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Hi Folks,

Software is unusual on this site.

Any comments on the bundle ?

Syncables Desktop, PagePlus Essentials, Roxio Burn, Digital TV for PC 2 & Imagic 5 Kit + $10 eMusic Gift Card!

"The OfficeWork Multimedia Essentials Software Bundle gives you all the tools you'll need to create print projects, edit photos, record shows, and more! Need to sync two computers? Syncables Desktop allows you to transfer data from one computer to another and easily sync all your files, media and browser bookmarks. Edit your photos and images with STOIK Imagic 5, which offers a powerful combination of photo album, organizer, media viewer, and image editor.

But that’s not all. With Digital TV for PC 2, you can watch and record your favorite shows right on your computer. PagePlus Essentials offers a wide range of templates and designs to let you produce amazing brochures, pamphlets, calendars, cards and other documents. And last but not least, Roxio Burn Software enables you to effectively record files onto different optical discs. A bonus $10 eMusic gift card comes included."

Your price turns out to be $10.

CompUSA sells this bundle for $30 in their stores.

OfficeWork Multimedia Essentials Software Pack - Syncables Desktop, PagePlus Essentials, Roxio Burn, Digital TV for PC 2 and Imagic 5

Steven Avery

Hi Folks,

In this thread I really want here a little discussion of the basic alternatives on blogger and wordpress, both of which seem to have excellent blogging facilities.  There are dozens of worthwhile alternatives, they may be mentioned, however it seems the prominence of the big two is justified by features, simplicity, etc. so they will be the primary focus for simple "get-up-and-running-and-share-away".

Earlier we were discussing setting up server environments on your PC, however it seems these two can be set up in 3 different ways.

1) running on the web, hosted by wordpress or blogger  (
2) running on the web, hosted by your own url
3) running on your local (pseudo)-server, uploaded to your own url (or hosted on your pc as server)

Offhand I am not sure what the advantages to 3 might be .. unless there was some intensive stuff going on where a local connection is faster. Or, more simply (3) is simply for "set-up" then upload to your (2)?  .. then continue from there with web management ?  Rather than ask your web host to do the install ? Which simplicity will vary from host to host. I'm a little perplexed.

The simple fact of email posting to the blog, even pics and stuff (testing needed to see if inline .jpg will work on both, an important question), seems to tremendously simplify the actual blog posts. I played with the Wordpress editor and was not impressed, so Eudora, or an alternative if it words better, comes to play. Of course you have to go online for comment moderation, dashboard tweaking and stuff like that.

One major first question is simple .. in initial days, is there any disadvantage in starting with the wordpress or blogger link ? Are they special efforts or costs or difficulty when you later try to port the blog en toto over to your own domain ?  Should you try from day one to have your domain as the host ?  And, if you start with their hosting, should you first set up your host with a URL redirection to where you might think you go later, so that you have a permanent path ? I know there is a possibility of a fee when you transfer stuff out, like with forums, $50 or so would not be a big hurt, but I really wonder about all this.

Also I am thinking about the best way to handle the issue of unusual name or topic blogs, one account or multiple accounts.  Clearly you could set up one account and have multiple blogger blogs (not sure about wordpress, presumably so). Another alternative seems to be to set up a gmail account [email protected] and the blog with the corresponding name ..e.g myunusualblog .. and then have gmail keep a copy of the mail and send one down to your home inbox too. This way you have nice coordinated control, blog by blog (I will likely end up with about 3, on related yet distinct Bible topics) .. where you sign in to the gmail accounts, one by one, and see the blog activity when not home, and simply filter properly at home.  Make sense ?  

Note: It would be nice if gmail had a url method to pass the user name and password, but that might be asking a bit. Then the url would go right into linkshelf.  

However in my proposed method the gmail username wll be the blog name anyway, making it fairly simple even if the three blogs are distinct.  The only significant loss is that a "blogger" looking at "your blogs", a nice feature, does not see them all together.  Your thoughts ?

I'm not sure if all this is sensible, feel free to drift afield, and share away.  I'll hopefully invite you to my new blog or two tomorrow, to compare and share.

(One glitch already, I set up a blogger account under the wrong name, deleted it hoping to set it up under the right name, freezing the name as unavailable, I am asking about that on blogger forum.)


Steven Avery
Queens, NY

Hi Folks,

Trying to explain the goal. You have a large email correspondence that is research, not public because it is raw form, discussion, etc.  

