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Well, I gave up on Tray Wizard. It kept on forgetting that I hid some icons and also didn't allow some of them to display. So, now I'm using TraySaver which is better at managing the system tray. You can get it from The source for it can be found at

General Software Discussion / UpdateStar
« on: October 02, 2007, 03:49 PM »
Description from the SnapFiles listing:

UpdateStar scans your computer for installed software products and produces a list of your inventory and available updates, along with download link and additional information. The program not only works with widely used commercial products, but also with many freeware and shareware programs available from the web. UpdateStar runs in the system tray and can automatically check for updates on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can customize the list of products and choose to ignore updates from certain products. The update database is maintained by the developer and accepts input from users to help improve the accuracy. The current version recognized about half of the 50 products we had installed, so there is definitely room for improvement. Overall, however, this is a very promising product.


Homepage -
Download -

Tray Manager isn't that good. It hasn't been updated in 7 years, doesn't integrate with Windows XP, etc. unless you have it run at startup, and doesn't detect all of the system tray icons that were displayed on my PC. So, while searching for info on it, I found another freeware tray manager called Tray Wizard. I would have to say that its just as good as PS Tray Factory.

Here's a link to download it (since the official site has been abandoned):

General Software Discussion / Re: DirMS and Buzzsaw
« on: May 20, 2007, 02:27 PM »
Its been more than 2 years since the previous post and the only things that changed are that they had some bugs fixed in the latest versions and the website has been improved. I posted a message on its forum about the GUI and the developer stated that he doesn't want a fancy interface because it could cause more problems to occur.


It would be nice to have because there aren't any good ones out for it.

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Make a GUI for a program called Dustbin
« on: December 18, 2006, 08:44 PM »
Its a pretty good and actively maintained automated temp file remover.

Homepage: http://www.geocities...warecentral/micp.htm
Download: http://www.geocities...recentral/

General Software Discussion / MooPlayer
« on: November 30, 2006, 07:34 AM »
Description from the FileForum listing:

MooPlayer was designed to replace Windows Media Player 6 (mplayer2). It uses a similar style where the player is only the actual video, menu and window frame. It is DirectShow based which means it supports all formats that Windows Media Player does (MPEG, DivX, XviD, etc.). The interface is meant to be as minimal as possible. All controls are overlayed on the video so you can easily access them even in full screen mode. This also means they don't clutter up the view as much. It is released under the GPL and source is available for all releases.


Homepage -
Download - http://projects.drze.../
Source Code -

They've just recently opened a forum for it. You can reach it at

1. orbitnet.exe is an optional program which uses the DHT p2p network to locate additional
  copies of the program you are downloading, much like torrent does,so that it can download
  pieces of the file from different servers and combine them, in order to speed up download.
  You can't disable it in current version, But in next version,you can disable it during
  installation & options menu.

Its running even after closing Orbit because the developer forgot to include the ability to have it be closed along with Orbit. That will change in a later version.

Well, according to the support team, Orbitnet.exe (which is the p2p backend used to help speed up downloads) connects to a bunch of servers so it can be ready to help with the speeding up of them. Some of the servers it uses are in a subnet range with causes some Anti-Spyware programs to think that its communicating with (even though it isn't doing anything harmful).

General Software Discussion / Re: FortiClient
« on: October 26, 2006, 10:27 AM »
Oh, I forgot to mention one more thing about it:

3. It has received 4 Virus Bulletin 100% awards.

General Software Discussion / Re: FortiClient
« on: October 20, 2006, 10:15 PM »
1. It uses around 45-50 MBs normally and an extra 35 MBs when using the On-Demand scanner. The CPU usage is less than 15%.

2. Yes, it uses its own Antivirus Engine and Firewall.

General Software Discussion / FortiClient
« on: October 20, 2006, 09:18 PM »
Description from the listing:

Fortinet introduces FortiClient, the first Unified Threat Management (UTM) end-point protection solution that provides the most comprehensive security via a lightweight software agent. Instead of relying on several software vendors for anti-virus, anti-spyware, personal firewall, IPSEC VPN, anti-spam and Web content filtering security capabilities, FortiClient provides a comprehensive proactive and responsive security capability powered by Fortinet's global FortiGuard service, which delivers the industry's quickest security subscription service updates.


