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Certain tools will give you "pre-fab" HTML.

Rightnote is an example, with their WebBook

This gives you a very nice HTML page that reads like your Rightnote, with Folders, Sub-folders and Tabs.
The Rightnote architecture allows you to keep a lot of information in a compact page.
In some cases you might even like it for a 3rd party information use.

Now, lets say you want this page on the web.

In my case I have a good host, good support, a vBulletin forum and the ability to add urls at no incremental cost.
And I can purchase a domain for this purpose.

Is the best way simply to automate an upload? 
I think I would have to add a privacy-security aspect, and that might complicate the endeavor. How much?

Or is there a good 3rd party tool that will host a webpage on their domain, at minimal cost, and possibly include the privacy aspect?

The idea here is to make sure I always have easy access to the information, can regen it every week or day, and do not have to be dependent on remote applications like Teamviewer.

Granted, RightNote has another method, involving Evernote, which I hope to get working some day.  However, I like the webbook idea. (They also have a mobile, which is more for Android.)

Your thoughts welcome !


Is this easy to do with one or more of the tools?

My normal screen capture is Win-Snap and Abbyy ScreenShot Reader.

I've used some others.  I simply want to make a jpg that shows the whole magilla.
The source web pages will usually be under two screen pages long.

Also if there is a way using a Windows and "-" key, or reducing in some way, that is an alternate.

Your suggestions?

Found Deals and Discounts / Ashampoo Bundle
« on: May 29, 2018, 06:50 PM »
I am not an Ashampoo fan, but this bundle might supply a couple of long-term tools, like the Music or Photo ones.

In some places it is over, here they say five days more.

How It Works

Pay What You Want: The Ashampoo Software Bundle
Supercharge Your PC with This Extensive App Collection — All For a Price You Choose

Maybe using a little template to start. There are many tools that try to be your online spreadsheet and database tool. Many of them give you a limited amount for free, like 1,000 contacts. And a certain number of apps, forms or tables.

However, it might be enough. Especially if I am just talking about the contacts for a project (e.g. that Codex Sinaiticus is an 1800s Bible manuscirpt, not 300s.)

There are all the new tools, ones that have a reasonable "free".  I have a little satisfactory experience with Airtable, but I have not tried the linking you need for a contact list.

Most of these are free on their server.
Yes, I can add the urls.

Bubble Free
ifree (integrates with google stuff)

The next three seem to consider the free version as hobby-input versions.



Any thoughts, suggestions?


Note put in today at the GS-Base review

I like quick creation of a database, preferably with at least some modest special abilities, codes, well-designed note fields (GS-Base adds tabs so your note field does not get in the way.)  Linking if possible, getting into more than flat file, but often this is not needed.

When you are done, you might export to a web program like AirTable. I am doing that now with an inventory/pricing schema with a few hundred items.  However, I don't want to do the initial entry in one of the web tables.

Your thoughts ?  - Is GS-Base still the winner if you don't want to go to Alpha, Filemaker and Access.

online bookmark service to import 100K Linkmans for search on road - low $

Overall, I love Linkman, understanding that it is a Windows program, and a very effective cross-browser (they really do a superb job, I add and modify urls from about five or more different browsers).  Thus it is a continual research tool (often bookmarking many pages from a Google book, each one having its own keywords)  and pseudo-PIM.  And there are over 100K bookmarks in my database, which Linkman handles quickly, or quick enough, on search.

When on the road, say on my iPad, the only online mechanism I am using is remote access, especially Teamviwer or Google Chrome Remote. It works, if I have my PC up, but it is not elegant.

Thus, I would like a cloud access method if possible, to my 100K bookmarks. Allowing a search. Sync is not necessary, but I would like to delete and update occasionally, maybe once a week, or once a month.  The full file is 70 MB, which is relatively modest uploading these days.  And I do not expect any great speed in searching, it would only be occasional search usage.


FYI: Usually I do not use the Dropbox or any sync from one puter to another.  I simply switch by USB, however that does not really affect the question above.  I am always a little gun-shy about sync making my data jambalaya, as used to happen with my Firefox bookmarks. 

Btw, I do consider an older Firefox, or Pale Moon, with Roomy Bookmarks, my auxiliary method for quick finding and loading of the current hot and most important bookmarks.  When I want to keep and quickly find track of my recent posts online, it is easier to do that in the bookmark bar than in Linkman, even if I add the url to Linkman.


Now using  Firefox 52.5 esr (or maybe 56, but it might have lost some) in order to keep extension functionality.
Also concurrently using PaleMoon.