The two (or more) people are always searching their email folders for the best methods of study and checking. However, that does not allow a simple URL to access email-by-email.  (Maybe there is some Mailbox program that does something here, making each email to a file, I am using Eudora with the .mbx format.) You are always referring to subject and date, or cutting-and-pasting.  A bit clunky.

You can put the emails into a Yahoogroups or Google groups.  The big difficulty (beyond some privacy concerns, wanting this to be unseen by non-members, but at least Yahoogroups, probably Google also, seems to be pretty good on private groups) is that inline pictures are handled very awkwardly, if at all.  They go through to the receipients, but not to the forum post online (in google they are morphed to .jpg attachments, YG simply strips them, dunno about any other forum alternatives).

Possibly there is a private blog idea that would work (cut-and-past) or you set up your own website with a CMS (content management system).  The quick and easy CMS is possibly the solution, but it has to allow a quick and easy cut-and-paste, including the pics .. then you can Linkman keyword the urls.

Similarly, possibly a private VBulletin (or one of the other forums) section would do the job.  Would this be as good as a CMS ?  Dunno.  I have a VBulletin forum, but have not tried this yet, one problem is that you are not really trying to create a forum thread, so each email would become its own thread.  You normally do not think of web forums in that manner, that might only be a rethinking issue.

Anybody using something that they think would do this no muss, no fuss.  Assume a quantity of about 1000 emails to be archived !   As I wrote this up, I realized I should try the VBulletin method, and see if the inline pics take and if it works good.  

Steven Avery

Hi Folks,

Heavy bookmark users know how important are user defined keywords.  Powermarks and now Linkman have built their base on this feature, very nicely.

However sometimes you bookmark a page, assign keywords and then move on.

Three months later you go back and the page is gone. 
You check, google cache, nothing.

Solution : 
Automated download of bookmarked pages with associated cross-referencing. (Each page requested creates one folder, since it may have multiple files.) The creation of a new bookmark that points to the spot on disk.

Now the page is online, you can bring it up, you lose nothing for researching, and you even know the date when the page was there and the URL at the time.

Probably .. nobody yet has this download and bookmark-keyword integration refined.  So I am trying to open up the idea to Linkman for consideration. 

Firefox has a download page facility that .. if the API allows a piggy-back .. should be sufficient.

Save Page As - And then you choose from

Web Page, complete
Web Page, HTML only
Text Files
All Files

Although clearly more sophisticated possibilities might exist, through dedicated offline browsers, my quick test of the above was very successful.

Your thoughts ?

Steven Avery

Hi Folks,

Not sure of all the details, since I have a license about a year or two old for version 7. However it probably makes sense to do this deal tonight, since it gives 36-months of upgrades, and $15 is a very minor support for a program that is my #1 research and writing assistant.

Ok, my existing license does go to 8 (which I have not downloaded) .. however if I end up with two extra licenses available for $20 AND the 36-month is a significant extension over current (likely) then it sounds good.  I can give a license to a friend if I have too many, that seems to be acceptable per the discussion at Bits.

(Note: I'm trying to talk to Outertech to expand into a download-offline feature as well, combining the existing Linkman integration. Just the last few days I started to share with them some ideas. The idea would be to never lose the material even when the url goes defunct. helps sometimes, laboriously but omits many or most links, including forums.

Linkman Pro (2 Computer License)
The Ultimate Bookmark Manager!

Steven Avery


Hi Folks,

Evgeni always does a good job on support on this forum and is good on licensing.  We have some earlier threads on this program, generally excellent and, to be complete, with some lacks (e.g. not as comprehensive in startup locations as e.g. WinPatrol, something which I believe Evgeni is addressing step by step. His is more an interface and user-control program, WinPatrol specializes more in the security aspect, they can be complementary). 

Very nice interface, and Evgeni seems to be always improving the program.  Keep in mind that he has a separate Task Manager program. (However for me Startup is a bigger need, a good Startup program is always excellent.)


The free program is also pretty good, yet with the Bits discount today may be a good day to buy. There is easily enough there to justify the $15.

Steven Avery

General Software Discussion / RTF --> HTML editor
« on: March 30, 2010, 09:39 PM »
Hi Folks,

As part of my molasses Wamp server and Website Baker and MySQL and Alpha5 and Navicat  and this and that project I realize I need to do some straight HTML coding.  I am a programmer of sorts (RPG on iSeries mostly) so theoretically all that is cake.  In practice .. well. we shall see.

