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Would it be possible to change the line style of the outline box for both "Selected Region" and "Fixed Region" captures from the red/white dashed line to a solid black or red line? It wouldn't hurt if if it was a hair thicker as well.

Having the line color dynamically invert from red on white backgrounds to a lighter color on darker backgrounds would be even better than a fixed color on all backgrounds. This dynamic line color selection is how fixed region selection works on FastSone Viewer.

The white and dashed line works well on dark backgrounds, but not as well on light backgrounds. The majority of my captures are light or white backgrounds and the lines somtimes are hard to distinguish during the capture.

Screenshot Captor / Re: in Recycle Bin
« on: May 20, 2013, 09:45 AM »
Any chance on making the changes in hte next version to standardize the dialog box text for deleting files?

Having the same problem with focus jumping all the way to the top of my thumbnail list. When I delete files from the thumbnail panel, the focus jumps all the way to the top of the list. This causes me to have to scroll all the way down to the bottom again to delete others. The focus should just go to the next previous file in the list prior to the one(s) just deleted.

Screenshot Captor / Re: 4.02 beta is up
« on: April 16, 2013, 05:12 PM »
I just posted a reply that was intended to apply to the v4.02 beta, but somehow went under another topic... not sure how to move it.  Here's the link  https://www.donation....msg323936#msg323936

Screenshot Captor / Re: in Recycle Bin
« on: April 16, 2013, 05:09 PM »
I downloaded and tested v4.02 beta relative to the {Shift}+{Del} bug I reported in a different post. The {Shift}+{Del} key combination appears to be working similar to what it did in versions before to v4.01. Just a couple of small things that I noticed during testing.

The dialog box text for deleting multiple files has a typo..."This operation will delete multiple file from your disk". It should say "files". Prior to version v4.01, the dialog box that popped up was exactly same box and wording as the one that appears when files are delete using Windows Explorer. In v4.01 and v4.02, the wording in the dialog box and icons in the box are different.

It's just one little thing that can cause unnecessary confusion. Would it be possible to revert back to the standard Windows dialog boxes and text that were used prior to v4.01?

For example: 

Standard Windows dialog box text for deleting single and multiple files:

>>Are you sure you want to move this file to the recycle bin?

>>Are you sure you want to permanently delete this file?

>>Are you sure you want to move these # items to the recycle bin?

>>Are you sure you want to permanently delete these # items?

NewSS v4.02 dialog box text for deleting single and multiple files:

This operation will delete the screenshot file from your disk (and place it in the recycle bin)

This operation will delete the screenshot file from your disk (BYPASSING the recycle bin)

This operation will delete multiple file from your disk (and place them in the recycle bin)

This operation will delete multiple file from your disk (BYPASSING the recycle bin)

Deleting files from the thumbnail panel changed between v4.00 and v4.01. All through the beta and up to release v4.00, I was always able to delete files permanently (bypassing the recycle bin) from the thumbnail panel by first selecting the files and holding the {Shift}+{DEL} keys. This is the standard key combination for permanently deleting files using Windows Explorer. Using this key combination, the pop-up would confirm that I wanted to permanently delete the files. Just selecting the {DEL} key would confirm delete and send to the recycle bin.

Starting in v4.01, holding the {Shift}+{DEL} doesn't provide the option to delete files permanently. There seems to be no way to bypass the recycle bin as in prior versions. Can you restore this functionality if it wasn't intentionally removed?

