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General Software Discussion / Registry Jumper (new discovery)
« on: December 20, 2007, 04:18 PM »
Just yesterday, I discovered this interesting little utility (freeware) for accessing the registry. It's called Registry Jumper. You can "jump to" registry keys and set up "favorites" to access them quickly and this makes system registry navigation easier. This tool allows you to open desired registry keys in Windows® Regedit by one click. I find this useful...
maybe others would like it...

General Software Discussion / End-user problems with Artplus Software
« on: December 15, 2007, 07:37 AM »
This company Artplus Software, offers some nice applications as promotional tools for business marketing. Their marketing tools are "catchy" and seem to be worth using as everything seems to look fine, however, you eventually realize that something is wrong...

And so the software seems good at first - but - when you realize that this promotional tool produces aggravating frustrations in your client base who in turn direct that frustration at you because the software producers completely refuse to develop easynoter. I own it now for over 6 years and there has never been any updates except a small fix for XP when Microsoft launched it. They completely shelved it and it's abandonware. There are many bugs and fixes needed but there is no development. There are some serious issues that are simply ignored by the developer and sales people. But watch out for the END USERS who fall victim to this sour promotional tool that delivers no support. I've spent nearly $200.00 in purchases for their softwares that are NEVER updated. So if you think that your clients will enjoy using software like easynoter with absolutely no support - well - that's a risk you take - good luck!! easynoter is well behind in terms of today's standards for note taking software. Many of the today's features are simply MISSING and with no hope for anything else to be implemented. It's a shame, it really is. If you want to invest and support abandonware like I did, well, you're headed for trouble...and your clients too... because when they use the "promotional" tools, they eventually opt for PRO versions and discover many unending problems... and you referred them to it. You can use the promotional tools to distribute an unlimited number of copies of easynoter lite which ofcourse, is feature disabled or limited. Afterwards, that's when the troubles set in...

I sent them countless emails that are answered in due time but the response is always negative. They keep developing the promotional aspect but their softwares are "abandoned" and that really makes a bad referral for your clients. They really don't care about the end user and his needs - that aspect - is totally ignored. That's not good business practice, and that's a poor show of professionalism. The end user is really trapped...

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