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  • Thursday October 22, 2020, 1:42 pm
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Author Topic: One-Time Grid  (Read 145 times)


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One-Time Grid
« on: October 14, 2020, 12:37 PM »
I had initially made this as a Windows app, but have since made it into a website.

Description: Provides a grid for making secure passwords.

Thought behind it: It was late at night and I was watching Star Trek (the new movie with Chris Pine as Kirk) and I dozed off. Had a dream that I had shuffled off this mortal coil and my wife needed to get into one of my accounts. She didn't have access to my password manager account. So, I was thinking of a way that I can not only have them as hard copy (stored in a notebook in the safe) but also have them in my password manager. Every time you visit the page, the grids are different and no grid repeats... at least it shouldn't.

How I use it: Every time I need a new password I grab a sheet (I printed some out front and back of a page and each has 6 grids on it) and circle the group of character that I want to use as the password, like a word search puzzle, (making sure to follow that site's guidelines for passwords) and then indicate the start and end. It may sound like a pain, but it's not (at least I don't think so). I write the description/website at the top along with the username. I have also included a random string and a pin that can be use as a suffix/prefix to the password.

Website: redirects to

Now, I am not a web developer... like at all. I just googled my way to using PHP enough to make this page. With that said, there is more I would like to do and if anyone is willing to lend some Knowledge, I would appreciate it!

To Do: (The bit I need help on)
- Make it so the page can be printed out on 1 sheet of paper w/o needing to mess with the printer dialog. I.E. Make it super easy to print for the end user.
   [UPDATE: Printing seems to work fine on Chrome, I can print the full page. No so much in Safari]
- Make it mobile friendly. I tried to use CSS and add @media queries but without any luck.
- Style the table MUCH BETTER than it currently is.
- A way to be able to "circle" the letters in the grid (again like a word search) and have it print that way. This is no where near the level I can reach and is probably not going to happen, but I can wish. This was way easier than I thought it would be. I don't have them circle, but I change the cell background on click.
- Different color for numbers and symbols in grid

Thoughts and comments welcome!!
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