


I wanted to introduce quite an interesting deal - with a few caveats:

ThunderDrive is a relatively new company in the Cloud Storage space and is trying to win a lot of customers.

They are having the following unlimited bandwidth (but of course limited storage of 2TB/4TB) deal:

2 TB storage space with unlimited bandwidth (here bandwidth is the combined amount of uploads and downloads to your cloud storage in a month) if bought directly from them with a one time lifetime (so NO yearly) fee.

The 4 TB plan comes up when you try to buy this package - then you will see a pop-up introducing an additional 2 TB for another $39, which makes it a grand total of $98.

You have 2 TB storage space with unlimited bandwidth for this price if you buy directly from them; their resellers who offer this same $59 package have a 2 TB/month bandwidth limitation.

The deal can be had here:

One should know that the service this young company offers, is still a little bit short on features.

Right now you can only upload through their web interface. No apps on any platforms yet.

The company plans to introduce apps for iOS and Android this quarter. In the final quarter there roadmaps states that they will start a desktop app, third party import and multi-user support. They also mentioning the introduction of a new pricing structure soon, which I take to mean a price increase, since I doubt that the current prices are sustainable and are probably serving as a capitalization boost to get the company going.

There roadmap is spelled out here:

Their website looks professional and has chat support. First a bot and then if the bot cannot answer you will be switched over to a human.

Oh before I forget: They DO have servers in North America AND in Europe. Your account will be placed on the European server, if you buy through, if you want to be placed on North American servers, buy through this website:

If anyone has used this service already, I would love to hear your experiences.

Found Deals and Discounts / Re: VueScan Discount
« on: August 15, 2019, 05:44 PM »
@tomos --- you leeched the professional version from the giveaway!!! Lol

Why are you looking to buy again!!!

General Software Discussion / Re: Syncovery - OneDrive - Encryption
« on: August 15, 2019, 11:16 AM »
We both learned some things today. :) That's what life is for! Lol

Thanks for setting it up and checking - that's very helpful of you!

I know I am not such a frequent user as I used to be, but it always feels good to visit. It's like a home away from home (eeehhhh actually I don't have a home any more, since I became a nomad - Hahaha)

Greetings to @mouser and all the lovely people at Donationcoder - one of the best software communities on the web!

General Software Discussion / Re: Syncovery - OneDrive - Encryption
« on: August 15, 2019, 10:11 AM »
thanks for your replies.

My question was a pre-sales question. I do assume I would need the pro version to do what I want if Syncovery can do it.

So you are synching to OneDrive and it is encrypted and it is not a one time synch but can run in the background and automatically updates files added or changed to OneDrive?

If you could confirm that, that would be great.

General Software Discussion / Re: Syncovery - OneDrive - Encryption
« on: August 15, 2019, 04:10 AM »
Almost correct...

I want Syncovery to synch and encrypt files DIRECTLY to the OD cloud without using the OneDrive folder, in fact I don't even want to install the OD desktop app, if that's possible.

General Software Discussion / Syncovery - OneDrive - Encryption
« on: August 14, 2019, 07:00 PM »

since I think there are quite a bit of Syncovery users here, I thought I could ask you the following question:

Can I use Syncovery to synch my files to OneDrive without using the OneDrive folder on my machine in more or less real-time and with encryption on OneDrive?

So that any file I set Syncovery to sync will get uploaded to OD with encryption when I change the file on my PC?

Hope you can answer that.

Be well.

Found Deals and Discounts / VueScan Discount
« on: August 14, 2019, 06:45 PM »

VueScan regular prices are $39.95 for the standard edition (including 1 year of updates) and $99.95 for the professional version (including more features and lifetime updates).

Currently Ed Hamrick offers a discount of 10$ for both versions here

However, I just noticed a way to get a $20 discount (20%) on the professional version.

This is the way to do it:
1.) Buy the standard edition for $29.95 here
2.) Upgrade from standard to professional for $50 here
and $29.95 + $50 = $79.95 for the lifetime license with all features - a great bargain!

VueScan has been getting more and more features over the years, upgrades usually happen every couple of weeks. Most scanners, even old ones that do not have drivers for Windows 10 or 7 any longer, can still be operated through VueScan, Multi-Function Printers too.

Here is a review on our site:
Scanning: VueScan and Associates


General Software Discussion / Re: Et Tu, CCleaner!
« on: December 19, 2018, 12:45 PM »
I am late to the party, but there is one piece of software I have used to complement CCleaner:


I felt it is a bit slower than CCleaner, but I think for some people it may be able to replace CCleaner.

Also there is an official portable version of CCleaner on this page, which I have been using for many years.


Thank you for your message.

I now spent quite a while reading these posts only to find out that everyone there says my objective could not be achieved.

Would it not have been much more productive to say: "It can't be done" than to make your readers go through all those lengthy posts in the hope of finding a solution to the problem raised in this thread?

Or: If you did find a solution and I overlooked it, maybe just simply post it here how to do it?

Thanks for your suggestions.

Most of the time I have at least 2 different browser open.

Browser windows look very similar, and when I want to open a window quickly, I simply enter the URL and press enter. This has kind of become an automatic action, without thinking, albeit in Iron/Vivaldi sometimes with desastrous results.

That's why an F2 or any other solution except pressing enter won't work for me.

It's either an about:config setting I changed like 10 years or so ago or tabmixplus, I don't know.

Non-Windows Software / Re: Android 6 tablet Cmd keys?
« on: May 04, 2017, 08:45 AM »
Many of the keyboards are built for Windows or dual boot Android/windows devices.

Many tablets also come in different versions: Dual boot, RemixOS, pure Windows or Android etc.

This is easy to realize because these are only firmware changes. But it would be too expensive to produce different hardware keyboards for them.

Therefore you may have cmd keys on your keyboard, which have no use on your current OS.

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