I downloaded the latest version. I noticed the following:

1) Using Ctrl+A now works to select all objects in Object mode. This allows me to quickly select and delete all objects. Thanks for correcting.
2) I can see that count number for the "modified (XX)" count now shows the count number. I'm still having sometimes the last ")" being cutoff. It doesn't happen all of the time, just sometimes. I'm trying to replicate the steps that cause it to be truncated. I'm not sure if it's when I come back to a screen capture after having selected a different capture.
3) I had a scenario where I applied multiple Undo's and got back to Modified (0), but kept hitting Ctrl+Z and had modifications from other captures applied to active capture. Will try to replicate again. Are the modifications only saved for the current capture or the current session? So if you go between captures in a given session are all modifications saved to each individual capture until you close the session?
4) I have "Switch to Object Selection mode after new object" unchecked in order to place multiple objects. This is working correctly for me. The question I have is that when I've placed several highlighting objects, and while still in highlighting object mode, it doesn't appear to be possible to modify the width / length of the box. I had assumed that since placing the box the yellow resizing circles are present, that I would be able to hover over the circles of the object just placed and be able to resize it. Doing so, does not present the resizing arrows. This may be by design, and if so it's a little confusing since it appears that the object could be resized. I would prefer to be able to resize the existing object or place a new object.

I downloaded v3.29.01. I’m getting excited for the big v4.0 unveil. Since you are focusing on objects and object selection, the following seem inconsistent with other windows programs that may help with the user experience if you would consider changing.

1) The new "Modified" count in the lower right corner is only readable when the window is maximized.  Otherwise the text is truncated and only the word "modified" can be seen and the actual count is cutoff.
2) Selecting multiple specific objects in Object selection mode is accomplished by holding the Shift key and selecting each object. I'm used to using the Ctrl key in most other Windows programs.
3) In Object selection mode, using Ctrl+A does not select all of the objects, but rather draws a selection box around the entire screenshot. In order to clear all objects from the screenshot it would be helpful if Ctrl+A selected all added objects so that you could hit delete to delete them.
4) When selecting a highlighting rectangle object in order to move the object to a new location, the mouse needs to be placed directly over the line in order for the cursor to change to the move mode. This can be difficult when the line width is narrow. It would be better to change to move mode as soon as the cursor is over the object. It looks like it works this way when there is an Inner Color is specified, but doesn't when Inner Color is unchecked (which is the way I have mine set to default).
5) Thanks for adding the Border Width to the Text Box object. I use it often. It would be more consistent to have the Border Width property placed just below the Border Color as you have in other objects.
6) Would it be possible to add other standard highlighting object shapes besides just the circle and rectangle, e.g. polygon, star, diamond, etc.?
7) I've mentioned before the inconsistent rendering of the object selection box when drawing a rectangle to select multiple objects.

let me ask though -- it does select the right things when you let go of the mouse right?

To answer your question, Yes, it does select the right things. However, when it occurs I generally find myself abandoning the selection and restarting the select because the selection box does not appear to be drawing correctly. Sometimes after restarting the selection or restarting the selection from a different anchor point, the box gets drawn correctly. It would be better from a user's perspective for this box always be drawn as a box. Also, shouldn't the selection box be a dashed thin line, not a solid thin line to be consistent with other selection boxes?

I'm getting used to the new feature of autoselecting the last selected object when going from Object Selection back to Normal mode. I'm not sure I like having this always be the default action. I do like the feature to double click to get in/out of Object mode. This seems to be more how I would have expected it to work. Although I seem to be in the habit of trying to always hit the <Esc> key to get out of Object select mode instead of double clicking to get out of the mode.

Not sure if you've answered this before here or not, but when in Object selection mode and you attempt to draw a box around multiple objects to select them, the outline of the box that is drawn on the screen many times looks really funky, not a pure rectangle. As you move the mouse around the objects while holding the left mouse key, the shape even morphs as you go around different objects. It's confusing as I'm not sure if I'm goint to get all the objects selected.

I've captured what I'm talking about in the attached screenshot. See the thin black line that gets drawn on the screen as I try to go from lower left to upper right to select all of the red boxes?

Screenshot - 2013_0311 013.png

Pulled the latest version and confirmed that the Thumbnail filenames are no longer getting truncated. The filenames and thumbnails appear to be resizing properly as the panel is resized. I noticed that you corrected the "Unselect" popup text to match that in the Edit menu.