More or less, they both work fine with my Linkman and TabMix Plus and RoomyBookmarks and Lazarus

Who else does anything like "RoomyBookmarks" ? Is that feature only on Firefox and Firefox compatible browsers like PaleMoon?
Yes, I know about and use OneTab but is not the same.



Linkman - essential for major use of any browser, well integrated into many

Roomy Bookmarks - a nice plus but not needed on all browsers as I can always go back to Firefox 

Onetab - Clearing out tabs but keeping them nearby - best for quick closing, whether you go back to them or now

TabMixPlus - multi-row in one window browsing - close to essential for major use

Lazarus - a nice plus, but not essential


What other browser can give the features of multi-row browsing? 

Or do you have a preferred second-best way?

And .. what browsers can handle many of these features one way or another.


On the ipad you can quickly make a visual friendly topical page, with your own description with 20 variable, and any of those can group many inside, and you got the bottom six (these numbers may vary by iOS OS#).

You go into Safari and add pages to Home Screen, (also you can intermix Apps). You are limited about 13 pages total, and there is no index, and this is only on the one ipad, there is no way to share, or have a url.

Still, I don't know anything as nice in Protopages, NetVibes, Symbaloo. 
Actually Symbaloo might get close, no groupings and a bit small.

What do you like to make up a quick page on a topic.
e.g. This might be a health topic, Bible, conspiracy and social, tech, anything.

You want to be done in 5-10 minutes, maybe have a note or two if possible on mouse-over or finger-over, look nice so your friends will use, and a sub-grouping feature like on iPad would be nice, and there must be a public url direct possibility.  Also you should be able to modify (a problem on iPad, you have to do a do-over for an individual rather than text, although you can move around the page.)



One special feature.

Right now only on a Mac ($50 and you need a Mac) not yet on the $10 + $7 likely needed upgrade on the iPad version. I am writing this on a 12.9 iPad Pro.

Sort of like flexible overlays, well implemented. 

Note that you can also be in sync with the google calendar (and other) which can help a lot. Of course, google won't know the sets.

Who in Windows or iOS has stuff comparable to these sets? 

This can be a calendar or pim/calendar.

Needed: a power users and help to newbie forum for major app/programs like Fantastical and Wunderlist and miscellaneous.



Roomy Bookmarks makes Firefox dynamite for quick holding of recent and regular groups of information.

e.g. A group of biz links
A group of forums on a topic that is current (e.g. the Tetragram, or Sinaiticus)
Items I am liking in Craigslist

Also Firefox bookmarks sync very nicely (although it does not hurt to do a backup when you go from one puter to another .. good safety move).

What is a good way that I might capture some selected folders on the iPad.

I could open up all the urls in one folder at a time. There are tools like onetab, or maybe some web link tool, that could pick up a page with a custom url
Or a quick export to my own page.

Is this a Mozilla question?  Is this a bit too quirky?

Your thoughts!


I'm never really happy printing over a home network.  It works for awhile, something changes in configuration or sharing or the printer or the weather, and it does not really work.  Deleting the printer and adding is not always a solution.

I don't mind if it takes a little longer I would like a method that works, all the time.

HP Eprint?
Google Print?
Teamviewer ?

How about something like:
      PriPrinter (or FinePrint, etc) 
.. save the files on the local and then send them over to the other device by Teamviewer. (which pretty much always works)
And then print.

That might be the real answer, since it has less moving parts.

What do you think? What do you do?
Does that make sense as the possible bullet-proof way.  It also has the advantage of condensed pages with the print utility.


Over the last centuries (of internet time) I've used a few major spots for backup.  And I avoid sync (with the exception of letting Evernote and Firefox bookmarks sync, they have been solid enough, I may retry some others in the future, like Notezilla).


Dropbox - Our little "Sinaiticus" group uses Dropbox for some heavy duty book-size backups with many GB.
(might not be the most economical but it works fine, the gentleman in charge has a paid account, others access as free users.)

Google Docs - My biz stuff (an e-commerce bullion company). We also are trying to use Evernote and have tried various others.
                    In the biz world Google docs is sort of the vanilla jack-of-all-trades.

DriveHQ - my backup to the cloud, with an incredibly functional file manager
              (this negates the need for drive mapping)
              I have rarely tried direct external sharing from DriveHQ.



We have a couple of dozen documents.  Numbers can increase.  Generally .RTF .DOCX or .ODT.
For writing, usually I use Atlantis Word Processer, sometimes Libre Office.

Short. Frequently changing. Want to make available in the cloud to others simply replacing the old with the new.

