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Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: Rename Next
« on: October 25, 2010, 09:36 PM »
I'll have to try a few of these suggestions.  I've used a lot of varied renamers, but in the case where I don't want or need any (or barely any) similarity in the consecutive names, they all seem to actually make the task worse.  

skwire, thanks, as far as the arrow-down and F2, I'm stuck as a very mouse oriented type of computer user, for better or worse.  I guess it was the formative years type thing in a computer equivalent, but I seem fixed on the traditional keys for most things.  

What I was actually thinking of was something in the rt-clk context menu or as a tiny installed program I could go fetch out of a program list or folder.

sajman99, I use ReNamer a lot, love it for the big jobs.  tomos, Directory$85 or something.  You weren't kidding!

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Rename Next
« on: October 24, 2010, 08:29 PM »
There are times when I have to name a bunch of individual files in a particular folder and often they are consecutive.  I'll typically right click to rename a certain file, type in the new designation, hit enter, and then mouse down to the next file and start the process again.  I'd love to see a program that on hitting the return key would then jump to the next file in the folder already in the rename function automatically.  If you hit enter without making a change the cycle would be ended.

For instance when I download a fresh batch of pictures out of my camera, I might have a bunch of photos of the same animal exhibit for example since I live next door to a zoo.  I'd love to name my consecutive photos  tigerleaping.jpg, tigerroaring.jpg, 2tigersroaring.jpg.  I've also had a big need for that type of fast consecutive renaming when finished with several versions of a website I want to keep after I've already given them generic names like version1, version2, version3 because they started as doodles.  Then I might want to save them like bluebackground.html, blbgroundgrayfont.html, etc with detailing designations.

Is there a demand for a product like this from others as well?

DesktopCoral / Re: Desktop Coral: Links to write-ups
« on: August 13, 2010, 09:46 PM »
Congratulations on the recognition of this great little program.

I love it in combo with PIP (picture-in-picture) on my old TV I use as a monitor.  I found lots of stuff on my desktop got blocked when I was occasionally using the PIP feature to watch a 9th inning, or something interesting while doing homework.  DesktopCoral works perfect to keep your work visible on those occasions.

For awhile I had a dual monitor up-down arrangement next to my laptop workhorse controlled through Input Director.  I used the top monitor constantly for my TV card, and the bottom only occasionally.  In fact, the bottom moni was usually off.  I didn't use the remote for the channel changing, only the mouse controls. I also used that same desktop for streaming video in my study of Hebrew (still do, just not on dual arrangement for now) Desktop Coral kept me from mousing over the less used monitor.

I think 40hz has spoken clearer than any other contributor on this thread in this latest post...

FWIW, I predict that if the follow-on CD actually does get even more popular (and especially if it becomes profitable) it will only be a matter of time before a letter from an attorney arrives informing Team Circle Dock that her client holds a patent for something like an "on-screen control interface incorporating a circular graphical representation of system controls and files" - ...

I'm thinking this could only be initiated by Eric Wong with any hope of legal success.  I poured over this thread for awhile, but couldn't find the quote where I'm sure I read someone's reassurances that several proprietary dlls in Eric's sourcecode had no restrictions as to redistribution, as opposed to some that do.

Has anyone had any experience trying to use both Synergy and InputDirector?

FYI, a new GUI to Synergy called QuickSynergy looks very promising.  I havn't been able to connect my Windows 7 and Ubuntu 10.04 yet.  I think my syntax in QS isn't being accepted as enough of an override to Synergy's install default on a different port.  When I get this sorted I'll try and post my results.

Circle Dock / You know my love...but...
« on: July 01, 2010, 12:56 PM »
for Circle Dock, but I hate the system tray icon which doesn't change when you change the center button.  I used to have every system icon hidden except for my screen lock, but now I'm using my OS's built in lock, so I want CircleDock to take the reigns as having that sole honor. 

I have one big  problem.  I'm running W7U on an old laptop that is more like a netbook, so I'm using the classic appearance.  The light grey of CDo's native icon is almost completely washed out in the light gray of the clock corner.  I've used Resource Hacker to change icons in the past, but when I tried that on CDo the .exe was corrupted.  Is there another home remedy I could try?   

