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Hi Folks,

ActMask has a product on Bits Du Jour today.

Drive Encryption - Protect Your Removable Media!

The posts by Keith Anderson have brought into question whether the product actually encypts the drive, or just the FAT.

The developer, Thomas Lee, has already acknowledged:
"The DriveEncryption encrypts the File Allocation Table for FAT format drive only."

This alone would be enough to deep-six the product, if it is not clearly indicated on the website.
Keith then reports he then found the same problem on the NTSF volume.
Kudos to Keith for doing extra homework.

Strange.  Why would an encryption product actually encrypt the FAT and not the drive ?  Why risk a stable of products on one that doesn't do what is advertised ?

Notice pidgin English in a company with a San Diego addy.
"Almost support all kind of Removable, Fixed, USB storage drive and Memory Card"
"It has ability to encrypt for each Logistic Disk"

Did a software middleman in San Diego get fooled by some Chinese (or others with limited English) software developers ?

Should we recommend to Nick to withdraw this Bits ? 

Your thoughts ?


Hi Folks,

Looking for a scheduler, fun to use, reasonably versatile.
Almost no reviews on the Net.

Ok, granted I could probably use various scripting language tools.
What if you want a dedicated simple scheduler that is more robust
than what comes with XP ?

Here is what I have found, before loading any, have you used any of these ?
Or recommend another.



JIT Scheduler

*** UPDATE 8-23-2011 Web of Trust has negatives about Gibin Software ***

Smooth Program Scheduler


Advanced Task Scheduler - $40

Hi-Base Task Scheduler - $30



Hi Folks,

Today on Bits Du Jour.  $15 down from $30.  A Chinese company that is often on Giveaway of the Day, apparently one of the better ones (GAOTD is uneven). If the product is good I would prefer to simply Bite it from Du Jour.  It has not been easy to determine the expertise of the company.

The website in general, and for this product, looks professional.
As does the forum.

Any thoughts ?  I saw there may be a 2005 Paragon Partition Manager that might be a freebie alternative. And all sorts of techie alternatives, which would be nice to learn, but even if I techify I would like to use one friendly GUI alternative as well.  If this is the most modern, GUI, solid, inexpensive-ware product, better than any freewares, then the $15 is attractive.

Anybody have any experience with this one ?  I am unconcerned about Vista, the main idea is to set up Linux partitions on an existing Windows XP puter, and/or have software that works below the XP interface and works with the partitions.  My understanding, minimal, is that partition philosophy is a bit different when the system starts with XP and works from XP and when it starts directly on the lower puter level.  Perhaps a good product can work either way consistently ?


Hi Folks,

Here is an issue to consider.

From Irfanview, strong words, and this is part of their regular blurb.

IrfanView is trying to create new and/or interesting features in its own way, unlike some other graphic viewers, whose whole "creativity" is based on feature cloning, stealing of ideas and whole dialogs from ACDSee and/or IrfanView! (for example: XnView has been stealing/cloning features and whole dialogs from IrfanView, for 7+ years).

Assuming true, we could look at this in a number of ways.

"Stick with Irfanview, they do the real research and concept pioneering. And avoid flagrant copying products. Integrity first."


"Irfanview is being petulant and acrimonious without real cause, just improve your product and move on, with gazillions of users product feature cloning is expected and fine. And Irfanview did not give any examples."

If XnView takes whole dialogs (I have not researched this further) that is very tacky, and I would consider that a big negative, as it is not only clone copying but plagiarism, unethical if not illegal.

Here XnView was defended.
re: Alleged Stolen Elements - XnView vs IrfanView
by: adesigninteractive on 05-Dec-2007 10:14:20 AM
"Please identify these stolen items. As a long time user of both IrfanView, and XnView, I see no legitimate evidence in XnView which might support your allegations. the archaic IrfanView GUI is nothing like that of XnView. I recognize elements which may be inspired by ACDSee, where the author has implemented a Lowest Common Denominator of preferred features-- but this trend is pervasive in virtually every software category; in every dynamic. I believe you owe it, not to XnView development, but to the imaging software end-user to explain yourself."

