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I think MS is trying to penetrate in linux so that their useless technology can make linux useless.u KNOW THEY CAN CREATE virus using .net language to penetrate in linux.As for .net there will be executables,so protection from executable will no longer exist in linux then virus hunt begins.More and more MS employees will easily create security holes for linux.

So in short Mono project can damage linux community.

General Software Discussion / Re: Visual Studio Uninstaller Tool
« on: January 31, 2008, 01:36 AM »
It makes system unusable as when program crashes for my system,it asks me to debug using Visual studio when any error props up.or sometimes it open VS on its own to debug it.

Fodder your calucaltion is wrong,VS installed many filetypes and CLSID which counts to about 1.9MB.And you think it is easy to ignore it?

Apart from registry keys there is also uninstaller of about 2mb each for every visual language like J# and C# is there in :/windows/syste32/somewhere i forgot.Which is not moving at all.

If VS uninstallers are there Please tell me any uninstaller other than official one.
Cause i tried it and it leaves some remainants on my system,now whenevr i tried to reinstall the VS 2005 it goes in uninstall mode and error flags as VS uninstalled in improper order i asked on MSDN these guys says i uninstalled it in some wrong order means first  MSsql then C# should be the order blah blah.

Please let me know if there is any method to unnstall the Visual studio,or uninstaller or way to delete reg keys,my eyeballs are red while searching thru reg for these files  :-\

« on: January 30, 2008, 06:01 AM »
Happy B'day Gothic. :D

Manny many happy returns of the day.

I've to get ready for another B'day later in March 2008 Guess Who?

General Software Discussion / Visual Studio Uninstaller Tool
« on: January 30, 2008, 05:42 AM »
If you're developing for windows with Visual Studio then you might known about the condition of your PC after uninstalling it.It leaves about 180+(As per my count) reg entries on system if you uninstall it manually.I'm not saying that this happens with 2008 express alone it happens with all previous editions including express or professional edition.Even VB 6 is more buggy than 2003+ later editions.

If you're Pro-visual studio user & MS fan you might think i'm talking lame.Then please let me know if uninstalling VS is not leaving remainants on system & it's not indirectly forcing users to do clean install them.

No matter how many precautions you take or follow official MSDN approach of uninstalling Visual Studio it makes your system unusable.Many of the official uninstaller don't work correctly.Even if you follow the official approach to uninstall the Visual studio components,the remainants persist.You can't have clean system after uninstalling visual studio.

As per official way of removing Visual Studio:
Microsoft supplied miszap.exe which uninstalles the registry entry and some other installation files,But miszap.exe is available with windows .net SDK which is about 300MB (So no chance for Offliners,Slow internet connection users)
miszap.exe is not allowed to distribute other than SDK so there is very little chance of getting it.

Uninstaller tool (Found on MS-Visual express installer install instruction)provided to uninstall previous versions of Visual Studio is also not worthy to run, cause it s just 400 KB and and is not searching registry or /windows/system32 or respective folder for remainants.

So what we need is miracle?
Yes atleast from microsoft or from some group like sysinternals.The silly & idiot MS needs to understand copying OS & programming Language features from others doesn't make it better,it's just path & run philosophy.If they can build a better & secure OS (As per their Sales quotes)and so why don't they just build a proper uninstaller for Visual studio?  :mad:

They need to learn some lessons from Borland,Adobe,Corel & other comapnies which develop applications for windows & have better uninstallers that atlesat work 98%.

Is this how the developers are being treated from Microsoft.Then they shouldn't cry if the developers are moving to apple & linux cause many small things in MS are breaking up & VS uninstaller is the first one which is noticed since so many years. >:(

Videogame Development / Re: 2D/3D game developement
« on: January 15, 2008, 05:57 AM »
I'm quite intermediate level for programming.

I know java,C++,C and Flash.I just want to start with 2D application first then to 3d.I want to know other than gamemaker and garagegames how many other apps are for 2d and 3d?
Adding more questions to the list:

What is source engine? and graphics engine?
Where can i find sounds for games which are open source?

