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Here's a video (OBS display capture) that shows a few captures and most importantly, SHIFT + PRTSCN for a selected region.

You can see how SSC "can't see" the right side of bottom of the screen.

And here are some screenshots with info about the 8k monitor setup:

Screen 3 is the primary display.

Screenshot - 2022-01-22 , 10_21_58 PM.png

Notice that "Scale and layout" is set to 150%. This is to improve font clarity and size. It doesn't work perfectly. (See "VLC media player" and the "Windows Explorer" shots below.)

Screenshot - 2022-01-22 , 10_23_02 PM.png

Screenshot - 2022-01-22 , 10_23_15 PM.png

Screenshot - 2022-01-22 , 10_27_50 PM.png

Notice the various font sizes and overflow problems. Windows scaling isn't perfect.

Screenshot - 2022-01-22 , 10_29_20 PM.png

Notice the small text in the status bar at the bottom.

8K monitor with SSC - display capture:

Screenshot - 2022-01-22 , 9_40_29 PM.png

Notice the clipping.

Entire workspace with SSC:

Entire workspace.png

Again, clipping.

New post...

This gets pretty wonky, so the best way is just to show you screenshots & whatnot.

The 8K monitor - screenshot with Windows snipping tool:

Windows snipping tool - entire 8k screen.png

The entire workspace - screenshot with Windows snipping tool:

Windows snipping tool - entire WORKSPACE.png

Images are too large for a single post. SSC shots in next one.

Can you elaborate a little -- what goes wrong?

I'll post back later with screenshots so you can see. Short version, everything gets wonky and bizarre selections for SHIFT + PRTSCN happen.

The maximum screenshot size (for a simple 1 monitor screen) is 5120 x 2880, which is certainly more than enough for most people.

I can get 8120 x 4289 for an entire workspace screenshot.

For a single application window screenshot, I can get full 8k at 7680 x 4260.

I can't get a full screen 1 monitor shot for my 8k monitor. (Set to 150% DPI scaling, which likely plays a factor.)

I think scaling is an issue, which should affect other users with (different) scaling on 1 or more monitors.

@mouser, if you're interested, I can help you out with some direction there.

I work in this space full time - have for a few years.

I can pretty quickly bring you up to speed on the basic theory, the first NFT, what's happening now, and the future of NFTs.

Right now the NFT-crazy crowd is freaking out over the absolute most basic form, but (in my day job) we've already got NFTs that are paradigmatically orders of magnitude ahead of all that.

I'll drop you a quick DM.

Living Room / Re: Show us a picture of your.. CAR!!!
« on: March 29, 2021, 10:31 PM »
Coming from an hybrid the logical next step was an EV, so I just got a Model 3 LR:

[ Invalid Attachment ]

NOICE! :D  :up:

When Elon Musk starts shitpoasting on Twitter, I keep thinking that I MUST get a Tesla! :D

I couldn't give a shit less about CO2 or any of that, but electric motors are AMAZING.

My only reservations are about range - can it get me far enough? And right now... for most things, yes. But for those half-dozen trips a year... no. I'd need a tow.

So, I think getting a Tesla for me will need to wait until I have extra money to burn.

Until then... same old boring kind of family minivan that I have now. Oh well.

Living Room / Re: Gadget WEEKENDS
« on: March 28, 2021, 11:28 PM »
You have 2 RTX3080 video cards in your new PC?  Better put in a 1200 Watt power supply. When both video cards have a 100% load, the 1000 Watt power supply will make your system unstable.

I wanted 2, but they'd only give me 1.

Where are you going to find that 3080 is the question.. the graphics cards are impossible to find in stock these days..

I ordered the computer built by probably the top high-end computer dealer in Canada. They've got a good relationship with the manufacturers.


I finally broke down and got myself a couple decent knives. I've always had garbage knives. A good number of them cost less than $2.00. Canadian.



Not the best, but decent. I still want to get a flat grind. I'm finding the serrated ones are great, but they are limited in some ways.

