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Living Room / Re: The quest for a completely silent PC
« on: December 06, 2018, 07:14 AM »
As technology advances PC's will look like living beings, and we'll all remember to poke air holes in the cardboard boxes. :mad:

My poster board mention has the caveat of no leaking capacitors. 

Living Room / Re: The quest for a completely silent PC
« on: December 05, 2018, 05:58 PM »
I ran into a lot of videos a few years ago about "mineral oil" submerged computers.  If you want to go that far and to that expense you might try an internet search on mineral oil cooled computers which brings up lots of variations. 

I came to those videos by accident trying to look up how to silence my own normal PC.  For a while I used a Sapphire Ultimate Radeon R7 250 which is fanless with huge fins.  I've now got an Nvidia card which I made sure only used one expansion slot, as those using two allow a lot of extra noise.

I only got brave enough to leave my Sapphire behind because I did a lot of sound-proofing of my computer case.  I discovered long ago the Antec 300 I bought for my first build happened to a have a lip on the side-covers that held standard poster board very well and that was my first step to muffle my PC.  Then I got into modding and came up with my own idea for an "air scoop" inside the case here at my website, which did quiet things a bit, together with more poster board.

Then about two years ago I felt I needed a larger case.  I went with an Antec 302 which at first seemed like a mistake, but again I found a modification, as well as the same existing lip on the side-covers.  This time I google learned about self-adhesive vinyl floor tile, tried that instead of the poster board, and also purchased Silverstone dampening foam.  I absolutely packed the front panel with that adhesive foam around the air filter screen, closed the unused fan mounts and I'm very happy with the results.  One drawback is that the tiles I added makes the PC heavy, but I never move it anyway.

Hope this all helps.

Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: CHS Icon Disappears from System Tray
« on: December 11, 2017, 10:46 PM »
IainB  I wish I wasn't writing two weeks worth of legal brief in the next few first...Pro Se.  I'd go searching for the old UWC downloads I probably have somewhere.

Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: CHS Icon Disappears from System Tray
« on: December 11, 2017, 12:36 PM »
IainB I must be doing something wrong but when I used your link the page had a link to screenshots of the installation  here.  When I downloaded I got a .zip with "UWC Setup.exe" inside and nothing that looks like it could stand-alone.  Maybe I missed another download link on the page?  Or are you thinking of a stand-alone of Restart Explorer by Lee Whittington by itself?

Also, I have an SSD with my Windows installation and a few programs, and a separate hard drive where I installed UWC.  Shouldn't that be separate enough from 'access control system settings?'

I had a strong feeling if I used the compatibility properties I would have had it running.  I don't mean to disparage Restart Explorer or Ultimate Windows Customizer.  UWC has been very good to me in the past.  I just don't need it now that I've got CH+S running properly.  I would recommend UWC to anyone from personal experience.

Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: CHS Icon Disappears from System Tray
« on: December 11, 2017, 11:34 AM »
tomos, glad you asked.  When I saw your question I realized I hadn't tried closing it and reopening it. I closed the CH+S window, and it disappeared from the tray.  I went in to the Task Manager, but before trying  <CTRL><ALT><W> I did an End task, (maybe a lucky mistake) restarted CH+S, saw a message from Windows saying CH+S 'updating' something and then one saying it's 'ready and activated'.  Now it's back in the tray and looking good.

Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: CHS Icon Disappears from System Tray
« on: December 11, 2017, 11:02 AM »
I'm having the same problem on a Windows 10, 64bit, Intel Xeon E3, lots of memory, Clipboard Help+Spell is up to date.  When I start CH+S I see a flash on the screen and the icon shows for half a second in the tray and then vanishes.  After, I see it in the Task Manager running as 32bit. I tried <CTRL><ALT><M> as flowergardener suggested and my KatMouse icon reappeared, but not CH+S. 

Is <CTRL><ALT><M> meant to bring back all missing icons in the tray or is that a specific key for CH+S?  I don't use hotkeys at all and usually disable them when I remember. 

