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  • February 21, 2020, 03:51 AM
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^ thanks mouser. I obviously need to get to know CHS better :-[

[Request / rambling thoughts]

nice would be the ability to name image (and vector) clips. Could e.g. then be saved in favourites with clarity as to what exactly it is (often not clearly visible in thumbnail).

Can we actually *stop* image thumbnails showing in the quick-paste menu /sub-menus? Just curious -- I believe I would mostly reuse vector clips from the favourites and would be happy enough to not be able to see thumbnails if they have relevant titles.

1,2,4-9 and A are all image files copied from dopus, shown below (21=1, etc)
can anyone comment about images: am I misunderstanding how that works? Can I not simply copy an image file?
@mouser, still nothing shown in most recent alpha for images as per screenshots in quoted post

Ok, so what you are saying is you copied something multiple times, and CHS is not figuring out that the clips are identical and should be regarded as duplicates?
I noticed this happening in firefox too, but as you point out, the hashes were different, so I'm guessing that their is something in the blob data that is NOT identical, like perhaps a timestamp.

The solution to this is:

    1. Live with it and don't worry about having duplicate clips in such a case since it won't happen too often.
    2. Wait for rules that would let you ignore blob items irrelevant to the content, which could solve your problem if the timestamp (or whatever) is not the main vector content.
    3. I may add display of hash values for the individual format chunks in a blob so you could ID which one is changing..
not currently a problem for me (and probably wont be in the future), but for reference, here I compare two blobs -- more different than I thought...

Screenshot - 2020-02-20 , 11_49_46.jpg

The vector clips from Freehand shown here are identical:
FWIW the blob info has different hash numbers

Can you give me some screenshots to show me what you are talking about regarding #1 and #2?
I only have the ancient Freehand9 on this machine (but presume that that is not actually relevant). The vector clips from Freehand shown here are identical:

Screenshot - 2020-02-20 , 02_54_50.jpg

1,2,4-9 and A are all image files copied from dopus, shown below (21=1, etc)

Screenshot - 2020-02-20 , 03_04_14.jpg

A quick look at the most recent version:

1. vector clips are being duplicated.

2. I havent used CHS for images of late. I changed default image size to 10,000 and copied a few images under 1MB in size (from dopus). The clips are listed but no images are showing in quick-paste nor in main window. If I copy an image again, I get the 'I'm already in the database' sound.  Am I doing something wrong?
Blob info
2.01kb (19 formats)

"DataObject" [0000C009]: 8b (query 0ms)
"Shell IDList Array" [0000C0FB]: 367b (query 0ms)
"dopus_cf_hdrop" [0000C2F1]: 90b (query 0ms)
"CF_HDROP" [0000000F]: 90b (query 0ms)
"FileName" [0000C006]: 34b (query 0ms)
"FileNameW" [0000C007]: 68b (query 0ms)
"dopus_cf_typetable" [0000C369]: 5b (query 0ms)
"dopus_cf_sizetable" [0000C36A]: 40b (query 0ms)
"DOpusSourcePath" [0000C365]: 40b (query 0ms)
"dopus_cf_rotation" [0000C367]: 2b (query 0ms)
"InShellDragLoop" [0000C10A]: 0b (query 0ms)
"Preferred DropEffect" [0000C0E3]: 4b (query 0ms)
"Performed DropEffect" [0000C106]: 4b (query 0ms)
"Paste Succeeded" [0000C108]: 4b (query 0ms)
"TargetCLSID" [0000C10C]: 16b (query 0ms)
"dopus_cf_sourcethread" [0000C36B]: 4b (query 0ms)
"dopus_cf_fromopus" [0000C36E]: 4b (query 0ms)
"dopus_cf_namespace" [0000C366]: 0b (query 0ms)
"Ole Private Data" [0000C013]: 936b (query 0ms)

Extended (non-redundant) data save size: 2.01kb
Hash: 4D5AE5F1

3. HTML: it's very nice that the url is saved when copying text from a webpage

Living Room / Re: Recommend some music videos to me!
« on: February 17, 2020, 01:25 PM »
OP 2008:
Do me a favor and recommend a favorite YouTube song of yours
...and eleven+ years later...
From last year's movie, Code 8:

Cranioscopical and others seem to be asleep at the switch.. So I guess it's up to me now


Here is the mouse I purchased December of 2017.  I'm still using it.  The clicks are quite silent and it feels great in the hand.  I love it.
(I fixed the link there)

I've been using Logitech mx310 mice for years now. They were a basic symmetrical wired gaming mouse -- discontinued years ago, and my last one is looking pretty worn (but still working well). I never kept track of how long they lasted, but I'd say at the very least three years of very intensive use (I made a living drawing with those mice).

So I'm open to suggestions as well  :-[

General Software Discussion / Re: Paint Shop Pro 7
« on: February 12, 2020, 04:00 PM »
All content used in my post belongs to their respective owners.
giving a link to the original would seem like the right thing to do :up:

N.A.N.Y. 2020 / Re: NANY 2020 Mug-shots
« on: February 11, 2020, 02:43 PM »
New design looks good!

Have you looked in the settings?

General Software Discussion / Re: Frozen window in windows explorer
« on: February 09, 2020, 03:13 AM »
Restarting Explorer is a workaround. And a work-around is by definition not a solution. Only when you feel generous, you could consider it a part of the solution.
Yes, fair point

General Software Discussion / Re: Frozen window in windows explorer
« on: February 08, 2020, 05:26 PM »
we need reiniate the windows explorer to make that problematic window dissappear.
if that resolves the problem, what is the problem?