SHARING to friends and simply the public in external forum reading. That is the key need. - has been my fave.
             Folder navigation seems friendlier than Google docs.
             Does not have a good Windows file manager, but for low volume, its UPLOAD and DOWNLOAD and new version
             type of stuff is very solid.  You can tack some external notes to the document. Very clean. 

             One element is that the reading online may not be the same formatting as on your upload-download document.
google docs - ready to do comparison. Strong on its real-time collaboration. You don't really think of it as a download-upload
                            point but more as an online spot.


Is there anyone who really shines that I might want to compete with  I realize there are dozens of comparnies but I want them to be really clean, quick and neat for this purpose.

Remember, the key issue here is giving a share url to people, especially so they can download, and optionally read online.


Found Deals and Discounts / Vole Word to Website Professional
« on: February 12, 2017, 03:53 PM »
Vole Word to Website Professional


The discount is not the big issue,
I wonder about how this works practically.  Anybody use it?  I like the idea of simply using my standard word processors for direct upload to a web site.  Your thoughts?

And which license makes the most sense if I am going to try to use it.

Found Deals and Discounts / FolderViewer on Shareware on Sale
« on: December 30, 2016, 11:09 AM »
This came up impressively, dual pane, connected to OneDrive.  Do not know the company

Not sure how these freebies from Sharewareonsale work in terms of multiple puters or the license fuzzing out sometime.


Found Deals and Discounts / Site Spinner Pro at $20
« on: December 30, 2016, 09:58 AM »
While you might consider this rinky-dink.

Site-Spinner Pro

The $20 price is rather low, $50 is generally a bargain for the pro.  $20 is closer to java and herb tea $.

Community forums hoppin a bit.

I wanted one of these types in my arsenal.  Was going to Serif, some consider that a better product (yes, there are many others that do Windows Desktop web-dev lite) but they are ending of life of their web site maker products.  Site Spinner still seems like reasonably active.

A friend did this site on SiteSpinner as part of our project (we do plan to add a WordPress blog.)

As I understand, it is often suggested to use a keyboard shortcut to execute an icon or desktop shortcut, a .lnk.
As here:

(I'm a mouse guy. I don't do much with keyboard shortcuts, although I could hit an icon to pop up a group of shortcuts.)

What happens if you want the opposite. You want a desktop icon to execute a global hot-key (one that was defined in an application like Pnote, to show a specific group of notes.)

Is that done with Autohotkey? Or some other way? 

Let me know if I am missing something trivial.



Found Deals and Discounts / NovaPDF and Backupforall
« on: December 02, 2016, 08:33 AM »
NovaPDF Professional 8

Half price today. Similar to a Bits sale. Where 7 was on sale here, in 2012, and the comments are helpful.

Lite I think is free on a promotion page

For $25 this looks like it might be a nice purchase of convenience. Any users or comparisons welcome.
Of course, it is possible to get many PDF tools free.


Same company:

On good old Backup4All Professional, the new v. 6 has a $25 Cyber deal that came to me in email. (However, they do not speak of any limitations on use.)
https://secure.backu...ade/263/1/CYBERB1654  - the url morphs into a cart entry.

The Professional upgrade would be $21 from any previous Pro version (but you likely end up with only one serial number, they put in their license info that a license is supposed to be for one computer).  I would buy the deal and have two licenses. However, I have Pro V5, so it is a close call if it is worth the $. 

They are quite disciplined in their information, you can see the dates of releases going back 10 years, which is nice. The prices of upgrade paths can be compared. They have a good compare version page, and they tell you in some detail what is new in releases and they email you properly. You can load version 5 and 6 on the same puter. Their forum is alive and they even encourage questions there.  You log in and see your registration keys from years back.  All rather neat and professional, in an informal way.

Here is the Lite for free today, the new version:


This limited time promo seems to be active 3-years later. The program works with a right-click from Windows Explorer (which I have not used for more than 3 years)


My Eudora has a couple of hundred files (.mbx and .toc) I would like to clear out the data and keep the structure.

The reason now is funny. When I copied the 50+ gigabytes of data from puter to USB with XYPlorer it glitched out on the leading spaces.  (It sometimes left less spaces in the target usb.) This will mess up the filters.

Now I am 800 miles away and I want to fix the file names on the USB restored files.  If I could clear out the data on the remote source files with a simple script or utiity, I could copy over the structure with Teamviewer.  Then fix the structure by hand.  (Granted I could probably do this remotely, but in a more cumbersome manner.)

Also I could see this having possible additional future uses. e.g. Making a yearly archive of all the email.

Good method to use?


Currently reading the Lifehacker articles as to the basics.
2013 -
2012 -

They go into paid vs. free
Free refs - Hotspot Shield, CyberGhost VPN, and HideMan, 

A few hours a week would cover cafe use, if that is the purpose.


