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Find And Run Robot / Rank higher executables in the PATH?
« on: July 11, 2006, 12:51 PM »

it seems that currently FARR does not search for executables on the PATH. For instance, if I type cmd it does not find cmd.exe. Instead it only finds the last command that I typed on the run window.

So, is there some way to make FARR search and hopefully rank higher the executables that can be found on the PATH? If not it'd be great to add this to FARR v2.

Also, I think that there should be some way to "edit" the results of a FARR search. For instance, when I type cmd and I get: cmd /k "cd c:\"
I'd be great if I could somehow put that whole command into the FARR editbox, change it and run it.



Find And Run Robot / Progress?
« on: June 25, 2006, 09:08 PM »
Hi Mouser!

I'm just curious as for your progress on FARRv2! Do you have any idea of when you might release the first alpha or beta? Otherwise, are you thinking about perhaps adding the folder search to FARRv1? It seems that everyone here is holding their breaths for that feature!



Find And Run Robot / New version?
« on: April 25, 2006, 07:02 PM »
Hey mouser,

any hints on when the new veersion of FARR will be ready?
Also, what happened with the new name? Are you going to stick with FARR or are you going to use Mercury Runner as you once said? I quite liked that new name!

Find And Run Robot / Alpha versions
« on: March 07, 2006, 08:38 PM »

when you have some alpha version of your programs (FARR or other) do you write a message on the corresponding forum or is there an "alpha" forum where you announce such news?


Find And Run Robot / Beta version of v2?
« on: February 22, 2006, 06:58 PM »

when do you think that you'll release the first beta of Mercury Runner (aka FARR v2)?


I want to tell you guys about this amazing little piece of software that I recently found (actually a little over 2 months ago). If you use iTunes to handle you music collection and listen you your music you should give it a try.

It is called iTunesKeys ( and it is a freeware software that sits on the system tray and lets you control iTunes. You can play/pause, go to the next song and show iTunes by simply clicking or double clicking on the tray icon. You can also use the trayicon menu to set the song rating, etc. It also shows the current song info (name, album, artist and rating) on a tooltip.

If you use iTunes but are tired of having to show the iTunes window just to pause/continue playing music you should try this little program.

If you decide to use it, I'd recommend that you enable the iTunes "Minimize iTunes window to the system tray" option (on the Advanced tab of the preferences) and also configure the system tray to always hide the iTunes tray icon. That way you can just use the iTunesKeys tray icon to control iTunes.

I hope you guys like it! ;D


P.S.- By the way, the developper is super-nice. I contacted him to ask him to add some little functionality (notably, make it possible to skip to the next track by double-right-clicking on the iTunesKeys tray icon) and although it took him a while to answer me he made the change and was very open to comments. :)

Perhaps this would be a good candidate for a Coding Snack request, but I wonder if someone knows of a program or a way to keep the "All programs" menu on windows XP sorted (alphabetically) automatically. It drives me nuts how every time that a new program is installed it is added to the bottom of the list.

Any ideas?



General Software Discussion / "Mail and/or RSS reader" screensaver?
« on: January 30, 2006, 08:03 PM »

I've been looking for a screen saver that would be able to connect to my mailbox (Outlook Exchange) and perhaps tell me if I have some new mail on it. I'd also like one that could show RSS feeds and one that could show a clock/calendar. Hopefully free/donationware, so that I can test it before. Does someone know about such a program?

Thanks in advance!


OK, here you have a little utility that I made the Windows Desktop Search whichh I use and which I call WDSToggle. In the zip file I provide the executable, the AutoIt3 source code and a pretty detailed README and INSTALLATION instructions text file. I hope some of you find it useful. I made a similar tool for enhancing the Google Desktop Search. The problem is that GDS uses a specific key for each user and thus I cannot make a general executable that everyone can use. If someone finds out a solution for that I could give you that version too.

From the README, this is what it does:

WDSToggle is a little utility (or enhancement) for Windows Desktop Search (WDS). It lets you hide/show the WDS search window with the click of a single hotkey (F8 by default, but you can change it).