Today I got the sharpeners for it. These ones arrived a week or so ago:


And these arrived this weekend:




I sharpened my 2 new knives, and they're damn sharp. Like, scary sharp. Since they're serrated, I can't "shave" with them, but man... are they ever sharp.

I've tried on other old, garbage knives, and it's simply IMPOSSIBLE to get an edge like on a decent knife made with decent steel.

My old Victorinox Swiss Army Knife gets sharp... but nowhere near the Spydercos. The others? Pfft. Hopeless. Quality really, really matters.

I carry the Rescue knife much more than the Cricket. I'll switch it up & see which I like most.

The Rescue knife I got in part because of that time (posted here long ago) that I had to smash a car window to pull a guy out of a burning car wreck. Had I have had something like this, it would've been much easier & faster. You just never know.

But really, I'm using the new knives mostly for opening & chopping up boxes. It's a LOT more fun & enjoyable with a decent blade.

Living Room / Re: Gadget WEEKENDS
« on: March 08, 2021, 10:29 AM »
My new computer coming later this week.

Screenshot - 2021-03-03 , 11_08_15 PM.png

@mouser - what are you using?

Living Room / Re: Happy xmas, holidays, etc.
« on: December 25, 2020, 10:26 AM »
It's 13 degrees Celsius outside today. Very nice for a change!

Living Room / HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!
« on: July 04, 2020, 09:22 PM »
Happy 4th of July to all the wonderful Americans here, and to those that wish they were American, or ARE American in spirit.

1776 was a good year.

Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: Emoji and Zalgo text support?
« on: November 19, 2019, 07:39 PM »

N.A.N.Y. 2020 / Re: N.A.N.Y. 2020: Xaya Name Utility
« on: November 08, 2019, 02:01 PM »
Good to see you pop up again, Renegade!  :Thmbsup:


I pop in from time to time, but rarely ever post.

This software won't be useful for most people, but could easily be adapted for Namecoin or changed for other Bitcoin-based blockchains.

N.A.N.Y. 2020 / N.A.N.Y. 2020: Xaya Name Utility
« on: November 07, 2019, 06:58 PM »
NANY 2019 Entry Information

Application Name Xaya Name Utility
Version 0.0.1
Short Description The Xaya Name Utility helps to create Xaya names in bulk and to transfer names in bulk to a CHI address.
Supported OSes Windows
Web Page
Download Link
System Requirements
Version History
  • 0.0.1


The Xaya Name Utility helps manage large numbers of Xaya names in a Xaya wallet.

Transferring many names one-by-one is tedious and boring. This software lets you transfer hundreds or thousands of names very quickly and easily. It only takes a couple clicks.

Also, registering large lists of names is time consuming and boring. With a simple text list of 1 name per line, the Xaya Name Utility can register thousands of names in a single click.


Registers or transfers Xaya names.

Planned Features

No additional features are planned unless there are requests.


Screenshot - 2019-10-18 , 1_07_46 PM.png


Simply run the EXE file from the GitHub download. Full source code is provided.

Using the Application

Instructions to use the application are on the Guide tab.

Remember to delete wallets that you do not plan to use. By default you should be using the Game.dat and Vault.dat wallets. An initial configuration for the default wallet (wallet.dat) is also included in the settings. It should be deleted unless you load that wallet using xaya-cli loadwallet wallet.dat.


Simply delete the folder.


Read the instructions carefully. Make sure that your Xaya Electron wallet is running before you run the Xaya Name Utility.

Known Issues

There are no known issues.

Clipboard Help+Spell / Emoji and Zalgo text support?
« on: November 07, 2019, 06:38 PM »
Hey mouser,

Any chance that you could add support for emojis and Zalgo text?


Living Room / Re: I'm getting married, wish me luck!
« on: March 04, 2019, 03:13 PM »

Congratulations Jesse!

Marriage is awesome. I hope you have a great one!

Living Room / Re: Does anyone here use Bitcoins?
« on: October 01, 2018, 02:07 PM »
You're optimistic there Torah. A bit simplistic too: that an economy based on Bitcoin would be better is very debatable.

It would objectively be better.

