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General Software Discussion / Re: GemX - missing in action
« on: November 20, 2008, 09:37 PM »

General Software Discussion / Re: GemX - missing in action
« on: November 18, 2008, 04:32 AM »
Oh, I didn't know about the TexNotes application. Well, in that case, I guess your account should have remained "open" as you say with your details about TexNotes... you're right then...

General Software Discussion / Re: GemX - missing in action
« on: November 17, 2008, 10:03 PM »
Hi Darwin,

I thought that you requested a refund...? Didn't you?
I guess then, they removed or de-activated your account.
It's normal business procedures to do so...? isn't it?
Why would they offer you free software after a refund?
Earlier in the thread, you were expecting them to do so...
and so they finally got around to it...
You don't have to wait for a week; the account is closed.


General Software Discussion / Re: GemX - missing in action
« on: January 14, 2008, 09:49 PM »
That is the theory.

Here is another theory:

Why not take heed to what mouser said? Get off their backs [GemX], and leave them alone. Let's see what 2008 will bring!

It's the new year and maybe it's time for some second chances and for giving people the benefit of the doubt. I think it's clear that people have had problems with GemX, and they have expressed their unhappiness.
But maybe it's time to cut them some slack and see how they do in the coming year.

In the beginning, this thread was setup so users could express their disappointments. Well, fine, that has been done. There are 13 pages now, how many more do you need? I don't believe that this thread is for people to constantly REPORT back any GemX issues on a constant basis - if so, then I think that we are abusing the privelege granted to us in this thread. That's a sign that it's getting out-of-line. If you want to constantly put wood in the fire, then you're stirring things up wrongfully. I firmly disagree with this constant reporting...

I would just rather say what's on my mind (no offense)....
Happy new year

I am trialing this lightweight (USB install and self-contained) eMAIL client called Espresso. I discovered it recently. It uses a "permissions" based filtering technology. So far - so good. Spam is controlled very good so far. It lets you create assorted "mailboxes" to organize your eMAIL database. I like this so far. Has anyone else tried this software? I wonder; is the "permissions" based filtering more efficient? I only have a 14 day trial, and so, I sort of need more time...

Anybody know more about the permissions vs bayesian?... which generally produces better results...

Living Room / Re: which hierarchical note program?
« on: January 09, 2008, 09:55 PM »
How about TreeDBNotes Pro? - an excellant hierarchical notes manager. The fun here is the *lockable multi-tabbed notes feature with password hints. You can link attachments to every note. You can also view your collection of texts in an external window in full screen mode - make changes - and they will be auto-saved to the original text. There is also a customizable *shortcuts manager and there is an alarm section. You have the option to include contacts and passwords trees but that remains as an option. You can use the multi-tabbed feature for notes (texts) alone... and there's more...

In another post, here, I talked about KillProcess. This application (free) can kill viciously at shutdown. You simply enable the computer shutdown from within the application. You can also setup any number of "kill lists" for quick & mean execution! - just like the name says. This is a very good APP, give it a try... you'll see...

"KillProcess can "Kill" the Windows Operating System, in an more powerful manner than that of standard Windows. KillProcess will force all applications to terminate, and if an application doesn't respond, it will be terminated instantly."

General Software Discussion / Re: Software Ethics
« on: December 22, 2007, 05:43 PM »
If end-users were more aware of this, they might be more understanding and perhaps even assist the developer in pushing the supplier for a fix (rather than berating the developer).

It's just a matter of communication between programmers and end-users.
If they would explain more, we would understand more...

donate? - after the holidays...

General Software Discussion / Registry Jumper (new discovery)
« on: December 20, 2007, 04:18 PM »
Just yesterday, I discovered this interesting little utility (freeware) for accessing the registry. It's called Registry Jumper. You can "jump to" registry keys and set up "favorites" to access them quickly and this makes system registry navigation easier. This tool allows you to open desired registry keys in Windows® Regedit by one click. I find this useful...
maybe others would like it...

General Software Discussion / Re: I will kill thee a 150 ways...freely
« on: December 18, 2007, 06:04 PM »
This is my killer from Orange Lamp Software Solutions.
The software's icon is a dynamite stick and when you kill an APP,
the dynamite sound explodes! Ahhh, what satisfaction when I hear it!

Description from website:

KillProcess is an application assassin of the extreme kind. It can terminate almost any process on a Windows machine, including any service and process running in the system. Even protected Microsoft system processes can be terminated. All of this can be done in the matter of milliseconds.

The speed that KillProcess can kill your applications with is determined by your computer speed and is not restricted by any other settings within the OS itself. KillProcess is way more powerful than the Task Manager in other terms than speed. It can kill multiple processes, either by multi-select or by clever use of “kill lists”. Using these techniques it is possible to “batch” terminate processes, quickly and swiftly, with a click of a button.

