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I get to the MEGA site just fine, and it loads and then displays a download button, which I click and then:

It gives me an error message:

Doesn't include any valid URL!

I went to the download page, using FireFox 32 on a Win 7 64 bit system, and the file didn't download. I tried it in an IE tab and nothing at all happened.

Is the download broken?

I checked out several more players, including MediaMonkey and Jaangle, but so far no joy.

I guess most people are fine using the scroll bar, and don't need or want to see all of the artists at once.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Yes, it works fine.

And unlike media players, it doesn't work nearly as well in handling other functions in playing music.

I'm going to keep searching for what I'm looking for.

Who knows, I might find it!

I have that one, I'll test it.


If they allow selecting several files at once (with shift or CTRL) that might be enough.

I've been searching for them and couldn't find any yet, so if you could point me to one or two, I'd appreciate it.

Yes, you're right. If there was a player built into an explorer replacement, that would completely do the trick!

Is there?

Even Windows explorer panes show multiple columns and scroll bars simultaneously in the available space

Dear skwire

You fully understand the issues, and yes, there would have to be some mechanism for expanding the number of columns as the music collection expanded OR a different method of displaying the artists name, for instance:

What about a music player that had the play-stop-pause buttons on the top of the screen and left the rest of the screen for displaying artists (i.e. in a large space) with scroll bars for overflow.

To make it clear, I want the list of artists to continue from one column to the next, in whatever music player can do this.

so far I haven't found any that can.

Dear Skwire,


I was able to get Facets operational.

Unfortunately, even though it has a multiple columns feature, it doesn't allow wrap-around of artists, only multiple columns per pane.

So I'm still searching for a solution.

But thanks for getting me far enough along to find this out.

I am finding Foobar very rough going.

I've been staring at the Facets wiki page for a while, and cannot figure out how get it to work.

I placed the facets.dll in the root folder of foobar, and enabled layout editing mode, and can see a "Library Viewer Selection" in the right pane, but in the album list on the left, I can't seem to have any access to facets.

I will keep trying, but if anyone out there can help, I'd appreciate it.

I installed foobar but can't see how to get multiple artist columns.

Can you?

Hi! I just spent hours trying to find a music player that will both:

1. Play FLAC files


2. Has multiple (snaking) columns listing the albums in the music library.

Basically, I want to see all of the artists in a listing, and I have too many to show in one column.

Has anyone seen this feature?

Thank you for your help.

After visiting the links, I was able to locate one of the items and adjust it.

I do think Kaspersky is fear-mongering and scaring people about unimportant or non-issues.

The statements are part of the scan results, under the category:

Other issues

Information about vulnerabilities associated with the settings of installed applications and the operating system.

I don't actually use Kaspersky, just did an scan with it

Thank you both for your replies.

Unfortunately, Kaspersky has been giving me several false positives too, so I don't dare run the rescue disk or it will delete files that are actually good.

Does anyone know what those three statements mean?


I did a scan with Kaspersky and got three errors I just don't understand, or how to fix them myself:

service termination timeout is out of admissable values


process response timeout is out of admissable values


process termination timeout is out of admissable values

Because I'm using a different anti-virus, I can't install Kaspersky too, to address this issue.

Can anyone out there help me?  (I tried Googling these and got nowhere)


Found Deals and Discounts / Re: Bitdefender Internet Security sale
« on: February 11, 2013, 01:10 PM »
I use BitDefender AntiVirus 2013, not the full suite (because I'm not willing to part with Online Armor Free, which is a great firewall).

After installing it, my system became much faster! (I'd been using Prevx, MBAM, and Microsoft Security Essentials before), and I really love the mini-scans it does. (Instead of a full scan that slows your system down, it does very short scans when the CPU is idle).

It has also caught malware the others didn't, so I'm really pleased with it.

Thank you very much for your suggestions.

I will be looking into them with my friend, and hopefully we will find a solution.

I don't know if any of you have experience removing the new V9 malware from a PC, but one of my closest friends got infected and has run scans from Prevx, Malwarebytes Antimalware, and MSE without success.

Does anyone know how to get this removed?

Please forgive me if this is NOT a topic allowed on this forum.

Donationcoder is a great community, and I just wanted to help him.

p.s. he has an older Windows XP system, and is getting redirects from email links, an IE home page hijack to the V9 website, etc.

I was thinking of only emptying the newly captured clips, not emptying the favorites.

And the easier to do this, the better (as long as it can't be done accidentally).



I need your wonderful Clipboard Help & Spell to have the ability to be cleared of all stored clips.

(E.g. if I've copied a password and pasted it into a web document.)

Whether there would be a hotkey to press, a menu item, or whatever, it would be a very valuable function for me.

Is it possible and likely to add this feature?

Thank you very much for a great program.

Clipboard Help+Spell / CHS Feature Request: Clear items on request
« on: April 02, 2012, 09:43 PM »
For Clipboard Help and Spell --

Can you have a Clear Contents button or hotkey to clear both current and past

This would be great for security reasons.

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