Also noticed the addition of the "Apply" button in the Preferences dialog box. I notice that pressing the Apply button, that the dialog appears to be restarted (closed and opened). I like being able to apply the changes without having to re-open the dialog box like it was previously when there was only the option to "Accept". It seems to be working for me so far.

I had a weird one happen two or three times today. After pressing the Shift-PrtScr to capture a region, I have the main form display as my default, but the Preferences box also showed up in front of the screen capture. I don't know if it's becuase I've been doing testing and may have left the Preferences dialog open and not realized it. I'm not yet able to reproduce it consistently, but will let you know if I can.

Will wait to test any of the other ones if you have time to fix before the release.

A couple more little things I noticed this afternoon:

1) Quick Capture Bar - When docked and hidden, mousing to the top shows the bar, left clicking on drop downs show the lists, but
--a) the bar can disappear before anything in the drop down is selected. It should continue to show until something in the list is selected or the user mouse clicks somewhere off the bar
--b) if nothing from the list is selected, and the cursor is moved away from bar, you end up with the drop down list still displayed with the bar hidden. Even mouse clicking ot activate other windows does not remove the drop down list. The only way to remove/hide the list again is to click on a selection in the list.
2) Quick Capture Bar - Can't seem to grab and move the bar when left mouse clicking on and around the word "Then" in the bar
3) The keystroke shortcuts are listed in the program menus. The way they are listed is not consistent. Most of the time the keystroke command is right justified in the menu, but there are many places where they are listed next to the menu item text (e.g. the Edit menu, Select All Ctrl+A, Copy Ctrl+C, Paste Ctrl+V, etc.). It would be better visually if they were all right justified in the same spot.
4) The keystroke listed to "Unselect" in the Edit menu shows Ctrl+D, but Ctrl+U in the popup box for icon in the icon bar. Also, the Edit menu says "Unselect" and the popup says "Unselect All"

Thanks for the quick reply. You didn't mention #3 of mine above. Is that a bug or expected behavior?

I downloaded last night's, or should I say really early this morning's build. Wow, 3:20am this morning, how do you do it?  A couple of things I noticed:

1) Saving object settings across reboots seems to be working for me now in the *.zip portable version. Thanks for killing that one, it was a pain to have to reset them each morning to my preferred values.
2) I was going to report the %num0% not working to always force an incremental number until I went back and read your comments about changing it. I changed back to using %num% and it works fine. What do the %_num% and %bnum% options do?
3) I didn't know about the "Switch to Object Selection Mode...". I unchecked and now I can add multiple highlight boxes at once. I did notice one thing that seems inconsistent with what I expected. If I uncheck "Switch to Object Selection Mode.." but leave "Highlight Current Selection..." checked I expected that after selecting and drawing the first highlight box (drawing selection, then selecting Highlight Mode) that I would stay in highlight mode to add subsequent highlights. That's not the case, it switches to Object Selection Mode. If I first go to Highlight Mode, then it stays in that mode. Not sure if you consider that a bug or not.
4) I don't know if I noticed this one before or not, but the filenames in my thumbnail panel are getting clipped off and not showing the full file name (see attached). My current filename convention is "Screenshot - YYYY_MMDD XXX.png" where XXX is the incremental number for the day.

Screenshot - 2013_0307 005.png

bubba, regarding #1 not saving between reboots -- i stand corrected!  i just found and corrected a long-standing bug preventing settings saving on reboot.  thank you for your comment about this.

Thanks for correcting the issue with the saved object settings across reboot. I will download the latest version and see if it's working for me. Can you confirm that the fix includes the SCC portable *.zip version?

Regarding your suggestion to use %num0% to generate the incremental number counter e.g. '001' regardless of whether there is a conflicting filename did indeed work for me. I would have had no idea that this was an option since it was not included in the Available Fields in Preferences.

Regarding navigation of the Preferences hierarchy, let me know if you can address it and I'll do some testing.