KillProcess can also scan the running processes on the computer, and kill them on sight, much like an anti-spyware application would. In KillProcess however you are in charge of which applications should be allowed to run or not – and that applies to the computer as long as you say so.

General Software Discussion / Re: Wallpaper Manager?
« on: December 17, 2007, 05:01 PM »
I've seen lots of wallpaper changers. Some are great, some are complete excrement.

When I read this remark, this is what I looked like!
Good grief, I thought that was funny...

I also have Wallpaper Master - but - there is something in the WPChanger that I like a bit more and that's the ability to see thumbnails of each wallpaper. Wallpaper Master has it set up in a way that you have to click on items in a list to see the preview - that's Ok, I guess, but I'd rather see the thumbnail and click on it instead. And so with WPChanger, instead of seeing long lists and wondering "what is that?" and then constantly clicking everywhere to see the actual thumbnail preview, WPChanger directly "cues" you into thumbnail view and then you quickly proceed to selection [view and select] - no more clicking everywhere to see what the picture is. WPChanger also allows for a resizable preview pane (drag the corner) that you can see alongside the viewer. WPChanger is definately more simple but that's the way I like it. And so I use this one...

General Software Discussion / Re: best clipboard program
« on: December 16, 2007, 02:27 AM »
How about Yankee Clipper lll (YC3)?
I've used this for years and it's a valuable tool for me.

oops! I realized you said you wanted something to record what you type...
YC3 doesn't do that! :-[

General Software Discussion / Re: Wallpaper Manager?
« on: December 15, 2007, 04:40 PM »
Wallpaper Managers, it's incredible what a long list you can find...! There's enough there to keep you busy for a long time.

Well, I can only say that you are taking my words out-of-context...
A stab-in-the-back... not at all... I think your attitude is off by a longshot...

Also, concerning this thread, mentioning your name here as far as I'm concerned is normal, you are the guy responsible for public relations for Artplus... your name is on several pages on your website, everybody can see that in a couple of clicks. And anybody dealing with Artplus in the past knows you anyways... nobody else answered those emails - so it's no big revelation.

It's too bad, Neven, cause I invested in your work as I believed in it, and I went out-of-my-way to express how I appreciated your talent. You are a gifted programmer. But, easynoter is still on the shelf! A little tweak for XP, and then Vista (that nobody wants) doesn't really balance on the scale. Fair is fair, I wrote often expressing my frustrations and you basically didn't care and so, that's why this issue is here today. You won't have me believe that I'm the only rooster in town!

Maybe you can move away from the personal offense attitude and realize that you are representing a company - that's what counts the most. This is not a personal conflict debate, but rather, this is a company issue... let's keep things in line.

ALSO, you are very much out-of-line trying to reveal private email info publicly and also twisting it's sense and meaning... a very ill practice indeed...

Perhaps, you can start to use this thread as an "opportunity" to win more clients instead of pushing conflict - and that I won't get involved in...

Well, sorry for your response... it lacks a lot of class. To clear things up, and first of all, reporting about companies who leave users with their problems and refuse to develop their softwares is not a slander and it's not a lie. Your reaction is out-of-swing. easynoter has been sitting on the shelf for years and I know plenty who have left it completely as you have left them... when I purchased easynoter, I was told that it was under development - that is an engagement - a form of promise - or maybe we shouldn't take you seriously when you speak. Basically, and truthfully, when we purchase software, we inquire for future projections and rely on your word which is like the shifting sands...

I was expecting a much more classy response...

Well, the concept is good and the products are nice [based on their release a few years ago...] but the results are outrageous! At the time of purchase, there was all kinds of promises for updates and developments - but it actually turns out otherwise. And after announcing to me (by email), various development projects, he [Neven Prasnikar], later on, cancelled everything! The concept would be much better if they kept up with the trends [software development]. That way, it would be an interesting promotional tool with something to offer - not a dead-end street!

General Software Discussion / Re: Wallpaper Manager?
« on: December 15, 2007, 09:57 AM »
You might be wondering what to do with the list that you can make.... it seems that there is only one list available... well, here's a work-around I use.

Before loading lots of pictures, first save a "BLANK" list to the directory where you store the WPChanger lists naming it as "BLANK". It would look like [BLANK.wcp]. Whenever you want to make a new list or category of pictures, simply load the "BLANK" file and insert your wallpaper pics. Afterwards, you can save it with a different name. But the "BLANK" file always remains there to quickly start a new list. This is simple and fun to use... any comments...?

General Software Discussion / Re: Wallpaper Manager?
« on: December 15, 2007, 08:13 AM »
Ok - I understand. Actually, I have several wallpaper changers. I guess I should have thought of this one that shows thumbnails as you say. It's called WPChanger (freeware). It's no longer developed but works fine! It has the screensaver option but you can disable it. You can set up thumbnails from a folder and create different lists and you can also insert thumbnails one-by-one. Simply double-click any thumbnail and that's what you will see as a wallpaper. Also, you can disable the "cycling" process and proceed to choose which wallpaper you want by viewing the thumbnails. By disabling the other features [screensaver, auto-cycling], you have the basic thumbnail viewer with fast selection and double-click or (F9) setup for your collection of wallpapers. Maybe you will like this one...

