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Author Topic: Previous version?  (Read 2190 times)


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Previous version?
« on: May 10, 2013, 01:34 PM »
Any way to download a previous version? While I appreciate the effort put into improvements in the new version (4.03), several aspects of its operation that weren't present in the previous version (3.x) are driving me nuts and I'd like to revert back.

1) when pasting to Word 2013, I now get this tiny little, foreshortened picture instead of the full bitmap. Using "paste special" and switching from "device independent bitmap" to "bitmap" makes it possible to work like the old version, but that's really annoying when you're used to the keyboard shortcuts.

2) storing the .ini in the "my documents" path is really bothersome when you have folder redirection enabled by GPO (and therefore can't override it) and are trying to use it while unable to connect to the share that holds the folder.

Neither problems existed in the previous version.


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Re: Previous version?
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2013, 07:43 AM »
Hmm, I don't see that behavior when pasting into Word 2013.  I get a normal size and aspect bitmap.

Regarding the ini file location, I remember I had to edit something to put that file in a non-redirected folder but I can't remember where that was... at any rate it was noted in a thread here (although I couldn't find it in a quick search).  It was simple once I found the right post.  I guess fixing that up would be a nice checkbox option during installation, in case Mouser needs anything else to keep him busy...  :P
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Re: Previous version?
« Reply #2 on: May 12, 2013, 07:17 PM »
Ok let's see.

First, yes if you really want the last v3 release, I can upload it.

But I would strongly strongly urge you to instead try to get v4 working well for you, since there is no reason it shouldn't work just exactly like v3 for the things you are talking about.  Let's talk about those items:

Pasting into MS Word:
The new SC has a few different ways to copy a screenshot to the clipboard.  You could try the different ways.  Copying a raw bitmap to clipboard from SC works same exact way it did in v3 so i really don't think that's your problem.  What you could try however is setting the DPI within screenshot captor of an image, and maybe the DEFAULT DPI used by screenshot captor.  This *WILL* effect the size of an image as seen in ms office apps if you paste them from the file.  Experiment with DPI settings in SC and see if you see a change in your ms office pasting.  The lower the DPI, the larger it should appear in ms office.

Storing INI file:  Again this really shouldn't refelect a change in sc3 vs sc4, so i wonder if the issues you are experiencing aren't more caused by starting over with a new installation with default settings rather than upgrading to v4?  By default SC will store its settings in your documents\donationcoder\screenshotcaptor folder IF you are running on windows Vista/7/8.  But you can change this by editing the configdir.ini file in the Screenshot Captor program files directory, and set the location for the ini file to anywhere you want.

Let me know.