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If you are a coder, any new program (or addon) that you have released in the previous year, which is freeware/donationware for home users is eligible.

And if you are not a coder, you can still participate by helping coders with ideas and testing.

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NANY 2015 Release: SedTester

Application Name SedTester
Short Description Paste some text, type a sed statement, and see the to be expected output
Supported OSes Windows XP+, Linux
Web Page SedTester
Download Link Download from the SedTester DC Member page
System Requirements
  • Windows Operating System (XP or newer)
  • .NET 4.0 Client profile (or better/newer)
  • Linux (recent versions)
  • MONO (recent edition)
Author Ath

This application is written after a request from steeladept in the 'Ideas wanted' thread for NANY 2015.
The request was to have a simple tester for sed expressions on a piece of text supplied to it.

Show the result of a sed expression on a piece of text
Show the explanation of a sed expression
Optional SED script panel
Auto-updates the result, unless the Autocheck option is turned off
Saves options on exit
Store/remove sed expressions

Planned Features
  • Compatibility with MONO so it can be run on Linux (GUI) (Since v1.0.1.0)
  • Multi-expression mode (Available since v1.0.0.0)
  • Color the differences between input text and result text
  • Expression Explanation panel (Available since v1.0.0.0)

SED expression mode:
Screenshot - 03-01-2015 , 15_20_49.png

SED script mode:
Screenshot - 03-01-2015 , 15_20_28.png

SED script mode (Linux Mint 17.1 Cinnamon):
Linux Screenshot - 2015-01-03, 14_13_49.png

Unzip the downloaded zip-file in a directory.
The zip-file contains both SedTester.exe and a Windows-compiled version of GNU sed.exe that is spawned by SedTester for getting the result. It needs to be in the current directory or in the Windows path.
On Linux sed.exe can be removed or not extracted, as it won't be usable/used anyway.

Using the Application
Start SedTester.exe (On Linux: run using MONO)
Type or paste some input text
Type a sed expression (or select from the combobox if some are added already)
or Switch to SED script mode using the checkbox and write or paste a script to be executed (most examples from the sed online manual are tested)
Wait a second and it is auto-checked into the result text (when Autocheck is enabled)

Remove the 2 .exe files, and optionally the auto-created settings.xml, from the directory

Known Issues
On Linux/MONO (tested using the Cinnamon desktop) 2 CheckBoxes don't adhere to the RightToLeft setting...
On Linux/MONO the Application- and Window-icon don't show (MONO known issue)

Click here to read more, download, and discuss

NANY 2015 Release: FenixWebGallery

Application NameFenixWebGallery
Version released
Short Description Web galleries generator
Supported OSes Windows 7
Web Page -- not yet --
Download Link
Translation Link http://fenixproducti.../translation-pl.xlsx
System Requirements
  • .NET 4.0
  • some photos
  • html skills for templates
Author fenixproductions

Simple application for generating web galleries.

- drag'n'drop images
- choose template
- create web gallery
- support for: GIF, JPG and PNG
- templates saving and importing from packages
- templates customisation
- gallery output customisation, ex. images resizing,
- completely free for everyone - there are a lot of similar apps but non-commercial use only;

Planned Features
- inside loops , i.e. for tables generation
- subpages - one page per image
- maybe EXIF support


View modes:

Template chooser:

Images settings:

Generated sources:

Final result:

Just download, unpack and run.

Using the Application
If you've ever wanted to created web gallery from your images… here is the way to go.

Remove application folder?

-- none yet --

Known Issues
Subpages and inside loops are not implemented so far.
Only Polsih and English available. Translations needed!

Click here to read more, download, and discuss

NANY 2015 Release: Hotrod Panel (for Android phones/tablets)

This is a little toy app, based on the same code I use for my more serious WhenLast android app.  Hotrod Panel lets you create custom imaginary control panels for your android-based car screen:

Screenshot - 1_2_2015 , 6_20_51 PM.png
Screenshot - 1_2_2015 , 6_20_56 PM.png

Or make some imaginary nuclear reactor controls for the nearby plant and scare your friends into thinking you've hacked in :)

Download: https://www.donation...rodpanel-release.apk

Click here to read more, download, and discuss

NANY 2015 Release: Tox Profile Launcher

Application NameTox Profile Launcher
Short DescriptionTox launcher to handle multiple profiles.
Supported OSesWindows 7/8
Web PageN/A (for now)
Setup FileTox Launcher
Requires µTox
DescriptionI recently started using Tox in place of Skype, mainly because of privacy issues. Now, Tox is still in development and it looks as if they will be supporting this in the future, however, I'm using it now, and that functionality is important for me.

This Tox launcher handles all profiles for Tox. Natively, it only supports one profile, which consists of two files located in %appdata%\Tox. What this launcher does is archives those two files, each named respectively for what you name them via the gui. There is no limit to how many profiles you can have. To load them, simply start the launcher and double-click the profile in the listview control. To import, export, or create a new profile, just click the respective buttons.
  • Import/export existing profiles
  • Create new profiles
  • If there are no saved profiles, a text will appear in the listview to let you save the current one
  • Window may be moved by clicking anywhere on it that isn't a button (it's borderless)
  • Uses non-installed custom font to match the gui
NotesRequires µTox.

Tox is in development, which means it may be buggy.
I have not contacted the creators in any way, nor have I used any of their source.

NANY 2015 RELEASE: Discounter

Application Name Discounter
Short Description Discounter helps to calculate discounts quickly.
Supported OSes Windows XP or later (don't know if it runs on Win 2000 or earlier). Can be run on Linux or Mac with the use of emulators like Wine
Web Page No link at this time
Download Link  * 2.jpg (13.72 kB. 291x217 - viewed 1467 times.)
System Requirements
  • Windows OS ( software can be run on other systems with emulators)
  • eyes :)
Author Link to Author's Profile page

Discounter is designed for the quick discount calculation. You just enter the price to see the any whole percentage discount in the list below.

  • can calculate discount for any whole number of percents;
  • any price between 0 to 1000000000;
  • can calculate first price, end price or discount.


Just copy the application wherever you want and run it.

Using the Application
Enter the price and scroll the list down to the amount of percents you interested in.

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