Finally, one quick question, is there a way to add multiple picture objects to the screenshot (e.g. highlight, arrow, or text box) without having to select the object button each time an object is added? Almost like a sticky approach that if you double click the object button it would remain selected even after adding the object. This would help improve the efficiency of adding multiple objects to the same screenshot.

Downloaded portable (*.zip) version of v3.21.01. I have been using v3.08.01 for quite some time. Noticed a couple of issues:

1) Settings for Highlighting Rectangle and Text Object not saved between reboots. This was an issue for me in v3.08.01, so I don't think it's related to any recent changes. Settings are saved within a given session, and also saved if I exit and restart SCC, just not saved between reboots of Windows.

2) Filename Template %quickfield% Screenshot - %customdate% %num%, where %customdate% is set to: %Y_%m%d. The first capture does not contain the %num% value in the filename, shows blank (e.g. Screenshot - 2013_0305 .png). Subsequent captures numbered 002, 003, 004, etc. (e.g. Screenshot - 2013_0305 002.png). I expected the first capture to have filename Screenshot - 2013_0305 001.png.

3) Navigating hierarchy in Preferences dialog using arrow keys - Pressing down arrow moves down the list and jumps across sections, as expected. Using the up arrow key moves up, but will not jump across sections. I expected to be able to arrow up between sections. Also, left arrow jumps to the top of list within the section, but does not collapse a section. Expected that using left arrow would highlight the section header and second left arrow would collapse the section. Then arrow up would move cursor to bottom of the prior section. I expected the navigation to work like Windows Explorer.

Other than these, I don't notice any other issues or regressions.

I'm running SC in portable mode. I noticed that my Highlighting Settings are not saved between reboots. I generally change the following to be different than the default: Shadow, Border Color, Border Line Width, Inner Color and Blend Mode. The settings are saved between screenshots until I reboot, at which time they seem to go back to the defaults. I have always run in portable mode. I was pretty sure they were saved in previous versions, but can't be 100% sure. What is the expected behavior? Any way to make these stick?

Screenshot Captor / Re: Ctrl-C Copy to Clipboard Question
« on: August 31, 2012, 09:07 AM »
That's it. If I click in the capture area before hitting Ctrl-C, I can see that the thumbnail image is no longer highlighted and the image is captured to the clipboard. Then when I hit Ctrl-V, the image is pasted in-line into the email. When the thumbnail image is highlighted and I hit Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V, the file (not the image) is copied to the clipboard.

It makes sense now that you have explained it, but it wasn't obvious at the time that it was happening. Did you see my other post about the shift+delete function? No rush, just wondering what you found.

Screenshot Captor / Ctrl-C Copy to Clipboard Question
« on: August 30, 2012, 09:20 AM »
I seem to be having issues copying objects to the clipboard (using Ctrl-C not via the menu). Not sure what I'm doing wrong or inconsistently. I use SC to create screenshots and paste them in-line in emails. Sometimes when I go into Outlook and hit Ctrl-V to paste, the image is inserted into the message text where I pasted it. Other times, the image is not inserted into the text, but rather as an attachment to the email. Not sure if it has to do with whether or not the object is in "object select mode" or not. Anyone else have this issue with copy / paste?

mouser, have you had a chance to look into this one? i realize it's not a huge deal, just an inconvenience when using the tool.

Screenshot Captor / Re: Access violation error every morning
« on: June 19, 2012, 03:34 PM »
Looks like it's also working for me now in v3.7.1. I tried the dock/undock with various capture modes that caused me issues in v3.6.1 after undocking: Selected Region, Active Window, Screen (current monitor). I'm no longer getting the access violation, or false or hung captures. Looks like you got it. Thanks.

There seems to be some inconsistency in the behavior of permanently deleting files from the Screenshot Panel. I generally use SCC to capture multiple screenshots for documentation of a particular issue or purpose. Once I've completed documentation, I like to clean up the screenshots keeping my working directory relatively clean.