I looked in KatMouse for the hotkey settings to disable, and potentially solve a conflict, but there are no hotkey settings.  I have already tried a restart, but went to try "Restart Explorer by Lee Whittington - it's part of Ultimate Windows Customizer" suggested by IainB but it says it won't run on Windows 10 Pro after I install.

SOLVED!!!: I opened up CH+S on my laptop, saw the hotkey for Show/Hide CHS Window is <CTRL><ALT><W>.  CH+S popped right up.  Hope this helps someone.

Stoic Joker,
Not meaning to pry, and if the answer isn't private information, if you were to go to Exchange with your current email loads, how much storage would you plan to have available?

...that distinction will have a huge effect on the log size. This is one of a multitude of reasons why Exchange tends to require a lot of system resources.

Thanks Stoic Joker.  You put out a few facts I didn't understand.  I did know that it "...only controls my personal domain with a small number of mailboxes..." 

You wrote that "...a full blown Exchange implementation because it would cut too far into what I have available for experimentation. ...,"  but later you wrote that "It really is amazing how few resources a server OS requires when it isn't having to futz with the hardware."  I'm sure you're happy with hMailServer, but I'm wondering hypothetically if Exchange is feasible for you if you ignore the modest (for a few years old setup) cost and curtail or batch erase the logs on a small home setup like this.

That must be one hell of a calendar! cheesy I do believe it is safe to say that Virtualization is by far my favorite technology to play with.
I ended up with the system mostly to have fun with virtualization.  I've become addicted to the Calendar since, even though it's just keeping my doctor's appointments and reminding me when to eat my health foods mostly.  If something goes wrong I'm going to buy a subscription to Exchange email somewhere.  Like you, my setup is strictly for my home network lab, but definitely no MSDN subscriptions connected.  Maybe a deploy or two every few years, or a network tool to try, and my WSUS (Windows Updates).

I don't think there is any MS OS that can't be run on Hyper-V - I've got a copy of DOS v6.22...
Wow!  I always thought those compatibilities lists at Microsoft were the Tablets of Moses, Volume 3, especially after reading forums on different hurdles after a bunch of searches over the years.

... a list of caveats a mile long with self hosting..., ...your ISP allows it...
I doubt I'd consider a mail server without a static IP, which requires a Business package from my provider.  There's at least one way around that with DynDns, but again my novice senses tell me to go with the true static in this case.

Stoic Joker, you seem happy with the solution you chose, but I'm thinking back on how you gushed about Exchange a bit at the top of this topic.  

I thought I'd throw out that I use Exchange on Windows Small Business Server (SBS) 2008 run virtually on my Windows 8.1 home PC.  I don't use the email function, just the calendar, but I know it can be done.  The cost is approximately $200 for an SBS2008 virtual license and another $40 or so for Exchange.  Actually Exchange is listed as included, but when I had to reinstall last year I was cut-off for some reason, and had to go shopping around.  When I migrated to my current Windows 8.1 and was running out of room for migrations (and much sleep) I stupidly mistakenly overwrote my backup, thus the reinstall, but it ran flawlessly for about a year.  At the time, I used Virtual Box by Oracle, as SBS2008 wasn't listed as Hyper-V compatible.  I learned by trial and error that it actually works fine with Hyper-V (better in fact).  

I apologize if I've gone off-topic, or made you second guess your solution.  Maybe I'll solicit a critique on the advantages of the other solutions written here.  I'm really a novice as I haven't used the email of my Exchange at all.  

Can Exchange go right on your Windows Server 2012?  I know Server 2011 required the Standard addition for Exchange, unless that's another Microsoft ommission.  Does your Server 2012 even come with Hyper-V?  

I love this little handy program but it's now taking about 4% of my CPU in Windows 8.1 64-bit Pro.  I just wrote a batch that will taskkill it after two minutes, since I just use it to set my startup windows and don't need it after.  I'm just writing to try and inspire an update.  With the deeper configuration possibilities than the other One-Hour's this program gets my vote for high priority.  Thanks again.