Please help me by answering question,i have laid them out in such fashion that they can be useful for anyone.

Developer's Corner / Re: Bow to the browser
« on: January 15, 2008, 05:53 AM »
Opera and Firfox are not quite useful for saving webpages.MHT format is workable only under windows it requires outlook to be installed on your system.But here so many guys are advocating opera,even if it creahes and not good for saving webpages.Again portable firefox and opera is not solution for cafes which don't allow ou to install anything.

PDF is not suitable for using to save webpages,look how much file size increase is there.Also while saving webpages look how succesfully they are saved.As far as saving webapges are concerened go with Internet explorer.

And what makes you think Apple would not like to know its customer's usage patterns as well?
Hey apple never released any software that tracks data from users computer to their server not even licesne or system information etc.On the otherhand windows does this to check the licesne,winbdows versionetc.

Google does this by reading your email and displaying ads.also Google desktop indexes your files on computer and organizes the search engine & advertisers accordingly.Evry google software is created keeping advertisers in mind,thats why apps are free.

Sometimes MS and Apple give something for free but not with advertising intention like google.

Videogame Development / 2D/3D game developement
« on: January 14, 2008, 04:12 AM »
I'm interested in 2D game developement.

Which softwares are availale for 2d developement free,paid?
Which scripting language do i need to learn?
How to create cross-platform games?
What i need to startup with 2d-game develoement like graphic engine,tools,design apps etc?
Same questions for the 3d game developement.

Looking forward to your reply.

Thanks in advance.

Living Room / Re: The Best Games You've Never Played
« on: January 03, 2008, 06:47 AM »
I'm huge fan of Serious Sam Series Since First encounter.This game runs on low-end machines as well and graphics is eye-candy. I'm looking for Third version just released by crowteam in decemer. :Thmbsup:

Living Room / Books that Costs you Irretation
« on: January 03, 2008, 06:41 AM »
It's not some flame or war against any author or the publication but simply put that if you invest money to learn something and you get something diffrent makes you irretate right.Here's how it happens with me.

1. Bad Purcahse :Purchased Borland C++ builder complete refernce by herbt schildt.(Tata-mcgraw hill) What was inside it total copy of his previous book C++ complete refernce except last few chapters were on widnow based programing.What a pitty! The money is wasted cause i got this book in pack of 3-programming books pre-bundled by bookstall.Take my word instead of complete reference you can invest on something else.

2.Even another bad purchase Begining XML- By Kurt cagle (Wrox press) This book sounds to teahc you XML.Doesn't it? But take my word for it you will find Active server pages inforamtion inside it. What could be the perspective of the author? Why the hell u need ASP in XML? If that is the case you can use PHP as well why not that?or even some pages filling up with installation of ASP and PHP on computer?On the other hand i fot the book called " XML -in easy steps by dreamtech press" was actually filled with lot of information and as promised will teach you XML in easy steps.

3.Other than this many of the books written for the delphi & Borland C++ builder willl do either language reference or some command line programming techniques.I found books on said topics won't teach you anything,insead develop code on your own for delphi and borland C++ builder.

4. Purchasing the books on Windows Annyances by are nothing but telling u how to copy and paste,and some other tips that arre simply will be avialble in most of the printed magazines & activewindows eventually.

I think reading quite inforamtive and contentfull stuff on the web like, took me to onto another level of readership.You know in student stage every penny counts no matter if its for eating out or buying books or watching movies etc.

Look at some of the authors like Kathy sierra " SCJP 1.5 " book's auhtor.She teaches you the java rules and theory by properly writing the code and making good interaction between you and book.
Ivor horton of wrox press is also good example of quality theory with have good authors which are teaching quite quality stuff from their ebooks or printed books.

My opinion: Writing a book can be fun cause if the crowd in the perticuler programming language is not mature and is dumb then no matter what you write & you won't get the guilty feeling of cheating them :) .And anotehr thing you get recognition of authoring book.

What are your experiences in such situations? Do let me know,How you cope up in these situations?
Which book you usually suggest to others.

