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Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Lan Alarmclock or Timer
« on: January 06, 2014, 06:58 PM »
I've recently been counting down two hours after dinner to take a new old asthma medicine I've been prescribed, so I've been starting a simple alarm program on one of my computers.  I went looking for something to show a countdown on everything on my lan, or some client/server type program that would serve the purpose but came up empty.  I'd prefer not to have something that syncs time on the lan, but something simpler that just uses the time set on the first computer.  Can anyone offer any assistance or suggestions?  I've used AHK but other than that I don't have any programming skills.  Thanks.

I've got a website I'm moth-balling, so all entrants to the site by a bookmark or favorite to a certain folder and file need to be redirected to the new file location.  I've created redirect html on the index pages.  Now I want to take a copy of the contents of the redirection code and put them in every file in the folder, but have the file names retained.

I was searching but couldn't find anything like this.  Has anybody come across anything that would do this?

One small problem...What would you name this if it gets created as a snack???  Maybe "Website Forwarder" but that's not very revealing of the actions this actuate.

I saw an icon that would fit nearly perfectly at Skrommel's page, this for ShortCutter.  Maybe putting the arrows in a tighter circle actually inside the the folder's boundaries.

I'd love to see a program that allows you to specify which sites are opened by which browser.

Here's how I picture it.  SpecifSite sits in the the tray, and when clicked opens a set of collapsible full width frames corresponding to each of the browsers you have installed on your computer.  I think they should be cataloged the first time you run SpecifSite.  Under each listing for each browser there's a plus sign, and a delete x.  You add URLs under each browser, and they open to that browser as long as SpecifSite is running.  If you've already added a URL, and want to edit it, highlight the listing, and hit the plus sign again.  If the site isn't added to SpecifSite then the default browser retains control.

Options:  If the programming is too difficult to list a general URL, how about the path to any shortcut you designate?    If anyone has heard of a software like this I apologize, but I've never run into anything like it before, and my searches didn't find anything.

Inspiration:  Browsers are getting so good I'm finding I prefer Firefox for much of my general surfing (this month's Firefox sold me into making it my default browser for the first time ever...blazing fast) but my preference for a full screen media page I visit daily is still IE9.  I bet I'd find some sights I like best with Chrome too.  Then there's my laziness when opening a page of stats on one of my own websites, that I wrote the password on a retired computer, but a certain browser still has it retained. 

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Rename Next
« on: October 24, 2010, 08:29 PM »
There are times when I have to name a bunch of individual files in a particular folder and often they are consecutive.  I'll typically right click to rename a certain file, type in the new designation, hit enter, and then mouse down to the next file and start the process again.  I'd love to see a program that on hitting the return key would then jump to the next file in the folder already in the rename function automatically.  If you hit enter without making a change the cycle would be ended.

For instance when I download a fresh batch of pictures out of my camera, I might have a bunch of photos of the same animal exhibit for example since I live next door to a zoo.  I'd love to name my consecutive photos  tigerleaping.jpg, tigerroaring.jpg, 2tigersroaring.jpg.  I've also had a big need for that type of fast consecutive renaming when finished with several versions of a website I want to keep after I've already given them generic names like version1, version2, version3 because they started as doodles.  Then I might want to save them like bluebackground.html, blbgroundgrayfont.html, etc with detailing designations.

Is there a demand for a product like this from others as well?

Maybe this could define a desktop area that could be clickable to run a program, or secondly, to display something on the screen, or other options I haven't thought of.  I tried to accomplish running a program,  with a mouse gesture utility that identified DesktopCoral.exe, and it didn't work.  I tried to find something else that would do the trick, as I think I saw something once, but came up empty.

Happy New Year all.

I'm running the latest version  of CHS. I've been using this program for at least a year or so, and love it.  Today, I wish I had it starting up with Windows.  I lost a clipboard entry before I started CHS, and went looking for lighter weight clipboard history recorders.  I found one that was crapola.  I tried to exit, to check that it saved the clips, and it froze everything but the Task manager.  I hibernated, and logged in again, but that was no help.  Restarted, did it again to check if the freeze was a fluke, and got the same problem.  It uninstalled okay but now the clipboard chain won't re-establish in CHS.  I tried a reboot again, and the problem is still there.

I can create a new note, and lft-clk of the tray icon shows the clips from yesterday, etc, but if I choose them, they don't show in the main window. 

When I use ctrl-c, I get the audible success sound, but nothing shows in the CHS window, eliminating my TREMENDOUS need for spell check.  I can copy and past fine in notepad.

The settings all look ok.  Text minimun is the default 9999.

Besides re-installing, is there anything I can try to get the 're-esablish clipboard chain' working again?

