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Try Samurize.

I just began using Samurize a week or so ago.  I run a little text file under DesktopCoral, on my media computer.  I didn't know it could do what I'm suggesting, but thanks to your attention I just found their forum that I'm betting has it.  Still, my idea might be good for us simpletons, that want a tiny simple program to do the run-click-area thingy.

*Especially since Samurize looks like it should come with doctoral course credits!

Maybe this could define a desktop area that could be clickable to run a program, or secondly, to display something on the screen, or other options I haven't thought of.  I tried to accomplish running a program,  with a mouse gesture utility that identified DesktopCoral.exe, and it didn't work.  I tried to find something else that would do the trick, as I think I saw something once, but came up empty.

Happy New Year all.

I thought PagePlus was a DTP program, not a PDF editor?

rjbull, it is a DTP, which I tend to forget, because I've never used it for anything but PDF editing.  Like I say, my version in about 3-4 years back (PagePlus11), and the interface was fairly crisp, so I didn't get distracted by other features at all.  That may have changed.  Serif doesn't seem to offer a trial, just a money back guarantee.

Everyone missed a PDF editor I've been using for a few years: PagePlusX3 is about three years more advanced than my version, but i don't do all that much PDF editing to care.  It's going for $100.  You're always going to run into locked and uneditable PDFs, but this puts out great looking rebate forms, or whatever you happen to need professional looking.  I like the interface, but I hope they've improved the page manager. 

I don't have any ads on my websites, but two of Serif's programs impressed me enough to make it the only advertisement on my website, unsolicited.  Of course, it doesn't hurt that I got emails for great bargains on out of date versions.

As for OCR, I've used ABBY and Omnipage, and I'd say it's pretty much a toss up between the two.

I was using View>Presets>All Caps, so I didn't see the 'New" category at first, but found that, went back to 'All Caps' and anything I copy is there.  Be easy on me.  I lost a really nice birthday email to my oldest friend today, and that freezing piece of sh*t program really scared me.

Thanks for the help.

I'm running the latest version  of CHS. I've been using this program for at least a year or so, and love it.  Today, I wish I had it starting up with Windows.  I lost a clipboard entry before I started CHS, and went looking for lighter weight clipboard history recorders.  I found one that was crapola.  I tried to exit, to check that it saved the clips, and it froze everything but the Task manager.  I hibernated, and logged in again, but that was no help.  Restarted, did it again to check if the freeze was a fluke, and got the same problem.  It uninstalled okay but now the clipboard chain won't re-establish in CHS.  I tried a reboot again, and the problem is still there.

I can create a new note, and lft-clk of the tray icon shows the clips from yesterday, etc, but if I choose them, they don't show in the main window. 

When I use ctrl-c, I get the audible success sound, but nothing shows in the CHS window, eliminating my TREMENDOUS need for spell check.  I can copy and past fine in notepad.

The settings all look ok.  Text minimun is the default 9999.

Besides re-installing, is there anything I can try to get the 're-esablish clipboard chain' working again?

General Software Discussion / Re: Magic Jack Phone ?
« on: October 08, 2008, 12:18 PM »
I'd been using a USB Skype-Linksys phone for about half of my long distance, but I couldn't get the confidence to drop my long distance land-line service until I got Magicjack.  Now I can rely on either, depending on where in the apartment I am.  I have the magicjack plugged into a splitter, and then a normal house phone and normal cordless phone.

It does have a commercial section on it's interface, but no pop-ups or junk emails, and I just minimize to my tray.  It's saving me $6.75 a month plus all the long distance charges I used to get charged.  I don't have any mobile/cell phones, so I'm keeping my local land line, but it's working perfect on my DSL connection.  I don't see the need for leaving a computer on if you turn off your cell phone, or don't answer emergency calls in the middle of the night.

A big caveat, if you go on the road with your laptop and use wireless or broadband in your hotel room, or at friends, bring the Magicjack and use any phone with a normal wire, or bring a headset.  You don't need to use your cell phone every time.  You have a phone number that follows you, and you're right at your computer where you should be when doing most of your business.  You get caller ID and voicemail for the yearly fee of $20.

I recommended this one.

Follow-up: As of about 2/2009 I've dropped my land-line completely.

Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: Folder Merge
« on: September 14, 2008, 12:06 PM »
I just tried SyncToy 2.0, as you suggested, and it asks for folders one by one, and does them one at a time.  How is this the same as I'm trying to accomplish?

Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: Folder Merge
« on: September 14, 2008, 11:28 AM »
Thanks, I'd seen SyncToy before, although I've never tried it.  I've been using SyncBack SE, as I needed the added features, but what I really was thinking of, is for a program that simply scans for identical folder names on two or more drives, and then puts the contents all in one of those drives. 

It might be like a Scansoft approach or something, with a kind of three button approach.  1, scan the selected drives (maybe a message "Folders with the same name found").   2, choose the target drive, maybe pick whether to cut and paste (delete) or copy, and 3, maybe the possibility to move non-target duplicates to a new unified location.

Even a program with just the first two steps would be unlike anything I've seen out there, and a big help.

