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Living Room / Re: Odd FF3 Problem... sucking up bandwidth
« on: August 24, 2008, 06:49 PM »
Well, if you deinstalled it in the sandboxed session, and the plugin was installed before that session, there you have the answer. If not... :S

As for the constant downloading, contact the devs and let them know about the issue.
Oh I have Lashiec, as I feel that unless us users report the issues we have with a programmers work we can not  really blame them for its short comings especially since we didn't do a better job did we now ?  :)

and no.. i didn't install unsandboxed uninstall sandboxed lol that would be hard to do actually.. well i think it would at least with sandboxie

Isn't that a proof for Rainlendar?
 (see attachment in previous post)
-fenixproductions (August 22, 2008, 07:33 AM)

Certainly looks like it'll repeat that task everyday. PaladinMJ , did you ever give Rainlendar a try? BTW I've never used it myself...Thanks for following up on this, fenixproductions  :Thmbsup:

I use it every day, and have it synced with my google cals and my tungsten e2

Living Room / Re: Odd FF3 Problem... sucking up bandwidth
« on: August 24, 2008, 01:02 AM »
first off..thanks to all!

secondly, i found the issue and boy am i steamed! it was the paypal add-on for ff3!
I happened to notice the same problem on a different system and did some scouring to see what the common link was. it was the add-on, once that was eradicated everything is fine.

the reason I'm steamed is twofold, one its the legitimate plug-in.. its not infected or modified at all. so what are they trying to do? second I uninstalled the plug-in weeks ago after a 2 hour trial run in a sandieboxed ff3. so how/why  it ended back in there behind my back i ain't sure. but i did some md5 comps against the legit version and they match so....yeah anyway issue resolved.

PaladinMJ, as far as I can tell, the big problem is
The request... to find a calendar (IMO, a task manager that somehow collaborates with a calendar would be better) that can repeat a task/event after one day, one week and one month, one time each.
All calendars I know of only allow a repeat pattern of either daily or weekly or monthly, not a mix of those patterns.

Can Rainlendar do this?

definately.. infact that is why i use it in the first place i have alot of regularly scheduled programs i mean tasks and events that repeat just like what i think he wants

Living Room / Re: Odd FF3 Problem... sucking up bandwidth
« on: August 22, 2008, 06:25 AM »
The thing you need to tell us is whether this is just a momentary spike, or if it's like that all the time you're running firefox. As other people have already suggested, there's legitimate reasons for a (relatively) short spike at startup.
right, i realized that i was unclear about the length of time that the issue was taking. it is constant until i close ff3, if i leave it up 7 hours straight it steals all my download bandwidth for 7 hours.
sorry it took me so long to get back to you all, i was afraid that i might be spraying malware out to others and had yo get my other system set up in a more accessible location.

what addons are you using? Foxmarks for example will sync your bookmarks on start depending on your settings.
I have disabled all addon's except adblock, greasemonkey (with 3 scripts I wrote that i know the problem, paypal plug in, and IEtab.

Living Room / Odd FF3 Problem... sucking up bandwidth
« on: August 20, 2008, 04:25 AM »
Whenever I open FF3 I notice Netmeter's speed gage showing my download speed spiked out to max. I have run Spybot search and destroy.. Windows defender, Spyware doctor, mcafee security suite and a-squared Anti-Malware without detecting anything unusual. I'm going crazy trying to find out the problem. I'm assuming malware, Trojan/virus etc. but can't find anything running that I can't verify. And the problem is only when I use Firefox not I.E. but a good few of the sites I visit absolutely will not work right in IE.

I have even run Hijack this, and don't think i see anything that is odd. Though I admit my knowledge of Hijackthis is not good. Process explorer shows nothing odd, neither does tcpview that I can tell.

If you all need more info please let me know. Any help solving this will result in some credits heading your way as thanks for relieving the frustration. I've been at this for 8 or 9 days now i guess.


I think as a way of showing DC's gratitude we all should do a little PR. on the authors behalf. At the very least we can tout his generosity:)

umm OK.. i don't know how to say this...but I'm going to have to back out of this for now. My wife and I just lost our daughter and to be honest i probably wont be around on-line much for an extended period.

ok.. i'm alive will post later :) today on where i'm at Real life bit me hard but i'm good now

ok.. well i will have to see about backing everything up and giving this repair install a go... my god I hope it works I really do. though the O/c part of me hates to use this solution instead of discovering a more solved the problem solution if that makes any sense lol.

Ok I just upgraded to Vista Ultimate for work related reasons. The thing is most everything runs but when I open I text file in notepad then right click to select all or what ever before the context menu comes up I get an error that shuts down what ever program I was running.error.jpg Jest now I ran Paint to paste a screen shot and went edit>paste but as soon as I opened the edit menu Crash! so i tried same thing. I then right clicked the short cut and hit "run as Administrator" and I could paste the screen shot into a file no sweat.

