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Author Topic: What tools are you using for GOE. My list  (Read 10178 times)


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What tools are you using for GOE. My list
« on: December 20, 2006, 10:47 AM »
I though It'd be a good idea to share what tools we are using in getting organized.
I'll start.

My Tools
to write prose, and as a journal. I take notes here about things that I think when reading papers; chuncks of text from the paper, my comments, graphs, etc. Only part of them end up in an actual paper. Best outliner ever.
   ToDoList http://www.codeproje.../tools/ToDoList2.asp
      for project management because of time handling. I'm trying to implement closed lists here. This is mostly a planning tool: I want to see how many hours (estimated) I need to complete each project. Each task should be doable, with action verbs (see 43folders post on verbs for todo lists). No goals here. The total number of hours left is displayed at the top of the tree, and I use that to see if I'm making progress. That is why it is important that the stuff in TodoList is a closed list: otherwise, I know I'll add more tasks, and the counter will go up.
      All tasks in this list should have a time assigned.
                  This is a small notepad-like application written in ahk. It comes bundled with activaid.
      Small tasks that come to mind, INBOX: use the "write it and forget it till tomorrow": E.g.of tasks, browse for a tablet pc, post DC. I batch those and do them when doing 'recreational' surfing. This, I do in a completely separated context, (e.g., outside my place: I'm working from home now), to make sure that there is a clear enviromental separation. QuickNote is like scratch paper, nothing stays there permanently. Quicknote is also good for next actions (it is done by date). Ideally, I should follow a 'do it tomorrow' approach in quickNote.
   mindMaps/concept maps
      Currently torn between oneNote and mind mapping. I started using mindJet MindManager, but I found that (for concept maps) VUE is better. It's one of the few java applications that I like and use.
      Agenda at once, but it's losing importance

EDIT: Tracking time with time keeper http://www.crypto-ce...html/timekeeper.html

Your choices?
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Re: What tools are you using for GOE. My list
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2006, 01:57 PM »
i wanted to use software to organise myself but as yet it has not really happened.

mylifeorganized contains my ideas and hope to get things done one day stuff - but i really don't use it properly other than as a tree type organiser. the problem is that i never seem to have time to find out how to use the program properly.

surfulator contains all the junk i collect off of the net i think will be valuable to look at - eventually. these are usually tutorials or tips on how to do things.

desktop note programs come and go on my machine - i quickly become blind to them so just uninstall them - then eventually install them again after thinking what a good idea they are.

backs of business cards and post-it notes and scrap bits of paper are what collect everything else i write down.

so, i appear to be pretty badly organised at present. my brain seems to remain the only calendar or planner i use. i need to get back on top of things soon.

onenote still sounds intriguing and maybe some kind of mindmap method.


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Re: What tools are you using for GOE. My list
« Reply #2 on: December 21, 2006, 03:14 AM »
I'm using

Agenda at once - looking forward to a new version

Index cards combined with notice board for displaying cards notes etc.
(Alpha stage for the board!)

Still use App's Instant Boss

Surfulater - mainly for soft/hard-ware related stuff & Getting Organised stuff

An A5 journal for keeping track of me  :D

Even though I love ToDoList I'm using it very little at the moment but do have some ideas where it might be helpful (the Calender approach took over)

ClipboardHelp&Spell for temp storage of text-stuff (should go tidy it up ..)

Various trays & lever-arch folders (Intray unfortunately never seems to get emptied - but I go through it everyday ..)

I installed Freemind - (open-source mind-mapping software - couldnt get the Beta to work so went for the last) but havent used it yet much - also nothing to compare it with, but it seems good.

      Agenda at once, but it's losing importance
I'm curious, has it been replaced for you by ToDoList & QuickNote ?



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Re: What tools are you using for GOE. My list
« Reply #3 on: December 21, 2006, 04:09 AM »
besides my own ToDo List for all kinds of lists...

Goal Enforcer for making larger projects more manageable.

And Post-It Software Notes, Office Edition...the version I use is older (2.1), but this has become my favorite!  :-*

SNAG-0138.pngWhat tools are you using for GOE. My list

I have numerous trays...
  • one with 12 tabs for organizing by month
  • one with 7 tabs for organizing by day of week
  • one with task type tabs for categories of things
  • notes with alarms that repeat on a daily, monthly, weekly, or yearly basis...or just once.
  • various boards with project ideas
Almost my whole life is in those trays!  :D

and I am still using my famous 'junkbox.txt' to hold all kinds of crap I want to save really quick.