Developer's Corner / .Net Questions
« on: December 21, 2007, 04:11 AM »
I've few questions regarding the .Net programming language.I've not learned .net i've some observations about this technology and have few doubts as well.

Earlier the Visual basic 5x/6x can be easily distributed to the other users,without the need of runtime environment.There was no necessity for the Runtime environment for it.But introduction of .NET made VB.Net to use .net environment whereever the program runs.So this runtime environment looks like copy of Java's Runtime environement,is it so? But java is cross platform,Why Microsoft created Runtime Environment for .net?The .net environment is not going on system other system than windows,not even on apple.(I dont know if the latest Office 2008 requires the .Net component for Mac,i think there isno component))

.Net programs can be compact than previous MFC and VB programs but the introduction of Runtime environment makes the setup increases above 10MB cause the environment itself is upto 10mb.So if we create simple utility like todo lists or thesaurus program then even we have to force our users to download the runtime environment on there system?

Is .Net works properly with older systems like WIN9X,win2k?

Today software industry is geared towards distributed and cross platform application,making the software specific for windows or learning windows only programming language will pay us in future?Do .Net wil survive in the future,against the open source technology?

Another out of the box,question.
Why Microsoft is giving away their IDE's as Free? (Visual Express series) as lot of commercial level work can be easily acomplished thru these IDE's.

As Visual C++ express is free,Borland C++ Builder is not worth to buy.And Borland Sees this as problem and made the decision of including the Delphi and Borland C"++ builder in one single product after the launch of RAD studio.After the RAD studion the BCB and Delphi will be sold together.What do you think this move is gathering developers in its side.cause they are falling short of developers due to Open source technologies.Making IDE's and some part of technology(.net source code) will let them survive?

Please let me know what you think? I've these questions as i'm doing job search as programmer,i need to know where some future stands for programming language before taking decision as programmer to choose a perticular language to earn some money for survival.

C / C++ / Re: Exploring C++
« on: November 27, 2007, 04:36 AM »
Thanks for the advice. :D
What is STL? And how it is going to help C++ programmer like me?
Also Where can i see the usage of functions mentioned in header files?For example ctime.h  has time related structure or function where to look for usage?

C / C++ / Re: Exploring C++
« on: November 26, 2007, 05:33 AM »
Thanks all i'm just get started with it.As devcp uses mingw i have to search for files specific to these.I'll let u know abt that.

also i was looking for creating some winamp style visualization with c++ graphics i wonder how to create cool visualization like these.?

C / C++ / Exploring C++
« on: November 22, 2007, 05:41 AM »
I have Dev-C++'m trying to create fun programs with it.So i pick up something

interesting and I'm attempting to create console based program to get the system details

such as:
1.CPU type (Name,specification,Speed)
2.Installed Operating system
3.Current Time
4.Motherboard Type
5.Cache Memory
6.Memory Slot detection (Type of Memory)

The problem i'm facing is how can i retreive this type of data from system using console based program?If i'm writing the program in C++,what header files i have to include? Which functions of the header are necessary to call in such case?Is it possible to create the same programs in Borland C++ Builder 6?Where to look into the help files?Which methods usually?It is really hard to find something in the help file,i hope i can get some pointer to work with.

General Software Discussion / Money Management Software
« on: November 13, 2007, 12:55 AM »
I'm looking for software to keep eye on my expenses.I've signed up for online money management site for the same.But they need your bank account or credit card to be added to keep eye on this.In reality we do spend in cash so i need software to look after these.I just want to keep eye on my spending and want to comapre for the future savings what can i do?

What i want:
1.Spending calculation
2.Future expenditure
3.Savings calculation
4.Total cost

is there any software that does the same?

Living Room / Re: Technology Myths
« on: November 06, 2007, 04:45 AM »
I didn't started to make any flame wars.I started to share the fun.And to let u know how technologically less literate poeple can do to technology.

Well i have an idea but i'm still not comforable with extensions and dont knoow how they are designed ?aNYONE knows which programming language is used for firefox or extension?