To delete the images, I generally select the screenshots from the Screenshot Panel by selecting the first screenshot using the mouse, then selecting multiple screenshots by holding the Shift key and selecting the last screenshot in a range to be deleted. I'm selecting the files the same as I would if I were using Windows Explorer to delete them. After selecting the range of files, I hold the Shift key and hit the Delete key on the keyboard. In Windows Explorer, this by-passes the recycle bin and permanently deletes the files.

In SCC, performing the same mouse and key stroke sequences most of the times presents a dialog box confirming the deletion of the files and movement to the recycle bin. I expected that by holding the Shift key while selecting the Delete button that the dialog box would confirm "permanent" deletion of the files, not send them to recycle. I can get them to be permanently deleted sometimes by unselecting the files and reselecting the files and hitting the same keystrokes. I would expect that the same mouse selects and key strokes should yield the same results each time, but it doesn't for me.

Screenshot Captor / Re: Access violation error every morning
« on: June 13, 2012, 09:23 AM »
Mouser, sorry didn't mean to create confusion, was hoping to reduce the confusion by presenting the results from various screen capture modes. What is consistent for me is that I can reproduce the 'access violation' error everytime using 'Selected Region' capture mode after undocking using dual monitors and the 'primary' monitor shifts from the external display to the internal display. What I was trying to show with the other scenarios was that I was not able to reproduce the 'access violation' error with any other capture mode.

Sounds like Ath's experience is similar to mine with some of the capture modes. E.g. After undocking and choosing 'Screen (current monitor)' mode, the edit window is displayed (based on config) but nothing is captured. Maybe if the Selected Region error is corrected, there may be something there that could be impacting the other modes.

Screenshot Captor / Re: Access violation error every morning
« on: June 12, 2012, 11:56 AM »
I tried several scenarios. For each scenario, I first docked the laptop, executed a screen capture, undocked the laptop, executed another screen capture. Here's what happened for me for each scenario on the second (undocked) screen capture

- Selected Region - 'Access violation' error as described above
- Screen (current monitor) - Screenshot Captor window presented, looks like a screen capture occured, but nothing captured. After hitting hotkey again, the full screen is captured and displayed as expected.
- Complete Workspace - screenshot of full screen captured as expected.
- Active Window - most of the time this worked, but once or twice the taskbar icon turned red like it was in capture mode, but nothing else appeared to happen. In that case, I had to exit and restart Screenshot Captor.
- Fixed Region - worked as expected

So, I only get the 'Access violation' error dialog box on the Selected Region capture, but there was some other unexpected behavior associated with others.

Screenshot Captor / Re: Access violation error every morning
« on: June 11, 2012, 04:45 PM »
I was about to create a new topic before I found this post thread. I am experiencing the same issue with a different address in the error message. For me the error is 'Access violation at address 004B4948 in module ScreenCaptor.exe. Read of address 00000004.' I am using SC v3.06.01 on Win 7 Enterprise SP1. I am able to consistently replicate the issue.

Like the others here, I initially thought the issue had something to do with coming in and out of sleep mode as that was when I seemed to experience the issue. I've been able to replicate the issue without invoking sleep mode. For me the issue occurs on the first screen capture after undocking. To be more specific, I also have my PrntScrn hotkey mapped to 'Grab Selected Region'.  So the first time I hit the PrntScrn button after undocking, I get the error. The behavior for me is identical to that for dlprice. I get the cross hairs and as soon as I try to draw the region box, the error occurs. After clearing the error dialog boxes, the error recurs if I again try to draw a region box while the cross hairs are still present. If I hit the ESC key to dismiss the cross hairs, then subsequent presses of the PrntScrn key don't error.

When docked, I use dual monitors, the primary monitor is connected to the docking station and the secondary monitor is laptop.  When I undock, the primary monitor switches to the laptop screen. Perhaps SC gets confused about which monitor is which on the initial capture.

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