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Hank, what was wrong with SharePoint Designer?

I had to make sure to get the 2007 version (not the 2010 version) because the former doesn't need access to SharePoint (whatever that is) in order to edit my webpages.

Regards David.P
PS: two more editors with split screen mode -- and two caveats: 1.) I haven't tried them and 2.) they are payware.



OK, two more free Editors that look very promising are a) Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007, and b) Amaya.

While both have WYSIWYG editing and synchronized html source split view/edit, SharePoint Designer probably is somewhat overly complex for simple editing tasks.

Amaya OTOH seems to have just the right degree of complexity vs. functions for doing quick edits on a page.

Cheers David.P

Ahh what a great thread -- albeit not with a clear result/winner (if I'm right).

I'm basically looking for something similar as Hank was:

A HTML editor that allows fast and easy editing (basically of existing websites), especially including fast text formatting like bolding, text highlighter etc.

The editor can be simple, but it must be capable of handling complex websites with lots of CSS and stuff without breaking the site's layout or source code.

I'd actually prefer a WYSIWYG pane for simple text editing as well, although a fast preview pane with synchronous scrolling could also be acceptable. Mozilla Kompozer comes very close -- but unfortunately is discontinued, and its supposed successor, Bluegriffon, is not quite up to par with Kompozer's features and ease of editing. OTOH, Kompozer does not have html syntax highlighting, oh well.

I'm actually somewhat hopeless because the following list shows what I've already tried (including Blog and Bulk Mail HTML editors):

1st Page 2006
AFSS - HTML Designer 2.3
BestAddress HTML Editor
Blink HTML Editor
BlockNote HTML Editor
BlogDesk html (blog) editor
Blogjet html (blog) editor
CoffeCup The HTML Editor 12.5 (yucky runtime GUI, no WYSIWYG editor anymore)
e-campaign, html (bulk email) editor
FreeLabs HTML Editor
Fresh HTML Designer (no CSS-Layout)
Htmlpad html editor no WYSIWYG-editing
Microsoft Expression Web HTML Editor (graphics errors, crashed)
NetObjects Fusion Essentials HTML Editor (outdated)
Outlook Express HTML E-Mail Editor
PageBreeze (free) HTML Editor, no Highlighter
Post2Blog html (blog) editor
Sendblaster, html (bulk email) editor
SoThink (CuteHtml) HTML Designer
Trellian Webpage 3
Trellian Webpage 4
Vodamail 10, html (bulk email) editor
W.Bloggar, html (blog) editor
Windows Live Mail, HTML E-Mail Editor no text marker
WizHTML HTML E-Mail Editor
www-sharp HTML Editor
Zoundry Raven, html (blog) editor

Thus, I'd be VERY happy if someone could recommend yet another HTML editor.... :(

Possibly THE ONE KILLER APP  no one has ever heard of (or something;)

Thanks heaps already
Cheers David.P

Announce Your Software/Service/Product / Re: BBCeditor 1.0.30
« on: May 09, 2011, 02:25 AM »
1. do not select any text and leave the caret in proper place,
2. hit URL button then,
3. Define URL window will appear, where you can define your link's description.
-fenixproductions (May 06, 2011, 11:15 AM)

I see! This works as expected. Thanks!

I will try to find a time to take a look on images issue.

Yes please... I just can't seem to find out how image insertion works at present... :-(

Regards David

Hi forum & Fenix,

for some reason I haven't used BBCEditor for a while and now wanted to switch to it for good in order to write (actually dictate) all my forum posts.

Writing and dictating works great, as does formatting and WYSIWYG preview.

However, the buttons for image and link insertion don't seem to work the way I expected...

Usually, in order to create a link in a post, I would copy the link's URL into the clipboard, then type the link's name or description into the posting's text, select that link name/description, hit the "Link" button and be presented with a dialog input box where I can insert the link's URL -- in other words, exactly the way it goes when inserting a link e.g with this forum's (DC) post editor:

However, BBCeditor doesn't seem to do that. It only enters [ url][/url ] tags around the selection when I press the Link button. Thus, there doesn't seem to be an easy way to create named links in BBCeditor?

Additionally, the "Image" Button doesn't seem to work at all? Usually, in order to enter an image in a forum's post, I'd expect to be able to copy the image's URL into the clipboard, then press the "Image" button in the editor, then I'd be presented with a dialog input box where I can insert the image's URL and hit Enter.

Alternatively, I'd simply paste the image URL directly into the text, select it, hit the "Image" button and would expect the (pasted) image URL to get surrounded by [ img] tags.

This however doesn't seem to be the case in BBCeditor.

I don't know, maybe I am missing out on something?