I saw the HTMLPro special today on Bits .. and I know we have lots of other editors mentioned.  Decisions, decisions. While it is not the most advanced, I see that the HTMLPro is sweet in the color coding and formatting dept, good for beginner-intermediates.  

Now I really have one simple kindergarten question to start.

A lot of the material I bring into the editor will already have format from an email or forum, maybe RTF.  Color, height, bold, italics (conceivably fonts, but not important).  I know some webforums will take the paste and hold the formatting very nicely.  (Not an issue here because we are Plain Sam.)  And with an on/off toggle for the mode.

So I want my HTML editor to receive such RTF paste input without intermediate steps, or minimal.  Do they all do that ? None ?  How about HTMLPro ? (I tried a quick test and did not see how.) What would they call it ?

Any help appreciated, since I am considering the big $18 purchase.  If you want to mention the many excellent editor products fine, although we could bump up one of the editor threads for that.

Any help appreciated.

Steven Avery

Hi Folks,

Good product, inexpensive, in a realm where mistakes can be costly.

BootIt Next Generation

Our 2006 Thread when discount

Wilders Thread (2008)

There rep is excellent support, I do not think they have forums.


General Software Discussion / Chameleon Task Manager
« on: March 20, 2010, 06:24 AM »
Hi Folks,

Evgeni mentioned his new Task Manager in one of the Startup thread discussions.  Nice program, again in a crowded field (DTask Manager, AnVir and others).  Clearly CTM is, like CSM, a very nice program. We can get into comparison later.  CTM is in beta.

Right now....
Two questions/thoughts for Evgeni.

I really do not want my Task Manager programs to tell me with Pop-ups about Priority situations and options since that is usually being handled by Process Tamer (or Process Lasso, or something else).  Unless there is some compelling reason.  So we need an option to turn off those (relatively unobstrusive) popups that allow me to make priority changes. (You don't do anything automatically with priorities, I gather.)  Maybe I could make them 0% transparency, yet that is not really a solution.  

Also .. you automatically took over the Windows Task Manager status.  That is a no-no, you have to ask.  I put it back, by the uncheck mark. No matter how excellent other programs are, I reserve that for DTaskManager.  Others might reserve that for WTM.  One reason is .. minimal resource usage on loading, which often is a factor in crunch times. Your task manager has to be very simple to be loaded and active.  At other times, on demand, you want a far more involved task manager. So my recommendation .. no automatic taking of WTM status.

Generally .. very nice program, more later.  I could have emailed this to you, however CTM can use a DonationCoder thread for discussion.

Steven Avery

Hi Folks,

For development of a website I gather that setting up a local server is the proper way to go.  Develop at home, then mirror to the site with FTP. So I started with Xampp and hit a snag in trying to start MySQL.  (Maybe password related, maybe not, can show discussion later.) Rather than hassle too much, I then went with Wamp (my research did not place one above the other) and the servers turned on very nicely (after a little puzzling as to where to put the install).  Whew.

Then, for database development (I have a custom web-research-related app I would like to do, allowing real-time modifications by two or three people) I am playing with Navicat (Free), rather than simply PhpMyAdmin, and I am reasonably pleased.  It looks like it really may allow quick and proper database design, even if does not give a full end-user environment like my semi-beloved Alpha Five and other alternatives. Since it affects my real work, I may be playing with the pricier WinDev and Magic trials as well. (They have good iSeries integration.)  So I was pleased with everybodies fav PhpMyAdmin - but only for limited direct control -  and Navicat for database design.  Although there are good competitors for Navicat it looks like very likely a keeper.  Sweet. (I do not mind the cost when I go to Pro.)

WordPress or CushyCMS  or another .. maybe soon (unless WebsiteBaker cuts all the mustard and I decide against a blog or CMS mentality).  

Then WebsiteBaker, which looks like fun.  However I hit a snag on the install which I placed here.
wb crashes at installation
It may also be password or something. Some of this stuff is a bit squirrelly.

Oh, one other discussion.  Which apps really give a decent front-end look-and-feel without too much learn and burn ?  I have not taken Navicat far enough to see what it looks like yet .. however it does not look like a real front-end, probably expecting you to do that in HTML, PHP etc.  Alpha Five will do it, at a cost, maybe $500 or so..oops. Is there a mid-point ?  A neat looking MYSQL "application" that the enduser almost feels he is at home running an app ? (Again, maybe Navicat does this, maybe Sqlyog, maybe some others, maybe the big boys.) Suggestions which way to go ?  I really like the idea of not developing the front-end look and feel by hand-code and I prefer a one-tool approach.