Fiat allows governments to debase their currencies. This is flat out theft from people. It steals purchasing power from them through inflation. It's criminal and they should be thrown in prison for it.

There is no such debasement with Bitcoin. That's objectively better.

Bitcoin's main issue (in my point of view) is that transactions can take place immediately or take way too long, depending on your willingness to pay for the privilege to be put first on the queue of transactions. That is not only flawed for the person who wants to pay for goods/services, the person or company at the receiving end of the transaction cannot be sure when the transaction takes place and how much the value amount of the received bitcoin is at that moment.

Trading one miserable way of doing financial transactions for another....yay!

The concept of crypto currency is a good one, Bitcoin's implementation isn't.

The Lightning Network solves those problems. Resolution is instantaneous and near free.

Living Room / Re: The Web is still a DARPA weapon
« on: September 22, 2018, 10:52 PM »
That was an excellent read!

Whether or not it's all by design and intentional is really quite irrelevant. The potential is there, and that's enough. Running binary code like that... sheesh. Just, no. Not a good idea.

Living Room / Re: How to do funky text?
« on: September 22, 2018, 10:03 PM »
I think Renegade means something more like this:

T̸̝̭͎͙̭̬o̯͜ ̭͕̥i҉̟̟̫̹̙̯n̡v̥̩͎̟o̮̭k̥̫̭̖ę̺̺͙͙̭ ̵̹͖̹͍t̶̞͕̰ḩ͍͔̮e̗͔ ͈̟͖̩̼̻͚h̵̦̣i͉̜̬̟͖͎͘v̼̭̼ͅe̗͚͢-m̗̥͉ì͍n̢͎̙d̵͔̫̦̮͔̺̻ ͚̜͖r̸̻̲̹̺̱͉ͅẹ̙̥͕̦̜̺p̖͡r͏̝̤̼ͅe͇̤͕̫͍̲ͅs͕̘͍ẹ̮͎͈̠̮͘n̪̱̺̪͚̭t̶͚̩̟i̶͎̟͍̻n̗̥͈̫̫͚g̫̯ ̖͍̣̟̱c̩̕ẖ̢͈͈̹̱̺a̸̦͉̻̞̥͉o̡̘s͖̟̘̺̠.̞̼̳̤̬
͍I̞̱̤̼͍̣̹nv̠̭͉͙͎̣͡o̹̳̞king̴̙͈̻̟ͅ ͏t̤͓̳̭͘ͅhe͏̭̟͚ ͖̪͍̜f͓̰̟̞̠̤̀e͔̞͍̼ẹ̶̟̮̪l̮̺̪͠i̟͖̯̺͕n̥͖͙̲̤͔̳g̮̦͓̪̦̯ ̢͉̝̯̘̠͓ọ̡̺͔̭͖f̩̻̀ ͉̞c̼͕̻̻͞ḩ̟̺a͎̪͕̖͉ͅo͕̫s͙͈.͉̖̭̺̰͖ͅ
̫͢W̷̯̫̞̱i̤̼̰̕ṱ͎̟̝͙̣̼ḫ͢ ̶͍̳͉̣̪̯̞o̡͍̣ṳ͚ţ̻̱ ̤͚̭̼ọ͍rd̵̳͇e͇̝͕̖̮͖ͅr̸͎͎̞̳̺̟̭.͎̤͝
͏T͈h͏e͈͓ ͎͇̫̮ͅN͙̥͔̻e͖͟z̫̝͎ṕ͍͙e҉͕̜̳r͈͈̹͚͓̼d̬̙͉͓̮i̟̖̜͙ͅa̢͔n̶͙̱͎̤ ̜̟h̬̹͙͡i͖̻͙̙̤v̳͞e̵̺̗̝̠-̢̠m̵͎͙͔̘̪i͈̥̞̰͘n̮͞d̺͍̪ ͔̮̼͙̘̖o͈̩͈̹̘̣̙f͈̫͕ ̗͈͓̲̜c͕̣h̥͉̙̻͍ạ̢o͈̖̜s̶̺̰̫ͅ.͎͈̭͈̲̟͡ ̡̰̖Z҉̟̝̲͔ͅal̲̥̲go͙̠̦̞̖͈.̧̝͚͙̬̥̖͕
̝͈̜͙͖͔̖H͟e҉̮͇̙͍̦ ͚̩̙͈w͕̠͘h̼o̭̤̪͔̯ ̩̠̱Wá̞i͚͔̗t̤̙̱̤̹͡s͓͘ ͔̞̰͍̯͞B͍̜͈͉e͚̘̩͡h̷̳̫i͇͙̰̭n̮͇d͈́ T̴̙̞͕͚̺͎h̯̹̱͡e̼̯͉̬̙̲͕ ̬̮͔̞̲̕W̪a͇̙̗̬̟͔ͅl̹̰͚̬̻̻͉l̼͈͕̥̫̤̜.̜̟̙̜̦̲