He he -- I'm about to try to use them again -- nice to have notes to consult
That must be contagious.  This round I did the net-install of Debian non-advanced, and then did without sudo.  I had to install gdm3 for my startx, but now all is working otherwise perfectly from your steps.  I ruined my first try by uninstalling too much after adding the Desktop Environment.  My startx would freeze with only a cursor on a black screen, but I wasn't going to tackle those forums.  I'd almost be better off attempting Gentoo.  Thanks ewemao.

@Tuxman Thanks for the head's up!

@ewemoa - Thanks for inspiring me to give your steps a shot with the debian net-install. 
1. Boot from iso-on-USB (dd-ed to USB memory)
2. Run the text installer and at the tasksel step unselect everything
3. After rebooting, install the sudo package and add the non-root user to the sudo group (then relogin)
4. Tell apt-get to install the virtualbox and xinit packages and accept the installation of the additional packages
5. Add the non-root user to the vboxusers group
6. Reboot for the VirtualBox modules to load (modprobe might work instead)
7. Log in and use startx to start X
8. From an xterm, start VirtualBox
9. Test run a guest OS
I've never seen it, but somebody ought to host a forum just for installs with nothing installed and devoted to one job as you proposed.  I knew what I was getting into, and I've run into a full dead-end in my startx, but I've learned a TON, and recalled a TON.  I hadn't done much with linux command-line in about five years, and never had enough time to do very much with it anyway.  At first I couldn't do without sudo, and found I wasn't on the internet when I went to install it.  I'm very proud of my setting ifconfig (a new set of commands for me) manually for all the specs and getting eth0 up running on startup.

Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: Lan Alarmclock or Timer
« on: January 08, 2014, 06:41 PM »
rjbull, thanks I haven't tried this software in years and it's much improved but doesn't send on schedule or keep as alarm if sent.
...  Could you use one of the sticky notes programs to send a note to your other computers on a schedule?  E.g. this from Zhorn Software Stickies:

You're right on here:
...  wondering whether the important thing is the time delay after a meal, with meals not being taken absolutely to the clock.  ...

Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: Lan Alarmclock or Timer
« on: January 06, 2014, 11:00 PM »
not really my thing, but what about a simple web page? ...  set the page on one pc, and you can reference it ...
I'm definitely looking for something that shows up on my two computers, or more when I go out to the courtyard with a notebook, etc, without having to find a webpage.

What about a cheap, physical timer?
Are you referring to my ex-wife? jk* No clutter space left around here, and I have computers on most of the day.

Isn't the moment you need to take the medicine the most important? ...
The time is always different depending on when I eat.


Naturally, the easiest way would be to have the main computer remote shutdown all the others.

The sound of multiple Windows shutdown tunes would then alert you ...
I only have about seventeen windows computers in the house I could turn on.  Also, the 2-wheeling of my youth has left me with poor hearing. jk* jk*

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Lan Alarmclock or Timer
« on: January 06, 2014, 06:58 PM »
I've recently been counting down two hours after dinner to take a new old asthma medicine I've been prescribed, so I've been starting a simple alarm program on one of my computers.  I went looking for something to show a countdown on everything on my lan, or some client/server type program that would serve the purpose but came up empty.  I'd prefer not to have something that syncs time on the lan, but something simpler that just uses the time set on the first computer.  Can anyone offer any assistance or suggestions?  I've used AHK but other than that I don't have any programming skills.  Thanks.


Yes when I said 'bookmarks and favorites' I was referring to those in the browser.  I've dealt with the .htaccess file only a handful of times but I want to use the redirect page I've already designed.  It's a slightly fancy html file that says to paraphrase 'this page has moved, please make new bookmarks when you land on the new page.  Redirecting in 25 secs.'

Actually, I've been working on an open source Bible, so the files in the folder are dGenesis.html, dExodus.html, dLeviticus.html, dNumbers.html, etc on down the line.  My hosting provides very good statistics, and many readers are entering the website in that particular folder by those file names.  Until a year or so ago, they were coming in on one of those more often than through the home index!  They are going to be redirected to the Table of Contents page for the Bible on the new website through the html redirect I've written.  I want to 'multiply' the one html redirect page into many with each of those file names.

I'd love a little program that allowed you to "Browse" to a file name in a box up top as the master file, and fill it's contents into every file in a folder I select, but keep the file names.

