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After adding multiple objects to a screenshot like text boxes, rectangles, or arrows in object edit mode, I have to hit the ESC key 2 - 3 times to get out of object edit mode and back to the default view. Is it possible to change a preference to only require hitting the ESC key once to get out of the object edit mode?

Hi Mouser,

Let me apologize in advance for double posting (https://www.donation....msg418012#msg418012). I'm not sure whether that was the correct place to post. I know you are currently making improvements to the Region Selection mode, and you've already made changes to the cross hair lines to make them more visible. Have you considered making them solid rather than dashed to make them even more visible?

Is it possible to search for text strings within the Comment/Note field? I would like to find all screenshots that contain a particular text string somewhere within the Comment/Note field of the screenshot. Where is the data stored, is that possible to search?

I'm not sure if this has been requested before, but it would be helpful to have the ability to connect arrows and lines to text boxes and shapes using anchor points.  That way when objects or arrows/lines are moved around, they would stay connected.

Also, it would be nice to have a separate line object so you don't have to add/remove the arrow every time you switch between arrows and lines.

Keep up the great work.

I have the portable version of Screenshot Captor installed as I do not have admin rights on my laptop to do a full install. Can someone point me to directions for updating my existing portable version with new versions when they become available?

I have been unzipping new versions to new directories each time. This is tedious as I then have to configure the preferences from scratch each time there is a new version.

I assume there is a better way. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Mouser, Per your request, I've started a new topic for the post I made in the v4.6 beta thread.

Any chance incorporating the request in this next release that someone made previously to have the arrow keys move / nudge the cursor cross-hairs in Grab Selected Region and Grab Fixed Size Region modes?

Also it would help to have the cross-hairs themselves made more visible to use a solid line as opposed to a dashed line. I sometimes have a hard time seeing the dashed line, a solid line would be more visible. A solid line would need to use some sort of inverse color when moving over lighter and darker backgrounds.

Would love to see these two in the v4.6 release.

Would it be possible to change the line style of the outline box for both "Selected Region" and "Fixed Region" captures from the red/white dashed line to a solid black or red line? It wouldn't hurt if if it was a hair thicker as well.

Having the line color dynamically invert from red on white backgrounds to a lighter color on darker backgrounds would be even better than a fixed color on all backgrounds. This dynamic line color selection is how fixed region selection works on FastSone Viewer.

The white and dashed line works well on dark backgrounds, but not as well on light backgrounds. The majority of my captures are light or white backgrounds and the lines somtimes are hard to distinguish during the capture.

Deleting files from the thumbnail panel changed between v4.00 and v4.01. All through the beta and up to release v4.00, I was always able to delete files permanently (bypassing the recycle bin) from the thumbnail panel by first selecting the files and holding the {Shift}+{DEL} keys. This is the standard key combination for permanently deleting files using Windows Explorer. Using this key combination, the pop-up would confirm that I wanted to permanently delete the files. Just selecting the {DEL} key would confirm delete and send to the recycle bin.

Starting in v4.01, holding the {Shift}+{DEL} doesn't provide the option to delete files permanently. There seems to be no way to bypass the recycle bin as in prior versions. Can you restore this functionality if it wasn't intentionally removed?

I'm running SC in portable mode. I noticed that my Highlighting Settings are not saved between reboots. I generally change the following to be different than the default: Shadow, Border Color, Border Line Width, Inner Color and Blend Mode. The settings are saved between screenshots until I reboot, at which time they seem to go back to the defaults. I have always run in portable mode. I was pretty sure they were saved in previous versions, but can't be 100% sure. What is the expected behavior? Any way to make these stick?

Screenshot Captor / Ctrl-C Copy to Clipboard Question
« on: August 30, 2012, 09:20 AM »
I seem to be having issues copying objects to the clipboard (using Ctrl-C not via the menu). Not sure what I'm doing wrong or inconsistently. I use SC to create screenshots and paste them in-line in emails. Sometimes when I go into Outlook and hit Ctrl-V to paste, the image is inserted into the message text where I pasted it. Other times, the image is not inserted into the text, but rather as an attachment to the email. Not sure if it has to do with whether or not the object is in "object select mode" or not. Anyone else have this issue with copy / paste?

There seems to be some inconsistency in the behavior of permanently deleting files from the Screenshot Panel. I generally use SCC to capture multiple screenshots for documentation of a particular issue or purpose. Once I've completed documentation, I like to clean up the screenshots keeping my working directory relatively clean.

To delete the images, I generally select the screenshots from the Screenshot Panel by selecting the first screenshot using the mouse, then selecting multiple screenshots by holding the Shift key and selecting the last screenshot in a range to be deleted. I'm selecting the files the same as I would if I were using Windows Explorer to delete them. After selecting the range of files, I hold the Shift key and hit the Delete key on the keyboard. In Windows Explorer, this by-passes the recycle bin and permanently deletes the files.

In SCC, performing the same mouse and key stroke sequences most of the times presents a dialog box confirming the deletion of the files and movement to the recycle bin. I expected that by holding the Shift key while selecting the Delete button that the dialog box would confirm "permanent" deletion of the files, not send them to recycle. I can get them to be permanently deleted sometimes by unselecting the files and reselecting the files and hitting the same keystrokes. I would expect that the same mouse selects and key strokes should yield the same results each time, but it doesn't for me.

I am a new user to Screenshot Captor. I have used other similar applications where I was able to change the line border color and width around text boxes. How do I do that in Screenshot Captor? Thanks in advance for your help.

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