If you are like me you do not want to have your computer screen cluttered with unnecessary windows and programs. Although I like Windows Desktop Search a lot and I use it very often I don't need it all the time. Windows Desktop Search lets you put a toolbar on the Windows Taskbar or have floating window on your desktop. I don't like the toolbar because it takes permanently a lot of space
from my taskbar, and I don't like the floating window because there is no way to hide it when you don't need it or to  bring it to the front when you want it. That is why I created WDSToggle.

I hope someone finds this useful!  ;D


Amadawn (a proud new charter member of  :D)

General Software Discussion / AutoIt3 versus AutoHotKey
« on: January 28, 2006, 08:30 PM »
Hi guys,

I've seen several mentions of AutoHotKey here at donationcoder. I just wanted to mention also AutoIt3 ( which is kind of the "older brother" of AutoHotKey. AutoHotKey was originally a fork (or a clone) of version 2 of AutoIt and has expanded some of the capabilities of AutoIt2. But AutoIt3 is a newer, much more powerful version of the AutoIt scripting language, with a much nicer "basic-like" syntax and a lot of improvements (COM support, very powerful GUI capabilities, regular expressions, etc). So I thought that you guys might want to check it out.  ;D

I've been using AutoIt3 for more than a year now and it is quite frankly the best procedural language that I've ever used. Someone was talking yesterday about programs that changed the way they work, and AutoIt3 is one of those programs for me.  :-*

By the way, the developper of AutoHotKey was originally on the AutoIt2 developper team (although he was not the creator of the program) and I believe that there were some sour grapes between the two "brother" projects (I think that some of the AutoIt3 developers were unhappy of how AutoHotKey "rode upon" the fame of AutoIt) to the point that AutoIt3 stopped being GPL because they felt that their code was being stolen from them without the proper credit (now their code is semi-closed, where you have access to an older version and can ask for the newest version once you show your commitment to the project). I don't know much about these problems and I don't want to get anybody angry. I just want to let people now about an alternative to AutoHotKey, AutoIt3, which I think is better for most cases (unless you have a lot of AutoIt2 code which you do not want to update to the new syntax).



P.S.- mouser, this is really not meant to be any advertisement for AutoIt3 or anything like that. I did not know if this is the right forum to post this. As this is the forum where I normally write this is where I posted this. Please feel free to change it to the relevant forum if you think that is necessary.

Hi guys,

I just wanted to let you know that Find and Run Robot has been mentioned in the "Today's Free File" section of, which by the way is one of the coolest web pages on the Net! :D They review all sorts of cool programs and other hacks and they seem to have liked FRR a lot.

Mouser, it is a pity that you do not have a better picture of FRR on the main page, because they used the picture with the default skin and they even mention that the default skin does not look nearly as good as most of the other skins.

Anyway, I think this is really cool, and hopefully it will let more people know about FRR and DonationCoder.



P.S.- By the way it seems that they reviewed FRR after they saw my comment in the comment thread of a previous article that they made about SlickRun  :D
P.S.2.- The link to the actual article is

I've been trying to setup FRR so that it finds all the .exe files within c:\Program Files. I can add C:\Program Files and bump up the score of .exe files. I could also put a pattern such as C:\Program Files\*.exe. Is that the fastest way? By fastest I mean the one that will make it easier for FRR to find the .exe files in C:\Program Files?

Is there a big impact (performance wise) of using the pattern searches?

Also, is there some way to let FRR find the "Control Panel" categories (such as "add and remove programs", "Display", etc.)?



I just found an old (from June 2005) ToDo list for F&R. There, at the very bottom of the list, there is "Improve icon". What happened to that? Or is the current icon the "Improved icon"? No offense but if that is the case I shiver to think how must have been the original icon!  ;)

I hope you'll have a cool full-color icon when you release v2 of F&R R!!! BTW, is there any planned release date (not precise, I mean month or week)?

Oh! And the name of the program tells you exactly what it does but it is not exactly the coolest name either ;) Fortunatelly the functionality is so awesome that it really compensates for that as well!



P.S.- This message is really meant to be read "tongue-in-cheek"! ;D

Find And Run Robot / Text of options is cut (not all is showing).
« on: January 23, 2006, 04:49 PM »
Many of the options of FFR have their text cut (i.e. it does not fit within the text area of the checkboxes). For instance, in the Display tab, there is an "Auto-shrink window to fit r" (and the rest is cut out). Is this normal?


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