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Site/Forum Features / Donation code contest
« on: September 28, 2007, 11:03 AM »
Coding contests are not new on DC. But there are many ways it can be actually useful for the developer community.I was thinking of contest especially for the linux community.I know there are very few developers out there.But any amount of help can prove to be beneficial.

Also why not have donationware utilities in linux?
Why not arrange contest that will help solve some problems that linux communty faces.Like there is lot of requirement of easy to use applications in linux.Many geeks in linux think it is usable but if give the linux app in hands of newbie in computer we can feel the diffrence when we give that person to use windows application.

There are few needs in linux
community some of them are like e.g.
1. There is need of one-click installation for software (ubutnu is working on it but yet no big success)
2. There is lot of need for developers documentation in linux dev tools like glade,lazarus
3. Lot of code samples & howto like instructional stuff.

There may be more of it but due to geekdom culture in linux.We can't point in it.especially in case of KDE.
Arranging contest can fill up the gap in terms of applications cause most off the system related works like integration of python and other stuff is done on the google summer of code.
For such contest funds can be raised by giant companies like mandriva,red hat,yahoo or
cannonical.As,Google spends lot in summer of code.So they will not raise the funds for it.And their queue for new ideas in coding contest is large.They don't look at small details.So they missed out on many good ideas.

What you think? I want your opinion on it?

Post New Requests Here / IDEA :Component installer
« on: September 08, 2007, 09:54 AM »
I don't know if it is implemented already or not.But creating component installer for borland c++ builder & delphi can reduce hassles.There are chances for utility to exist for creating component instaleller.There is need for the component installer for projects like : delphi-scintilla interface component & synedit.If you want to see any component in action like this: then try the RUIsoftware Components.It detects the any borland IDE installed,can install component in multiple IDE,once instller is completed it can be viewed in component pallete.But i would like to know if any developer here can create component installer for these two components.

For Delphi-sci interface component
1.It should copy the scilexer.dll in (c:/windows/system32 directory or respective drive )
2.Detect the borland IDE installed in system & checks them for installation,allow option for uncheck.
3.Include all compiled files & libraries with it,so that no need to add anything other than installation.
4.Add the component into the component pallete.
5.Uninstaller: if in case the files installed has problem,the installed files should be removed & component from pallete as well.

For Synedit:
This has less requirement than scintilla,but it also has less feature set as well.
1. Detect the Delphi IDE or supported version of BCB.
2.Install the component in pallete with compiled files & libraries.
3.Uninstaller for removing things.

If any such installer is already available then can anyone forward me URL for such component installer creater.Also can anyone let me know what files i need to ship with installer for delphisci component to make it work.

Nice questions.
mahesh you came up with good questions set but i think these guys has very short time to answer such big questions.Actually they thought you are less contributing member,i had the same problem in SAF forum,people help you less if you don't put yourself in community.

But right now you have decent posts & helping others might get help one way or the other.

Actually borland C++ builder is very less documented on the internet.Why don't you blog about it on your programming site when you learn most of such stuff ?

anyway goodluck for questions.

General Software Discussion / Re: Check&Get support blows chunks
« on: August 29, 2007, 05:49 AM »
Maybe your ISP can tell you from which IP address this messg came then you have to ask thier ISP to trace this GUY at the end hurt that person its that simple  :D well its not it ill take months for this. 8)

I know the short answer.It depends on the stuff we used to create our application.Like if we use any DLL then we need to include it in our app or if we wrote custom dll to access something then we have to add.Still in case of small utilities how will you distinguish between which files to bundle.

Thanks for reading question.Please do take time to answer it if you know it. :)

Thnaks Sash & Mahesh for the help,well i got success with delphi 7 but not with BorlandC++ builder.
Can anyone guide me to any installation tutorial or other syntax highlight component that works better than synedit & scintilla?

Post New Requests Here / IDEA:Wordpress theme creator
« on: August 18, 2007, 06:19 AM »
It is always tough to get theme of your choice,but you end up with bad choice that is another issue.IS there any editor possiblet that asks for the cutom templete and creates wordpress theme for you.and at the end you can then customize with your own final product is ready to uplaod and use wordpress theme.not bad idea,provided that this require much coding.

I'm rightnow creating themes by hacking other themes,i do find some templters which i convert to wordpres themes but that is awful painful.Right now to achieve this you have to use Phtooshop design and slice to create XHTML design which is tough for non designer.i just wanto get things done quickly,if this thing is possible all u have to do is work on javascript or ajax for server design or query for sites.this isno doubt a great idea,for donation maker utility.

What u think your opinion.

AutoHotkey / Re: AutoHotkey- alternative?
« on: August 18, 2007, 06:06 AM »
AHK is good do u know can we embed AHK with C++ builder or delphi?

I'm new to C++ builder learning C++ builder,i don't know how to install components.I'm trying to use the text highlight & line count feature for the text editor i've created by following instructions in help file of borland.I downlaoded the component from but there was no installation instruction.i tried google & Help docs on delphisci website.but no installtion instruction was given.So can anyone help me with pprocedure to install scintilla component.Please do tell me how can i install any type of component & How can i begine use of it?

Help with Tutorial link or URL where this q is answered or your procedure can be helpful please help in anyway possible.

If you knwo how to install component please help.Thanks in advance.

Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: XYplorer File Manager
« on: August 18, 2007, 05:59 AM »
XY plorer isnice program,i will give it shot.

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