Steven Avery

Hi Folks,

We have had incredible threads on note-taking concepts as a whole.

Here I would like to limit the discussion to the basic motif - a tree-style (often with tabs) note program.
Three come to mind.

Keynotes-NF (Free, Open Source)
TreeDBNotes  (Free and Pro)
AllMyNotes Orgranizer  (Free and Deluxe)

Keynotes-NF is the open source followup to Keynote, when I use TreeDBNotes I must admit the interface is rather a bit more pleasant (a real factor in note programs) and AllMyNotes Organizer looks like the new kid on the block, with a DC discount and perhaps the most active development ?

I'm sure there are probably 5-10 other similars worthy of consideration, lets not include them other than en passant notice .. unless they are overall really right there in the mix, with their own advantages.

Some of the issues to consider.

Search strength and speed and utility
Portability, integration with web in any shape, manner and form
Licensing on USB-Work-Office puter with 1 license at a time
Database facilities - some user defined fields
Note and a source URL logically connected (not just urls in a note) - e.g. consider this for a research database
   (this is a pseudo-bookmark facility, if a note program could be linked with a linkman type of program, even better)
Support (forum, developer response)
Solidity, Backup
Attachments and pictures

(Add 10 more here)

I would like to personally make my decision for the next couple of years, right now I am toggling back and forth from Keynote to TreeDBNotes and the BitsDuJour and DC discounts for AllMyNotes caught my notice, leading to the post :).

Steven Avery

Hi Folks,

Yes, I know I could ask in FF land, however let's try here first. A bit more out-of-the-box.

I open a new window in Google (usually I have the setting as a background opening) and 30 minute later I go to the window to search for ... what was in the google search.  However I forgot which search it was ! hmmm .  Any extensions or tricks to overcome this ?  Keep that search somewhere .. e.g. in the Find: bar when the window returns or a special little view area.

Another big FF need, the wonderful little "Find" box on the bottom bar.  I want two or three of them, so I can toggle searches without retyping and remembering as I go over pages.  Once I asked in FF land and got mostly blank stares, yet I think this would be 10x more effective that the fancy stuff they do in search land.

Steven Avery

Hi Folks,

This happens to me sometimes, and can even be after a reboot, so it does not seem to be memory related.

Here is a pic.


Any ideas why ?  It is annoying, although everything functions ok, and I can go to Opera if I want to see normal.


Hi Folks,

Kirby Alarm Pro

Never used this, and .. other software that overlaps is in use (System Scheduler, Rainlendar) and the Vue Calendar thing also sounded great ..

however a number of users seem to wax poetic.

And he has got a rather excellent-looking forum.

Kirby Software Forum - Kirby Alarm

So is this one of those "get it for $10 and shake it out later .. can't miss" types of softwares ?


Hi Folks,

 A lot of times when there is a malware problem (on your puter or fixing somebody elses) you have an idea where it came from, a lot of times you don't.  If you don't, you have a recipe for a future disaster.

 Malwarebytes is probably the leader in finding out info these days, SuperAntiSpyware second.  Kewl.

  One thing they (any company) never seem to want to study is the DATES of the files of the problems. They are not shown to you, they are not in the log, they are nowhere to be found (afaik, there could be exceptions).  And once you delete the problems, all trace is gone except in backups.

  Now Windows does a pretty good job documenting the date and time of when a file appears (granted the malware could try to adjust that, similarly you could have a guardian to prevent the 'adjustment'.  The malware could also fudge the issue some if it is the type that replicates and deletes, however what I am sharing will apply in MOST cases.)

  So if you had two things :

1) The ORIGINAL PUTER DATE of the problem issues (I'm not sure if that extends to registry entries, whether they log .. or could be easily logged .. in that manner).  On files Windows keeps a couple of dates, sometimes the names are confusing, but the original "onboard" date is one of them.

2) A decent log .. not just the event viewer, but a real log-file of web-pages, downloads, java loads, .exe and .dll file creations, stuff like that.

You would be able to backtrack and get a good fix on the original source.  And log files are "no big deal" .. 100 or 1000 entries a day or so is simply nothing in terms of computer processing.  

And note: until there is more .. actually the windows file dates gives you a pretty decent defacto log today, simply by searching on the date and time.

Then #3

And most of this could checking be automated !  Then a little program could fish out what happened right before the file install.  So it is a lot easier than even looking at the famous "event viewer".  A lot of time you would then look at the data and have an "aha" moment, or at least find a likely culprit or benign cause.

