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I found this old thread because it seems to describe the issue I'm having with my new laptop. I use my laptop connected to a dock with two external 24" monitors. Both monitors are identical and have the same 1920x1080 resolution. I'm using Windows 10 with the "Change the size of apps and text" set to 100% when displaying on the external monitors.

My internal laptop display is also 1920x1080 but "Change the size of apps and text" is set to 150%. When I perform a selected region screen capture when undocked on my internal laptop display, the entire screen is blown up and I'm not able to capture the content on the screen that I could see prior to initiating the capture.

If I change the "Change the size of apps and text" setting back to 100% prior to the screen capture, ScreenshotCaptor does not scale up the display during capture and I'm able to capture everything I see on the screen.

I'm using the latest version of the app and video drivers. Any ideas of how to prevent the issue without having to manually change the scaling factor everytime I undock the laptop?

After adding multiple objects to a screenshot like text boxes, rectangles, or arrows in object edit mode, I have to hit the ESC key 2 - 3 times to get out of object edit mode and back to the default view. Is it possible to change a preference to only require hitting the ESC key once to get out of the object edit mode?

Hi Mouser,

Let me apologize in advance for double posting (https://www.donation....msg418012#msg418012). I'm not sure whether that was the correct place to post. I know you are currently making improvements to the Region Selection mode, and you've already made changes to the cross hair lines to make them more visible. Have you considered making them solid rather than dashed to make them even more visible?

Hi Mouser,

It's been awhile since I've posted here. Mostly because the development and release cycle for SSC seemed to slow down there for awhile. I'm glad to see it has picked up recently. I use SSC almost daily, and have been using it for several years now. I am currently using the v4.27.4 release as my daily driver and testing the v4.28.2 beta release. I really like the updates you are making to the region capture option. If you recall, I was the one who suggested way back adding the ability to "nudge" the anchor points using the arrow keys for finer tuning the capture.

I noticed that in the beta version, you made some changes to the cross hair selection lines to make them more visible. For me, I would prefer the lines to be solid and not dashed. The dashed lines still blend in too much with the background than a solid line would. Have you considered or has anyone suggested changing the cross hair lines to solid?

Is it possible to search for text strings within the Comment/Note field? I would like to find all screenshots that contain a particular text string somewhere within the Comment/Note field of the screenshot. Where is the data stored, is that possible to search?

I'm not sure if this has been requested before, but it would be helpful to have the ability to connect arrows and lines to text boxes and shapes using anchor points.  That way when objects or arrows/lines are moved around, they would stay connected.

Also, it would be nice to have a separate line object so you don't have to add/remove the arrow every time you switch between arrows and lines.

Keep up the great work.

Thanks, that worked. Looks like only three files from the latest portable zip archive were updated.

I have the portable version of Screenshot Captor installed as I do not have admin rights on my laptop to do a full install. Can someone point me to directions for updating my existing portable version with new versions when they become available?

I have been unzipping new versions to new directories each time. This is tedious as I then have to configure the preferences from scratch each time there is a new version.

I assume there is a better way. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Yep, the new beta seems to be working as before. Thanks. I was also able to adjust the selection rectangle using the Shift and Alt keys.


I appreciate your consideration to revert back to the more simple keystroke approach to nudging the cursor without the key modifiers. I agree that it might be nice to use the Shift key in conjunction with the arrow keys to move the selected region, but only after the region had been defined. Then finalize the select with the spacebar as it does in 4.9.3.

I know you said that the only functional change was the addition of the SHIFT modifier. Actually, the selection process did seem to change more. If you try my steps above, one time with #4  and one time without it, you will see what I mean. In the beta, you can still use the spacebar to start the selection, but in order to use the arrow keys directly after hitting the spacebar, you now have to use the mouse to move the cursor, otherwise using the arrow keys before moving the mouse just moves the start point.

In 4.9.3, you could use arrow keys, or mouse or combination of both in succession after selecting the start point. Then finalize the selection using the spacebar again.  In the beta, after starting the select with the spacebar, the arrow keys seem to only become active after first moving the cursor with the mouse. Then to finish the selection you have to hit the Enter key (not the spacebar).


If you want to select a region and move it around the screen quickly, you might consider using the Fixed region selection that can be moved freely and quickly around the screen using the mouse. It would be nice if this could be fine tuned using the arrow keys when you got close, but currently the arrow keys don't seem to have effect in v4.9.3. Maybe this could be added to Fixed Region select to make it similar to Select Region.