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Folder Merge
« on: September 02, 2008, 12:09 AM »
I used to back up on a USB external, but I downsized to laptop hard drives, which go in Thinkpad caddies I have.  I started running out of room at one point, and started on a second old hard drive.  Then maybe a third.  Recently, I bought a 160GB that should last me the rest of my life.  I put two of the three drives on the large one, and forgot one, and added to another when the big wasn't handy, etc, and lost track.

Now I'm hoping to reclaim the littler drives and sell them, or put them in other laptops.

The one thing that these tend to have in common is the folder names.  I think the safest thing to do is just do a cut of each folder and paste it onto the new drive, but as I was taring my hair out over the Duplicate finder that stopped working well for me, and contemplating the cut and paste of many folders, I thought, how about something that merges folders with the exact names.

I guess the downside might be overwriting on the long-shot two files have the same name as I do the cut-paste by hand, so even if the program was that simple, I'd be happy.  Also, since I use a big Thinkpad dock, I'd want the ability to merge two to a third hard drive.  I wouldn't mind waiting as "Folder Merge" worked sequentially, instead of reconfiguring twice, or more.  Maybe somebody has a need to merge a higher number of drives onto a single big drive. 

Of course making the option to 'cut' or 'copy' from each drive would be nice, if possible.

Has anybody heard of anything that does this already?

I guess as it evolved for many drives, it would need to go on a wizard, that ran a dry run for duplicate folder names first, and then allowed exceptions, and asked to continue the merge.  At first, maybe the program could just merge what the operator selected with a confirm box.

I hope this is someone's gold. 

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Uninstall All Programs (Unall)
« on: February 26, 2008, 08:23 PM »
I've just sold my second computer.  To feel secure, I overwrite all my files seven or eight times with a permanent deleter, and then I try to format the hard drive.  This time it's a PC, and I don't want to be bothered pulling the HDD, hooking it up to an external USB, and formatting, especially since this comp had very little on it.  It was just used as temp backup for some pictures while my external HDD is replaced, for media playlists, and a few CD's I'm legal to copy for myself only.  The last step for these sales I've made has been to put on a clean install of XP.

I could save time and possibly skip two big steps; the shredding step of the program files, and the clean install of XP on a computer that's clean enough (a showroom model maybe).  I need a small program to uninstall all the programs found in the Add/Remove dialog.  Sounds too paranoid maybe, but an once of prevention.  Maybe an option to leave a few like Adobe reader, OpenOffice, etc.

How about Unall, for prepping a computer for sale?

Has anybody come up with it yet?  Anybody heard of anything similar?

Coding Snack Guidelines / IDEA: Last Explore or something
« on: December 24, 2007, 02:34 AM »
I'm using the Microsoft Explorer to get to folders in my root drive. 

I have the mind set to close that window first when I'm working, but I always forget one more thing I need in that folder. 

I get there by a right-click of the start button.  How about a shell integration that'll put "Last Explore" as an option in that right-click, and open to the last place you ended that original "Explore"?

It might need a stupider name though.  How about HadExplore?  I don't like Return Explore.  BackExplore isn't too bad either.  Or with spaces back between the words, ie Had Explore or Back Explore.

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Grayscaled area of desktop
« on: January 15, 2007, 01:28 AM »
I have a program that is resident on my desktop, and a section defies the transparency settings the program provides.  I've set the font to a nice subliminal gray, but the icon, albeit small, is still distracting.  I imagine programming a section of the desktop to show in grayscale and then hidden when an active window opens.   An easier way might be to just create a slight increase in transparency in the set area.  The icon is 16X16 and might not even be noticed when the active window opens over it.  Would this be a worthwhile project for the programmers there?  Would I be the only beneficiary?  The program tells me my todo lists, etc., but could be useful for system monitors I've seen on some desktops, or a weather program with a stupid smiling sun, or something like that.

UrlSnooper / I upgraded, new URLSnooper dissapears
« on: December 17, 2006, 01:42 PM »
After doing an install on 2.14.02 I got a screen much different than the previous version.  Just 'File' and 'Help' in the menu bar.  The wizard found my network card np.  Anytime I clicked to do anything, the whole program vanished off the screen.  I tried the two choices I've mentioned, and rebooted.  I ran WMP, then URLSnooper, and a right-click on a found URL.  No icons in the system tray, nothing.  I tried reboot, and reinstall by a manual unzip.  I successfully uninstalled, and put an old version back on my comp np.  Since I did the uninstall, I might be useless to help with figuring out the problem, but I wanted to post it just in case the information is usefull.

Thanks for your time and a great program. 

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Speaker monitor for telephone
« on: June 15, 2006, 11:39 PM »
Phone cords are disappearing from the backs of computers fast, but I'd plug mine in for a way to monitor phone calls through the voice modem.  I don't picture using the mic for the conversations, but rather just picking up the phone when I'm taken off hold.  There's an option to listen to the calls being dialed for my fax software, and I think Outlook has the option too, so it seems possible.  I've looked around extensively, and I haven't found anything close.  Has anybody thought this one up before?

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