Why do I mention this ?  I fished out the data for a false positive from Emsi very easily in that way (I could link to the threads).  First I checked the suspect file date itself, then I searched on Locate32 (I think that is what I used, maybe Total Commander did not have that date search handy, or maybe vica versa) by the file dates to see what was new at the time of the suspect.  And I found out that a potential "keylogger" was simply part of a respected task manager package that I had installed that gave me the .dll.  And a phone call to the developer put all the dots together, very simple.  (Emsi showed no interest at all in this method of discovery .. none .. zilch. ) Yet if I did not have the dates available, very unlikely that I would have found anything.  

(Well, later I discovered McAfee also had a second lead, far less exacting, one that helped confirm my research. The file was documented as coming from the task manager package -- on a page where they show what was involved in the installs, surprisingly nice from McAfee).    For the afficianados, the Convar "PC Inspectpor Task Manager" program used a Dart library component .. one that had been used in an earlier version a decade ago by a parental-control keylogger .. such is the sad state of modern malware analysis. In fact Emsi had previously been informed about this false positive of this .dll on an earlier thread, but their bureaucrcatic methodology was in the way.  

The malware industry does not like to revamp their thinking very easily .. heuristics and all ...  they are an entrenched and somewhat stagnant crew, at least in some ways.  

Your thoughts on this 'new paradigm' possibility for discovering the malware sources ?  It is actually all quite trivial on a technical level, mostly it simply needs a bit of coordinated action.  Basically, it seems like an important component, a very simple and strong weapon, is simply ignored in the malware prevention world. (When was the last time you heard a security vendor, or even a Wilder's techie, recommending to check the file date and match it against the files on your system ? )

The simplest aspect of this could be implemented very simply.  Here is the file(s) in question .. here are any installs at that time.  At the very least, you would start with things like .. this .dll or this .sys links to this .exe and these files, they were installed at the same time.  The more overarching log defense structure is the higher level recommendation.

Steven Avery

Living Room / windows up - unspecified - determining the source.
« on: July 01, 2009, 08:33 PM »
Hi Folks,

  When there is a message up in a window, and you do not know the program source, and it
does not tell you, is there a way to really determine ?  Short of killing processes and seeing
when it goes away ?


Hi Folks,

The thread started here:

fully free software utilities for biz use

And that is the best place for most of the side-threads.  
Here is the list updated, now in sections, there were problems in page size before.

Below is also fine for suggestions and questions, once I get the first group of posts in,
with the new groupings.

Here are the groupings for now !  
(Do we have URL direct to post ?)










EVENT VIEWER & LOG FILES - analysis & real-time



BIZ APPS Accounting - Inventory - Time Tracking


BIZ-WARE - what you are most likely needing to purchase (SECURITY)




WEB BROWSING - Research - Activities - Recreation











Hi Folks

Subject originally:
Re: biz-network BACKUP choices and strategies
(changed to show the main products under discussion)

To backup the important PC files to a server (this can be .pdf or labels or various documents and database files) from a number of PCs, the first choice is whether the backup should be centralized or done PC-by-PC, initiated locally.  Both have advantages, I am not sure if there is a free strong network backup program, and the following are the main choices so far for PC backup.


Cobian Backup Version 9 Amanita http://www.educ.umu....ian/cobianbackup.htm

SyncBack Freeware V3.2.19.0  -

FBackup Forum

Comodo Backup - http://forums.comodo...776.0.html;msg280048

Cobian and Comodo are designed as full products, SyncBack and FBackup (from Backup4all folks) are the Lite versions.  Personally I avoid Comodo for other reasons, however the backup product deserves comparison here.

The Microsoft tool for .pst files may come to play

Or, you may decide to go to a commercial program on the .pst.  

Certain issues come to play, such as how to schedule a backup when the puter is on and the files are available. (Especially with PST.)

So the first question is this, between the four products above, how do we make the decision, what are the strengths and weaknesses of each.  We can combine our use with various reviews and comments on the .net.  Personally I am on the cusp of choosing one, yet which one ? ? ?

Let's look at a number of issues on backup and see if any of the four stand out.  And how to handle those 10 Gigabyte PSTs.

Also let's decide on a strategy, how do you decide what to backup, do you use inclusions of file types, or exclusion ?  Folks can be running their own specialty programs for sales management or label making or scanning or this or that so how do you decide what to backup and what to ignore ?  (Images are not my consideration, here, we want to hold on to data and config type files for hand restore.)

Here are some issues to consider.