Thanks for the quick reply. It seems less intuitive the new way. Also, it seems to go against the concept of "precision capture" to require multiple simultaneous keys to be used. In the v4.9.3 version, after setting the approximate start position, I could be completely key driven after that, pixel by pixel. In the new version, it seems to require the mouse to be involved after setting the start position to offset from that position. Even trying the new process, I'm also getting weird results where extra columns of pixels are added in the capture that weren't part of the selection.

I can't recall which version this new precision "nudging" using arrow came in, v4.9.2 or v4.9.3? But when it did, it vastly improved Selected Region capturing for me. I know no one likes change, but in this case I think the change made things more complicated. And the OP may not even have been aware of the existing functionality to get pixel by pixel precision using the process I described.


Seems like there is a regression in the Selected Region capture in the latest beta compared to the previous version. I am trying the new beta version of SSC and found the recent changes for Selected Region capture to be confusing. My workflow for capturing regions in v4.9.3 is as follows:

1) Use the mouse to place the cursor in the approximate location of the upper left corner
2) Use the arrow keys to fine tune the starting position to a more precise location
3) Press the spacebar to start the region capture
4) Use the mouse to place the cursor in the approximate ending location of the lower right corner
5) Use the arrow keys to fine tune the ending position to a more precise location
6) Press the spacebar to complete the capture

I could skip step #4 if the ending location was not far from the start, and just proceed to #5 to moving to the end position using the arrow keys. What I really liked about this workflow is that the keys were used for precision without having to involve the mouse. This same process doesn't in the same way in the new beta.

Since this is a beta, I assume you are open to suggestions for the final release. Why not keep the existing capability for selection using the process described above and alter the ability to "nudge" the selection using the special modifier keys?

Arthur Menu,

Would the description of my process in v4.9.3 help you with more precise capturing?


What do you think, next version?

Screenshot Captor / Re: auto-select next file viewing
« on: September 12, 2013, 02:43 PM »
It seems to be working for me. This is a big help to me as I am generally deleting screenshots in the middle of the thumbnail list. To do this I use the keyboard arrows and shortcuts to select and delete images. Prior to the change I would have to rescroll all the way back to my position in the list. Now I can just pick up where I left off, or navigate to a new position in the list from where I was.  Thanks for the feature.

I agree with you that using the keyboard arrows to nudge cross hairs during capture would be a "bit odd" when used in conjunction with the mouse. That is if the mouse is still the only way to initiate and finalize the capture. What if a keyboard shortcut could also be used to simulate the left mouse click to start the capture?

The workflow could then be to use the mouse the locate cursor to the approximate starting location, then use the arrow keys to fine tune the starting point, and then use a shortcut key to anchor the actual starting point. You could then use the mouse to locate the approximate end point, use arrow keys to fine tune the location, then use the shortcut key to finalize the capture.

The spacebar would be an ideal shortcut key for starting / ending the capture. Since you are already using the spacebar to allow the starting point to be relocated, using the 'Ctrl' key may work just as well since it's accessible by the left hand while the right hand is on the arrow keys. You could either require the shortcut key to be held down during the process, or press/released for the start and end points.

So we're talking about nudging the location of the cursor right? Not nudging the starting location selected when left mouse was held down?

I'm not sure I understand the difference here between "location of cursor" vs. "starting location". Maybe my explanation of the workflow above helped you better understand what I was thinking. If not, just let me know and I'll try to provide more detail.

Regarding the cross hairs, I'm glad to hear that you are open to using solid lines for the region selections. I think it would help. I just wanted to reaffirm your point, rather than making the line a fixed color, making the lines appear as the inverse of the background color should take care of the 'blending' issue.

Mouser, Per your request, I've started a new topic for the post I made in the v4.6 beta thread.

Any chance incorporating the request in this next release that someone made previously to have the arrow keys move / nudge the cursor cross-hairs in Grab Selected Region and Grab Fixed Size Region modes?

Also it would help to have the cross-hairs themselves made more visible to use a solid line as opposed to a dashed line. I sometimes have a hard time seeing the dashed line, a solid line would be more visible. A solid line would need to use some sort of inverse color when moving over lighter and darker backgrounds.

Would love to see these two in the v4.6 release.

So it sounds like there are bitmap images and vector images. If the words "bitmap" and "vector" are adjectives that describe the noun "images", why not just eliminate the adjective and refer to the thing that is being captured as an "image"? I think if you asked 9 out of 10 people, they couldn't decribe the difference between bitmap and vector images.

Also, wondering if Mouser saw the request to incorporate the use of the arrow keys and cross hairs and outlines when capturing regions that I described above?