Right now it seems the programs out there can't be exclusive unless you start checking and unchecking directories one by one on a macro level, or create a profile one at a time for each folder.

This is the problem with mixed disks, but everyone thinks they're mirrors or too small a job for this type of need.

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Folder Merge
« on: September 02, 2008, 12:09 AM »
I used to back up on a USB external, but I downsized to laptop hard drives, which go in Thinkpad caddies I have.  I started running out of room at one point, and started on a second old hard drive.  Then maybe a third.  Recently, I bought a 160GB that should last me the rest of my life.  I put two of the three drives on the large one, and forgot one, and added to another when the big wasn't handy, etc, and lost track.

Now I'm hoping to reclaim the littler drives and sell them, or put them in other laptops.

The one thing that these tend to have in common is the folder names.  I think the safest thing to do is just do a cut of each folder and paste it onto the new drive, but as I was taring my hair out over the Duplicate finder that stopped working well for me, and contemplating the cut and paste of many folders, I thought, how about something that merges folders with the exact names.

I guess the downside might be overwriting on the long-shot two files have the same name as I do the cut-paste by hand, so even if the program was that simple, I'd be happy.  Also, since I use a big Thinkpad dock, I'd want the ability to merge two to a third hard drive.  I wouldn't mind waiting as "Folder Merge" worked sequentially, instead of reconfiguring twice, or more.  Maybe somebody has a need to merge a higher number of drives onto a single big drive. 

Of course making the option to 'cut' or 'copy' from each drive would be nice, if possible.

Has anybody heard of anything that does this already?

I guess as it evolved for many drives, it would need to go on a wizard, that ran a dry run for duplicate folder names first, and then allowed exceptions, and asked to continue the merge.  At first, maybe the program could just merge what the operator selected with a confirm box.

I hope this is someone's gold. 

I've got two laptop computers with dual monitor's set up, but disabled.  One has a cable to my TV, if I ever entertain or something.  I used to use it a lot more when the TV was my only monitor.

The other set up is for catching media player TV all day long, by which I study Hebrew.  I also disabled the dual monitor properties, so  both screens show the one desktop area.   My puny computers can't handle my daily work and Media Player at the same time.'s a biggie, I found a Sony 18" flat screen marked 'Broken' on the side of the road one day.  The only problem was a very slight buzz, that was inaudible from a few feet away.  So the poor boy has a mounted LCD on his wall!

Sorry I'm talking in circles.  The point is I used them for awhile, and the one tool I found indispensible was Skrommel's <a href="https://www.donation...ouse>ConfineMouse </a>.

It's the toaster to bread.  If you just really use one of your monitors to display, make sure you have that program.

At one point when I had the used the first set-up, I had a sliding Rainlender ToDo list on the right side of my primary.  Without ConfineMouse, I couldn't have scrolled down my list.  Every time you go to close a window, the mouse gets lost on the second monitor, which is a big pain if they're not side-by-side.  I would have had to ditch my beloved desktop setup, of Rainlender there.   I can't heap enough praises.

Good luck.

Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: Uninstall All Programs (Unall)
« on: February 26, 2008, 09:44 PM »
I've used Knoppix's QTParted, and CutePartitionMagic(is this the right name?  I know the flopply needs cpm.exe to work), but they both seem to leave shadows on the hard drives I found with recovery tools.  My uneducated theory is you need a MS OS to confidently format a Windows system hard drive.  I know the fresh install will format again, but I'm thinking of an extra layer or two of protection.

Anybody know something about this subject (although I know this isn't really the place)?

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Uninstall All Programs (Unall)
« on: February 26, 2008, 08:23 PM »
I've just sold my second computer.  To feel secure, I overwrite all my files seven or eight times with a permanent deleter, and then I try to format the hard drive.  This time it's a PC, and I don't want to be bothered pulling the HDD, hooking it up to an external USB, and formatting, especially since this comp had very little on it.  It was just used as temp backup for some pictures while my external HDD is replaced, for media playlists, and a few CD's I'm legal to copy for myself only.  The last step for these sales I've made has been to put on a clean install of XP.

I could save time and possibly skip two big steps; the shredding step of the program files, and the clean install of XP on a computer that's clean enough (a showroom model maybe).  I need a small program to uninstall all the programs found in the Add/Remove dialog.  Sounds too paranoid maybe, but an once of prevention.  Maybe an option to leave a few like Adobe reader, OpenOffice, etc.

How about Unall, for prepping a computer for sale?

Has anybody come up with it yet?  Anybody heard of anything similar?

Coding Snack Guidelines / Not a good fit for my need...
« on: December 24, 2007, 12:17 PM »
Thanks yksyks, but I'm looking for something right-click only.  Interesting app though.....

Coding Snack Guidelines / IDEA: Last Explore or something
« on: December 24, 2007, 02:34 AM »
I'm using the Microsoft Explorer to get to folders in my root drive. 

I have the mind set to close that window first when I'm working, but I always forget one more thing I need in that folder. 

I get there by a right-click of the start button.  How about a shell integration that'll put "Last Explore" as an option in that right-click, and open to the last place you ended that original "Explore"?

