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Author Topic: Donation code contest  (Read 8557 times)


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Donation code contest
« on: September 28, 2007, 11:03 AM »
Coding contests are not new on DC. But there are many ways it can be actually useful for the developer community.I was thinking of contest especially for the linux community.I know there are very few developers out there.But any amount of help can prove to be beneficial.

Also why not have donationware utilities in linux?
Why not arrange contest that will help solve some problems that linux communty faces.Like there is lot of requirement of easy to use applications in linux.Many geeks in linux think it is usable but if give the linux app in hands of newbie in computer we can feel the diffrence when we give that person to use windows application.

There are few needs in linux
community some of them are like e.g.
1. There is need of one-click installation for software (ubutnu is working on it but yet no big success)
2. There is lot of need for developers documentation in linux dev tools like glade,lazarus
3. Lot of code samples & howto like instructional stuff.

There may be more of it but due to geekdom culture in linux.We can't point in it.especially in case of KDE.
Arranging contest can fill up the gap in terms of applications cause most off the system related works like integration of python and other stuff is done on the google summer of code.
For such contest funds can be raised by giant companies like mandriva,red hat,yahoo or
cannonical.As,Google spends lot in summer of code.So they will not raise the funds for it.And their queue for new ideas in coding contest is large.They don't look at small details.So they missed out on many good ideas.

What you think? I want your opinion on it?
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Re: Donation code contest
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2007, 11:31 AM »
Here's the problem:

The "success" of such contests (and by success i mean the quality and quantity of submissions), is dependent on getting enough high quality people participating.  For whatever reason, this is almost never easy for a small site like ours.

The reality of this world is that two sites can run identical contests and one site will get no participants and another will get 10000.  And the difference will be based on the kind of publicity the sites get, the reputation of the sites, and the existence user base.  For programming contests especially, much of the participation seems to be to be based on the accepted wisdom about the prestige of the site, rather than any details about the contest.

What this means is that for a site like ours, which doesn't specialize in linux, to hold a linux programming contest, is likely to get very little attention and participation.

So while it's a nice idea it's probably not something that we should spearhead.  Truth is google can have a contest on how to build a nice looking simulated dog turd and they'd get 1000 carefully crafted submissions (and the contest would be features on and written up in the new york times -- and the winning dog turds would be installed as widgets on a million websites).  We just don't have that kind of influence.

However, i think it would be nice to have a little mini contest or something just for fun, maybe building a cross-platform firefox extension or something.  Something that has some cross-platform application and might be more narrowly tuned to the interests of users on this site.  And not with big prizes, etc (which are a lot of work to organize), but just some cody mugs or something.


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Re: Donation code contest
« Reply #2 on: September 29, 2007, 01:02 AM »
That is good idea.We can have wxwidget RAD designer in linux.Let others participate at their pace if it doesn't get far then we'll send the application to Google Summer of Code this way the project idea & the work will remain alive.

maybe we can use lazarus for the same purpose.As many developers have experience in Delphi.What you think?