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Hey mouser i've been using chs for years without issue until yesterday I got a dsaim or something error i dont recall exact error and all clip board entries in chs read:

so i reinstalled and the list returns but now when i run formatting presets i get :

Id   Application   Favorite?   Modified   Excerpt   Notes
7135      False   7/25/2015 10:27:39 Pm   Id\Tapplication\Tfavorite?\Tmodified\Texcerpt\Tnotes\N   

i utterly rely on chs so any advice is appreciated, even if it's "sorry cant help try program $X"

Living Room / dvd burner crisis
« on: March 18, 2009, 09:03 AM »
hello DC
This morning i decided to catch up on my DVD Archiving.. and got a huge surprise, Nero erred out on me.. so i switched to CDBurnerXP.
erred out again..

the burner still reads fine, and it was burning fine the last time i used it.. couple of months ago. 

unfortunately I've installed/removed tons of software lately including intel chipset driver updates. which i tried downgrading.
I've wasted 20 DVDs trying to find the solution.
Is there a better way to test if i fixed the problem without wasting DVDs and hence cash?
I tried googling the error and found a similar problem that was related to the chipset drivers, but couldn't find much else....
anyway attached is my sys info and a cap of the error from CDBurnerXP, please please help me get this up and going.. i can't afford a new burner, and really want to avoid a format/reinstall. as my backup is corrupted, drives are near full. i tried the one restore point i had and that was corrupt to... :(

i am willing to pay if need be, also i have crossloop fyi.

Living Room / Odd FF3 Problem... sucking up bandwidth
« on: August 20, 2008, 04:25 AM »
Whenever I open FF3 I notice Netmeter's speed gage showing my download speed spiked out to max. I have run Spybot search and destroy.. Windows defender, Spyware doctor, mcafee security suite and a-squared Anti-Malware without detecting anything unusual. I'm going crazy trying to find out the problem. I'm assuming malware, Trojan/virus etc. but can't find anything running that I can't verify. And the problem is only when I use Firefox not I.E. but a good few of the sites I visit absolutely will not work right in IE.

I have even run Hijack this, and don't think i see anything that is odd. Though I admit my knowledge of Hijackthis is not good. Process explorer shows nothing odd, neither does tcpview that I can tell.

If you all need more info please let me know. Any help solving this will result in some credits heading your way as thanks for relieving the frustration. I've been at this for 8 or 9 days now i guess.


Ok I just upgraded to Vista Ultimate for work related reasons. The thing is most everything runs but when I open I text file in notepad then right click to select all or what ever before the context menu comes up I get an error that shuts down what ever program I was running.error.jpg Jest now I ran Paint to paste a screen shot and went edit>paste but as soon as I opened the edit menu Crash! so i tried same thing. I then right clicked the short cut and hit "run as Administrator" and I could paste the screen shot into a file no sweat.

The account is a local admin account that I am logged into at the moment. so I really do not understand. the same with the windows sidebar and a few other apps if I right click anywhere in them they crash then I right6 click the shortcut and run as admin and they work. I even tried going into the properties of Windows sidebar shortcut in the star menu clicking properties>shortcut>advanced>and checking Run as Administrator but Still get the crashes when I first reboot Vista until I specifically Start it by Right clicking and hitting Run as Administrator.RaA.jpg

If anyone knows how to fix these problems PLEASE please help me I'm beyond frustrated and can no longer think straight on this issue. I hated vista before I even had to install it now I truly despise it.  The really horrible thing is because of this problem I'm behind on a work proiject and I'f I can't suss this out and square it away I'm going to have to either pay someone else to get the proj done on time and/or lose the client/job.
I don't even know how to correctly research this issue everything I google brings up slow responding rightclick context menu probs or similar. And i Have tried those solutions just on tyhe hope and prayer that they did the trick but no joy.