TARGET DATA TYPES (same as source, .zip, proprietary)

I noticed on the Cobian boards an issue was raised that when the source "deletes" a file Cobian does not want to delete it at the target, and issues like that are :


Probably there are a dozen more.  Bring your screenshots and experiences, let the battle begin, which one will be the Iron Backup ?  

Are any of these 4 far more capable or incompetent than the others ?


Hi Folks,

OOPS - I modified and lost the OP, rather than adding this post !  (Anyway the problem was a lockup where the start button and opening programs lock up, even on a very light startup soon after an XP reinstall, and the "solution" was to crash explorer.exe with the Task Manager.  Likely this is IE8, very possibly clashing with Avira.)


After some stuff, the problem morphed to :

"When you start Internet Explorer 8, it opens and then closes immediately"

And I am very reluctant to uninstall 8, concerned that it may not play nice with SP3.  (The famous Gates integration of browser and OS). I did try a reinstall over, did nothing.

Well this is a defacto solution for getting rid of IE, so I will wait a while and see if there really is a need for IE, using the Firefox and Opera "we are IE" elements if necessary (hmm.. Windows Update comes to mind).

If necessary, plan B is to either wait for IE9 or to uninstall .. in which case I would probably simply go back to 6, or possibly 7, rather than continually have these IE8 problems.  


Hi Folks,


A nice program, in some ways the nicest of the standard file-by-file backups, this is the new release so current license holders of Ver 3 (versions seem to last some years) will compare an upgrade price to this special to staying at 3.  Freeware alternatives include Syncback and Cobian and one from the Backup4all people called FBackup (understandably they do these as distinct products) . FBackup has a forum, and Backup4All indicated that they want to that route in the future.

Technical and support and comparison discussions welcome, just noticed this coming down the pike.


Hi Folks,

Well neither of these is expensive anyway, both are considered good.

Rainlendar Pro ($7 instead of $14)

True Launch Bar  ($15 summer discount - $10 today)

Rainlendar seems like it may grow on you.  Being small on the desktop saying "tell me your events and reminders".  Export to iCal for more reports I gather, a little non-elegant yet it may be functional.

True Launch Bar .. does it really help if you already have an ultra-organized start button ?  Maybe a little. Dunno.  Has some plug-ins, would I really use any ?  Dunno.

whaddayathunk ?


Living Room / XP Reinstall - some thoughts - be prepared
« on: June 21, 2009, 06:08 PM »
Hi Folks,

After only a few months I just did another XP reinstall today.  However I look upon it as a good thing.

First, what makes it easy.

a) First, I have the Dell CDs (two especially, one for the reinstall, one for drivers, there is a third unused with some utilities, I think its the crapware and the I-don't-care-ware).  So if you don't know what CDs you will use on a reinstall, figger that out and have them ready, even if it means making them with a utility or purchasing them from your puter maker. So I ended up with a totally clean install.

b) And I had used Double Driver to save the drives into a nice .exe file.  Even though I did not get onto the internet from the initial install, puzzling through the wizards, I simply copied over the double driver .exe from the usb and went to town. It pops up all the drivers, you can uncheck some (I took them all) and then installs. Worked beautifully, probably had some Ethernet driver or something for the Net and I went up right away (behind a router).  My screen control was right too, which is always a little kludgy right after a reinstall. (Shaky scroll bars and such.)

c) And I had UBCD4 CD at the ready before the install.  XP was not booting, I went into UBCD4 and simply copied most of my files to another drive on the USB using .. Free Commander,  which comes on UBCD (thanks FC).  Very simple.  So I knew nothing was lost, even if I might later puzzle out a couple of locations of data files and config files. Granted, theoretically you should have this saved nightly, but since 95%+ of the lockups are OpSys and only a small % are things like disk crashes (I made up the numbers) most of the time you will simply be able to do a copy. Of course it is good to have at least a recent backup, but no matter what, have the UBCD4 CD ready and you can likely back up right up to the instant.  (e.g. the days email).

These are the secret ingredients that makes for an iron puter chef, imho.  Sure I had some little glitch with the audio that I had to download the driver (so I will do a new double driver) and a minor glitch with a Nividia error which I downloaded the updated driver, but these were relatively trivial, especially once I was on the Net and I could search the error.  (Well I had another puter around to do that too, always handy, but did not need it.)

How much time is spent on an install compared to an early image? (e.g. one you did the day after the last install.)  Very little, if  you are doing other things at the same time.  Maybe an hour.  And the earlier the image, the cleaner you are and the more you can rethink what you want to install and how to lighten the system.  Also you will end up with the current versions of this and that.  And the earliest you can get is a full install.