I don't have an answer, however when we use software, integrity issues are very significant.  (As another example, I try not to use sites that have advertisements for rogue products, or if the ads are from Google, I try to do what is appropriate, such as informing the site.)

It does seem clear that XnView implements features not in IrfanView, (apparently their tab implementation is one) and does some features in a superior manner, so the issue becomes complex. e.g. It is possible that XnView would implement a feature, at first, using the Irfanview dialog and then at leisure change the wording.

Anyway, while considering this in terms of my own use, I figgered it really should be part of this thread.  I was a little surprised at the sharpness of the Irfanview words, there does not seem to be any notice or discussion on the XnView site. The IrfanView website is nicely done, the author, from Bosnia, introduces himself well and links to lots of good software, I do not think his forum discusses this.  The XnView site is also nice, less personal, and does have a forum where users discuss many things, including features they would like to see, that may be in Irfanview.

Your thoughts ?


General Software Discussion / FTP Client - freeware with scheduler
« on: April 10, 2008, 08:54 AM »
Hi Folks,

  Do you have a good FTP Client that is freeware and that has a built-in scheduler ?  Granted
there are cmd-line and Windows Scheduler methods.  However I would prefer an integrated simple
solution for files that I share at work and home and here and there.  I would like to make sure
I don't have to save manually to USB drive or to my free Net storage area (DriveHQ, which is
FTP-friendly).  By scheduling once an hour when the program is up, I can make sure the current
file is available wherever I am just by having the program running in the background. The important
files might be about 15 megs, not too large, notes and bookmarks and PIM type of stuff.

   Seems like FileZilla doesn't have scheduling, just a queue (On my test it also seemed to drop
a couple of times, it did restart in the right place but I did not see an auto-reconnect feature,
is it there ?).  I saw an earlier version of Auto FTP Manager (3) on one of the Brit magazines,
that is one idea, one thread indicated pro versions of CuteFTP and WSTP are good on this,
but that is pro versions.  FlashFXP as well, good but not free.  Apparently Total Commander
would need some special scheduling stuff. 

   Keep in mind that an auto-reconnect feature in the midst of a download should be part
of this solution.  Another issue is the degree of security (do I want and need SFTP, do
people really try to intercept a generic FTP download from a cable connection to a web
storage area) and the WebDav possibility.

   Right now Fresh FTP looks good as a possibility, but my email code is slow arriving
so I have not tested it.  Not mentioned much in the forums on the net, yet looks interesting.
I always check DonationCoder, Snapfiles and FileForum, maybe CNet and a little extra-Google
before working with a new software.

   Any references or suggestions ?  And add any additional thoughts.  I would also use
this for a larger daily or weekly web backup of all critical files.

   Also if any of you are techies on FTP on the iSeries (AS/400) minicomputer and wouldn't
mind sharing some expertise and brainstorming, please contact me on that as well.  Thanks.

Steven Avery

Hi Folks,

   A large multi-gig backup on a large dicey disk (e.g. prone to bsod) may not complete.  It would then be helpful to restore have you got, and keep moving from there on the next pass (perhaps skipping over a folder if there is an indication of disk problems, or trying to copy the folder, but let's assume the bsod is something like memory or driver related).

   What software programs take this into account well ?  e.g. Would be easy to restore what was done.  I noticed that Backup4All wants to put everything into a .zip file and then that file will likely be corrupted on the bsod, and their restore system is looking for files that are written at the end as well.

   So is this a factor that should be carefully considered in delicate backups ?  One obvious solution is a non-compress mode, yet apparently that is not in all of these packages. 

   What is best in this regard ?  And am I right in thinking that this is a largely overlooked part of backup comparisons. 

   Perhaps they could journal a type of restore/continue point, that probably is in some packages, so if you know of that, share. However that would not be as bulletproof as saving files in the same structure and layout (no compression, maybe 10 times larger) as on the disk.

  Thoughts ?