Companies like Windscribe in Canada (a new company that made a splash) and VPN Unlimited seem to have specials along the usage of one year at $20 or lifetime at $40.

Some discussions (e.g. Reddit) have been fairly favorable.
Reddit has threads here for Windscribe (which may or may not be available now.)

Could check Wilders and others too.

While TechDirt has something on VPN Unlimited here, which apparently has won various awards:

My VPN questions?

Where does this help? 
What does it mean in terms of speed and stability?
Do I take a free spin to see if I like the interface and such?
Do I have to up my techie level?

Can I tell them to not fudge my home location? I am on forums where I want to say "hey, this is from Dutchess County".
Is that a global situation?

Does anything over 3 years really matter? In a likelihood probability sense.

Am I doing this for "Jade Helm" invisibility protection? 
Financial security in transactions? 
Connections between puters (currently use Teamviewer and stuff like that, on low-key connections.)
To be cool.

There is a thread here about a baked-in Opera VPN.

I am generally just interested in knowing more and hearing what you folks think.


General Software Discussion / Evernote and Rightnote integration
« on: October 11, 2016, 08:21 AM »
Has anyone been using the Rightnote integration with Evernote.

They both are fine programs, and of course if you are using Rightnote the integration will give you a nice cloud and tablet accessibility plus.

What if you are using Evernote as your base note system?  Then, do you find that Rightnote adds much? 
You have multi-layer folders.  Maybe it can look nicer.

Not being too concerned about the $ aspect (you may already have a Rightnote license) do you find that you actually end up working in Rightnote, rather than the Windows Evernote Desktop Client (where I do most Evernote, with a little auxiliary jotting on the road) ?  What are the main pluses that you find in Rightnote usage?    Any problems?



Skype has a decent contact list (also group calls work pretty well) capability, however a USA call is .02c a minute.  I have chugged up maybe $50 over time with that one.  One quirk, sometimes the keyboard does not work on "enter 1 for repetition..".

Google Voice and Google Hangouts are hard to separate these days.  You have to be in the active google account (no big problem).  Calls are free.  So far I have not been able to make any contact list work well.  Am I missing something?   The free calls themselves can be done easily by the phone pad.

Facebook calls to Facebook members are free and they work well .. to other Facebook members.  This comes in very handy in a limited way.


Does any one site allow:

1) free outgoing USA calls (like Google Voice and/or Google Hangouts)

2) the maintenance of a searchable contact list? (like Skype)


General Software Discussion / easy peasy website building
« on: October 10, 2016, 03:58 AM »
List of responsive and other Desktop Web Design Software
Last modified: March 8, 2016 by Shams

A bit of English as a second language. This is the only article I have seen that directly gives a number of points of comparison for the group of programs that try to build a website without necessarily falling into code.  Yet not getting dead-ended too easily.  Note that real significant advantages are considered, such as CMS capability, or whether online work is possible.

These six are given full sections, although the last two are a little tame.

Serif WebPlus X8
Xara Web Designer
Website X5
WebEasy Professional 10
EZ Generator

Quick mention to:

WYSIWYG Web builder
NetObjects Website Designer
Xsite Pro 
Webpage Maker 

I have seen a friend use SiteSpinner actually make a decent static site -
NetObjects I thought has its own subculture.


He does not go into the Wix and Weebly type of experience of online building (which would likely be considered too basic). (Similarly the various tools on web hosts.)

Top 10 Alternatives to Weebly Website Builder

Wix vs Squarespace vs Virb vs Weebly vs Jimdo vs WordPress Theme Builders


He does not go into the CMS/WordPress experience in this article, even though he is a WP developer. 


In my own case, the two tools most likely to be used this year:

WordPress (working with a biz already using it on ecommerce with woocommerce so my skills and learning could transfer, thus other CMS are less significant)
Maybe use something like the Editor theme here:

Serif WebPlus (picked up recently on Bits)


Possible consideration
Weebly  (apparently have a good blog platform, which might fit some very simple stuff I want to do on some topics) Blogger is possible here, too.


Lots of good tools to consider, time is limited.  Wordpress biz involvement takes away from Squarespace, Website Baker, etc. possibility.


My goal in image backup is simply to have a clean reinstall. Preferably using the simple Linux method rather than Windows PE. (Why not, for simple clean reinstall?)

Thus, my images will be made either when the OS is super-clean, or a few weeks later when all the basic programs are loaded, and lots of little tweaks are made (e.g. settings, Firefox and Chrome extensions, etc.). Not when the system is getting sluggish.  At that time, I am simply backing up data files.