Also for idea: can anyone embed media player classic from k-lite media codec or Windows media player in firefox.Sounds crazy idea but MS did it on taskbar and it is awesome.Whynot do it at Firefox and in even linux too.

General Software Discussion / Re: What linux needs?
« on: November 05, 2007, 04:54 AM »
Vista got its window border design from SkyOS check it out u 'll be amazed to see the diffrence.:)

Living Room / Re: Leech Attacks
« on: November 05, 2007, 04:21 AM »
@ Mahesh2k My suggestion to you is :
1.Stop showing your entire site in India this will keep lot of leechers in our country from sending you such comments.
2.They are not in you advantage in anyway.You'll not generate any sort of revenue if you even keep donationware programs as all your visitors from india are using you.
3.Use google analytics to see if the visitors from indiaare in your site for how much time?How many of them are care to reply?Your wordpress akismet tells you how much you are hurt with such comment than spam.right
4.We both are from india but we are not using any tehie for our purpose or putting content on the net for such leechers,we do it for newuser or beginner so that they don't get any problem,one good way to get away from them is to warn them about this.We techies are more valuable then these leeches.Dont take them lightly.

Living Room / Technology Myths
« on: November 05, 2007, 04:15 AM »
Hi,im starting this thread to know if there are any myths arround you regarding technology.Ofcourse these myths are in those people with less technical expertise +more social life.There are lot of geeks who know the truth and really laughs at them.In india where i live we've lot of myths about MS,some of the popular myths are:

1. Microsoft windows is the first operating system on the planet,other operating system if exist are copycat of microsoft.
2. All Windows features are copied into apple,and apple never innovates anything.Steve job came into Microsoft  and copied the windows and started the apple macintosh.
3. Opensource and Freeware is threat to software industry,if software not get patented then this will affect jobs in future.
4. Windows operating system is good at provacy than linux or mac.
5. Windows Vista requirs 4GB RAM. :) I laugh,when someone talks vague like this.
6. Norton Antivirus,Quick Heal,E-scan antivirus are the best antivirus.(Even if norton and quick heal eats 60% of your system resources)
7.Linux is most dificult operating system,where is the start button or add-remove programs button? (Where is DOS? :) please don't laugh)

The myths about programming languages spread by teachers and computer training institutes,sales person of software are:

1. Java is outdated,.Net is the programming language of the future and its trend.( :) It doesn't matter if java is cross platform or secure or stable or easy) There will be more jobs for .net than java.
2.To learn C++,you should learn C first otherwise you dont understand the C++.
3. Flash is outdated and Expression Blend is current trend.(  :) Even if Flash i portable over any operating system,has no features copied from any other thing)
4. Maybe someday i might hear Flash is copied from Expression blend :) Ha ha ha

Ok enough with blurb.What are myths in your neighbourhood?Do post about them?Lets laugh on it together.

Developer's Corner / Re: Best way to start learning C++?
« on: October 26, 2007, 04:01 AM »
One of our member "Mahesh2k" has lot of Turbo c++ graphics programming and Dev-C++ IDE tutorials on his site you can try some of this from his site.
Take a look at
Search thru entire of his site you'll come to lot of useful programming tutorials on this site.

If possible then try and get the Waite groups Object oriented programming using Turbo C++ by Robert lafore.It is easy to grasp book and u'll learn C++ in simple setps.If possible you can try other books that members suggest here.

Look at the source code of others read blogs related to C++ programming that is the only way you can learn much stuff about C++.

MS VC++ is certainly like hitting on the wall.You'll hit plenty deep on there.You can try Turbo C++ Explorer edition which is free and better than MS VC++.You'll be creating better programs both console and windows with this.Many developres start off with borland and later move onto other IDE or studio products.So try and learn from Turbo products or you can even learn Dev-C++.SkyIDE with Mingw setup can be used for learning.For Mingw installation refer site it has tutorial on it.