The account is a local admin account that I am logged into at the moment. so I really do not understand. the same with the windows sidebar and a few other apps if I right click anywhere in them they crash then I right6 click the shortcut and run as admin and they work. I even tried going into the properties of Windows sidebar shortcut in the star menu clicking properties>shortcut>advanced>and checking Run as Administrator but Still get the crashes when I first reboot Vista until I specifically Start it by Right clicking and hitting Run as Administrator.RaA.jpg

If anyone knows how to fix these problems PLEASE please help me I'm beyond frustrated and can no longer think straight on this issue. I hated vista before I even had to install it now I truly despise it.  The really horrible thing is because of this problem I'm behind on a work proiject and I'f I can't suss this out and square it away I'm going to have to either pay someone else to get the proj done on time and/or lose the client/job.
I don't even know how to correctly research this issue everything I google brings up slow responding rightclick context menu probs or similar. And i Have tried those solutions just on tyhe hope and prayer that they did the trick but no joy.

I can't affrord to do a reinstall as my current Backup solution is incompatable with vista and its honestly more time i lose in an already behind-the-eightball schedule. Granted if that is the only way then i will have to do it, but that would mean installing W98SE>winXP Upgrade>Sp3>then Vista Ultimate  upgrade (and I'm not even sure this system (64bit ) will take 98SE. Anyway I hope My problem was clear and that one of you fine DC'ers know a way to help I will make a donationcredit transfer to the person that gets me out of this nightmare you have my word on that.

I know Mcafee keeps DELETEING/Quarantining my Clipboard help+spell. I do have the newest vers and definitions. And I have told it to Leave CHS Alone but it removes the Exe every so often. (I don't notice till I go to use it and its not working then I see the icon missing from the tray)

    firstly, thanks to all that want to help. I will definitely be shoulder tapping you. Secondly at the moment I haven't had the time available to hash out exactly what is wanted. How big this can be etc.
    currently I am mocking together ideas as time permits that apply to:
    • template that is no proprietary and therefor usable by as many people as possible
    • layout items
    • graphic ideas etc
    A number of these things I can scratch at a minute here and there as I tend to the puppy or in downtime. Once she is OK and I get my time back I'll be posting a few ideas and asking for input. At the moment though if you all want to start a brainstorm on what you'd want or not want in the base template that would be great.

    also what is the proposed distribution model? is there one?
    thoughts on size constraints, both as a completed yearbook and/or per user page(s)..
    And I assume that this will be an 'all ages yearbook" i.e. nothing offensive, graphics etc? or is that a misconception?
    any other ideas concerns etc.
    I will read and post as oft as I can at the moment but that will get things a rolling maybe. I'll take a more hands on approach once the puppy is better.


I know I've been pretty quiet since accepting this and for that i am sorry. I DO intend to get on it, however at the moment I have a very sick puppy  :( (parvo virus) that the vet has written off but I have not. So she is getting all my time currently. I will get back to you all after we get through this episode. until then please hang in there with me. I will try and keep you all appraised of the situation, just know that my posting will be limited for a bit.

thanks and apologies to you all.

I thought the "upload virus" thing was referring to the virus scene in Independence Day when they not only successfully uploaded a virus, but they uploaded a virus to an alien computer operating system using an alien upload link (presumably wireless, which would be using, once again, an alien frequency...).
I suppose the premise still applies...

Maybe Microsoft transmitted a Windows iso along with those SETI signals?

TOTALLY alien computer system and it disables their whole shebang in one go...

Was soo bogus and just out and out retarded imnho! I am with you there my friend.

{edited because Edvard posted the same thing I was, so I erased and chimed in instead of reposting similarly..}

This List is cute and funny.. pretty accurate too LOL Stumbled this and had to share it :)

i do possibly have the time. So......... I'll be getting my thoughts together and posting or pm'ing the questions ideas to mouser and the forums.

Find And Run Robot / Re: FARR development in hibernation
« on: March 28, 2008, 12:47 PM »

ok that makes some sense now. I've used quick view plus since version 2 and have loved it. Though now I'm still trying to decide D.Opus or X2. I like booth but can only justify supporting one. But instead of hi-jacking my own thread I will start a new one after I've read all the related threads available on DC. Now where is my license for QVP??

Darwin usually raves about them, so I'm sure he can tell you more about the viewers.

PM Darwin. I am sure he wouldn't mind. In fact he probably just overlooked this thread and would be happy to reply via the thread if you ping him about it.
ok pm away... lol

wow.. I thought for SURE I'd get more info than i could digest in response to this query. Oh well, can't get them all. If I find any info I'll post it to this thread so as to be of possible help to someone else in the future

I know obviously they let you view things but whats so unique about them? I have heard them talked about indirectly a lot lately and feel like I don't get the whole conversation. like i know dopus uses them and x2? can you add more are they that revolutionary? wikipedia has nothing on them and a Google turns up more of the bandying that got me to try to research them.

neat idea.. let me see if i can maybe squeeze the time to organize things. I'll get back to you.

Living Room / Re: about to switch to a Widescreen LCD.
« on: February 27, 2008, 08:44 AM »
I've been looking for the setting to play NON_WS capable games without stretching them. I have the current NVidia drivers an control panel. and the 8500GT 512 PciE where is this setting located? I'm being blind and can't see it.

DC Gamer Club / Re: Lets get organized so we can get gaming!
« on: February 22, 2008, 06:56 PM »
hmm i am interested. let mew see if i can find my xfire info again.

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