A quick initial test:
seems to be working well with vector data, copying, saving and correctly pasting filled vectors and grouped items (line + text).

Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: BUG? Second Past Always As Plain Text
« on: January 30, 2020, 03:26 PM »
I would have cared about vector format in the past -- as in if you copied e.g. drawn vectors/fill/etc in inkscape/illustrator/etc.
I'm actually not doing any work in that direction atm, but will be again (so happy to test if you do include it).

Currently what happens here with vectors is:
Last clip pastes correctly (in my experience) as vector
previous vector clips get pasted as a bitmap
(whether text or image is favoured in preferences makes no difference)

Maybe of interest: Related discussion here (from 2011)

PS there may be other solutions for vector clipboard (?), I'm out of touch and havent done a search outside of dc on the topic.

Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: BUG? Second Past Always As Plain Text
« on: January 30, 2020, 04:48 AM »
That said, I do want to point out one glaring problem I see for CH+S, and that is that it seems to be an utterly unknown quantity in the clipboard management field.  Not a single google search result for "clipboard managers" I ran (typically filtered to a year or less) mentioned CH+S.  Clearly a lot of reviewers are missing one of the biggest diamonds out there.

I'm convinced that a substantial reason for this is my horrible choice of naming the program.. The "Spell" part of the name is enough to turn people off, thinking it's not a general purpose tool.

I will try to get alternate format clip data added soon. It's time.  It will be an option of course.
maybe you should have an official relaunch at that stage with only one name allowed ;-)
( I'd keep it simple, maybe just CHS )

^ link in first post above

Find And Run Robot / Re: FARR - Suggested Hotkey
« on: January 23, 2020, 02:50 PM »
Went for Win+Alt+space.
All keys are near each other and does not require much hand movement.
that's a good combination, all keys beside each other -- I also had a problem with alt+space as it's used in some graphics programmes in combination with ctrl for zooming.

Have you enabled automatic screen rotation (or whatever its called) on your device - i.e., when you turn your phone/tablet from vertical (portrait) format to horizontal (landscape) format, it turns the text to match?  If you do, you'd see X-plore present itself in the usual Norton Commander-style two-pane clarity.
no, I didnt know that -- I usually use portrait and didnt think on this occasion to rotate. Thanks for the tips rj :up:

there are a lot of nice old vinyl rips out there of things not readily available on modern formats.  i wonder if those are safe to download.
FWIW vinyl rips are often the best quality music videos on youtube. I have downloaded vinyl rips of The Smiths (not from YT, but linked from there) -- presumably illegal to do (not only) cause the music still available to purchase... Yeah, safety is another issue....

Find And Run Robot / Re: FARR - Suggested Hotkey
« on: January 22, 2020, 01:09 PM »
On a German keyboard I use Ctrl and the key on the left below the ESC key (^). Works very well on the qwertz keyboard, not sure with other layouts.

FWIW for anyone else wanting to own their music (on android) bought with amazon music:

I have the amazon app installed *and* the amazon music app. I think they forced me or tricked me at some stage to install their music app. You may be better off without this -- I dont know. In the amazon music app, initially at least, they keep steering you towards amazon music or unlimited or whatever they call their music service.
There's a setting in the music app "Automatic downloads" which once ticked will download your purchases to the following path:
in my case it's on the SD card -- YMMV
The music will download, in my experience though it can take a long time after purchase before it actually shows locally in the folder.

Next problem is they chuck all the files you buy in the same folder -- no sub-directories. You might have ten files from ten different albums all starting
01 - [tracknamehere].mp3

I installed X-plore, an android file manager recommended by Tuxman. It's sort of a two pane manager, with one pane pinned on the side. If you copy/move from one pane, the destination will automatically be the other pane.

On this side, the default amazon directory (unfortunately took the screenshot after relocating everything from the folder)
Pressing the arrow on the top-left corner with show the other pane:
On this side, the path is Music/Linda Ronstadt/Live at etc. showing music I have moved from the amazon folder.

So, my relocating is done, for now. Next step clean the kitchen :P

EDIT// in retrospect, it's not that difficult once you have a good file manager app to 'reclaim' the music -- but the whole experience (also with the music app constantly steering me away from my bought music) just pissed me off so I tried to find an alternative....

I mentioned it back here but you didn't reference it specifically.

So I'll mention it again, AFAIAA iTunes, (not Apple Music - the streaming service), allows you to purchase albums/individual tracks that you can download and are DRM free - downside being you have to use ITunes software (or whatever they call it now) on your PC to purchase/download like Amazon.
yeah (sorry didnt get back to you on that 4wd) --
I'm presuming this is similar to the amazon model. I know that itunes formerly saved all files with unrecognisable names and tried to make it as difficult as possible to export. I'm presuming they havent gotten much better that way, in spite of now having drm free music. Amazon has a similar model [on android] -- I will live with it (rather than risk installing itunes) and just have to figure out a workflow for getting those files where I want them (accessible to other apps on android) and stick with it. As said above, it was doable, they do make it difficult on android, so may do it on pc and transfer -- doing that isn't the problem -- I was (1) just hoping there would be a more user friendly version (2) wanting to express my dissatisfaction by buying elsewhere.
(PS deozaan I think this answers your question as well)

Those other links are good 4wd. I familiar with some:
I have bought from bandcamp and cdbaby, most of the music I want to buy though is older and (or) simply not available there.
I have gotten some great finds on -- some concerts from the seventies; gigabytes of older traditional irish music. (On a side note I tend to get overwhelmed when I get so much music at one time -- then the ideal way of listening is probably shuffle or similar rather than the album model.)

Thanks all for the suggestions :Thmbsup:

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