Personally I think images are overrated.  When your system locks up it is time for a reinstall, not to go back to a cluttered system.  Just have a few tools ready and waiting.

1) UBCD4 for the final saves - if possible
2) Install CDs
3) Driver .exe - saved with Double Driver (superb) or a comparable program

Even things like Firefox extensions, I want to rethink now.  About the only "config" file I really will look for is the NoScript "ok" .. if I reinstall NoScript.  Since that is a big hassle, saying ok to all these pages.  Anti-virus and firewall, no problem at all with a few clicks saying "Trusted".

XP is limited on resources, even in the best world.  My goal now is to have two complementary XP systems (I used to have that) and divide up the activities a bit more.  Also I will be more careful not to put things into the startup groups in the future.  Especially services.  Ok, maybe one will be Windows 7, we shall see.

My main decision is whether I want to concentrate on Chameleon Startup or Startup Manager from Metaproducts for monitoring and changing this startup stuff (while I probably will use WinPatrol too I use that more for other functions).  I really wonder if these have the capability to go from startup folder to registry to no startup very easily and effectively.  And what happens when you tell these services that startup up that you don't want them to start by themselves.  I think that is where a few things lead to troubles.  And startup delays, or manual startups (I would like to be able to load 5-10 programs AFTER the initial bootup in a group, maybe use a script for that) can be a big help.  

Oh, and the only program install where I have to be a little cautious is email (Eudora), since I want to get the downloads happening soon and I have to put the filters and everything in the right place, copying over the full data file structure.  (I could use Zero Zipper ..  and start clean too, but not in this case, since the files are not huge.)  Oh, and I quickly brought over the Linkman .lmd file, since most of my PIM stuff is kept there.

Just thought I would share some thoughts.  An XP reinstall can be surprisingly easy, granted this was round 2 for me so the kinks were largely out.


Adding a 4th component.

Know your installs, your serial numbers (even what release and maybe keep the installer if a paid version) and your passwords.  This can all be in a PIM , depending on your security setup.

And their are utilities that show you all the programs.  My method is to keep it orderly in the Start Menu and in folder names created during the installs (even if I delete the file, I keep the folder name) all of which will be on my backup.  Of course their are nuances with add-ons like browser extensions or if you do a lot on Total Commander, however nothing real difficult. I actually back up with FEBE and/or Mozbackup but that is more for porting to a new puter and can be superfluous since loading extensions up is very quick (unless you have many dozens).

Steven Avery

Hi Folks,


List moved to:

fully-free software for biz - the lists !


 Goal - freeware and donationware (and maybe some super-inexpensive-ware) utilities for a biz environment.  That can be installed and may be helpful to the network admin and many can stay for the users themselves.

 The DonationCoder programs may apply, we can discuss which ones and how that works in the thread.  I'll leave that to the experts.

  Here are a few that immediately come to mind. I am especially interested in programs that :
 1) Might be picked up for use by the users, or
 2) Will help the network admin when he works on the puter

 ** = added to original post from thread info ... naahh .. too many, taken out.


 Please do not get too concern where you post, although in a light sense now this one is meant more for the free-wheeling discussion, the new one is the reasonably orderly list and new suggestions.


Hi Folks,

  While Veign looks for a good file folder size program, I want to know which disk space program is really smart in terms of extension size, preferably network capable.  I am deciding what to back up from 17 puters on a network (workgroup) to the cloud and it would be helpful to know that the .pdf takes up this amount, the .doc and .pst like so.  Or on the other hand, it would be nice to see the amount taken by what I don't want to back up, .exe and .dll and such.  (I am not sure yet whether to approach the project on an include or exclude basis, although include is in the lead.)  This is not mission-critical stuff, the biz data is on the PC server and also the minicomputer, and the mini is is now doubly backed up, tape and cloud, the PC server files are over the net (and to a real vault company, using solid software, this is not mozying around). However, the idea that people should just lose all their personal files on a crash or mal-stuff doesn't make a lot of sense, so I want to back up at least the prime-time stuff.

  Most of the disk space programs are not thinking in terms of total size for an extension, one or two I looked at have some capabilities, but not real strong (that was a few nites ago, I will check my notes) ... are any that you have seen real strong ? They don't have to be network capable, especially if freeware.  The PC's are all in one building and I can install.

