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CleverPrint 2012 now 80% off for the next 5 days: €7.99 instead of €40

The coupon is not available as of today  :( I am too late.  :'(

The given code does not exist! Please check.

No comparison but it was mentioned in another thread by brahman and Darwin.

Linux Tycoon – Linux Distro Building Simulator game


Linux Tycoon is the premier Linux Distro Building Simulator game in the universe.


  • Analyzing and selecting software packages.
  • Fixing Bugs.
  • Managing volunteers and paid staff.
  • Keeping the total size (in MB) of your Distro at a reasonable level.
  • And so much more!

DC Gamer Club / Re: Worlds of Ultima 1 & 2 - Free []
« on: June 19, 2012, 01:50 AM »
Thank you, Lanux128  :Thmbsup:

Winners announced.. ;)

Well, I am very lucky this time. Reading two nice review of software I need (thanks to IainB and sujay85) and then winning the contest.  :-*

Living Room / Re: Lost my father
« on: June 08, 2012, 12:00 AM »
My condolence, SJ. May he rest in peace.

Hard Disk Sentinel Standard Edition
Monitor the Health of Your Hard Drive

Have you ever suffered through the pain and agony of a hard drive failure? To you, it's pretty straightforward -- one day your computer is humming along smoothly, and the next day it won't boot at all. But what you may not know is that, beyond the capabilities of your human senses, a whole host of little warning signs and other signals can actually tell you when hard drive failure is imminent! That's why Hard Disk Sentinel is so important.

100% Off at BitsDuJour Today
Comparison : Trial, Standard, Professional, Enterprise
Hard Disk Sentinel PRO - Mini-Review (as at 2012-06-02) by IainB

I also have tried several clipboard tools but I only use PureText in regular basis.

Living Room / Re: Just Had a Baby Girl~!
« on: June 02, 2012, 09:54 AM »
Congratulation to Renegade and kunkel321.  :)
I also have a daughter (19 months old).

Clipstory (Access Your Full History of Clipboard Items) 100% Off at BitsDuJour

Access Your Full History of Clipboard Items

On any given day, you copy and paste so many items that you probably don't even think about it. But just imagine how much more productive you'd be if you could copy and paste more than a single item to the Windows clipboard at a time! Clipstory gives you that exact functionality, and so much more.

With Clipstory, every item you copy to the clipboard is saved in a history file. Later on, you can quickly cycle through your entire history of copied text, files, images, audio and binary data! Not only does Clipstory allow quick access to frequently used clips, you also have the ability to tag items, see extra details about each clip, and save clipped items to disk.

But wait, it gets better! You can set up Clipstory to automatically save clipped items to folders based on their data type, even going as far as to instantly convert image files to your desired format!

@rjbull: thanks for the head up. I've been waiting for the discount.  :) I love the Quick Switch feature and it integrates well with xplorer2.z

Facebook defends support for CISPA monitoring bill
Other tech sponsors strangely silent

"HR 3523 would impose no new obligations on us to share data with anyone – and ensures that if we do share data about specific cyber threats, we are able to continue to safeguard our users’ private information, just as we do today,' said Facebook's Joel Kaplan, vice president of US public policy in a statement on the site.

"We recognize that a number of privacy and civil liberties groups have raised concerns about the bill. The concern is that companies will share sensitive personal information with the government in the name of protecting cybersecurity. Facebook has no intention of doing this and it is unrelated to the things we liked about HR 3523 in the first place."

General Software Discussion / Re: xls to png
« on: April 07, 2012, 01:01 PM »
You can also copy a range in Excel and paste it to IrfanView and save it as PNG. Yes, it is not one click solution.  ;D

General Software Discussion / Re: xls to png
« on: April 07, 2012, 08:04 AM »
pity it is not available in EXCEL 2003

In Excel 2003: Push and hold Shift key and click Edit menu. You will have three new command: Copy Picture, Paste Picture, and Paste Picture as Link.

Very good and detailed review  :up:

My book/ebook collection is still small that it only needs simple management. I will recommend anyone with similar need like yours to this thread.

I use Firefox most of the time. Use IE for Windows Update and certain corporate sites that only work in it. I have Opera and Chrome installed. Never use Safari on desktop.

(And if I were going to try to load an iPod up with songs I think I'd be using one of the many unofficial programs out there that can interface with iPods rather than trying to use iTunes. iTunes will jack up your data, your tags, and your filenames & expect you to thank it for doing it.)

Could you recommend unofficial program(s) that can interface with iPhone 4S? Thanks in advance.

I am interested.  :-*

Keep your hard drive fully optimized with this professional defrag tool.

Upgrade from the Free defrag tool to Pro for only $7.95, 73% off MSRP, today only!

Found Deals and Discounts / AVG Anti-Virus 2012 93% Off Today
« on: March 11, 2012, 08:32 PM »
Get the commercial AVG Anti-Virus 2012 for only $2.95 through today!

The commercial edition of AVG Anti-Virus offers enhanced online protection and free technical support and a license to use for your home office or small business.

We're offering AVG Anti-Virus 2012, along with a 1-PC license, for $2.95, saving 93% off MSRP!

Get myVault at 100% off Today Only! Securely Archive Anything and Everything!

Got sensitive documents or images that need protecting? MyVault is your place to securely archive anything and everything to keep it safe from prying eyes. Get this Mac and PC software with a 100% Coupon Discount from Bits du Jour.

The link to portable version still works. Today I get version 1.5. Thanks to musetips for the tool.

Thanks for the head up. I had trialed the software a few months ago. So this giveaway is a bless.  :Thmbsup:

Honeywell Files Patent Lawsuit Against Smart Thermostat Developer Nest

Interestingly, Honeywell recently told GigaOm that it killed off its smarter, learning thermostats years ago, instead focusing on ‘adding intelligence to digital and connected thermostats.

Take the trouble to learn about and understand useful negotiating skills/techniques.

Salary Negotiation: Make More Money, Be More Valued

Your salary negotiation — which routinely takes less than 5 minutes to conclude — has an outsized influence on what your compensation is.  Compensation can include money or things which are more-or-less fungible replacements for money, but it can also include interesting things which you value from “more time with your family” to “opportunities to do tasks which you find fulfilling” to “perks which make a meaningful difference in your day-to-day quality of life.”  That makes your negotiation five very important minutes.  You generally can’t do a totally bang up job on any five minutes of work this year and have your boss give you an extra $5,000.  You can trivially pick up $5,000 in salary negotiations just by sucking less.

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