-- Therefore, thanks heaps already for any clue regarding easier insertion of images and (named) links into BBCode forum posts using BBCeditor,

Cheers David.P

"Grea-heat", jgpaiva as usual! Afterwards, things can look quite simple sometimes   :-[

Thanks very much,
Cheers David

It's the same on single monitors: for example the start menu gets moved to the center in my case (admittedly at least partially caused because I wanted DialogMove to center windows even when the mouse is already over them, see further up the thread).

I guess that probably around these parts in DialogMove something (?) would have to be changed in order not to detect windows without title bars:

   WinGetTitle,WinTitle,ahk_id %ActiveWindow%
   If NotDetectableWindow(WinTitle,WinClass)

Yeah, but how can I insert "Blank" or "nil" into DialogMove's preferences then?

I know -- but I'd rather not having to maintain an ever growing black list... Instead, I'd very much like to tell the program: "ONLY touch things that have a title bar".

Can that be done?

Still very happy with this variation of DialogMove.

Only one question: is there a (simple) way to prevent movement of things that are no "proper" windows (e.g. with title bars)?

At the moment, DialogMove even moves floating (tray) notifications, context menus and even the start menu (to the center of the screen).

I'd however really only need "regular" popup windows and program dialogs to be moved. Everything else should not be touched.

Is there a way to do that, i.e. to exclude things that have no title bar from being touched by DialogMove?

Thanks heaps

I used to be so happy having finally found DirectFolders (Pro) which seemed to do everything...

However, I can't get it to work with Firefox (3.6 and 4) at all anymore. I asked and begged the Codesector team about a dozen times for help, started support tickets etc. but they wouldn't even care to answer (to a paying customer).

I have requested a refund of my payment because of this very unpleasant experience.

Thus, after like ten years, again (still) looking for the perfect Dialog Extender (that has the click switch feature),


Cheers David.P

Actually, that was on purpose :)

;D I see!

Works perfect! Now FINALLY after all these years of shoving those eBay "Enlarge Image" Popups in the middle of the screen manually, they do so automatically! :Thmbsup:

(Of course, the same applies to lots of other popup windows and dialogs).

Thanks -- I'll donate!

Cheers David

Great, jgpaiva -- thank you very much!

So far, the modified version seems to work almost perfect.

There's only one "phenomenon": If the mouse pointer already is in the very area where a window WILL popup, then that window will not get centered (this happens on the same monitor, therefore should be present with single monitor systems also).

Only if the mouse pointer is moved outside this area (which the popup/dialog will be covering afterwards) BEFORE the window actually comes up, then the window will get centered.

Isn't that a little strange...?  :-[

Here's the latest version. This one also works in Opera, thanks to a fix by QuHno.

Regards David.P

Exactly jgpaiva (have edited my top post respectively in order to clarifiy).

Regards David

Thanks everyone :up:

I have started a respective topic over at the Coding Snacks section.

... or where the parent application is (make that an option).

This would be great for multi-monitor-systems where dialog boxes for some reason can always pop up on the wrong monitor.

DialogMove does a good job in this sense, already (see discussion here) -- however DialogMove can't be restricted in order to not additionaly move all dialogs under the mouse pointer (because the latter actually is what it is SUPPOSED to do).

Therefore it would be great to have a little tool that could move dialogs similar as DialogMove does, but ONLY when dialogs pop up on the wrong monitor (or when they come up on the correct monitor, but not centered).

Recapitulating: The IDEA is, popups and dialogs should only be moved (to the center of the monitor where the mouse pointer is OR where the parent application is, possibly make that an option) when they are either a) on the wrong monitor or b) on the correct monitor, but not centered (on the monitor).

Thanks HEAPS already,
Cheers David.P

Great program, thanks once more to jgpaiva!

What I'm wondering, is there a way to adjust DialogMove such that dialogs are only moved to the center of the monitor where the mouse is? In other words, dialogs that ARE already centered on the correct monitor (where the mouse pointer is) should not be touched.

Is that possible?

Yes thanks. Already got the new version on my triple monitor setup. Great tool. It even moves context menus that pop up on another screen back to the mouse!

Whoaa, great stuff --- thanks  :)

Hi forum,

using a triple monitor setup (with Nvidia graphics card), I was wondering whether there is a tool that makes popup windows - like dialogs and the like - appear always on the screen where the mouse pointer is (or alternatively, where the main application is).

Thanks already for any hints anyone might have,

Cheers David.P

Thanks mouser :Thmbsup: Please also note that much of the (programming) credits and kudos go to "my" team mentioned at the bottom of the page linked above.

Cheers David.P

General Software Discussion / Mission Accompished
« on: January 11, 2011, 10:05 AM »
Hi forum,

proudly announcing that the first version of the tool discussed above now is ready and working.

Please read on here (sorry only Google Translation for the time being):

Reading 3.0: Tool for professional readers and news junkies - exclusive premiere

Cheers David.P

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