Steven Avery

Found Deals and Discounts / PowerCmd on Bits du Jour
« on: March 25, 2008, 09:24 AM »
Hi Folks,

PowerCmd - $9.95 today
Bits Du Jour Today
There is a thread with a little discussion of these programs here.

This price is reasonable $9.95, and there may not be an equal freeware.

Any thoughts from users ? 
This does show up on GAOTD sometimes, too.

Steven Avery

Found Deals and Discounts / Greenprint today on Bits Du Jour
« on: March 17, 2008, 06:41 PM »
Hi Folks,

Fineprint is one of the indispensibles, I use the free version with
the small blurb-ad line and maybe a couple of restrictions that
I barely notice. 

Greenprint looks new, designed to compete with Fineprint.

Does it have any advantages ?  Disadvantages ?
Fundamental differences ?

Inquiring minds .. yes .. they do want to know.


Found Deals and Discounts / Easy-Hide-IP today on Bits Du Jour
« on: March 11, 2008, 07:06 PM »
Hi Folks,

Easy-Hide-IP is one of the Bits Du Jour Today, at half-price, under $10.

Folks use proxies and such for lots of reasons, and have different
requests. Anonymous browsing, and anonymous email to a forum,
come to mind .. while relative speed might be a big factor, maybe not. 
Perhaps the need is an IP from a particular area, or changing IP's,
or not-changing.

Some people want a more complete untraceability than others and
for some folks the issue is getting around political barriers, such as
censorship.  Or concerns about various types of persecution and
repression, current and potential.  It could be something as unusual
as a teacher concerned about their job if speaking publicly of their
creationary views.

Thus it is hard to look at any of this as "one size fits all". 

From my reading, it is very hard to generalize about various
IP-hiding and proxy software and servers .  Though I noticed
that while some stuff is free, a lot is say $25-50 a year.  I've
never used one so it is a bit of a mysterious area.

To someone uninformed (myself) this one looks like it might give
you an ease-of-use front-end without much difficulty with some

What do our experts say about Easy-Hide-IP ?  Does it have a niche ?
Perhaps fairly new, claims a lifetime license for small $, and it looks
like a nice interface .  Will it help the light anonymous user ?  Say the
person bounced from the DonationCoder forum who wants to post  :).
J/k Mouser !

Any thoughts ?


Found Deals and Discounts / Bits Du Jour and GAOTD one-day deals
« on: January 26, 2008, 06:28 AM »
Many of watch Bits Du Jour and Giveaway of the Day.  I especially like Bits,
the other day I purchased Backup4All from Bits, and I have been finding a product every two weeks or so that I consider a good purchase choice. On Giveaway I enjoy the discussions with all the references to this freeware and that shareware, and why the current giveaway is so schlocky (with some notable exceptions).

Since those are all short-term one-day giveaways (Bits we know a few days in advance) can we stick all their "Deals and Discounts" on a "One-Day Deals and Discounts" separate section, next to this one, so that they don't flood this thread from its more long-term discounts ?

If this post should be on a different forum on DonationCoder, move it along :-).  However it would be good to be seen here, since a lot of us check this thread most frequently, not wanting to miss a solid deal !


Found Deals and Discounts / Automise Lite - 70% off - Bits Du Jour
« on: December 10, 2007, 03:46 AM »
Hi Folks,

Automise Lite on sale at 70% off today.

Automise (not Lite) was given some nice references here on a Bits Du Jour discount a year ago.

The feature matrix is at:

At $15 instead of $50, the Lite version may be good for many.
Our users may want to help explain more their current usage and status.

Granted the earlier discount was even more intense however they were trying to break into the marketplace and visibility (there is even a webpage somewhere with hourly sales and discussion of discount startup and impulse buying philosophy !) so that was likely a one-timer.   That does not negate the niceness of the current 70% off.

The current discount is one of the nice "Bits" -

"I can handle that, apparently it's a good niche product,
inexpensive enough to try to fit it into my mix".

Steven Avery

Oh, I also made a little comment on Bits about "SpyEraser" today.

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