Doing a search for "demonic text" gave me this result:

Y͚̭̫͔ͭ̾͒e̠͊̔ͧ̑ͯ͞s͚ͮ͗ͫ̍̈́ͤ͗͢!̡̺̫͕͉͙͉̊ͧ ̈́̆͏̫͉̳̯̖
T͔̣̠̳̘̮̎͆̑̿͌́̚h̡̿͑͒́̔i̶̝̱̠͉̙͇͆ͬŝ̲͍͚̤ͭ̄ ͕̠͎͛̑͜i̩̜̤̗̫͈͒ͩ̌ͅs̼͖̦̺͚ ̖̜̜̜͇E͎͍̖̻ͧ̋̚X͈A͟C̺̔̓̂̆Ţ̱͇̮͊͑L̇̋͋Y̤̬̲̞ͪ̓ͭ̔̔͡ ̨͍̣̲̼̪̖̰̓̓ͥw̖̩̦̰̻͈͡ͅh̼͈̥̟̅ẵ̴̟̬̲̞̳̙͙ͦ̏t͙̤̤̟̻̞͚ͭͤ̎̒̐́ ̳̜̺̯͇̋͆͒͡I̵͚ͭͣͫͯ́ w̹̹͓̬̽ͯ̈ͯ͆̓ͮa̛̹͔̼̤̠s̶̲̓̓̎̏̐ ͔̾̏̀̎̇ͮl̸̳͖͓͍̭͇͊̓ͬ̽ọ͍̣̯̣̣̀o̵͈̜͙̦k̓̚i̜̬̺̻͉̔̊͝ñ̡͉̖̈́͌̀g̗̱̼̉̽͒ͯ̈ͫ ͕̹̱̘͕̠̲̌̆f̨̬ͫ̒ͮͫ̑ͨõ̵ͦ͋̿̚r̦̻̦̬̟̭͓ͣ͂̈͒ͨ͒̀!͍̈̑͊̃͒̚


"Zalgo" (That's what it's called)


Living Room / How to do funky text?
« on: September 21, 2018, 10:07 PM »
There's a way to do funky text where you have what you write, but also have screwy text above and below your writing.

It looks like garbage going up and down from the actual text.

I forget how to do it or what it's called.

Stephen used to do it a lot here.

Can someone help remind me?

Living Room / Re: Does anyone here use Bitcoins?
« on: August 14, 2018, 10:45 AM »
Bitcoin is still a total disaster

comes across as a very snarky article (presumably by someone who is a fan of the status-quo), yet may have some valid points. I dont know enough myself to say.

When this thread started, Bitcoin was $12.40.

So, not sure I take the WP seriously when it continually cries about the end of Bitcoin.

Screenshot Captor / Re: Menu bar stuck on right, not top
« on: July 16, 2018, 12:17 PM »
Dragging worked. Thanks!

Screenshot Captor / Menu bar stuck on right, not top
« on: July 16, 2018, 11:20 AM »
I can't seem to get the menu bar to the top. After reinstalling a newer version, and wiping settings, it's still on the right.

Here's a screenshot:

Screenshot - 2018-07-16 , 11_53_28 AM.png

If a law of physics is broken, does it make a sound?

What is the speed of gravity?

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