Well, to be more consistent, shouldn't it just be referred to as "Image" instead of "Image bitmap", or "Image / region Bitmap", or "Bitmap"? Bitmap to me implies a *.bmp filetype. If you don't have bitmap set as your default image filetype, then it could be confusing. Why not just refer to it as "Image" in the Edit>Copy to Clipboard menu and Post Capture Options settings?

Did you happen to see my post above about enabling use of hte arrow keys and changing the cross hair and box color during selection?

I tried the new version and the option to auto select next file after deletion is working for me. This is a big improvement for me as my screenshot directory can have many files and previously it was a pain after deletion to have the arrow keys cause the selection to jump to the top of the list, then have to scroll all the way back to where I was in the list.

Any chance incorporating the request in this next release that someone made previously to have the arrow keys move / nudge the cursor cross-hairs in Grab Selected Region mode? Also to have the cross-hairs themselves made more visible, i.e. a solid line as opposed to a dashed line. I sometimes have a hard time seeing the dashed line, a solid line would be more visible. A solid line would need to use some sort of inverse color when moving over lighter and darker backgrounds.

Keep up the good work.

Thanks for bringing the "Don't Auto Save Captures" option to my attention. I think I had used it in a prior version, but had forgotten about it. It is working for me to be able to quickly take a capture without creating a file.

I seem to have run into another issue, I'm sure you help me resolve. Could just be another setting I'm missing. I have the "Don't Auto Save" and "After Capture>Show Main Form" options set. If I capture a Selected Region and don't make any changes to the image, hit Ctrl+C to copy to clipboard, then click the red X to dismiss the SC dialog, then no file is created (as expected).

But if I make any change to the image in the SC form, e.g. highlighting boxes, hit Ctrl+C, then dismiss the SC dialog, a new file is created (not expected). I want to  be able to make a couple quick changes to the image, then copy to the clipboard and close without creating a new file. Sometimes I would want a file, but not always.

I have the "On Unsaved Changes>Ask User What to Do" radio button selected. I expected there to be a popup message when I clicked the red X asking me if I want to save the changes. I'm not getting any message when I click the red X. Is there another setting I'm missing?

Screenshot Captor / Re: Update Portable but keep configuration
« on: July 19, 2013, 09:45 AM »
I use the portable version as well and have always unpacked to a separate directory and reset all of the configuration options. This will save me some time the next version or in beta testing. One quick question for you.

What happens if there are new options added to the Preference settings that don't exist in the previous version? Do the new settings get created automatically in the .ini file the first time the new executable is run?

Yep, that get's closer to what I was expecting. I didn't see or explore these options previously. I was focusing on the settings in the Post Capture Options section, and didn't think to look in the Quick Bar and Post Cap section. Maybe the Quick Bar through me off.

With the settings you've outlined above, I can now click once with the mouse on Copy to Clipboard to dismiss the dialog box and copy the image to the clipboard. This also creates a saved file of the image. Is there a way to do the same without saving a file, just copy to clipboard?

Pressing Alt+C will also copy to the clipboard and dismiss the dialog, same as left clicking the button. Wouldn't Ctrl+C be better? Or, did you stick with the Alt key as a modifier to maintain standard dialog behavior?

Also, I noticed that using the quick Copy to Clipboard option, the drop shadow Post Capture Effect is not captured in the image. This is listed as an Improvement in v4.5. It does not seem to be working for me in v4.5.

I apologize in advance if I missed it, but how do you use the new feature in v4.5 to save to clipboard without saving file using one key? I tried setting the Interface Options > After Capture to Pop-Up Choice Dialog, and Post Capture Options > Copy To Clipboard to Image Bitmap (strange wording since I have my Default Image File Format set to PNG, perhaps this should just say "Image" to reduce confusion).

When the Pop-Up dialog appears, I select the "To Clipboard", then "To Clipboard:Image", then the red close button. That seems to do the trick to copy the image to the clipboad without saving the file. But it takes three clicks to accomplish. I had expected a one-click or one shortcut keystroke action that would copy to clipboard and dismiss the dialog box all in one action. Is this possible, and I'm just missing something? Or does it really take three clicks?

Thanks for your help.

Mouser, you may already be aware but the main web page still shows "Latest Official Release" as "Download v4.3". You may want to update this to v4.5 to eliminate any confusion.

The lines that I'm referring to are the lines that are visible at the time the image is being captured using the "Capture>Grab Selected Region" and "Capture>Grab Fixed Size Region" options. I think the box you are referring to is the selection box that appears in the post capture editing.

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