I've used a few programs that allowed a choice of two sets of tray icons.  3RVX, by Matthew Malensek, (I have no connections to him, but love his utility's utter simplicity.  His 'About' tab doesn't give a URL) comes to mind because it's in use on my PC due to misbehaving media sites in regards to volume evenness.   Its a small volume control that sits exclusively in the tray and has two sets of default icons, a blackish set, and a whitish set.  Is that a better fit for CDo as far as another option?

Is an option to change the system tray possible at all in the future?  I'm guessing the popular 'don't show' option on many programs might complicate the matter.


Now if you are like a lot of folks that keep Circle Dock visible all the time, located on their desktop somewhere. Dexpot does have an entry option that will allow a single instance of CD to appear in the same spot on each Virtual desktop.
That's what I was hoping for and would consider 'static'.  Thanks.

Circle Dock / Re: The Dexpot Project (This is going to be fun ;)
« on: June 12, 2010, 02:59 PM »
Great to hear the launcher I like so much is going to be even better.  I never liked a launcher before CDo, and I've never liked any virtual desktops, so there's hope for me to change my mind about that, too.  Awesome.

Question (possibly dumb):Is the CDo going to stay static through all the desktops?  I've seen multi desktops that change too much, IMH very out dated O and fuzzy recollection.  I think I stand a better chance to be converted if it does, or even better, can be static or fluid.

I hope nobody minds if I use CDo to abbreviate Circle Dock.  I've seen CD used but I needed to set something apart for some reason today. 

Sarge, sorry to hear about your back troubles.  Get better soon.  My sister's husband went through back trouble for months a few years back, but he's back playing football (American) and in the gym again, no problems since, as far as I've heard.

Circle Dock / Re: Latest Additional analytics for Circle Dock
« on: April 02, 2010, 02:06 PM »
That site is a blast Sarge, but not sure how accurate.  My biggest shows there at below ten hits a day, but doing a couple hundred on a bad day.  On the other hand my second biggest website was proportionally less in value, but again the count said less then ten a day.  They're hosted by different companies, so the proportionality is reassuring.
Since I looked it up, (no connection, love the Outlook calendar plug-in) has an estimate of 417K. 
Thanks for the post.

Sorry, I did get to try Files2Folders on that other computer tonight, and it works perfect.  I'm slightly confused why it works on one IBM T23 and not another T23.  They both run XP SP3.  Of course the one it doesn't work on is bloated beyond belief, and the other has far fewer softwares installed. 

Anyway, now that I've seen it work I'm more impressed.  It was quick, and would be very handy. 

I also have 7 64bit on a build I use for media.  I'll try it on that too, and let you know if there are any problems.

Any other steps I could try to get it working on my workhorse?

Thanks again.

I do, but it might be a few days.  I have a bunch stuff to get to tomorrow.

The value gets into the registry fine, about five times I think.  I did a search before running the .exe, and there were none, so the unregister is working perfect, I'd assume.

When you say total blank, you don't mean that your context menu is totally blank, do you?  I assume you mean that just the Files2Folder entry doesn't show up, right?

Right.  The rest of my context menu is fine.

Also, you shouldn't see anything in the task manager after you register the extension.  Files2Folder doesn't stay running; it only launches when called from the menu.

When I wrote in this thread a few months ago (September 28, '09) with an older version of Files2Folder, there was a files2folder.exe running in the processes, when I was having trouble unregistering, but I did clear it the next day.  The current version has no .exe showing.

Sorry, I hope I didn't startle you.

I'd put Files2Folder down for awhile.  It seems like some users will find it indispensable, but for me I'll probably only use it once and a while.  I downloaded the newest version last night.  I got a total blank in all my context menus, including after reboot.  I unregistered np. Nothing in the task manager this time, although I didn't look until I unregistered.  Any hope for me to get this going, or is my working computer just too old and bloated?  Any way for me to generate a hook log or something helpful to post in case an update is justified?