MS VC is nonstandard it has its platform specific code in VC++.You'll learn many bad habits with MS softwares.That u'll not agree at the start.So if you're thinking to develop programs simply then try and learn from Turbo C++ 3.0 command line compiler itis easy to use and can be better option for beginers.

Hope this helps.

Living Room / How Google earns money?
« on: October 26, 2007, 03:38 AM »
This thread may sound vague to you guys.But i'm posting this as these days i'm studying the google website closely And just figuring out from where they are earning money.

Some of My observations are:

Adsense: This could be the first and high revenue source.For advertisers looking for sales or trafic to their website ,trust me plenty of traffic can be achieved with help of Adsense.

Paid products : Though i've seen very few online.Like Google earth,Analytics Plus,Google App,Gmail Plus.Picassa Plus and some more to name here.They've very nominal charges for yearly service as compared to yahoo products.

But i'm really thinking that they are offering lot of money in the google sumemr of code.How they are going to get  profit from that?Most of their web applications are freely avilable on the internet.Their spam control mechanism is more powerfull than any other webmail.

Living Room / Leech Attacks
« on: October 15, 2007, 04:26 AM »
I've been reading weblogs for quite some time.I've seen so many tech guys getting frustrated by the response of the readers they get on their weblogs.Most of programmers with tech blogs posts howtos and other article stuff,which is very good thing for building internet.They are constantly being hit by Leechers.So you'll ask me what are leechers?

leechers are guys/gals out there hunting for the answers for their questions.They'll ask tech guys for the answers these ways:
1. "Hey send me the fibbonaci sequence program".
2. "Hey send me any good book on linux on my email address"
3." Send me link to download for the warez"
Some people try and act like begging:
1."Hey please help me send me the answer to these programming problems in C"
2."Hey please help i m in trouble i need xxx/yyy software ?"
3."Hey i'm student and i can't do the programs in C please help me out do this homework".

Sometimes they sound like ordering or rude while making commetns.
1" Hey,send me link to warez software site?
2. "Hey send me some library automation program in java,fast,NOW".

Sometimes they do invest time in you,make friendship just to get their purpose out of it.It's really hard nowadays to differentiate between leeches and good guys.Asking for some tutorial and howto can be good idea usually to ask for help but asking for readymade programs that does the homework is lame.Sometimes they don't even appreciate you if they get help from you.If they are not maintaing any sort of readership with you then whats the point in having the readers or visitors to your site.

My observation on weblogs for filtering leeches:
There are some tech guys like kirupa chimathambi from who sorted out this problem by placing moderator on his site for filtering out such leech.Paul stamatiou from filters out such comments instantly.On the other hand our member "Mahesh2k" unable to filter out leech comments on his site His site is being attacked evryday with leech request of more than 120+ leech comments.One of my friend who works for d2design derivative have same problems as some customers call for the design ideas and waste valuable buisness time.Trap17 free hosting site kicked out many users from their forum for such leech behaviour.

Everyone have their own life & need to maintain balance but asking for custom content or program that gets the time of programmers.Which is more valuable than any such leechers lifetime.Asking for help when you get stuck is good thing but leeching & not appreciating for help is really bad thing.There are ways to ask for help and get your answers but if you're only interested in your job getting done.You get many people arround you,asking for free-advice or content from when you start asking for the charge they all disappears.

How you'll handle such leeches in real life or on your tech blog?

General Software Discussion / Re: What linux needs?
« on: September 28, 2007, 11:21 AM »
I must agree linux needs;

RAD designer like delphi (glade is slow hard to learn)
Better driver support
documentation for developrs
no restrictions like QT in KDE inlvement

thres more but i'm off to sleep.

Well i think software like glade or kdevelop have some restrictions why not RAD tool like delphi in linux?
it could run on wxwisgets.But should have no restriction like QT.

Living Room / Video Tutorials
« on: September 28, 2007, 11:04 AM »
is there any site for video tutorials for these :

1. Flash
2. Borland C++ Builder
3. Gamemaker
4. Delphi
5. Wxwidgets
6. Fruityloops

I've tried google,youtube but got less success if you know any source then please let me

know about it.

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