My proficiency in writing batch files doesn't make it in that regard.  Thanks though.  Have you or anyone heard of a program that would save me a lot of manual renaming?

I've got a website I'm moth-balling, so all entrants to the site by a bookmark or favorite to a certain folder and file need to be redirected to the new file location.  I've created redirect html on the index pages.  Now I want to take a copy of the contents of the redirection code and put them in every file in the folder, but have the file names retained.

I was searching but couldn't find anything like this.  Has anybody come across anything that would do this?

One small problem...What would you name this if it gets created as a snack???  Maybe "Website Forwarder" but that's not very revealing of the actions this actuate.

I saw an icon that would fit nearly perfectly at Skrommel's page, this for ShortCutter.  Maybe putting the arrows in a tighter circle actually inside the the folder's boundaries.

I'm wondering, has anyone used MTIcon with multiple drives?  Does anyone have advice on the best course?  I'm debating whether to try multiple instances by making container folders with different names (maybe renaming the .exe too?) or trying to set the root folder to comma separated locations.  Does it even matter at all which method I choose? 

Thank you [deXter]!  Those Class ratings I noticed a couple of days ago in the ads I was looking at on SD cards were in the spot I was hoping to see read/write speeds.  It's good to learn they directly correspond to MB/s.  I guess the SD Association will keep that correspondence in the future as well.  Maybe the SD card will catch up to useable speeds for PCs, but until then I'm steering clear.

I appreciate the information and links.

I was doing a bit of 'netshopping' for an SD card reader in PCMCIA form to slide into my laptop and receive installation folders and free up some hard drive space.  I have an SSD in this old Pentium3 laptop I'm typing on because it's in a very vulnerable spot and can't be relocated.  SSD's will (hopefully) take much more bangs and bumps before losing data.

I went through the excercise of modifying a slipstream XP installation setup for a USB stick a few years ago, and the results were disappointing to say the least.  The speed was HORRIBLE!  If I'm going to have the same problem with an SDHC, I'll have to scuttle the whole plan.

I was looking around for write speed info on some of those SDs, and haven't found any so far.  I'm worried when I do find some detailed speed specs they're going to be in a language I don't understand.

I don't use USBs or flash for keys, but I'd love to hear in a general sense anyone's impressions.

I've seen so many SD adapters that look to be used for OS installations, for instance plugging into IDE cables, but people claim to use USB XPs, and I'm not going down that road until USB 3.0 is every where, at the least.

A quick check online just now found sata models available as well, although in much smaller numbers than the IDE styles.

I'd love to see a program that allows you to specify which sites are opened by which browser.

Here's how I picture it.  SpecifSite sits in the the tray, and when clicked opens a set of collapsible full width frames corresponding to each of the browsers you have installed on your computer.  I think they should be cataloged the first time you run SpecifSite.  Under each listing for each browser there's a plus sign, and a delete x.  You add URLs under each browser, and they open to that browser as long as SpecifSite is running.  If you've already added a URL, and want to edit it, highlight the listing, and hit the plus sign again.  If the site isn't added to SpecifSite then the default browser retains control.

Options:  If the programming is too difficult to list a general URL, how about the path to any shortcut you designate?    If anyone has heard of a software like this I apologize, but I've never run into anything like it before, and my searches didn't find anything.

Inspiration:  Browsers are getting so good I'm finding I prefer Firefox for much of my general surfing (this month's Firefox sold me into making it my default browser for the first time ever...blazing fast) but my preference for a full screen media page I visit daily is still IE9.  I bet I'd find some sights I like best with Chrome too.  Then there's my laziness when opening a page of stats on one of my own websites, that I wrote the password on a retired computer, but a certain browser still has it retained. 

You are wasting your life if you aren't a nudist!   ...   
I've decided to strip the case off my six month old OCZ SSD so it'll be faster!

My other SSD is in a laptop.  If I strip the case off that one will it still be faster?   