I can't affrord to do a reinstall as my current Backup solution is incompatable with vista and its honestly more time i lose in an already behind-the-eightball schedule. Granted if that is the only way then i will have to do it, but that would mean installing W98SE>winXP Upgrade>Sp3>then Vista Ultimate  upgrade (and I'm not even sure this system (64bit ) will take 98SE. Anyway I hope My problem was clear and that one of you fine DC'ers know a way to help I will make a donationcredit transfer to the person that gets me out of this nightmare you have my word on that.

This List is cute and funny.. pretty accurate too LOL Stumbled this and had to share it :)

I know obviously they let you view things but whats so unique about them? I have heard them talked about indirectly a lot lately and feel like I don't get the whole conversation. like i know dopus uses them and x2? can you add more are they that revolutionary? wikipedia has nothing on them and a Google turns up more of the bandying that got me to try to research them.

Living Room / about to switch to a Widescreen LCD.
« on: February 15, 2008, 10:52 PM »
My brother in law gave me a Mag LT1919wdb LCD monitor. It will be replacing an HP Pavilion MX703 Now I have never used or even looked at LCD's beyond noticing that CRT seemed to give a better picture.

What can I expect? will things run ok being on a widescreen? should I spring for the DVI cable as it seems LCD's are better with them but don't include them. The LCD will be driven by my PNY Nvidia 8500 GT 512 meg video card. I would run dual monitors but theres no way on my desk its tiny, and theres no where else to move my set up to or even a bigger desk.

Find And Run Robot / Aliases/groups
« on: February 11, 2008, 08:08 PM »
I'm sure I haven't utalized 1/10th FARR's capabilities. I'm trying to wrap my head around Aliases/groups. I'm not real clear on the differences and the uses of these. I know I should be able to grok this as a programmer but my brain refuses to understand these at the moment.

Any tips, advice, Clue-by-Fours?

I'd be interested in any tips to get more functionality out of FARR as well :)

I was recently reading some sites and following the links at random. I came across an article about a piece of software that will help you burn cd/dvd full buy selection groups of files to put on the disc so as to use the most space (i.e leave the least amount of free space after burning. for the life of me I can not find it again. My system blue screened in the middle of reading it so I have no browser history of that session.

The other problem I have is I use a piece of software called Xecutor.
That lets me set start up programs, schedule when to run tasks, and even run scripts etc at shutdown/reboot.  the problem is its been buggy to the point of uselessness lately and is no longer supported (totally gone from the creators site) so I need a replacement preferably in a piece of free ware, but 3 if needed. I've read through hundreds of posts here on the start up programs people recommended but cant find one like this. Plus the threads are mega old and I thought there might be something newer one of you use.

thanks for tolerating my semi coherent rambling here.

P.S: how do i add a link so that in the post if you clicked Xecutor it would take you to the lifehacker post I included ?

Hello DC friends ,

I just upgraded the mother board in my computer and donated my old board to a less fortunate friend. The problem is that when POSTing the board is now very slow to detect the IDE drives, like 4-6 minutes.

Then when it gets to verifying dmi pool data..... I do not get a sucess it just hangs again for up to 2 minutes before trying to proceed booting the dvd drive (which is what i want) and then starts to buut and will either hang or occasionally boot in then hang.
here are the system specs:
Mother board:
Chipset: nForce2 Ultra 400 + RAID MCP

AMD 2800+
1.5Gb ram
Nvidia 7500 gs 512Mb
ide 1:
lite-on Dvd burner (Master)
HDD WDC ide 60Gb (slave)
IDE 2:
generic dvd rom (Master)
HDD WDC SATA 500Gb (no jumper as per docs)

General Software Discussion / A question about DRM
« on: July 03, 2007, 12:12 AM »
I have some avi's that I paid for from that I would LOVE to watch on my DVD player as I have a small screen on the PC. The AVI's MUST be played in WMP 10 or better, the wont play in anything else I have: VLC, media player classic, powerDVD, winDVD, etc. Does anyone know of a program that will help me? either make them playable on a DVDplayer or help with the DRM.

I payed the same as I would have if I would have bought the DVD but without the extra's the menu's or the nice ephemora. I just want to watch them in comfort. I've paid for them rightfuly. Is that possible? or have I learned a costly lesson?

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