BTW, skwire, love your Switcheroo and Zero Zipper.  Filebucket is on my desktop to try one of these years.

Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: Mini-Review: Breeze Cat Litter System
« on: January 06, 2010, 01:03 AM »
I'm not a cat owner presently, but probably will be again when my dog dies (my building is strict about having only one pet).  However, I handle probably about two calls a week for litterbox problems, with a behavior helpline (messages) I've volunteered on for about four years now.  I'd never seen theses systems you three listed.

mouser, I went to your website link and did some reading about your new system.  I was wondering, do you think kittens would get the hang of using the Breeze system?  They explain how to make a transition from a traditional lb to the new system, but kittens have a strong natural desire to go in clay.  They recommend making a bit of a mix, adding the artificial pellets to the old box as a primary to the transition, but can you go the other way around?  I can always call the company when the time comes, but I usually like your impressions on gadgets, software, etc, if you've got some on this.

brotherS, have they got plans for a hyprid roomba/litter-robot that you know of?  there's only a billion vehicle jokes that math up well with that gadget.

JavaJones, when I got out of college many years ago, I was finding myself, so I homesteaded my unheated Grandmother's summer cottage which had been unused for several years.  I was trying to winterize it, so I bought heat wrap tape for the water pipes, but the bathroom was still unheated, and I was worried about the water in the bowl freezing, and causing a fracture in the fixture.  I came up with this idea to bring a hot water pipe up to the intake, and when winter came I would flush with hot water.  I sweated the pipe over, with a valve to just use cold like normal the rest of the year.  So the first frost came, and I switched to hot, and did a test flush.  The house only had a crawl space underneath, and a big iron sewage line underneath, so the combo of the cold bowl, and the steaming water....poof!  The whole room was in a thick fog bank, with drips running down the mirror, windows, etc, in just one single flush, almost instantaneously.  I'm glad the bowl was very clean and that the flush was a blank test.  I went to plan two, drilled a mouse hole through the pine board wall, and brought electricity in there for a space heater.  That worked great for many years.  Your link reminded me of my big blunder that year, and the laugh I had on myself.

I almost missed this post, but glad I caught it for both chuckles and a possible evolution.

General Software Discussion / Re: Printliminator
« on: December 25, 2009, 12:56 PM »
I should have added to my statement "...was done on an Apple,..." that I was using Windows on a P3, and I was wondering about my own computers limitations, not Apple's inadequacies..  I was just wondering if the codecs I've got on my machine effected the playback, or a server cache.  I'm sure Appple makes high quality presentations.  I'm guessing the playback was a local problem from Curt's description of how well it's working for him.  I'm sure the choice between these two high quality products will just be a matter of taste for most.  I often pick software just because it has the fewest features, as a matter of a personal preference for simplicity.  But I contradict myself in certain types os software too.  I still haven't tried PL, but I won't use these programs that much that I care.  In this case I can be lazy and still always be happy with the one I've got.

General Software Discussion / Re: Printliminator
« on: December 24, 2009, 01:45 AM »
I went to ThePrintliminator link suggested by inventit and tried to run the demo video, and it was really choppy.  I then went to PrintWhatYouLike suggested by 4wd, and the demo was smooth as silk, so my first impression is set strongly.

I plan to use PrintWhatYouLike alot, and just wanted to thank both of you a lot!  This is good for saving bundles of ink, cash, trees, oxygen, etc.  I'm astounded by how easy this one is to use.  I didn't see any change in opening time on my browser at all.  It feels like it loads the page very lightly and you can cut the webpage to shreds in seconds and get to the area you really after for printing in your own browser!  I was definately expecting a new button, but just hit the link in your Favorites or Bookmarks and you all set up.

I noticed the first link was done on an Apple, and the second looked like IE I think (not going back though).  I'm wondering if that's the discrepancy with how the two played.  Maybe it's just the traffic or server caches or something.  Anybody else have as much trouble with the first?

Anyway, fantastic stuff.