We start with a couple of partitions that are:

Recovery or Dell or stuff like that, small. 
*: -           39 Mb FAT "Hidden"  (maybe the file allocation table? for the OS?)
*Recovery: 10 GB "Active and Boot"
c: OS
d: data file for programs - Linkman Notezilla, and dozen more.
e: email for 70 GB of Eudora mail, and maybe mirrored on a search program or Bat later.
l:  a place for future linux dual boot

(I would generally stick c: and d: on an SSD when I have one, I want to see if Linkman works quicker)

That is all one disk.   On data backup, I make up my own schedules with d: and e:  (recently I decided to separate them, so a backup of d: was not cumbersome).

What about image backup?  (I am willing to have a pro program from Aomei or Macrium or Paragon or Easeus or somebody.  I am bypassing Macrium for dropping the Linux disk in ver 6.)

Do I simply choose the c:  With the idea that the recovery and fat will still be there.
Or do I do the selected partitions on the disk (all except e:,why backup that huge system file that is backing up another way?)
Or is it better to bite the bullet and simply backup every partition.

What programs do you like.  Am I right that I should not put the huge unnecessary e: into the partition (after a reinstall I would take a recent email backup).

Does any of this make sense?

What programs do you like? Do you get a pro? Do you wait for them to be onsale? I did pickup a free Paragon Backup & Recovery™ 16, version  And do like Aomei. 

Feel free to give free-form thoughts about your own image backup.


My thoughts:
There are three main types of navigation.

1) Start Pages with hybrid bookmark navigation
2) Searches on the fly
2) Database with search (Linkman) - this is good but it is not top-down elegance and visual ease.

So let us look at Start Pages.

Start Pages is an interesting area.


Xerpi as my master GoTo .. the reason is that I can write in notes very easily and fit a lot on a page and its got that javascript easy movement and delete.
Weaknesses - unelegant, dormant, no improvement and support. I'm not even sure if I can change a password. looks nice. Good on widgets (how is the weather.) It can be decent for RSS Feeds. 

igHome I might play with.  It is billed as iGoogle-like after google killed iGoogle.

Symbaloo and NetVibes are two with a greater installed base.  Neither has hit my fancy, partly because of overuse of real estate and a glitz feel.  However, I can always reconsider.

There are others. 43Marks, Protopages.  Protopages I just loaded up again, and has a pleasant feel.


The problem with theFreeCountry is that, among the big boys, they mention Macrium, yet omit the similar situation of decent free versions from Aomei, Paragon, Easeus.


For speed of creating special pages and then an index of page of pages, is OneTab a good option?  It lacks the native ability to assign titles, and change the text, but it looks like you can make pages very quickly on the fly.  Maybe you use one of the other start pages as a master index to 25 or 50 onetab pages you make ?   This is similar to using the bookmark bar, but more visible and more shareable.

I am simply curious as to what you have found to be the most pleasant work ways.  I am especially thinking of shareable pages of 25-50 urls. Or, on the other hand, very pleasant pages of my own that include top-down bookmark sectioning (pages or boxes) and maybe widgets with stuff like RSS Feeds.

In the long run, I see working with two or three methods.

Your thoughts?


The Bat! Professional is on sale on Bits Du Jour or $30.

I still use and like the old 2006 Eudora 7.1, as do many of us, although the weakness in foreign language fonts, unicode, hurts a bit.  And the future may bring some questions.

And I have The Bat! loaded from earlier this year, it seems to be a little less friendly in the way it places pics as attachments, where Eudora might be willing to show you the pic inline. 

I was seeing HTML (or whatever it is) in my Bat inbox, although in a somewhat stripped down format.  Eudora has that option to use the Microsoft viewer (this is the type of thing that could go kaput in some future Windows version.) which tends to show you what they tried to send.

Natively The Bat! thinks in terms of individual mailboxes in the display, so you might show five Inboxes, Outboxes, etc.  And I prefer the Eudora method where it is all one box, and you do it all by filtering.  Presumably you could get The Bat! to place all the mail in one set of boxes through filtering?

Feel free to mention other programs, I am particularly interested in the strengths and weaknesess.

From what I can see, in general, The Bat! is one of the few programs that has filtering and searching that is comparable to Eudora, my key point after stability (also mandatory are a decent RTF editor and pasting pics from the clipboard right into the letter you compose.)

Is this the time to pick up The Bat! Use it for some outgoing unicode stuff (I can do that in gmail, too, usually some Greek font from Bible programs) and begin really trying it out?  For an eventual switcheroo.

Or should I wait?  Is there better?


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