General Software Discussion / End-user problems with Artplus Software
« on: December 15, 2007, 07:37 AM »
This company Artplus Software, offers some nice applications as promotional tools for business marketing. Their marketing tools are "catchy" and seem to be worth using as everything seems to look fine, however, you eventually realize that something is wrong...

And so the software seems good at first - but - when you realize that this promotional tool produces aggravating frustrations in your client base who in turn direct that frustration at you because the software producers completely refuse to develop easynoter. I own it now for over 6 years and there has never been any updates except a small fix for XP when Microsoft launched it. They completely shelved it and it's abandonware. There are many bugs and fixes needed but there is no development. There are some serious issues that are simply ignored by the developer and sales people. But watch out for the END USERS who fall victim to this sour promotional tool that delivers no support. I've spent nearly $200.00 in purchases for their softwares that are NEVER updated. So if you think that your clients will enjoy using software like easynoter with absolutely no support - well - that's a risk you take - good luck!! easynoter is well behind in terms of today's standards for note taking software. Many of the today's features are simply MISSING and with no hope for anything else to be implemented. It's a shame, it really is. If you want to invest and support abandonware like I did, well, you're headed for trouble...and your clients too... because when they use the "promotional" tools, they eventually opt for PRO versions and discover many unending problems... and you referred them to it. You can use the promotional tools to distribute an unlimited number of copies of easynoter lite which ofcourse, is feature disabled or limited. Afterwards, that's when the troubles set in...

I sent them countless emails that are answered in due time but the response is always negative. They keep developing the promotional aspect but their softwares are "abandoned" and that really makes a bad referral for your clients. They really don't care about the end user and his needs - that aspect - is totally ignored. That's not good business practice, and that's a poor show of professionalism. The end user is really trapped...

General Software Discussion / Re: Wallpaper Manager?
« on: December 15, 2007, 06:32 AM »
Here is a wallpaper manager we had to pay for but now has become a FREEWARE.
It's called MuralPix. It could possibly meet your needs.

I really enjoy using this software!
[url=[/url]MailStore[/b] also has some nice and useful administrative tools:

I think this is the best email archiver I've ever seen and it's so easy to setup.
In a few minutes - presto - it's all done.
give it a try...

Glad to see that you like MailStore. Maybe you can contact them about these little issues... and see how they respond... and discover what kind of service they employ...

Before using MailStore, for personal use, I was using Junkanoo, which I like also (freeware). It reads your mail from the server and copies it to an archive. It does this while applying a spam filter that conveniantly captures the emails marked as spam when also let's say, they shouldn't be, and keeps them for at least one day, so you can "catch it" and change it's status to good mail for the next mailbox scan. You can scan several accounts along with gMAIL accounts and delete emails from the server and avoid unnecessary downloads. Nice little tool.

Click here

I don't have those *problems with MailStore either... must be a Vista issue...

How about this FREE application called MAILSTORE?
It can archive all emails from Thunderbird.
click here

General Software Discussion / Re: Max Alert = Max Ripoff
« on: December 10, 2007, 06:14 PM »
I also use Eusing Free Registry Cleaner, and I've been very impressed with it so far.  It picks up a lot of stuff that Symantec's don't, plus it backs up/restores the registry. I've never had either one of these cleaners ask to remove a registry entry that was vital to the system.  I've had them show some things that would affect preferences/history of a few programs, but Eusing also gives you the option to add them to the ignore list and never list them again in the scan.

I have used the Eusing Free Registry Cleaner also with very reliable service. There is also the free WISE Registry Cleaner that shows which items should be fixed and which should NOT be "fixed". You also have the option to undo a previous "fix". You can create an exclusion list as well. It can automatically create undo cleanups of data as well, and be programmed to run at startup and afterwards auto-exit after scan and show a log-report. You can pre-select to delete "safe" entries or "unsafe" entries and also use the backup/restore feature.

Anyways, both have done the job for me along with System Mechanic v6

Windows just doesn't take care of your registry. The registry is so vulnerable to dammages and alterations. Your system can literally come to a halt. It's a vital spot that needs attention on a regular basis. Anybody who has done so will tell you that it makes a world of a differance!

*Terms for purchasing software should always be easy to find and read. Actually, I think that buyers should be taken to the terms page just like when you install a software and you have to read the "terms of usage" before continuing with the installation procedure - so you are "forced" to read the purchasing rules [license] before the actual purchase is made, and so the purchase link is deactivated until the "terms" are reviewed and confirmed by the buyer/client. They could show a bold print with plain and clear language. There could also be an option to SEND a copy of the license to your email address or it can be done automatically. And so, why leave room for misunderstandings??? - unless you purposely want to mislead people...

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