Circle Dock / Re: Coming soon - Circle Dock Version 1.00
« on: December 08, 2009, 01:41 PM »
Markham, I discovered your program about 6 weeks ago, and at that time things were very wirey.  I'd have it running for 5-10 mins, and it would crash, never to return.  I'm not a launcher user, but even then Circle Dock was a bunch of fun. 

Now with Beta1 the last two weeks or so, I have it working on my #2 computer.  It only crashed once, yesterday, and I restarted it, and it was blank.  So I put back on some of my original shortcuts, and reshaped it, etc.  Next time I restarted the comp, the first set of settings were back, but the second set were gone.  I'm having fun with the notion I'm on a pre-release that will someday be very famous, so the setbacks are understood.  I'd love to see a feature to export the settings.
That Beta, in common with many other Beta versions out there, didn't have all the wrinkles iron-out. I posted it to show users the new Dock shape as there has been a deal of interest in such a shape. That it only crashed once is to its credit  . Can you recall the circumstances that caused it to crash?

I'm not sure about the circumstances, but thanks for asking.  I was intentionally making setting changes slowly, and closing the box to set them and reopening a lot.  Making a bunch at one time had crashed the earlier versions.  I think it was a combination of a few changes without closing the settings box immediately, and then a fast errant click on a desktop folder adjacent.

I've google earthed your new neighborhood (well, Cebu anyway) a fair amount in the last six months because of some chat friends there.  You're a lucky man to be living in that beautiful area.  My impression is that the level of english speakers is very high there.  It reminds me of Israel that way.

I hope you don't mind if I make another small request for your consideration.  I've noticed a prominent windows folder isn't included in the special folders drop-down list.  I'd love to see "Shared folders" in there.

Thanks again.

Circle Dock / Re: Coming soon - Circle Dock Version 1.00
« on: December 08, 2009, 12:14 AM »
Markham, I discovered your program about 6 weeks ago, and at that time things were very wirey.  I'd have it running for 5-10 mins, and it would crash, never to return.  I'm not a launcher user, but even then Circle Dock was a bunch of fun.  

Now with Beta1 the last two weeks or so, I have it working on my #2 computer.  It only crashed once, yesterday, and I restarted it, and it was blank.  So I put back on some of my original shortcuts, and reshaped it, etc.  Next time I restarted the comp, the first set of settings were back, but the second set were gone.  I'm having fun with the notion I'm on a pre-release that will someday be very famous, so the setbacks are understood.  I'd love to see a feature to export the settings.

How famous you ask?
Your program will be the impetus to force manufacturers to create a U shape backlight and eventually the circular LCD monitor.  That, or with my first paycheck I'm going looking in antique shops for the famous 50's TV set made with the round screen, and a RF Modulator.  

Kidding aside, I thank you for the hard work you put in.

I've got a rhetorical question about your username too: I live in New England (a group of states in the northeast USA), and a lot of towns I grew up in, and around, ended with 'ham.'  Any connection to this area or England?  Just curious.  Or is it a real first name.  I'm always trying to pick up on different cultures.

I hope you either don't need credits and donations at all, or are getting them generously.

Thanks again.

jdd thanks, but I never moved the extracted folder after I unzipped and ran the .exe.  There's something else happening with my system, because I was going to be cautious and un-register and unzip somewhere else, as you'd advised.   I did, and when I went to delete the original folder, I got an error 'in use' message.  Then I checked my Task Manager, and Folder2File.exe was running, so I forced it to End, and I still couldn't delete the folder.  Then I went to my Boot Deleter. and went to integrate that into my shell, and that wouldn't integrate anywhere but in my Start Menu's context.  I'm running XP SP3, and the reboot is a solid 12-14 mins or more, so I do it once day unless something goes haywire.  I think I've seen this behavior in this comp before, and it did clear up with a reboot, but I can't get to that for awhile.  I'll keep you posted.

skwire, I wasn't selecting any folders.  Just file(s).  Ahh, create a config.ini...I haven't done that before, yep that helps.  Similar to AHK...