Steven Avery

General Software Discussion / personal favourites start page
« on: June 15, 2009, 07:01 AM »
Hi Folks,

  The goal:  A nice, simple categorized Start Page to act as my portal to best sites, daily special, important chores, my main bookmarks.   A Start Page that acts like a bit of a reminder system, and lets me open up say .. DonationCoder, FreewareGenius, Wilders, BitsDuJour, and GiveawayoftheDay in one small categorized group. (Even if it is five clicks). Or make a small category for my software support forums. Or this, and that, and the other.

  Much as I like using Linkman for bookmarks and PIM, and it is the repository for tens of thousands of links, a personal start page with categories of bookmarks would be very nice. (Linkman has Fastlinks and Daily links features, it would be great if they expanded their functionality to a categorized start page !)  So I checked to see what software or web services are available, either on a host or a program that puts the page on your on puter.

  There are tons of social bookmarking and portal sites that do stuff like this, yet they tend to do it in a clumsy, bulky manner.  However maybe one of them can do the job nicely, if you think this can be accomplished with a site like Symbaloo, Netvouz, NetVibes, iGoogle, My Yahoo, myAOL, Diigo/Furl, Flyapp, Eskobo, linkagogo, Homepage Startup, Pageflakes, Only2Clicks, StartAid, Tizmos, Zimbio, Webwag, Widgetop, Backflip, 3x3Links,  or another .. or one of the Firefox extensions like Speed Dial or FastDial or Auto Dial or XMarks .. please share away !  (There should be more than the 9 links on the front page that you will get by those looking like the Opera implementation.)  Some like Symbaloo or Netvouz may have a clean, neat, easy-to-make category-oriented skin, however I haven't seen it yet in a quick net-browse.

    If you simply want to group the "big 50" or 100 or so bookmarks (the ones you glance at daily or frequently) .. and then occasionally make some additions or add or a new category .. they are of little help, at least what I have seen so far.  Oh, importing is not the issue for me, I only want the frequently used bookmarks set up in a special order. An hour or two setup is expected, but should be quick and relatively painless.

  And clearly you could build your own page, that might be the ultimate solution.  


  However you would like to use a service that built in a lot of niceties.  e.g. If your page could have sub-pages (at least one level would be very helpful) if sections could be moved from page to page, if there could be a read-only method for visitors that you could send a link to, if the note function is good, stuff like that, it would help.


  Linkshelf was mentioned on DonationCoder in 2006, and its entry methods are decent.

My Linkshelf

  This site lets you make fairly quickly a clean categorized list, however it lacks a lot of niceties and nothing is happening with it for years, as far as I can tell. Oh, you could set up a second level with an alternate sign-on, a bit of a workaround.

   And, when I tried to figger out where it came from and what it was doing, one site mentions how it comes from a pedigree of a developer who did similar stuff in the porn world.  Making privacy polices problematic (this is hosted by linkshelf) and being a real strain and pain in general to my way of thinking, even if there is no functional connection.


  Favoor has similar functions:


  However it also has not gone anywhere for years, is less helpful than Linkshelf in some ways, looks as dull as possible and is close to being a nothing.  It does add a sticky note function not in Linkshelf, one of the few features that would be nice to have integrated but can be done in NoteZilla or Stickeis.  I think I may have ended up with someone elses Favoor and when I went into a page to check who is the sign-on I got program warning messages with my "change my settings" on the page.  This is going nowhere.


  Switching to programs that you install, local management, in these cases the resulting page is on your hard disk, although note the note about pop-ups that were in Tidy Favorites.


  Tidy Favorites is more active, with GAOTD and Bits, with Free and Pro (paid) versions.

Tidy Favorites (Nov 2008)

Tidy Favorites Is a Customizable Thumbnail Homepage

Giveaway of the Day - Tidy Favorites Pro - April 27, 2009

   I haven't installed it to look at the skins, to see if there is something really tidy and neat available with categories.   If someone has a picture of this working in a real tidy fashion (looking a bit like Linkshelf in simplicity) then I would likely give it a buzz.  However it seems to be more of an alternate bookmark manager (which I do not need) than a clean home page maker. And apparently they are hoping to have subscribers paying $20/yr. (Not a deal-breaker if the program is fantabulous.)


The Favorite Start Page - Gudbrand Eggen

   While this goes back to 2003, compatibility updates are common, including Firefox 3 in 2008.  

File Forum (with pic)

  So far this is my leader, ready to go.  Far from super-elegant, yet functional.  Being on the disk will help speed.  


  Your suggestions ?

Steven Avery

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