Homepage: http://www.fortinet....cts/forticlient.html
Forum: http://support.forti...orum/tt.asp?appid=51
Size: 30 MBs
License: Shareware (90 day trial)
Price: $69.95

General Software Discussion / PSP Multimedia Extender
« on: August 04, 2006, 10:08 PM »

Description: A media manager for the PSP (Playstation Portable)


General Software Discussion / SopCast
« on: June 22, 2006, 09:10 PM »
Description from the FileForum listing:

SopCast is a simple, easy to use system to watch streaming media on the Internet. It is a Network Media Broadcasting system based on P2P Technology. It could make any node in the network to act as a retransmitter, and slowdown the media server’s workloads when audiences quantity grows. The SopCast Streaming Over P2P technology is more resilient in case nodes quit and connection fail, it is suitable for broadcasting over the Internet. You can use SopCast to watch TV, furthermore you can use it to build your own channel. Anyone can build his own personal media on the Internet.


License: Freeware

I agree. Its nice having a summary of things that went on in the message board the past month.

General Software Discussion / Teen Spirit
« on: May 26, 2006, 12:27 PM »
Description from the FileForum listing:

Teen Spirit is a new way to listen to music on your PC. It features a Music Collection Organizer and can Read ID3 Tags and other information from mp3, avi, mpg, wma, etc. files.


License: Freeware

General Software Discussion / Re: Media Purveyor
« on: April 25, 2006, 06:37 PM »
Nah, I use it for things that shouldn't be discussed or made screenshots of. So, someone else should make a Mini-Review if they want to.

General Software Discussion / Re: Media Purveyor
« on: April 25, 2006, 03:31 PM »
v2.4.1 of it has been recently released.

Here are the changes, etc. in it:
  • Feature General - File Associations from within Media Purveyor.
  • Enhancement Media Browser - Thumbnail Visual Glossary displays selections.
  • Enhancement Media Browser - Thumbnail speed GREATLY improved.
  • Enhancement Media Browser - Thumbnail appearance improved.
  • Enhancement Media Browser - Thumbnail representation of Views more accurate.
  • Enhancement Media Browser - Option to have Navigation on Left.
  • Enhancement Gallery - Left/Right Arrow keys act as Previous/Next.
  • Enhancement Vocabulary - New Keyword dialog features Category selection.
  • Enhancement User Interface - Page Control handles button over-run with menu rather than nav buttons.
  • Enhancement User Interface - Flicker removed from many locations.
  • Bugfix Media Browser - Drag/Drop thumbnail would not scroll.
  • Bugfix Several small bug fixes.

KoApproach ( - Allows you to view the contents of a folder by simply clicking on it and holding down the button used to click it while on the icon of the folder.

EDIT: If you configured Windows to require a single-click to open files/etc., simply hover over it for a couple of seconds.

General Software Discussion / Re: Media Purveyor
« on: April 11, 2006, 03:44 PM »
Yes. It works well except for some problems (dealing with scrolling and the loading of thumbnails) that I mentioned to the developer.

General Software Discussion / Media Purveyor
« on: April 10, 2006, 09:47 PM »
Description from the FileForum listing:

Media Purveyor is an image viewer and media player software that makes media files self-describing for management. Descriptions travel inside the files without any import or export process. Losslessly edit digital photos with 25 effects for many different image formats and share those edits with friends thanks to the portable View system. Safe Folders protect sensitive material from prying or sensitive eyes. Includes a set of editing, publishing and media management functionality. Metadata support includes keywords, custom description schemes, description templates, image metrics, file information, Dublin Core, IPTC, EXIF, JPEG Comment, PNG Key/Values, ID3 and more.


FileForum Listing:
License: Freeware

General Software Discussion / VistaGlance
« on: April 05, 2006, 11:33 AM »
Description from its website:

VistaGlance is a revolutionary program with elements of artificial intelligence that gives you a wonderful ability to get documents you want or run programs you need within several seconds since you firstly think about them. VistaGlance utilizes results of original research in computer human interaction and human perception to increase efficiency of documents-related work up to 30 percents.


License: Freeware (there is also a Pro version that's shareware and includes more features)

Sorry for bringing it back up, but I just recently learned of how to replace Task Manager. All you have to do is:

  • First, Open the Registry Editor
  • Navigate to HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options
  • Create a new key there called taskmgr.exe.
  • In the newly created key, add a string labeled debugger.
  • Edit the debugger string with the path (in quotes if necessary) to the program that you want to replace the Task Manager with.
  • Finally, close the Registry Editor

BTW, I learned of the above from a MSDN blog post (

btw, is there an English page for Amembo?

Yes, there is. It can be reached at

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