This is a great idea for a program.  Thanks paarkhi and skwire!  I tried this last night, but nothing showed up in my context menu.  I figured when I rebooted in the morning it'd show up.  I did find the 'Files 2 Folder' entry, but ONLY in the Quick Launch items context menus!  The files on my Desktop didn't have the entry, and trying the context menu with an open Explorer didn't help.

At this point I'd like to ask what might prove to make me look stupid, but where are the hidden settings?  I've used a lot of stuff I haven't been shy messing with as far as settings, like Rainlender, Sumarize, etc.  I tried opening Files2Folder.exe in ResHacker, but didn't see them there.  I didn't see a folder in 'Application Data.'  I thought maybe I had to point to the desktop or something, although that really doesn't make any sense.

I should add my context menus are a bit jazzed up.  I use MMM+, and Folder Guide.  Would that interfere with the registration process?  Also, I hadn't quite read down here far enough to figure out I should've answered Yes when the initial prompt to register appeared.  I said No on the first run, and when I realized my mistake went back and said Yes on the second run.  Like I said, the entry did appear after in one context menu, just not everywhere.

Anyone have any ideas?

Better late than never?  I found this app called 'Send To Notepad' about a year ago I think.  Just sits in your tray, and if you click it's icon a new notepad window opens and your clipboard goes in.

The link is

It can be quircky, needing a 'rt-click copy' here, an Edit>Copy from the menu bar there, a Ctrl-C, every where a Ctrl-C...oh McDonald had a....oh sorry...

I use it enough to justify keeping it in startup.  Can't for the life of me remember where I found it, maybe a direct web search.  I lost something a paragraph long I'd typed in a form online, and I was looking for clipboard monitors.  I finally settled on Clipp found at which I just wrote the author of to see if he'll put it back on his website.  Otherwise, I have a copy of the executable somewhere if someone wants to tell me where to host it.  My websites don't seem to like off-subject things like downloads.

Hope it helps.

I enjoyed this month's newsletter very much.  I found some great muti-monitor stuff,  got some laughs, read some great articles, and came up with a bunch of good ideas. 

many thanks.


I have no idea if Skrommel's DimSaver works through the Fn Up/Down, but it does the job, and can be used in conjunction with RunScreenSaver.

Also, you wrote:
I did not consider the lcd panel turning off, because that is not a part of the hardware-coded options on my system or any systems i know of.
Using seat of the pants reasoning WinFlog is tapping into a hardware code, just out of the feel of the LCD going out in conjunction with Shutter.  The screen goes out instantly, but comes back over a second or two, so I'm hoping it's easy on the backlights.  I'm replacing the third on my favorite computer, and typing on a spare.

I started looking for this stuff when my laptop mysteriously lost screensaver capacity, so I started jury rigging.  My comp is on all day, and I walk away a lot.

I'd link to the author of WinFlog's webpage, but the link I gave points out in simple terms how to avoid adding stuff to the context menus (by using an executable in the WinFlog zip).

I hope these gems are helpful to you or someone.

WOW!  I designed and ran a website for five years, with poor cross-browser compatibility, until recently, because I never learned the "old" trick to use a transparent image over an image mouseover effect.  About 4-6 months ago, I came across an article describing it in conjunction with the first Netscape designs years and years ago, and found it worked beautifully in my current pages to give them cross browser compat., and speed them up compared to work-around I'd been using, and even give them a smoother appearence (don't ask why).

Thank you for pointing out I can do the same thing!!!  I didn't have to wait five years!!

We've also got Rainlendar in common, although I use just one window, tied to my Outlook appointments.  I saw that post on Desktops, but mine is all Outlook function, and nothing fancy so I didn't bother.

The media computer I want the clickable area for is also a major plain-jane.  I had a startup with basically only WMP, Mutebar (from, which I got years ago when they were free), and dkvolume.  I'd run that setup for years, but just put it on a better Dell Pentium4, and added DesktopCoral under Mutebar, just for aesthetics.  I just replaced dkvolume with Volumouse a week or so ago, after reading about it in a forum here.  All this to answer the phone when it rings, or not wake up my neighbors when I change stations.

Thanks again.

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