It might need a stupider name though.  How about HadExplore?  I don't like Return Explore.  BackExplore isn't too bad either.  Or with spaces back between the words, ie Had Explore or Back Explore.

TinJAw, you seemed to summarize so well, everyone seems to be mesmerized.  I had to add this is the best newsletter for DC to date, and many thanks to all.  Someday....cha-ching...the sound of my hefty donation.

I'm getting to this two weeks later, because I've been reading many many articles and follwing links all over DC, for many hours whenever I could find time.  Many are right in sync with the things I'm doing these days, like my multi-booting experiments, constant search for the better freeware, bug in a USB drive with a fixed drive letter (a virus?), need for humor (teledildonics was FUNNY!), neighborly recommendations here to give back, fixation with every update of Cliboard Help + Spell, etc.  IDEA: Tiny Notes app for multi-user network folders!   The tally: 12 .mht/shortcut pages of tips saved, 5 softwares here and outside links, and I think 3 new additions to my bookmarks.  Mostly, a lot more knowledge.

General Software Discussion / Re: New Webroot Firewall - Free Download
« on: November 18, 2007, 10:35 PM »
 :Thmbsup:  Thanks.  I've got the old Sygate Personal Firewall on this comp, and that'll never change as far as I see, but I've got another comp with a new set-up of XP, and heard this is the evolution of that classic Sygate.  I'm going to check it out.

Notesholder at is a small dockable lightweight notetaker I've been using for years.

Good luck.

ContextMenu Commander / Re: ContextMenu Commander
« on: June 21, 2007, 02:23 PM »
In the past few weeks, I'd just been looking for the simple syntax to add a Windows' Folder Options>File Types>[Higlighted File Type]Advanced>New... so that I could set "Printer Setup..." (also 'Preferences') in the Rt-Click context menu.  If I Print by rt-click, no dialog comes up, but the default printer spits it out.  Actually, my default is a pdf driver, but it spits it onto my screen.  I would have to add the new menu item one by one to each file type. 

Is this the right type of suggestion for ContextMenu Commander?     

How about a feature to add it on every file type that prints?  I saw the 'every file type' suggestion a few posts up.  I use MMM+ too, so if it's annoying somewhere, I can just slide it into the Dormant folder I made, that shows up on every file type anyway. 

I've picked up a useful 'copy to clipboard' from this forum for short names I'd been looking for this month too.  Great posts!

I'm adamant to find a photo album that'll compile on a calendar.  I found one, but they never got the bugs out, and they don't seem to be developing the software anymore.  I prefer to upload my own files.  I hope they add that feature. 

I haven't found the time to try JAlbum.  Do they have the calendar format, to links, to albums?  None of those type of program seem to include that diary type chronological stuff I'm looking for.

Post New Requests Here / Re: get name and class.
« on: January 15, 2007, 03:21 PM »
Thanks for your help!

Just clicking on the Desktop I get (I doubt you want this, but I'm clueless in this stuff):
>>>>>>>>>>( Window Title & Class )<<<<<<<<<<<
Program Manager
ahk_class Progman

By clicking near the on-screen display I get:
>>>>>>>>>>( Window Title & Class )<<<<<<<<<<<
ahk_class TFrmDeskTask

Is that enough information?

The program locks in position on the background, and when you unlock it that icon (or two or three depending on your preferences) is the drag facility.  Will that be affected? 

I went to their forum, and requested a new feature of an added separate transparency bar for the icons, but in the meantime, I'd love your solution.

I miss my old desktop, but a new used computer this month didn't work with the setup I spent many hours working on.  Your program will get me through the withdrawl.

Post New Requests Here / Re: hide icon...impossible...
« on: January 15, 2007, 01:47 PM »
It's like in an active desktop widget.  The little 16X16 picture isn't on the front desktop, it's on the background.  Sorry for the ambiguity.

Post New Requests Here / Re: tried Reshacker...oh yeah...
« on: January 15, 2007, 01:37 PM »
Thanks skrommel, but Reshacker didn't work on this one.  It's an icon attached to Outlook, and I found security built in, probably because they deal with emails, which I don't use it for.  I've got basically every icon in my startmenu switched with Reshacker, so I'm very familiar with it. 

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Grayscaled area of desktop
« on: January 15, 2007, 01:28 AM »
I have a program that is resident on my desktop, and a section defies the transparency settings the program provides.  I've set the font to a nice subliminal gray, but the icon, albeit small, is still distracting.  I imagine programming a section of the desktop to show in grayscale and then hidden when an active window opens.   An easier way might be to just create a slight increase in transparency in the set area.  The icon is 16X16 and might not even be noticed when the active window opens over it.  Would this be a worthwhile project for the programmers there?  Would I be the only beneficiary?  The program tells me my todo lists, etc., but could be useful for system monitors I've seen on some desktops, or a weather program with a stupid smiling sun, or something like that.

General Software Discussion / Yep, time spent on each webpage...
« on: January 09, 2007, 09:56 PM »
I hope this one fits your needs: Time track at is freeware and looks like a perfect fit.

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