Has anyone seen any forum posts on stripping outer cases off SSDs and making them nude for speed yet? ;D

I use one computer for all my TV, all my live streamcasts in language, scanning, as a NAS, to transcribe audio files, and to occasionally edit a video, so startup was getting excruciating.  I bought my first SSD for that PC, 60GB, and I'm very happy I did.  I didn't shift my Windows system files, but I moved all the music and data onto another drive.  I moved a bunch of programs onto the other drive too, and install them there whenever I can, although sometimes I end up putting them back on the "C:" due to install problems.

My laptop on my nightstand with a chair on the other side also running all day is an old Thinkpad T23 in a real bad spot in this fourth floor apartment of mine of twenty months.  The window toward the main road is high up on the wall and I need to look out a lot to watch the excitement (hawks on the church roof across the street, ambulances for the elderly in the building here, buses stopping, traffic accidents, carnivals when they close the road, etc).  I have an old very sturdy speaker stand tucked in I can stand on, between the bed and the laptop.  I kept bumping the laptop, and this round of drive replacement was coming way too early. I think I was about to buy a fifth drive for it when I realized how happy I was with the first SSD.  I found an IDE interface SSD for it about three months ago.  This all broke the bank, but I expect I'll get long life out of them.

BTW, I've got another screen from my PC to my bedroom for TV, video, etc, so I can walk around and not lose my concentration, hooked to the laptop by Input Director.  Actually, this is the home of the 'triple double.'  I've got the PC in a central location, with one pair of wires to the bedroom for double screen there, and two in the other direction for the entry room. 

Now I'm going to go back to the top of this forum and read the article that started this.  I'm not scared....very.

Living Room / Re: Awesome photos
« on: November 03, 2010, 12:28 AM »
Wow, Picture #61.  When was toothpaste invented?

Living Room / Re: Desktop Linux: The dream is dead
« on: November 02, 2010, 11:13 PM »
It was the final minute of play.  I study Hebrew full time on my own on a TV website with subtitles (usually).  I played with Windows 7 on one of my half broken Thinkpad T23's (Pentium3 era IBM, they are all I use outside my home PC) until I was confident I should put it on the one I dedicate for carrying around and hot spots, etc.  I'm all set up, hang my router out my window here in my apartment building, get comfortable on the shady bench, plug in my earbuds, video.  Just sound.  Hmm, a plug in problem?  Video acceleration settings?  I should specify that the only video having trouble is on that particular webpage that uses a Windows Media Player plugin.  The other installed 7 on my other T23 is working fine on that webpage and with every other file as well.  I had the same positive results with a few 'trial runs' with a boot CD.  When I exhausted all my repair options, I was almost resigned to spending September - October studying indoors. 

Then I saw an article about Ubuntu's new netbook edition recently. I'd been playing with the OS over the years, but the last time I got stuck when trying to get my wireless PCMCIA cards recognized and WPA working.   I said to myself, "Well, if 7 installed on one of these pieces of junk and is working better than XP, why not give this 10.10 netbook edition a try?"  That was almost a critical error.  When I did install and try to start that edition the boot timed out and probably never found any hardware recognizable.  However, after a frustrating hour for not having my glasses on I finally noticed on the bottom bar was a drop-up list with the option to boot to a regular Desktop edition, and that...WORKED!!!

I probably shouldn't be so excited, since I can't hibernate, or sleep, or allow a screensaver without wiping the session, but so what?  I'm in the lobby down here replying to this thread, and not stuffed into my apartment tonight.  All of a sudden I might even be able to sell a few of these T23s to someone with low standards like me one of these days.

I went from thinking of Ubuntu as some sidelight to fiddle with to my bread and butter OS overnight.

ljbirns, I would definitely give it a try, and I'd love to hear how things go.

Josh, that video was , ty!

Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: Rename Next
« on: October 25, 2010, 10:12 PM »
Skwire, I just ran into other probelms when I tried arrow-down.  I'd put a number in front of the filename as my first test, so as I hit 'return' the order of appearance in the folder jumped, and the arrow brought me to an unintended file.  I'm running Windows 7, and I'm thinking the completely highlighted prefix (the visible name without the extension) on the rename operation is a new thing.  Maybe there's a setting somewhere to change it.

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